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We must consider the distinctive characters
and the general nature of plants from the point
of view of their morphology, their behaviour under
external conditions, their mode of generation
and the whole course of their life .

Theophrastus     c. 371 BC   –   c. 287 BC
The Father of Botany

Historia Plantarum

Book   1   :     Plant Anatomy
Book   2   :     Tree and Plant Propagation
Book   3   :     Wild Trees
Book   4   :     Trees and Shrubs from Abroad
Book   5   :     Wood
Book   6   :     Undershrubs with Thorns or Without
Book   7   :     Pot Herbs
Book   8   :     Cereals and Legumes
Book   9   :     Medicinal Uses of Plants


Dracaena Red House Palm


Drawing Power


According to research, people living in cities
spend at least ninety per cent of their time indoors.
Stagnant and stale indoor air overloaded with
the wastes of our breathing can affect our health

These indoor air pollutants together with the
byproducts of all the synthetic household goods
can cause allergies, headaches, dizziness, stress
and fatigue.

Plants bring the beauty of nature into the house.
If you have plants and flowers around your home
you will be breathing cleaner air and you will be
feeling more positive and relaxed.

Also you will be less fatigued and more alert.
On top of all these, you will be able to develop a
new and very interesting hobby.


Golden Pothos Dracaena Green


Healing Agents


All indoor plants purify and filter the house air
we breathe to some extent.
But some are more  beneficial than others, not
only in removing toxins and cleaning the air, but
also in delivering their therapeutic mixtures,
which balance our bodies and mind.

The following are only a few from a big number of
plants doing just that:

a)     Rose  –  Rosa  –  Rosaceae Family
Its chemicals promote relaxation and healthy cell
Gazing at the flowers promotes happiness.

b)     Rosemary  –  Rosmarinus  –  Lamiaceae Family
Its scent clears the mind, stimulates memory and
increases focus.
It controls pests due to its phytochemicals.

c)     Basil  –  Ocimum  –  Lamiaceae Family
Its compounds alleviate stress, headaches, colds
and inflammation.
It has insect repelling properties.

d)     Orchid  –  Orchidaceae Family
Its properties decrease stress, improve focus and
relaxes blood vessels.
It improves the air quality in the house.

e)     Golden Pothos  –  Epipremnum  –  Araceae Family
It filters the house air from toxins and increases
its general quality.


White Anthurium


f)     Dracaena  –  Asparagaceae Family
It removes most pollutants from the house air.

g)     Lavender  –  Lavandula  –  Lamiaceae Family
It relieves stress, anxiety and headaches.
It treats infection and inflammation.
It is a natural mosquito repellent.

h)     Gardenia  –  Rubiaceae Family
Its therapeutic scent helps the body and brain relax.

i)      Anthurium  – Araceae Family
It purifies the house air from toxins and pollutants.


Red Anthurium


Always consider the position you place your
plants and flowers so they have the right light,
and follow instructions for watering.

From time to time use a damp cloth or sponge
to dust
the leaves.

Interacting with plants will improve the quality
of your life.
You will connect with yourself, and you will feel
related to the Universe.

Keep Breathing !!




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Medusa once had charms ;   to gain her love
A rival crowd of envious lovers strove.
They, who have seen her, own, they ne’er did trace
More moving features in a sweeter face.

Yet above all, her length of hair, they own,
In golden ringlets, wav’d and graceful shone.

Metamorphoses     Book  V
Ovid     43  –  17  BC


Walking dog


Corn Rows


Our hair is composed of the protein keratin, and 
it consists of three (3) layers:
the outer layer is the cuticle, the inner layer is
the cortex, which contains melanin, and the 
deeper in layer called the medulla, which 
reflects light.

Hair is growing 1cm per month, but still its speed
depends mainly on our genes and gender, as well as
our age 
and health.
Hair needs all vitamins, minerals and many other
key nutrients to stay shiny and strong.

All women wish for a head full of thick, luminous
and beautiful hair.
But no matter what products and treatments you
use on your head to keep your hair looking good,
it all comes down to feeding it from the inside.


Three Ladies


In Fine Fettle


To nourish your hair from the inside out 
eat the following:

a)     Protein

The most important nutrient for total hair health,
strength, vitality and flexibility.

Eat Meat, Poultry, Fish, Eggs.
If you are a vegetarian take rice or pea protein
powder daily.

b)     Carbohydrates 

Most great and valuable nutrients for overall
hair wellness.

Eat whole grains every day.
Wheat, Oats, Rice, Quinoa, Rye.

c)     Fat

Necessary for scalp hydration and well-being.

Eat extra virgin Olive Oil, virgin Coconut Oil,
Wild Salmon, Nuts, Seeds.

d)     Vitamins and Minerals

Essential for the overall health of the hair
and scalp, eat:

1)     Liver, Sweet Potato, Carrots, Red Peppers, 
for their Vitamin A content.
2)     Kiwi, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Peas, Oranges,
for their Vitamin C content.
3)     Almonds, Olive oil, Hazelnuts, Sunflower Seeds,
for their Vitamin E content.
4)     Salmon, Chicken, Turkey, Liver, Eggs, Beans,
for their Vitamin B content.

5)     Liver, Beef, Lamb, Nuts, Beans, Spinach, Lentils,
for their Iron content.
6)     Beans, Spinach, Yogurt, Bananas, Baked Potato
for their Potassium content.
7)     Dairy, Broccoli, Almonds, Spinach, Green Beans,
for their Calcium content.
8)     Beef, Lamb, Nuts, Chocolate, Beans, Pork, Chicken,
for their Zinc content.
9)     Brazil Nuts, Tuna, Meat, Whole Grains, Shellfish,
for their Selenium content.
10)   Cod, Turkey, Milk, Egg, Natural Salt, Baked Potato,
for their Iodine content. 


Curvy Lady


Final Gesture


Your diet is absolutely crucial to the health of
your hair.
Make the right choices and eat wholesome and 
healthy foods in order to see your hair grow
stronger and shinier.

At the same time,
avoid any weight loss diets because they miss
most vital nutrients;
avoid sugar, but eat some pure honey if
you want something sweet, which provides 
some nutrition;
avoid alcohol because it can affect the blood flow 
to your scalp.

The Right Food Variety is your Best Option.









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Let’s meet at eight tonight for dinner Myk suggested.
Yes, I’d love to she replied full of enthusiasm.
They had a very enjoyable evening with beautiful
food and a lot of wine.

The night went and Myk returned home.
Since he was tired all day, he decided to go to bed

He was sleeping peacefully, when all of a sudden
he woke up in the middle of the night with a horrendous
calf cramp in his right leg.
It felt extremely tight and rock hard upon touch.

It was very painful, so he decided to get up and run
around in the hope that it would soften and go away.
After some time he felt more comfortable and
returned to bed, although it proved impossible
to go back to sleep.


Green Leaves


Darting Pain


A muscle cramp is a sudden involuntary contraction
of one or more muscles.
It is harmless but extremely annoying because it
causes a sharp pain and a hard topical lump.

A muscle cramp usually happens during the night
(night cramp), but on some occasions it can happen
during the day.
It mainly occurs in the calves of your legs, and it
can last from a few seconds to ten minutes.
Sometimes you can also feel sensitive on that leg
even during the next day.

Muscle cramps are a very common occurrence, and
most people will experience them at some point
in their life.
Usually they are a sign that some things in your
body are out of balance. 


Red Leaves


Prime Movers


The main causes of muscle cramps are the

a)     Excessive exercise, especially in hot

b)     Muscle fatigue.

c)     Dehydration.

d)     Keeping the leg in an awkward position.

e)     Deficiencies of Calcium, Magnesium
and Potassium.

f)     Strict dieting.

g)     Menstruation in young women.

h)     Various health conditions.

i)      Taking specific medications.

Remember that you will be more at risk if,

1.     you are an athlete
2.     you are a pregnant woman
3.     you are an older person


To prevent muscle cramps from happening
try the following tips:

a)     Drink plenty of liquids during the day.

b)     Limit your alcohol and caffeine intake.

c)     Eat lots of vegetables and fruits.

d)     Wear shoes with proper support.

e)     Stretch your legs before any exercise.

f)     Stretch your legs for five minutes before

g)     Take Vitamins B complex, D3 and E.
         Take minerals Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc.

h)     Balance your Sodium and Potassium intake.
         Potassium Foods:   Beans, Spinach, Sweet
Potatoes, Salmon, Banana, Yogurt, Mushrooms.


White Leaves


Shot In The Arm


There are natural cures and home remedies
you can use to relieve a muscle cramp, as follows:

1)     Stretch your leg straight out, pull your foot
towards your head and massage the calf muscle
softly and gently until it improves.

2)     You can apply heat to relax the muscle, and
you can apply a cold compress afterwards to relieve
any pain.

3)     Lift your leg towards the ceiling, stretch and
flex your toes, and you can also shake your leg
until you feel more comfortable.

If you feel pain and discomfort next day, you can
use an over the counter pain relief gel or cream.

Also, a number of people find it helpful to drink
tonic water which contains quinine.

Take Care !!




Deja Vu!


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Last week Seve celebrated her birthday.
A big new decade was starting;   she was entering
a new era in her life, and 
she had to create her new self.

I’m right on top of everything she said to her
long-time partner.

Everyday is mine to do as I please:   I take good care of
myself by eating healthy and
looking after my appearance;
I go for daily walks, I love and laugh a lot;   I have a mission:
to be creative and help
people like me she continued.

She walked into the bedroom and looked  herself in the
wardrobe mirror    but
she could not see very clearly
without her
glasses anymore.

No matter what happens, I do love myself as I am now,
and I do feel powerful she
thought to herself………




Razzle – Dazzle


Every day we are alive we age.
Women in their 50s and 60s are now more self-confident,
fearless and feel more
secure with themselves.

They know who they are, what they want and certainly
how to dress.

It is a false belief that older women are sexless,
old-fashioned, dull and out of sight.

On the contrary, they are strong, sensual, bold and
glamorous as ever.

In fact a great number of these older women
are now more stylish than when they were young.

They can still have glowing skin and manage
to attract a lot of attention wherever they go,
outshining many younger women.

They are growing cooler with age, and have kept
their enthusiasm and passion for all nice things
including fashion.




Driving Force


It is all about motivation.
How to make the most of your life at the age
you are now:
to be grateful for all your blessings and be true
to yourself;
to be creative and enjoy all things in life.


Basic Steps To Become Motivated


a)     You will need a specific powerful thought
to inspire and encourage you, like
I Am The Master Of My Own Fate “.

b)     Choose and remind yourself the peak moment
when you were doing extraordinary well in your
life, and use this to fuel yourself to feel strong
and powerful now.

c)     Keep your body busy and active.
Go walking in nature and look at the trees and
plants around you.

d)     Be optimistic, think positively about
ageing and love yourself.
Take positive action to achieve your new goals
and make things happen.




Spark Plug


Welcome this next chapter of your life, and
understand that you are entering into a
phase of liberation and total freedom.

You are entering a
period of maturity and
sophistication, a
stage of wisdom and intelligence.

How you age is a personal choice to some
Do not panic or overreact to the
new changes.
Feeling distressed is not
going to help in any way.

Get the hang on the new you and celebrate
Value and cherish your time on
earth, and age
like a fine wine.

You are only as old as you feel. 

Keep saying FORWARD.

Feel young and be stylish forever!












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Myk was a regional manager in his company with
numerous obligations, working until seven in the
evening every day.
By the time he returned home he was so tired that
he could only have some dinner and go to bed early
for a good night’s sleep.

He usually slept soundly for three to four hours;
then suddenly his eyes opened wide and he was
feeling frightened.
Myk was in distress and trying to calm his wandering
mind with great difficulty.

But unfortunately, it was all in vain.
The more he was trying the more awake he felt
as the time was going.

Myk started now being worried and so desperate
that he could not fall back to sleep again.

His main concern was that with only those few
hours of sleep he had, he would definitely be
exhausted next day and have real trouble facing
his many obligations.

This dreadful pattern had become a routine for
him now, and made him more anxious as the
days were passing.
I must find a solution to this problem otherwise
the consequences will be awful for me he said
to himself one morning………



Feed The Fire


Sleep is a natural biological process.
It is a state of mind and body that occurs in
cycles, from deeper sleep to lighter sleep,
and with breaks between.

Consequently, nobody sleeps through the
whole night.
People can awaken four, five, even six times,
and normally they will go back to sleep again.
This is especially commonplace as you
grow older.

The amount of sleep all individuals need
depends mainly on their genetic inheritance.
Waking up during the night and not being able
to return to sleep for some time is normal,
and a very common phenomenon.


Disturbed sea


Song And Dance


Waking up in the middle of the night is a
very frustrating and disappointing thing.
There are many reasons why you are
awake and alert at night.
The main culprits are the following:

1)     You need to go to the bathroom.
2)     You are too hot or too cold.
3)     You are exposed to too much internal or
external light.
4)     You drank alcohol before going to bed.
5)     There is too much noise.
6)     You are hungry or thirsty.
7)     You are pregnant.
8)     You are in menopause.
9)     You do not follow any sleep patterns,
schedules and routines.

10)    You suffer from leg cramps.
11)     You have a medical condition.
12)    You are taking certain medications.
13)    You are suffering from indigestion.
14)    You have a sleep disorder.
15)    You suffer from stress and anxiety.



Rise And Shine


Next time you have trouble returning to
sleep, try the following natural tips:

a)     Never look at a clock to check what time
it is, because doing so will make you feel stressed.

b)     Avoid going to the bathroom, because this
will upset your heart beats and you will feel
more awake    unless it is absolutely necessary.

c)     Wear an eye mask to avoid any brightness,
and help you go back to sleep more easily.  

d)     Lie on your back, breathe slowly through 
your nose and relax all the muscles in your body.

e)     Focus your mind on a calming word like
Peaceful , and keep on repeating it until you
feel sleepy again.    

f)     Have a bottle of lavender essential oil by your
bedside, and smell its perfume to feel relaxed.

g)     Try Bach remedy Rescue Night to help you
switch off and return to sleep.  

h)     If you suffer from indigestion, sleep on your left
hand side to help reduce any acid reflux. 


Peaceful Sea


Screaming Halt


The most important thing is NOT to panic about
not being able to go back to sleep and losing
important and much needed sleeping time.

Night is a calm, soothing and comforting time;
train your brain to feel relaxed and serene, so
you can sleep peacefully.

Otherwise you will feel tired and exhausted in
the morning, and this will make things worse in
the long term.

Clear your mind from all disturbing thoughts and
let sleep happen naturally without any force.

Sweet Dreams !!