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……” When I was young I believed the world was
a huge possibility and hope, for me to achieve
I ever wanted.

I expected to get countless opportunities to succeed
in my life my own way.
I understood that people were nice, friendly and
caring for each other.

Unfortunately, as I grow older I am discovering
that this is not the case;    and all those things I
believed in do not exist.

I now realise that the world is an inhospitable
really rough place, where successful survival is
too hard
to achieve.

I also notice that the majority of people are exactly
the opposite than what I anticipated;
being self-interested, selfish, greedy and extremely

I do not feel enthusiastic and excited anymore,
but actually disillusioned and embittered seeing all
this toxicity
around me ……”


Shrub out of Rocks


Bitter Pill


Disillusionment, a very old word since the 1600’s,
is an uncomfortable and distressing state of mind.
You feel disappointed because you have found out 
that some things are not as great as you believed
them to be.

You have actually lost your faith and trust in your
hopes, goals and ideals.
You feel dissatisfied because the things you thought
as real, important, valued and pure, are not as 
such any more.

Certainly it is natural for you to feel disillusioned
as you grow older, as most things you knew as a
young person are changing too fast.

I have been feeling disillusioned in recent times
with various global events and other issues    even
in my neighbourhood situations keep on changing.

Unfortunately, disillusionment is a destructive
feeling, which is not helping our life in any way.
It is sabotaging your happiness, and damaging
your overall well being.

You can be feeling bitter and furious, frustrated,
upset and generally bad.
It can even make you feel that your whole life 
is in trouble.

Finally, you become a cynic distrusting other
people’s sincerity, motives and actions.


Shallow Rocks


Relative Importance


Here are the four suggestions how you can cope
better with disillusionment, and start feeling happier.

a)     Take as long as you need to realise the new
situation, and develop a comprehensive and wide
perspective on the specific issue.
Consider how much time you need to adjust your
mindset, without taking anything personally.

b)     Analyse and re-evaluate your expectations,
in case they have been impossible and unrealistic.
Try to re-adjust them according to the new reality.

c)     Understand and acknowledge that no matter
how disappointed you feel, that certain things are
not as you thought they were;
still it is very much better for you to be aware of
the new situation, 
than keep on living in an
illusion and a fantasy.

d)     Decide to take immediate steps to either
change, if you can, or accept the new situation;
not only for your own personal benefit, but also
for other people concerned.


Blue Flowers in Rock


Stamp Of Approval


Many times in life the only solution to a
problem/situation is acceptance.
Acceptance is your ability to develop a positive
attitude towards that situation.

The following steps will help you learn to accept
things more easily.

1)     Eliminate the uncertainty you feel about the
new situation, by examining all the facts and
proving to yourself, that this is actually the new
reality now to acknowledge.

2)     Start thinking and developing a plan to include
all options you have at your disposal, in order to
deal with this new fact effectively, as well as your
own personal feelings.

3)     Understand that accepting a situation is not
your personal preference;
but it is just allowing it to be as it is, without
believing that you can change it or control it in
any way.

4)     Realise that acceptance will bring peace and
comfort in your life.
You will gradually get used to the new situation,
and you will not be reacting to it any more.
Finally, you will be feeling more relaxed, happy
and positive.

5)     Recognise that the new situation is a natural
it will open a new chapter in your life, with new
experiences and interests, as well as more knowledge
about yourself.


Purple Flowers


The Big Picture


Our response to disillusionment is usually, either
to withdraw within ourselves and stay away, or
to get angry and start accusing other people.
Certainly, both approaches are wrong and lead


Feel your feelings and breathe deeply to relax.
The world is not perfect, and you are not alone.
Educate yourself, show understanding and

Try to improve yourself and your life, as well as
the people around you, as much as you can.

Feel capable, competent, strong and powerful.

Good Luck !!






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……..  It was last summer during my August holidays
when I agreed to meet my old friend Sia, after two
whole years.
We arranged to come together that evening at our
old cafe/bar we used to meet some years ago.

After our initial small talk, I started noticing that
she was not the happy person I used to know those
years back.
What’s wrong with you?  What is happening?
I asked her.
I’ve some troubles at home lately, that’s causing
me a lot of distress ”  she replied feeling very concerned.

At that moment I realised that she wanted to talk
to me about her problem;
so I decided to be a good friend and listener for her.

I just relaxed, emptied my mind for a while and sat
there quietly, showing my interest while she was
expressing her difficulty;    showing her my interest
without interrupting or advising in any way.

I did feel good and proud of myself, because I knew
I helped her not only to feel better but also to understand,
appreciate and accept her exact situation  ……..

” Listen to many, speak to a few “

William Shakespeare    1564 – 1616


On the Train


Lend An Ear


Listen means to hear by paying close attention
to somebody or something;
by focusing on without being distracted by external
or internal causes;

by giving all your concentration to whoever is
talking to you at the time;
and this should be done with your family, your
friends as well as various authorities.

Unfortunately, very few people know how to 
really listen.
Of course, this is only a matter of education    because
have never been taught the art of listening.
Consequently, the majority of people are always
eager, impatient and selfish enough to keep on
talking ad nauseam.

Also on the one hand, we have our today’s frustrating
world with its high technological developments and
its high demands and numerous distractions;
on the other, people being fully preoccupied, totally
absorbed and 
obsessed with themselves needing to
execute their 
own plans and ideas at all times.

Certainly a great number of people have this 
know-it-all attitude, and do not want to hear other
people’s opinions and thoughts;
which obviously is absolutely wrong, because we all
continue to learn with the passing of time from
various experiences.

The final result from all these, is that people keep on
speaking continuously all together at the same time,
(we can see this annoying thing everyday on the TV)
without anyone understanding what the other says,
or what exactly is the situation.

Listening is a very important and vital skill you
must learn in order to be successful in your personal
and professional life.
This is a conscious action you need to take if you 
actually want to enjoy all the benefits:


a)     Functional Benefits

By being a good listener you will be successful in 
your career, and you will excel in your studies.
It will be so, because you will understand and
absorb exactly 
what you are told, and perform
your duties correctly.


b)     Individual Benefits

By listening to others you will learn very many new
things and experience other knowledge.

As a result, you will think about all this new information

this will help you grow as a person, be more confident,
solve problems more easily, as well as making better,

cautious, rational and more wise decisions.


c)     Relationship Benefits

When you listen to other people showing your
interest and respect for what they say, you make 
them feel important, honoured and flattered.
Also, you will be able to avoid and misjudgements,

mistakes, arguments, and fights.
As a consequence, all your relationships and 
connections will flourish and become more


Couple Romancing


Hang On Words


” Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak;
courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen “

Winston Churchill    1874  –  1965

Develop the following habits in order to become
a good and effective listener:

a)     Keep the eye contact, watch the other person’s
body language, and pay attention to their tone of
voice when they speak, at all times.

b)     Keep all distractions away;   and this includes,
your own mind, mobile, computer, TV, radio, etc.

c)     Listen fully and completely without interrupting,
or changing the subject, or giving any solutions, or
talking about yourself.

d)     Follow the other person closely by reflecting back 
everything they express, communicate and show.

e)     Repeat back what you have heard from them, in
order to confirm your full 
understanding of the situation.

f)     Sit in silence and just listen;   respond only when
the other person has finished talking  —  and only after
you have left a few seconds to pass.

g)     Before you respond to anything, think carefully
what you want to say, so that your response is a 
valuable, beneficial and useful one.

h)     When listening, be curious to learn without 
pretending;   and always keep an open mind.

i)     Always be aware of your own personal emotions
as well as the other person’s, in order to have a 
better interaction and communication.

j)     Ask significant, appropriate and unrestricted
questions to encourage a good solution.

k)     Be concerned, caring, interested, attentive,
enthusiastic and understanding by using your own
body language.


Piano Player


The Know – How


” I like to listen.
I have learned a great deal from listening carefully.
Most people never listen “

Ernest Hemingway   1899  –  1961

Recognise that you should never judge what you
Obviously, you do not have to accept what the other 
person is saying;   you just need to be considerate.

Being a good and efficient listener is a skill;
and as such, it needs to be practised.
So, reduce your talking and start reading body 
This way you will improve your personal and
professional life greatly.

Stop hearing passively and start listening actively,
involving your mind, heart and body.

” Silence is a source of great strength “

Lao Tzu     6th/5th Century BCE  –  531 BCE

Listen Well !!






Hi there!


MTJ was going through a rough  patch in his life.
He had just become redundant from his powerful
and very well paid job.

He was feeling lost, disappointed, and utterly confused
and bewildered.
He really didn’t know what to do, and where to turn.
At the same time, his financial situation was deteriorating
fast, to the point where his credit cards were filling up.

Sleepless nights were the normal thing for him, since
he was constantly thinking what steps to take to save
His future was now totally uncertain, and he couldn’t
take any decisions any more.

He was feeling so heavily distressed that he started
having regular anxiety attacks.
Finally, he managed to start implementing some actions,
to reduce his destructive overthinking and suffering;
at least until he could find a solution to his problems.




Cold Feet


Over-thinking comes naturally to most people  —  and
especially to women, according to studies.
It happens when you feel stressed, worried or anxious
about a certain situation, or when you are faced with
a crisis;   and you do need to decide your next steps
and actions.

Obviously, analyzing your troubles and determining
course of action is a great thing;
because this will enable you to
find the correct solutions
and follow the right path.

The problem starts when you lose control of your
mind, and keep on thinking ad nauseam meaningless
and worthless things, without actually addressing
your issues and difficulties.
This will finally result in negative and irrational

thinking, as well as total misery.

Obsessive thinking is a learnt habit to defend yourself
against troublesome, demanding and challenging
It can be relating to previous mistakes, current life
difficulties, relationship problems, shortage of money,
individual experiences, or various things that can
always go wrong.

It really is an absolutely destructive habit;
because the only thing you see, is negativity in your
past, again negativity in your present and even
more negativity in your future.

You lose courage, confidence and belief in yourself;
you perform very poorly in your every day life;
you do not meet your obligations and responsibilities;
you develop mental and emotional complications;
you suffer from insomnia, tension and restlessness;
you are held back from the life you wanted to live.




Talk Game


Here are the most useful ways to change your
obsessive thinking and free yourself:

a)     As soon as you start obsessing about something,
breathe deeply a few times, get up wash your hands
in the sink, and get out of the room walking through the
door and into another area.

b)     Immediately try to replace your negative thought
with a positive and more pleasant one;
or say the word STOP to disrupt your thinking.

c)     Get out of the house, go for a long walk, or go for
a drive, or go to a gym to exercise, in order to distract
your mind.

d)     Focus on a target, a goal, a hobby or another
activity committing yourself to it completely.

e)     Tell yourself that you will be over-thinking only
for a specific time, say 5, 10, 15 minutes;
then forget
about it and move on with your tasks.

f)     Make a plan about your next steps to solve this
disturbing situation, and write it down to impress on your
mind and make you feel more relieved.

g)     Try to see the big picture  —  how things will be in
the next months to next years.

h)     Focus only in the present moment, and discard all
negative thoughts entering your mind.

i)     Learn to go with the flow.
Accept that all things happen for a reason, and everything
will work out at the end    and it should.

j)     In general, always try to avoid people, places and other
situations that can
lead to unnecessary obsessive thinking.

k)     Also avoid over-thinking traps like, your bad financial
situation for example;   and you should not be calculating
your debts every day and checking your accounts.

l)     Keep very active during the day.
This will make your physical body tired, so you can relax
and sleep better later at night.


Sun and Birds


Key Point


Your thoughts will shape and form your reality.
As a consequence, you must be extremely careful
of what you are thinking.

Because, if you constantly worry about an issue, either
this is relating to work, health, 
relationship or any
other situation, you will be
increasing your possibilities
of actually suffering that
specific issue.

Realize that life is not perfect, neither are humans.
Just be grateful for what you currently have in your
life, and
always do your best.
At the same time be patient, because success will
come eventually.

Learn to forgive people;   this is the only way to be
in peace, to improve your health, and to uplift
your mood.
Feeling fearful and stuck are not your reality,
but only your own feelings at the specific time.
Life changes every moment, and you have to
change, too.

If you do want to create a happy, fulfilling and
successful life, you must live in the present
moment and keep your thoughts under control.

It is only your personal choice to create the
future life you wish, and live peacefully.

Good Luck !!









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…… “ It all happens suddenly and unexpectedly.
One day you feel good as always, and the next
you notice something different on your body.

You feel the pain of doubt when you discover
new wrinkles and other unusual changes on
your face;    or you experience surprising soreness
and discomfort in various parts of your body.

You feel disappointed, distressed and depressed.
You then realize that the avalanche of time is
going to make it a continuous battle, between
you and the slap of hardships and troubles to follow.

You refuse to believe in a declining future for
yourself, and you’re trying to think positively
about all these.

It is true that life leads to ageing and deterioration
of your body, no matter how much you do to
maintain it.

You are just becoming aware that you are going
through a later life crisis …… “.

She said to me one morning, while we were
drinking our tea, relaxing on the balcony.




Point Of No Return


Any crisis is a period of several yeas, during
which we experience a number of negative
emotions;     and we do need to cope with all the
major transitions happening to us, overcome
them and conquer them.

There are crises episodes taking place between
the ages of twenty five ( 25 ) and thirty five ( 35 ).
Also, it is extremely usual to experience a crisis
episode during middle age, that is between the
ages of forty ( 40 ) and fifty ( 50 ).

But there is another crisis instalment waiting for
us around the corner.
This third chapter is relating to completely different
areas of our life.

People go through a later life crisis due to the following:

1)     Major life events like, a serious illness on themselves
or a loved one, or loss of a loved one.
2)     Divorce and moving out.
3)     Retirement from work.
4)     Acceptance of their past, present and future.
5)     Loss of a job.
6)     Finding new purpose and goals.
7)     Moving to a new area or country to live.
8)     Realising the limits of life.
9)     Becoming aware of the body’s lack of strength.
10)   Worrying about their financial security.
11)   Caring for loved ones.




Cover All Bases


Life transitions influence people in many
unexpected ways.
Adopt the following advice in order to be able
to protect yourself from all negative consequences:

a)     Be grateful for all the good things you have
in your life at the present moment like, your
relationships and your home.
Only in this way you will feel more optimistic
for the present and the future.

b)     Examine and determine who you are and how
you feel at this
Finally decide what you want to
do in your life
from now on.

c)     Keep active and fit, so that you can be strong
and ready to handle all happenings, as well as any
other incidents properly.

d)     Accept what is going on at this moment
without any complaining or suffering.
Be open to various opportunities life is bringing
way every day.

e)     Socialize more and develop hobbies to feel
more engaged and connected.

As long as you are alive your life will be expanding;

because things happen every moment.

Perhaps new adventures or new ways of thinking
or something great and fantastic is taking place.

Life is short, so raise your spirits, sail away and
enjoy every bit of it.

Good luck!





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Cat was a very busy woman in her thirties.
Her biggest dream was to become successful
in her career and make a lot of money.

So she was working flat out all day and every 
day, without ever stopping.
This made her feel exhausted, agitated and left
her no time at all to live her personal life.

Then one day, I feel so tired and unhappy.
I don’t really want to spend all my best years
pursuing my career.
I do need to reconsider my purpose before
it’s too late , she thought feeling worried.

She sat down and made a long list of all the 
things that mattered to her, and sworn to give
priority to her personal goals from now on;
and pursue her career accordingly.


Loving Couple


Master Sculptor


For the majority of people, life has no specific
purpose and meaning.
They just eat, sleep, go to work, get married,
have children, grow old, get sick and finally die.

This is only because these are the things you 
were told, and experienced since you were a
child, by all the people around you.

Consequently, you feel an obligation to continue
the same pattern, because these are all the things
you know.

You are even afraid, that if you do not live up to
other people’s expectations you will suffer
unpleasant consequences.

Yet, we all have a purpose in life    and it is,
the message we wish to give to our world.
This is our first step to a more meaningful and
enlightened life.
Having a purpose gives you motivation and passion
to succeed in your goals and enjoy a overall happy
and satisfied life.

No matter what you  believe, there actually is a
real reason of your existence;
and you should find out what your true purpose
in life is.


In order to do this successfully,


  the first step you need to take is to clear completely
your mind of
all previous conditioning.

   Then you need to search your soul, to reflect and

   Finally you should start taking the necessary steps
towards all the things you want, in order to become
a superior being.

The purpose you will discover will guide you through
your future life.


Waterfall Fountain


Great Performance


The following fundamentals will manifest your

1)     It should express your real interests, and who
you are as a person.

2)     It should be satisfying and pleasing to you.

3)     It should be relating specifically to general

4)     It should be guided only by positive emotions
from your heart, and not negativity in any way.


*   Also, consider the following when you try to find
your purpose:

a)     It may be a little tricky and not very obvious
to find at the beginning.
Just continue following the above four fundamentals
and you will find it eventually.

b)     Your life experiences until now and your
overall awareness will play a very big part in your
quest;    so the most extensive they are the best
and easiest it will be for you to find your purpose.

c)     Always remember to enjoy the trip no matter
how easy or difficult it is.


*    So now, here is what you need to do:

I)       Set one hour aside to be completely undisturbed.

II)      Take a clear piece of paper and pen.

III)     Ask yourself, what is your purpose.

IV)      Start writing down every answer that comes 
to your mind.

V)       Keep on writing everything;
from physical conveniences to spiritual interests.

VI)      At some point you will be writing answers
that will make you feel more excited, moved and

VII)     Choose the one that is causing you the strongest
At this point you will have found your purpose.


N o t e :


Another fast way to find your purpose, without even
thinking about it, is the following:

Every single day, and for the next four months, keep
a diary of all your thoughts, feelings and actions.

At the end of that period, read all your entries carefully.
Certainly, at this time, you will be able to find your purpose.

Remember that, depending on your age, your newly
found purpose will evolve.


Tree on The Lawn


Walk Of Life


Now that you have found your life purpose, 
the next step is to write a short statement, defining
this purpose together with the main focus in
action;    so every time you read it to feel eager 
and alive.

It is possible that, at this point, you may need 
to change a number of things in your current
life in order to fit your new passion.
Be strong and fearless, and pursue your mission
full of enthusiasm and excitement.

Now that you have discovered your purpose,
become the new you without any hesitation;
because nothing in life is permanent.
In time, everything dies out and replaced with
something different.

Although going after your passion may be very
difficult at the beginning, if you have a good
plan of action, and you live this passion on a
daily basis, you will finally succeed.

Be completely and absolutely involved and
absorbed in your proper living.
Because this is actually the real purpose of 
life    Living !!

E n j o y …..!!




No Time!


Hi there!


……..” It was 5:30 pm when I finished my work
for today.
I packed my things and my bag, and started walking
down the stairs.
I arrived on the ground floor, I opened the door and
walked out on the pavement, finally breathing the
natural air.

People were walking hastily up and down, and there
was some traffic on the road.
For a moment I was lost, being so absorbed in my
thoughts and I forgot where I had left my car, when
I came in the morning.

My mind kept on reliving some events in the past
that had impressed on me, so I was again on autopilot.
I looked left, then right searching and wondering;
but in vain.
Suddenly I woke up and started walking towards
the parking.

I’m going through this annoying situation for some
time now    living in the past.
This is very disturbing, and I always have to remind
myself to remain in the present ……..”.


Pidgeons eating


Semper In Praesenti


Life happens in the present.
But we are not able to appreciate it, because
our wandering minds jump between thoughts
of the past and thoughts of the future.

At the end we lose total control, and we feel
frustrated, fearful, worried, stressed and anxious.
As a consequence we do not enjoy what is really
happening now, because we are mentally absent.

The only way to live in the present is to focus
completely on the task you are doing at this
moment, ignoring every other thought which
enters your mind.

It means to be absolutely absorbed in your
current activity, and be fully aware of what is
happening right now.

In order to achieve this, you need to be relaxed
and empty your mind fully and utterly from
anything that tries to disturb it.

It is understandable that you will need to practice
a lot,  in order to break the conditioned habit of
your mind wandering from one thought to another.

But eventually you will manage to keep it under
your control, and realize that it is only a tool to be
used by you alone.
Living in the present, you will be feeling positive
emotions, you will be free, calm and grateful.


Parapende in the Sky


Vivere In Momento


Consider the following tips to start living your
life in the present moment:

a)     Fix your attention on whatever you are doing,
and exclude everything else, no matter what it is.

Examples are:
  Cooking your meals
  Cleaning your home
  Vacuuming your carpets
  Savouring your food
  Washing your dishes
  Ironing your clothes
*   Reading and Writing

b)     Watch absolutely.
Sit somewhere and notice everything around you.

Examples are:
*   People walking
*   Nature, trees, flowers, water
  Buildings, doors, windows, balconies
*   Cars, buses, trains
*   Animals, cats, dogs
*   Paintings hanging on walls
*   The sunset in the evening

c)     Listen fully.
Hear and pay attention more, and speak less.

Examples are:
*   People talking
*   The sounds of cars
*   The running water
*   The sound of the clock
*   The buzzing of insects
*   The music on the radio
*   The birds singing
*   Your own voice  

d)     Feel completely.
Touch and appreciate everything.

Examples are:
  The textures of your clothes
  The temperature of an object
  The texture of your food
  The carpets in your home
  The burning sun on your skin
  Your own breath

e)     Smell entirely.
Identify various scents and smells.

Examples are:
*   Savour an essential oil
  Identify your food tastes
*   Smell the flowers
*   Breathe in the aroma of the sea water
  Your toothpaste in the morning

f)     Relish life events.
Enjoy all the little moments in your every day
life, with your family, friends, colleagues and
just people you meet.


Wasp on Margarita


Capere Momentum


When you focus your mind, you save your energy,
and as a consequence you can achieve remarkable
things in your life.

As I mentioned previously, your mind is only a tool
to be used by you;    so it will adjust to the new
situation and will not immerse in all these negative
thoughts that try to control your life.

You will enjoy peace and freedom, you will feel
decisive and self-confident, and you will enjoy
total inner strength and will power.

You can focus on the present moment by way of
being completely aware of yourself and your
surroundings, by accepting what is happening
right now and experiencing it, and by following
your ideas and principles.

Every morning you wake up and start your day,
concentrate on everything around you, smile,
feel optimistic and grateful for your life and
all the simple things in it.

Realize you live only today.
Be present now,
because the now happens only once.






Hi there!


Lea had always been a person who wanted to live
her life in the fast pace.
Since her childhood years, she was trying to push her
limits forever, and rush through every little adventure
on her way.

In her twenties, she started going around different
places, enjoying other experiences and getting to know
various people.

She also went through a number of jobs, but she never
stayed for too long in any of them.
She always wanted more and more for herself;   she
constantly needed a change to feel satisfied.

Likewise, she developed several relationships, and walked
away from all of them eventually.
Finally she met a very experienced man who taught her a lot
of life issues,
so she stayed with him.

But even at this stage of her life, she finds herself speeding
ahead, and constantly pursuing the next thing.
What’s wrong with me?
Why can’t I ever
appreciate my life as it is with all the good
things I have?

Why can’t I stop chasing new things all the time, and live in
the present moment?
Why can’t I ever be satisfied with anything? ,
she has been repeatedly wondering
and feeling annoyed
and worried ……


Pink Flowers


Hell Broke Loose


Our today’s life is more frenzied and hectic than ever
before;   although we have the facilities and conveniences
to save us time and enjoy ourselves.

People always rush and hurry, overcrowding their waking
hours, causing a lot of stress to themselves, and getting
detached from the present moment.
It seems we are addicted to trying and doing more and
more in less time.

A good number of individuals actually need to change and
do new things constantly in order to feel satisfied, without
even considering what they already have in their life.
They keep on chasing various jobs, developing more
obligations and initiating new commitments.

But life should not be like this.
A slow-paced, easy and leisurely way of living means,
making time to savour your mornings,
taking your time to focus on your current specific task,
enjoying nature and the outdoors,
relishing your meals with your family, and
appreciating your relationships more.

To decelerate is an intentional and deliberate choice.
It is very difficult to do in this day and age;
but if you manage this, not only you will feel a much
happier person, but also you will cherish and value
your life as it deserves to be.


Yellow Flowers


Fire And Ice


The following essential steps will help you slow down
and enjoy your every day life much more:

a)     Every morning when you wake up, lie in your bed
for ten minutes doing nothing but gently stretching and
feeling relaxed and grateful for your life.

b)     Every day, choose to have only three tasks.
Prioritise them and focus only on one at a time;   finish
it completely and then start the second one following
the same principle;   finally execute the third one.

c)     Create a care free idleness in your life;
enjoy doing nothing for an hour or so, but just being
present and feeling grateful.

d)     Eat your meals very slowly;
smell your food, taste the flavours, chew carefully each
bite and savour your feast.

e)     Drive slowly at a comfortable speed;
enjoy the scenery, play the music, notice the other cars
and your surroundings, feel peaceful and relaxed.

f)     Take time to be outdoors;
breathe the fresh air, appreciate nature, walk, swim,
hike or just sit and feel the wind on your face.


Blue Flower


The Art Of Slow


Realise that everything in life happens for a reason;
so never compare yourself with anyone else.
Try to find pleasure in your every day life, by noticing
and enjoying all the good little things around you.

As soon as you find yourself getting stressed over
various issues, stop immediately and take three deep
abdominal breaths.
Doing so, you will quickly slow yourself down and
return to the present moment.

Being always in a hurry, and continually active and
on the go, is actually an exaggeration.
You do need to value and appreciate yourself more,
in order to slow down and enjoy the moment in
front of you.

Good Luck !!