Joie De Vivre!




All of us want to be happy.
We want to have overall health and prosperity.

Most of us, though, do not know how to achieve
all these.
Certainly happiness has a huge impact on our
general well being.

It is known that we are 50% genetically predisposed
towards happiness.
The next 40%  is under our control to
decide and choose voluntarily, and the last 10%
depends on our life’s circumstances.

According to research there are a number of
characteristics we possess, which can help us
get more out of our life in different ways and
be happy.

If we can identify with them, we will definitely
feel more pleased, comfortable, satisfied and fulfilled.




Symbols Of Virtue


1)  Discipline:

Press yourself to act on your goals either you
feel like it or not, because you will enjoy the rewards
at the end.

2)  Strength:

Concentrate passionately on whatever you like doing.
You will finally succeed.

3)  Inquisitiveness:

Go deeper and be thirsty for knowledge.
Be interested in learning more about your subject.




4)  Anticipation:

Believe that it is only a matter of time for your
goals to be fulfilled, and persist in pursuing them.
Trust yourself.

5)  Appreciation:

Be thankful for your life and feel gratitude for what
you have including people and material things.

6)  Enthusiasm:

Think and act positively.
Try to be excited and energetic about the things
you want in your personal and professional life.






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