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Your mental outlook in life dictates and shapes the way you live.

Consequently, if you have a Positive Mental Attitude you will enjoy all the following benefits:

1)          You will be a much happier person in general.

2)          You will be more flexible, and you will feel stronger.

3)          You will enjoy better relationships.

4)          You will have a better professional life.

5)          You will be able to make the right decisions.

6)          You will be more creative and productive.

7)          You will enjoy a longer life.



Frame Of Mind


The following habits will help you maintain a Positive Mental Attitude, and experience a good and long life.

          Develop morning routines as follows:

****          Try to wake up early every morning.

****          Stretch your body well and smile.

****          Feel thankful and grateful for everything in your life.

****          Make your bed.

****          Enjoy a healthful breakfast.

****          Wash your teeth.

****          Make your plan for the day.

          Have a pleasant, joyful, and happy attitude.

c)          Appreciate and enjoy all the small and simple pleasures in life.

d)          Be an optimist, smile, and have humour.

e)          Read positive and happy books.

f)          Listen to happy and uplifting music every day. 

g)          Watch positive, inspirational, and uplifting shows on the television.

h)          Be a responsible, reliable, and conscientious person.

i)           See challenges as learning and growing parts of life. 

j)          Maintain your positive attitude throughout the day, no matter what happens.

k)          Have meaning and purpose in your life.

l)          Always focus on the positive, and face all difficulties as they happen.

m)        Always try to be enthusiastic, driven, and motivated.

n)          If you want things in your life you must work hard to get them. 

o)          Use visualisation to see yourself succeeding and achieving your goals. 

p)          Associate only with positive and happy people.

q)          Be really thankful and grateful for everything you have.

r)          Be interested, curious, and inquisitive about everything in life. 

s)          Always use positive Self Talk.

t)          Do not complain about the things you do not like, but always try to find solutions, and accept what is.


Positive Mental Attitude is to expect Happiness, Good Health, and Success in your life.  














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Worry is a chain of negative thoughts and visions about the future, resulting in fear and anxiety.

The advantages of Worry are as follows:

(a)          It warns you and alerts you, as well as preparing you to focus and handle a hidden danger or a big risk.

(b)          It inspires you and motivates you to take positive action.

(c)          It helps you recognise unfavourable consequences, and plan your actions accordingly.

(d)          It helps you plan better for the future.


The disadvantages of Worry are as follows:

(a)          It results in excessive stress and anxiety.

(b)          It causes restlessness, sleeplessness, and insomnia.

(c)          It causes premature ageing.

(d)          It weakens the immune system.

(e)          It results in depression.

(f)          It causes intestinal problems.

(g)          It causes loss of focus and concentration.



The Recommendations


1)          Learn to handle your Worry properly and effectively.

Your Worry must always lead to the right solution at the end;

otherwise, it is a total waste of your energy and time      and you will suffer all the unpleasant consequences unnecessarily.


2)          Always recognise, that your Worry is really valid and genuine;

and NOT just a repetitive, useless, and meaningless negative thought in your mind.


3)          If you start worrying unnecessarily, then decide and say STOP, by trying to keep your mind under your full and strict control.


4)          Determine and schedule Worry time for yourself.

Assign twenty (20) minutes every day, during which you can analyse your Worry, and try to find all necessary solutions.


5)          Always, try to think in a realistic way.

Consider the worst case scenario, and how you can handle it, if it happened.


6)          Make a plan in writing for solving the problem, and start taking all the necessary steps without any delay. 


7)          Try to accept the negative things you do not like, and you are not able to control or change them to your desire. 


8)          Embrace and welcome uncertainty, because you can never predict what will happen in the future.

Things can change any time, suddenly, and you will have to do your very best, in order to manage the situation.


9)          Be tolerable and endurable, and learn to live ONLY in the present moment.


10)         Learn to manage your stress as follows: 

****          Practise Mindfulness Meditation.

****          Pray to a higher power.

****          Walk in nature.

****          Breathe slowly and deeply.


Be an intelligent human being.

Manage your Worry properly.

Be a survivor.




The Monkey!





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Monkey Mind is a Buddhist term, since 2600 years ago, that means unsettled, nervous, stressed, and anxious.

Most people’s mind is swinging constantly from thought to thought, making them feel mixed up and confused, as well as totally drained and exhausted.

It can be:

****          Different fears, like;      health, relationships, job, or financial.

****          Various disturbing and hurtful things from the past. 

****          Judging your current life circumstances.

****          Worrying about the future.

****          Wanting to change the present living circumstances.


As a consequence, it proves absolutely impossible for anyone to feel good and settled, and enjoy the present moment in life.

Feeling so very very negative at all times, makes you feel:

Really unhappy, miserable, depressed, resentful, angry, fearful, worried, guilty, sad, envious, and definitely chronically stressed and anxious.

So, if you want to enjoy a good life for a long time, you do need to close down completely, and conquer your Monkey Mind.

Doing so, you will feel as follows:

****          Calmer and more relaxed.

****          Much happier in general.

****          You will enjoy better sleep at night.

****          You will be free from stress and anxiety.

****          You will enjoy more clarity.

****          You will be able to stay in the present moment.

****          You will become more creative.

****          You will increase your overall well-being.



The Way Forward


Practising the following will help you feel at peace, at last.

a)          Acknowledge the problem, and realise that you are able to keep your Monkey Mind under your full control.

b)          Practice Mindfulness Meditation and keep your mind still, in order to stay in the present moment.

c)          You can speak your thoughts loudly, or write them down, together with the answers and solutions.

d)          Try to remember a very happy event in your life, and fill your mind with this.

e)          Watch something entertaining and funny on the television.

f)          Listen to happy and uplifting music on the radio      sing and dance to it.

g)          Concentrate your mind on absolute emptiness, like an Empty Wall, without thinking or saying anything at all.

h)          Interrupt your Monkey Mind by saying a mantra, like Peaceful, either silently or aloud.

i)          Try to notice four (4) things in your environment, by using your senses      sight, hearing, smell.

j)          Read a book, or magazine, or something you are very interested on the internet.

k)          Write an article, a blog, a book, or a journal.


Keeping your mind under your full and strict control will offer you a number of health benefits as already mentioned previously.

Certainly, it needs some hard work, and you need to be really patient in order to succeed, but you can do it, and reap and enjoy all the advantages.




The Eyes!





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Bags under the eyes, dark circles, and puffiness are a very common thing      and especially, they are a part of the natural ageing process.

Usually, they are not connected to a health problem, and they can be managed with different home remedies. 

The main causes for having baggy and puffy eyes are the following:

****          Sleeplessness, restlessness, and insomnia.

****          Prolonged or chronic stress.

****          Various allergies. 

****          Specific medications.

****          Certain medical conditions.

****          The individual’s facial anatomy.

****          Specific contribution from the person’s own skin.

****          Various changes in the face tissue.

****          Natural ageing.

****          Very poor and unhealthy overall lifestyle.

****          Smoking tobacco.

****          Fluid retention around the body.


The protein Collagen production in the body declines as we grow old and age.

As a consequence, the skin becomes loose, thin, and loses elasticity;     

it develops lines and wrinkles, as well as sagging and bags under the eyes.

The tissues around the eyes become weaker and they allow fluids and fat to collect, causing swelling and puffiness.

In addition, the blood vessels become more visible resulting in dark circles.



Do Away With


The following home remedies will help reduce or even eliminate your under eye bags:

a)          Avoid smoking and second hand smoke altogether, because the tobacco chemicals destroy the skin proteins.

b)          Avoid alcohol in all forms, because it is dehydrating.

c)          Reduce your salt intake, because it causes fluid retention.

d)          Drink plenty of clean water, or pure herbal teas, in order to keep your whole body well hydrated.

e)          Eat Vitamin C foods, or take a Vitamin C supplement, because it enhances Collagen production.

f)          Take regular exercise, like Walking for half an hour or so, and try to be physically active the rest of the day.

g)          Enjoy restful sleep for a minimum of six (6) hours, and keep your head elevated in two (2) pillows in order to prevent fluid from collecting under your eyes.   

h)          Keep any allergies under control, by using natural remedies, like pure essential oils, and drinking pure nettle tea.

i)           Eat a healthful and nutritious diet full of antioxidants.

j)           When you are outdoors, always, wear protective sun glasses, as well as an organic sunscreen.

k)           Wear an organic eye cream every day, at all times, as well as a face cream. 

l)           Every night before going to bed, remove any make up from your face and eyes, using an organic cleanser.

m)         Flush your sinuses on a regular basis, in order to keep them clean from allergens and infections.




For quick and effective relief, use the following:

1)          Place cool cucumber slices on your closed eyes, and rest for a while.

2)          Steep chamomile bags  for fifteen (15) minutes, cool them in the refrigerator, and place them on your closed eyes for as long as it is necessary.

3)          Place a cold compress on your closed eyes a few times a day, for as long as it is necessary.

4)          Steep black or green tea bags for five (5) minutes, cool them in the refrigerator, and place them on your closed eyes for half an hour or so.


Use any of the above mentioned recommendations, so that you can reduce, and even eliminate your under eye bags and dark circles.









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It is usual for women in their fifties to feel that they are at the transition point in their life.

It can be so many different things, like:

****          An unexpected change in their health.

****          A negative development in their relationships.

****          A financial setback.

****          Separation or divorce.

****          Children leaving home.

****          Moving home, or downsizing.

Although it is very difficult, and really challenging to start all over again, you do need to design and develop a plan, so that you can move on to the next chapter in your life.

Certainly, trying to make any change in you life, it always feels overpowering, and extremely distressing.

But you have to concentrate to your current situation, feel calm and relaxed, and plan your new life.



Emotions Release


a)          The first thing you must do is to stay relaxed and keep your feelings and emotions under your full control.

As long as you feel worried, fearful, and unsafe, you will never be able to focus and create a new life for yourself.

It will be impossible for you to find solutions to your problems, change some old beliefs, and create new paths.

You can do this by practising the following:

****          Mindfulness Meditation.

****          Visualisation.

****          Prayer.

****          Nature Walks.

****          Deep and Slow Breathing.

****          Inhaling Pure Essential Oils.

e second thing you must do is to stay physically active every day.

Any kind of exercise will enhance your mood, it will calm your mind, it will improve your focus, as well as your overall health and well-being.

It can be anything, like:        Walking, Yoga, Aerobics Classes.

e third very important thing you must do is to accept the things, that you can not change.

Life is full of surprises, many of which are unpleasant, undesirable, and really sad and distressing.

Be determined, brave, and bold, and learn to focus all your energy, your time, and your endurance on controlling and changing the things you actually can.


Always remember, that it is very useful and really helpful for you to stay connected, and enjoy social support from family, friends, and other acquaintances. 

Doing so will help you Not to feel lonely and isolated.










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The majority of middle age and older adults admit, that they wish they knew then (the earlier years of their life) all the things they know now.

But certainly, all their life experiences through the years have helped them to realise, build, improve, enjoy, and value highly their life as it stands at this present stage.   

Definitely first and foremost, you need to understand that all changes in life start with You, Yourself      because You are the greatest barrier between where you are in life at the present moment, and where you want to be in the future.



Noble Actions


Consider carefully, and try to apply the following Life Lessons, while being patient, calm, tolerant, and forgiving.  

        True happiness comes only from within yourself.

Material possessions and money are only temporary and short-lived     they can disappear at any time. 

Practise being present, and enjoy the here and now.

          Judging and criticising others will leave you isolated and lonely.

Learn to accept the other people for what they are, so that you can enjoy better relationships and feel connected. 

          Learn to feel your emotions, and realise that your true self is Love

This is the only way for you to live your life in peace, joy, and happiness. 

          Forgive and forget any past resentments, arguments, and bad feelings.

Free yourself from all anger, and negative emotions in order to feel at peace.

          Embrace love in a true, sincere, complete, generous, and deep way.

Life can change very quickly, so be really tankful for all the things you already have, and do not take anything for granted.

          Do not compare yourself to other people.

You are a unique human being, so create your own path in life.


As long as we are alive life will continue teaching us all kinds of things, which we have to accept and learn from the experiences.

The older we grow the wiser and more knowledgeable we become.

So, every now and then, reflect on all the lessons you have learned until now      and realise, that Life Lessons are the most prized possessions you must preserve and cherish forever. 










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A healthy overall lifestyle, including exercise and diet, is absolutely vital if you want to be in good condition and strong, and live a long and happy life.

According to research, the following recommendations will help you improve and enhance your health, age well, and prolong your lifespan.



The Recommendations


Your Diet:

Make certain you eat all the following:

****          Clean and lean protein, like, Chicken, Turkey, Fish, and whole Eggs.

****          Extra Virgin Olive Oil loaded with mono-unsaturated fatty acids.

****          Vegetables three plus (3+) portions on a daily basis.

****          Fruits two (2) portions every day.

****          Whole grains, like, Brown Rice, Quinoa, and Wild Rice.

****          All herbs, like, Oregano, Thyme, Basil, Dill, Parsley, and Rosemary.

****          All spices, like, Turmeric, Ginger, Cumin, Cardamom, and Cinnamon.

****          All nuts, like, Almonds, Walnuts, Brazils, Hazelnuts, Pecans, and Pistachios.

****          All seeds, like, Pumpkin, Sesame, Sunflower, and Chia seeds. 

****          Legumes, like, lentils of all colours.

In Addition:

          Stay well hydrated by drinking pure and clean water, as well as pure herbal teas, like:

Peppermint, Sage, Lemon Verbena, Camomile, Spearmint, and Lime.

b)          Keep your gut microbiota healthy by eating probiotic foods, like:

pure yogurt, raw milk and cheese, apple cider vinegar, olives in brine, and salted pickles;

or by taking a mixed probiotic supplement once or twice a week. 

          If you do not spend time in the sun, you need to take a Vitamin D3 supplement.

Doing so, it will improve your bone strength, it will strengthen your immune system, it will help with mental issues, and it will reduce your cancer risk.

Make certain you avoid all the following:

****          Sugar, and all processed sugars in all foods and drinks.

****          All processed foods, because they contain unhealthy additives.

****          Refined oils, table salt, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, colours, and flavours.

****          All refined grains.

****          Caffeine in all forms.

****          All fried foods, and burnt meats. 

****          All refined carbohydrates.

****          All artificial trans fats.

Your Sleep:

You do need to enjoy restful and restoring sleep, between six (6) and eight hours (8), but preferably seven (7) hours every night; 

otherwise, you will suffer serious negative health consequences.

Avoid all the following:

****          All kinds of bright blue lights for a minimum of two (2) hours before bedtime.

****          Long naps during daytime hours.

****          Eating anything for three (3) hours before bedtime.

****          Using the bed for anything else except for sleeping and intimacy.

****          Ruminating and worrying about different issues.

****          An irregular sleep schedule on a daily basis, including weekends.

****          Any kind of exercise after four (4) in the afternoon.

****          Intense conversations and arguments in the evening.

****          Reading emotional or problem solving books.

****          All stimulating scents and aromas.

****          Various medications, as much as possible.

****          Smoking tobacco.

****          Becoming dehydrated at any time during the day.

****          All vitamin supplements in the evening.

****          Any hot or cold showers or baths.

****          Caffeine in all forms in the evening.

****          Alcohol in all forms in the evening.

****          Sleeping in a very hot bedroom.

Your Exercise:

Take simple moderate exercise, like, Walking on a daily basis for a minimum of twenty (20) to thirty (30) minutes.

In addition:        stay active the rest of your waking hours, like, doing all your housework, your cooking, your shopping, and your gardening.

Also:        push, pull, lift, dance, and stretch your body at anytime during the day.

Your Lifestyle:

          Avoid smoking tobacco at all times, alcohol in all forms, as well as any recreational drugs.

b)          Develop and cherish social relationships with friends, family, and other positive and similarly thinking people.

c)          Manage, reduce, and even control stress by:

****          Practising mindfulness meditation.

****          Deep breathing.

****          Nature walks.

****          Using prayer.


Follow a really healthy lifestyle, if you do want to live a good long life.