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Winter, the coldest season of the year in the northern hemisphere, is really long, with the shortest daylight hours to be between November and February.

During these cold and dark winter months, most people who stay indoors, even those who feel naturally optimistic, usually, feel tired, irritable, and melancholic      with some people even overeating. 

Certainly, there are some steps you can take in order to feel more comfortable, relaxed, and pleasant, if you choose to stay indoors.



Believed Abstractions


The following suggestions will help you handle better all these dark and very hard days of the cold and dark winter months:

          You can write:      A blog, a journal, a book, in a magazine, or anything that inspires and stimulates you.

b)          You can read:      A romantic novel, a detective story, a classic book, or something you are interested in learning.

c)          You can write to a person you like and value:      An email, or a normal letter.

d)          You can research on the internet     Cooking recipes, health issues, leisure activities, or anything else you are really interested in following.

e)          You can make various plans for the near future:      A day out, inviting a friend, eating out, grow plants, or anything else you like doing.

f)          You can listen to inspiring music, sing, and even dance to it.

g)          You can watch a film on the television:      A comedy, a romantic story, a detective story, or an action film.

h)          You can take as much time as you need for self care:      Take a warm bath, go for a walk in the park, walk in the beach, look after yourself. 

i)          You can cook your best recipe, or bake your favourable dessert. 

j)          You can clear your wardrobe, or cupboards.  

k)          You can redecorate specific areas in your house.


Do consider, that after February spring is in the air, and the days are getting longer and brighter, the flowers start blossoming, and the trees fill up with fresh leaves.

If you have different goals to achieve, a purpose and a mission in your life, you will certainly manage to come out of the winter months strong, determined, optimistic, and enthusiastic.







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A good number of adult men and women live alone      this is because, either they never married, or they are separated, or they are divorced, or they are widowed.

Most of these adult people wonder whether it is worth pursuing a serious relationship at this stage of their life, or continue living alone till the end of their life.


Certainly, finding romance in middle age and beyond is not an easy and comfortable pursuit for the following reasons:

****          They have already been disappointed and distressed.

****          They have tried it before without any success.

****          They are already focused only on their own personal life.

****          They do not trust and believe in other people.

****          They do not even like the other people.

****          They feel too liberated, self-reliant, independent, and totally free.


Obviously, for all the people in middle age and beyond, romance has a different meaning than that for the young people.

These people are not looking to create home and family anymore;      they want to enjoy same interests and views in life, as well as having enjoyment, laughter and fun together.

They want somebody they can trust, believe in, respect, as well as recognition, and appreciation.



Positive Approach


If you are convinced, and flexible, feel ready, and open to various possibilities, then take steps in order to find romance.

There are many ways to approach this, as follows:

a)          You can join various groups of your choice, like, walking, hiking, dining, painting, travelling, or even photography, and meet somebody you like there. 

b)          You can approach people you already know, or just remember from the past, in the many different social media.

c)          You can tell your friends, family members, and other acquaintances that you wish to develop a serious relationship.

d)          You can meet people in various community organisations.

e)          You can meet people while going for a walk in the park or the beach.

f)          Finally, you can pursue on line dating by visiting the relevant sites. 


Single Men in middle age and beyond want a gentle, warm, and loving woman, who will accept them for who and how they are, appreciate them, support them, inspire and reassure them.

On the other hand, they will try to keep the woman safe, protect, cherish, and help her, and make her feel really happy.


Single Women in middle age and beyond want a man they can trust, they can share similar interests, passions, and laughs, and he can make them happy.

Most interested people, in general, do feel confident that they will be able to find romance if they pursued it properly.


Be fearless, positive, self-confident, flexible, and very open to various possibilities coming to your life.

Find love again      or perhaps for the first time. 








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Everybody wants to be healthy, successful, pleased, satisfied, joyful, peaceful, and really happy.

Life is very hard and challenging, but you always have a choice:      you can decide, either to concentrate only to negative, pessimistic, and all unfavourable events, or you can develop a positive mental attitude, and start enjoying every minute and stage of your every day life. 



Believed Abstraction


The following suggestions will help you feel more pleased and joyous in your daily life.

          Make yourself a priority.

Think and decide all the things that are important to you, and spend your time pursuing them, so that you can feel satisfied, joyful, and happy.

Self care is absolutely vital for you to maintain your physical, mental, and emotional health      take good care of yourself in a conscious way, in order to maintain a good and strong relationship with yourself. 

        Live only in the present moment.

Try to find satisfaction and pleasure in most things around you, even if they are very little.

Realise that the present moment is the only time you actually live.

          Pursue new interests and hobbies:      Read, research, take a course of your choice, draw or paint, and keep on learning.

Create new routes, targets, and goals in your life, either big or small, in order to feel driven and motivated.

Be positive, confident, and daring;      do all the things you have always wanted, and do enjoy your life.

greet and try to smile when you meet different people on your way      you will all feel much happier. 

Also, laugh at least once a day, in order to feel joyful instantly, either this is with your loved ones or by watching comic television, or by reading something funny,or even by yourself. 

        Every morning when you wake up count your blessings.

Feel really thankful and grateful for everything you have in your life, either this is something small or very big.

This is the only way to feel calm, contented, fulfilled, and at peace. 

g)          Exercise on a daily basis, by walking      preferably in nature.

Also, you can sit in a park or the beach, relax, reflect, and meditate. 

h)          A few times every day hold close to a loved one:      hug them, embrace them, and be loving to them.

By doing so, your brain will release endorphins, the chemicals that will remove stress, and make you feel much more relaxed, and pleased.

          Enjoy a minimum of six (6) hours of restful sleep, and preferably seven (7) if this is possible, in a cool, dark, and quiet bedroom.

You will boost your immune system and memory, you will be more active and creative, your stress and anxiety levels will be reduced and you will feel more relaxed and happier.

          Support and help the other people to feel happier, and show them your appreciation;      at the same time, you will boost your own happiness level, you will feel contented and really pleased.

        Associate with positive, supportive, and happy people     be friendly, compassionate, and sympathetic to them. 

Acquaintances, friendships, and other associations will make you feel connected, joyous, cheerful, and happy.


Seek personal pleasure, satisfaction, enjoyment, fulfilment, happiness, and peace of mind.









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Most people live a life that has been predetermined and programmed for them, either by their families, or by the society, or by some other influential bodies.

Their way of life was to be permanent, inflexible, and unalterable for ever      because it was for their own benefit, and if they ever tried to change it, they would have to suffer the unpleasant consequences.


This prearranged course was relating to their marriage, family, profession, living area, as well as their other relationships.

Unfortunately, by showing weakness and accepting this terrible programming, many people have been suffering a great number of physical, emotional, and mental problems      not to mention any financial issues, and have to rely on the others. 


Certainly, there are people, who after suffering for many years, actually start wondering Why they have been following this unhealthy, undesirable, and detrimental way of life, which they do not even like and want at all. 

Some of the reasons people continue this limiting way of life are the following:

1)          They believe that it is to their personal benefit in the long run, if they follow the specific rules.

2)          They do not want to disappoint the people they love.

3)          They do not wish to show that they are cowards, soft, and insecure.

4)          They believe that they are very strong and able to handle the situation for as long as it takes.



Staying Power


If you want to challenge the way you have been living until now, there is no better time than the present time, for you to take all the necessary steps, in order to make the appropriate changes and start living the life you really want      and you have always wanted.

Definitely, doing so is not easy, but with proper consideration, planning, determination, patience, and hard work, you will be able to achieve the desirable outcome. 


Recognise and allow yourself to think as when you were young, and before all the programming started taking place for you.

Avoid giving yourself any excuses, different reasons for not moving forward, or other explanations.

Use visualisation so that you can envisage a new, satisfying, rewarding, fulfilling, and happy life.

Doing so, will make you feel more tolerant, flexible, and relaxed, as well as making the whole procedure less complicated, and with less pain.


Free Yourself.

Move Forward.









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Living a pleasant, wonderful, happy, and peaceful life is all about your personal psychology.

Your thoughts, words, and actions, always judge your whole day, every day.

But, you can develop new lifestyle habits, that will help you start your day with intention, meaning, and a mission to accomplish.



Plan Of Action


The following routines will fill you with inspiration.

          Every morning
 when you wake up feel thankful for being healthy      even if your health is not so perfect      and ready to handle another day in your life.

Get up feeling enthusiastic and excited.

          Make your plan for the day by focusing on what really matters to you.

Feel inspired, energised, motivated, very confident, and positive about yourself as well as your actions. 

          Your day plan must also include breaks, so that you can relax, concentrate, feel revitalised, and reconnect with yourself.

Your breaks can be taken either in your personal corner in your home, or outdoors in nature.

d)          Appreciate and feel grateful for all the things in your life, big or small, even if they are not exactly what you wish you had. 

Feel grateful for your life, your nice home, your good food, your knowledge, your experiences until now, and so many more things you enjoy.

          Every day when you go around doing your jobs and other tasks, try to interact with the people you meet:      in the different shops you visit, in the super market buying your food, or when meeting your neighbours.

Try to greet people with a smile, using compliments, not only to make them feel better, but also to boost your own spirit.

Be compassionate, kind, friendly, considerate, and loving. 

f)          Every evening develop the habit of thinking about all the good things that happened during the day. 

You can do this by writing things down, or meditating, or just reflecting and feeling really grateful.    

By doing so you will feel more relaxed, peaceful, and ready to go to bed and enjoy a good night’s sleep.


It is absolutely vital for you to start and end every day feeling decisive, confident, productive, and forward-looking.

This is only a personal choice, so think carefully, decide, and choose to free yourself from all negativity around you, and feel thankful and really grateful for your life.

Be spiritual and have a positive mental attitude.  









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Energy all day   —   this is something, that most people wish they could have.

According to research, the human brain needs massive energy in order to perform correctly      and it is well known that the hormones which are produced during digestion influence rapidly our emotional and mental state.

If you feel tired, exhausted, fatigued, weary, or drained, then your best solution is to consume specific foods and drinks in order to boost your energy levels in a natural way, and to make you feel energised and invigorated.  

The best and most appropriate foods for you will be the ones that provide a good amount of lean protein, as well as slow-releasing complex carbohydrates, dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals. 



Energy Foods


The following are some of the most nutritious and best foods, that can give you energy and enhance your stamina.

a)          Free Range Eggs

They are very rich in Protein, the amino acid Leucine, vitamin B 6, and vitamin B 12, as well as being low in calories.

You can eat one (1) Egg every day, either with your breakfast or your lunch. 

b)          Wild Salmon

It is very rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Protein, Vitamin B 6, Vitamin B 12, and Iron.

Eat Wild Salmon three (3) times a week, or even more if you want. 

c)          Brown Rice – Red Rice – Black Rice

It contains slow-releasing Starches, and it is very rich in dietary Fibre.

You can eat Rice with your meals on a daily basis.  

d)          Quinoa (White/Red/Black)

It is very high in complete Protein, healthy Carbohydrates, and Fibre. 

You can eat Quinoa every day.

e)          Oats – Oatmeal

Oats contain Protein, Fibre, and unsaturated Fatty Acids.

Enjoy a plate of oatmeal for breakfast every morning.

f)          Lentils (Green/Red/Black)

Lentils are very rich in Protein, Fibre, slow-releasing healthy Carbohydrates, Iron, Zinc, Potassium, and vitamin B complex.

Eat Lentils as often as possible.

g)          Nuts

Nuts are rich in Protein, Fibre, healthy Fats, Calcium, Magnesium, vitamin B complex, and Antioxidants.

Eat a few Nuts for your snack on a daily basis.

h)          Seeds

Seeds are rich in healthy Fats, Protein, and Fibre.

You can use all Seeds in your daily meals.

i)          Red Flesh Sweet Potatoes

They contain healthy complex Carbohydrates, Protein, Beta Carotene, and Fibre.

Enjoy Sweet Potatoes once a day with your lunch.

j)          Green Leafy and Cruciferous Vegetables

They contain Amino Acids, Fibre, Vitamins, Minerals, and Phytochemicals. 

Eat a minimum of three (3) portions of different vegetables on a daily basis.

k)          Apples

Apples contain healthy Carbohydrates, healthy Sugars, and plenty of Fibre.

Try to eat an Apple every day.

l)          Green Tea

It contains L-Theanine, Catechins, and Caffeine.

Drink a cup of green tea every day.


Energy Boosters


The following recommendations will help you increase your energy levels naturally.

1)          Hydration

Keeping your body well hydrated will enhance your physical and mental energy.

Drink the following fluids during the day:

****          Plenty of clean water.

****          Different plain herbal teas.

****          Clean, unsweetened, and pure coconut water.  

2)          Exercise

Exercise for thirty (30) minutes, like Walking at a moderate pace, five (5) times a week;      and stay Physically Active every day.

3)          Sleep  

Enjoy restful Sleep for a minimum of six (6) hours, but preferably seven (7) hours, if this is possible, in a quiet, cool, and dark bedroom. 

4)          Diet

Eat a clean, wholesome, nutritious, and healthy diet, and avoid all the following:

Processed Sugars, Soft Drinks, Processed and Prepackaged Foods, Fried Foods, Refined Oils, Margarine, and high Calorie foods.


In Addition


a)          Avoid Smoking and other drugs.

b)          Reduce Stress by using relaxation techniques, like Meditation and Pray.

c)          Develop Purpose and Mission in your life.

d)          Stay Excited and Motivated.

e)          Take dietary supplements as necessary.









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Sleep is a very complex process, and absolutely vital for your body and mind in order to function properly.

Sleep, Food, and Water are the three (3) fundamentals for human survival.

Sleep influences every part of the body     immunity, brain, heart, blood vessels, lungs, metabolism, and mood.

Most adults need to enjoy restful sleep between six (6) and eight (8) hours, but preferably seven (7) hours.


According to research, very poor or lack of Sleep increases the risk of the following disorders: 

****          High blood pressure.

****          Diabetes Mellitus.

****          Cardiovascular Disease.

****          Depression.

****          Obesity.

****          Shorter lifespan.

****          Weaker immune system.

****          Alzheimer’s Disease.

****          Stroke (s).

****          Elevated stress hormones.


Some of the benefits of Sleep are as follows:

a)          It maintains a healthy immune system.

b)          It reduces stress and anxiety.

c)          It helps with problem solving.

d)          It improves and strengthens memory.

e)          It reduces inflammation in the body.

f)           It maintains a healthy heart.

g)          It improves focus and concentration.

h)          It helps maintain a healthy body weight. 



Sleep Hygiene


The following habits will help you enjoy better Sleep.

1)          Try to feel calm and relaxed for a few hours before going to bed.

2)          Develop regular sleep patterns and routines.

3)          Always stay only the right amount of time in bed.

4)          Sleep in a dark, cool, and quiet bedroom.

5)          Use your bedroom only for sleep.

6)          Exercise daily during the morning or early afternoon.   

Avoid all the following: 

****          Any physical activity near your bedtime.

****          Alcohol Caffeine Nicotine, since early afternoon.

****          Afternoon naps.

****          Sleep medications. 


If you wake up in the middle of the night and you are unable to fall asleep again, avoid looking at the clock, because you will feel more stressed and anxious.

Just try to relax, and focus on a specific word, or a phrase, or a black screen.

Also, you can inhale Lavender pure essential oil, or take Bach Rescue Remedy Night.


These very challenging times we live, our way of life is really chaotic, frantic and totally unsettled, and as a consequence, Sleep has become our last priority.

But, lack of Sleep is detrimental and damaging to your health, so think and decide carefully to make the right changes in your habits, in order to maintain your good health for as long as possible.