The Drill!


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Vee, a woman in her forties, had a very hectic life.
She was a type A personality:    driven, energetic,
ambitious, competitive, impatient, dominating
and aggressive.

She was an attractive woman, but looking at
her you could recognise certain stress related
characteristics on her face.

When I met her that morning, I could not but
notice how tense her face was;    with her tight
lips and her dark under-eye circles.
When she talked I could not avoid observing
some beads of sweat on her forehead.

I knew her job was very demanding and stressful,
and she felt really overwhelmed by it.
At the same time, she did not have any time at
all to concentrate to her personal life and other

I knew she was feeling isolated and troubled,
as well as suffering from chronic stress and
I do need to find the best and most suitable way
for me to minimise this stress and anxiety I suffer
chronically now , she said looking serious.


Rose Hedge


The Physical Stress


Anxiety is the consequence of the freeze response
when we are under chronic and intense stress.
You feel powerless, and completely unable to
change the problematic situation that is crippling
you;    and at the same time, it is impossible for
you to escape 
from this.

Basically, you are a prisoner of your own mind
and overwhelming emotions.
In this situation, you definitely need to break
away from your head, and connect with your body.

It is amazing how exercise can influence the way
you feel mentally;    since it promotes total pleasure,
enjoyment, contentment and peace of mind.

Our physical and mental health are interconnected.
Exercise releases endorphins in the brain, so you
feel calmer, it relaxes the muscles, and breaks the
negative thinking and worry cycle.

According to research, exercise is a natural, free
and powerful anti-anxiety treatment.
Certainly, you will need to exercise for a minimum
of thirty (30) minutes, at least for five (5) days a
week, and for not less than eight (8) weeks in order
to see any desirable results.




The Ballgame


Practically, any reasonably demanding physical
activity will offer positive results, but specific
ones are more effective than others.
In general, aerobic exercise is the primary solution 
to your mental peace.

Consider the following exercises to relieve your
stress and anxiety:

a)     Hatha Yoga

You focus internally and on deep breathing, in
combination with the asanas.

b)     Walking

It clears the mind and reduces stress and anxiety.

c)     Jogging

It releases all natural euphoric chemicals in 
the body.

d)     Hiking

Being in nature reduces all stress hormones, and
increases alertness and openness.

e)     Swimming

Focusing on breathing and your strokes to relieve
all tension.

f)     Gardening

A grounding activity, you become aware, and
keep your mind under control.


Flower Bed


Drawing Near


Certainly physical fitness will enhance mental fitness;
and this has been proven repeatedly.
But there is also the mental approach exercises,
which definitely reduce mental tension, and promote
relaxation, as well.

1)     Breathing Exercise

Sit somewhere comfortably.
Breathe in slowly, pushing your abdomen outwards.

Hold your breath momentarily.
Exhale slowly, repeating the word “relax” in your mind.

Repeat this exercise five (5) times.

2)     Quick Meditation

Sit comfortably without any distractions.
Keep breathing naturally and slowly.
Close your eyes and remove all thoughts from your mind.
Keep repeating a mantra like “peaceful”.

Continue this for at least ten (10) minutes.

3)     Progressive Muscular Relaxation

Lie comfortably on a mat, or your bed.
Starting from your feet, tighten each muscle for
a few seconds and release slowly.
Continue in the same way moving to your calves,
your thighs and buttocks, to your abdominal area,
your stomach and chest.
Continue with your hands and arms, moving to
your neck and total face muscles.

This exercise should take you ten (10) minutes.
View any exercise as your best and most effective
instrument to manage your stress and anxiety,
and be a happier person altogether.

Also note that the benefits of exercise are not 

only immediate, but also long term.
By exercising, you will certainly feel much 
calmer;    and you will notice that your mood
will be greatly enhanced, even from the first
ten minutes.

Obviously, the most suitable activities for you
will be the ones you enjoy more;   and thus 
you continue doing them on a regular basis.

So the best thing to do is to experiment with most,
and finally focus on the ones you really like
and enjoy.







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Hypnos in Greek mythology, and Somnus in the
Roman mythology, is the human character, who 
represents sleep.

Hypnos was the son of Nyx, the goddess of Night,
and Erebus, the god of Darkness.

He had a twin brother called Thanatos, the god
of Death, and a wife called Pasithea, one of the
three Graces.
They all lived in the Underworld.

Hypnos had three sons;
Morpheus, the god of Dreams,
Phobetor, the god of Nightmares, and
Phantasus, the god of illusions.

The words Hypnosis and Hypnotics come from

The words Insomnia, Somnolent and Hypersomnia
come from Somnus.



Sleep and his Half-brother Death, John William Waterhouse (1849–1917)


Sack Time


Sleep is a natural and repeated mode of the 
mind and body.
It is a very complicated process, during which
the body systems:    immune, nervous, muscular
and bone, renew and heal themselves.

Sleep is regulated by the physical and mental
changes, that take place during the waking
hours;    and they are controlled by the brain
neurons, that behave according to various
internal and external signals.

Humans in general suffer from many different
sleep disorders    but a good number of
individuals are genetically influenced regarding
their sleep patterns.

People’s need for sleep varies according to their
age;    the younger they are, the more hours of
sleep they need.
But for all adults, the number of sleep hours
needed are between six (6) and eight (8).

Remember that the human brain does need
to sleep in order to restore itself.


Sleeping Cat


Good Fortune


The Benefits


Sleeping well during the night for the necessary
number of hours, is absolutely vital for our
physical and mental health.

Here are the advantages of sleep:

1)     A good reduction of the stress hormones.
2)     Significant improvement of memory and learning.
3)     Enhancement of the immune system.
4)     Improvement of mood and the whole state of mind.
5)     Reduction of the blood pressure and better heart health.
6)     Better appetite control and weight maintenance.
7)     Inflammation and pain reduction.
8)     Enhancement of the brain activity.
9)     Great supply and reserve of energy.
10)   Promotion of cell rejuvenation.
11)   Boosting of mental clarity, focus and concentration.
12)   Improvement of  productivity.
13)   Feelings of happiness and optimism.
14)   Better overall health.
15)   Promotion of muscle building.
16)   Enhancement of longevity.




Code Of Conduct   


The most important and rewarding habits
and tactics, which will produce desirable
and beneficial results are the following:

a)     A few hours before your bedtime start
feeling relaxed and serene.

b)     Appreciate and accept whatever has
happened during the course of the day.

c)     Become aware of all situations as they
stand, and feel at peace with yourself.

d)     Breathe deeply, and look forward to
the new day tomorrow.

e)     Feel really grateful for all the good things
you enjoyed during the day;
as well as your overall circumstances.

f)     Avoid any discussions, arguments, 
disputes or debates with any person;
or watching and reading disturbing content.

g)     Put some music of your choice on the radio,
relax your muscles, close your eyes, and
feel cool, calm and happy.

h)     Gradually and gently, you will fall asleep.

If you can manage all the above mentioned

points, you will definitely sleep peacefully,
and you will never need to use any other aids.

Have a good night’s sleep!






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Oli was a very busy and active woman.
She had a really demanding job that kept her
working until six o’clock in the evening;
immediately after she was attending her
fitness class for a couple of hours.

Then at nine thirty in the evening, she was
meeting her partner until the early hours,
as usually.

Finally, she was going to bed at around two 
in the morning.

As a consequence, she was always struggling
out of bed next day, and feeling constantly
drained and exhausted.
She also had great difficulty concentrating,
and lost her patience too quickly.

She was feeling completely tired, weak,
unproductive, almost useless.
I have to change my whole lifestyle, so I can
stop feeling so exhausted and hopeless every
day she thought one morning.
And so she did ……


Dark Skies


Under The Weather


The pace of our modern life today, is very
disturbing and damaging to humanity.
Although every body is rushing all day to catch
up with their responsibilities, they find it hard
to keep up.
Consequently,  they feel permanently stressed
and run down.

According to research, one in three adults seem
to be exhausted and fatigued all the time;
and needing various 
stimulants to enable them
to go through their 
every day obligations.

Here are the main reasons why you feel so exhausted:

1)     Lack of any kind of exercise.
2)     Insomnia of any type.
3)     Caffeine addiction.
4)     Dehydration.
5)     Sugar addiction.
6)     Lack of protein in the daily meals.
7)     Alcohol addiction.
8)     Being overweight.
9)     Vitamin B complex deficiency.
10)   Chronic stress.

11)   Depression.
12)   Anaemia (Iron deficiency).
13)   Under active thyroid.
14)   Low blood pressure.
15)   Various allergies.
16)   Various medications.
17)   Chronic Pain.
18)   Autoimmune Diseases.
19)   Fibromyalgia.
20)   Heart Disease.
21)   Diabetes.
22)   Arthritis.
23)   Chronic infections.
24)   Kidney/Liver disease.
25)   Adrenal insufficiency.
26)   Anxiety.
27)   Celiac Disease.
28)   Cancer.


A tree


Out Of The Woods


Unless you have a health problem that needs
medical attention;
here is how to deal with
being drained,
increase your energy levels and

improve your every day life.


L i f e s t y l e


a)     Exercise daily.
Go walking or light jogging for thirty (30) 
minutes every day;
either all at once or 
ten minutes
three times a day.

b)     Reduce stress and relax.
Take breaks, breathe deeply, laugh, meditate
do yoga.

c)     Sleep between six (6) and eight (8) hours
every night.

d)     Develop positive social connections.

e)     Listen to the music during the day.

f)     Look at red colour:
red flowers, red clothes, 
red soft furnishings.

g)     Avoid smoking completely.

h)     Avoid overworking at your job.

i)      Be self-confident, and like yourself a lot.

j)      Be organised in your life.

k)     Have enough and various plants in your house.


D i e t


a)     Eat three (3) meals every day, plus one to two
snacks, at regular intervals, every three  hours.

b)     Drink plenty of liquids like, various herbal teas
and coconut water.

c)     Eat protein foods with all your meals.

d)     Avoid alcohol, sugar and caffeine in all your foods:
desserts, snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

e)     Have a healthy and balanced diet at all times.
Your diet should include:
Organic Meats, Fish, Poultry and Eggs.
Nuts and Seeds.
Fruits and Vegetables.
Grains, Pulses and Legumes.
Organic Dairy products.


S u p p l e m e n t s


a)    Take Calcium and Magnesium 1000/500 mg
b)    Take Vitamin B complex 50 mg.  
c)     Take Omega 3 fish oils 1200 mg.   
d)     Take Vitamin D3 2000 IU.
e)     Take probiotics 5 billion microorganisms.


Essential Oils


Lemon oil, Orange oil, Grapefruit oil,
oil and Lime oil;
will increase your positive mental attitude,

total energy and happiness.

Peppermint oil, Spearmint oil, Eucalyptus oil
and Rosemary oil;
will enhance your alertness, 

concentration and mental clarity.

You can use them in a diffuser,
put them on your wrists, or
inhale them directly from the bottle.


Flower Hedge


Fine – Tune


The following quick fixes will help you 
instantly to get your energy back:

1)     Yawn to cool down your brain and wake
it up.

2)     Splash cool water on your face.

3)     Eat a banana.

4)     Stretch your whole body and lift your arms
above your head for 15 seconds.

5)     Get up and start moving around.

6)     Drink beetroot juice.

7)     Sing and dance around the room.

8)     Go for a ten minute walk.

9)     Improve your posture by sitting up straight.


So many people find themselves feeling exhausted
and drained on a regular basis.

Follow the above natural recommendations, to 
increase your energy levels and reclaim your life.







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Jon was an insurance salesman, with a
very successful background.
But as the majority of people, he enjoyed
being distracted.

He felt excited when his attention was 
pulled in another more pleasant direction;
and he felt renewed to continue his job,
when he returned.

The problem was that he was wasting very
long time doing this;
and consequently, he had to continue working
hard for many more hours in order to achieve
his goals.

Even worse, he never had any free time to
enjoy his personal life in any way.

I work so many hours without seeing any
great results, and I get so little out of my
I must stop wasting my time like this,
and learn how to commit my energy and
attention better;
so that I can be more productive in my work,
and have time for myself, as well .

He thought one morning, as he was preparing
to start his new venture.


Ant nest


Crash Project


These days, most people keep themselves 
busy all day doing a good number of tasks;
and wishing they could have much more
time on their hands, to do everything
they want.

But being busy all day, and crossing various
tasks from your lists, or working hard like
a slave every day for many hours, does not
mean you are productive in any way.

Continuous activity does not equal productivity.

This is because, genuine and authentic 
productive people focus on doing fewer things
in shorter time, in order to achieve more
and better results.

Productive people consider everything carefully,
prioritise their jobs, and plan their goals

They do not waste their time with various
distractions, or by being inefficient and

To really be productive and achieve great 
success, you need to be mindful, driven, 
stubborn, persistent, and fully determined.

You must concentrate on your goal as a 
priority, putting all your attention, time and
energy to it.
Only by doing these, you will attain the
desirable outcome.


Business Man


Second Nature


The Differences between Busy and Productive people

a)     Busy people work hard, but without contemplating
and examining different, more potent and practical
ways to achieve their goal.

Productive people firstly think very carefully in order
to find the most effective ways to achieve their goal;
and afterwards they work very quickly and finish the job.

b)     Busy people pay too much attention to all details,
either they are useful or not.

Productive people pay the necessary attention only to
the important things, that will make a difference to
their final goal. 

c)     Busy people listen to various suggestions, tips,
opinion and advice from the others.

Productive people know exactly what they want, and
follow their own mind to reach their purpose;
without caring what other people say or do.

d)     Busy people always agree to do all different tasks
they are given, as well as following all current styles
and tendencies.

Productive people think first, choose well according
to their thinking, and decide whether they will agree
or disagree with whatever they are given.

e)     Busy people never seem to have time for anything,
and they are always drowned and exhausted.

Productive people are always organised, and planning
everything, so that they have extra time left for other
things as well as themselves.

f)     Busy people do all the jobs themselves, by working
so hard and for many hours every day.

Productive people work with all the proper methods,
strategies, supplies and other support to reach their target.


Shadow working


First Concern


Adopt the following habits in your daily schedule,
at home and at work, to ensure you are notably
fruitful, successful and highly productive.

1)     Focus only on what is important, and discard
or arrange for another day anything immaterial
and unimportant.
Do the most challenging tasks first and in the
morning hours.

2)     Be effective by setting your important goals
first;    and then become efficient when you work
hard to achieve them.

3)     Make certain you remove all distractions
while working.
If  you are interrupted, deal with it, and return
to your task as quickly as possible.

4)     Consider your overall material, as well as
your alternatives very carefully;
then decide fast, and stick to your decision no
matter what happens.

5)     Always set targets and deadlines for finishing
your tasks;    and do only one thing at a time.
If you have a problem, find a solution as soon as
you can, and move on.

6)     Take short, five to ten minutes breaks, every
hour during your working day.
Also, go outdoors every day and walk for thirty
minutes or so.

7)     Ensure that your workplace is neat and tidy,
pleasant and comfortable.
Place some personal decorations, a plant, and
have some music in the background.

8)     Plan your next day from the night before.
Depending on your obligations, wake up at the
right time for you, starting with a nutritious
breakfast;    and be organised for the whole day.

9)     Be mindful and patient, disciplined, driven,
motivated and enthusiastic.
Continue to read, learn and improve yourself.

10)   Avoid being a perfectionist    just do the
job well, and bring the desirable results.
Rest and sleep well at night.
Eat healthy lunch and dinner.

11)   Always keep your mind, as well as everything
else, under your full control at all times.
Stay only in the present moment, and concentrate
on whatever you are doing.

12)   At the end of your working day, finish your
planned jobs, and avoid doing anything else.
Just take the rest of your time for yourself to enjoy.

Being productive is a skill and a habit, that

you can learn with a lot of hard work, effort
and good practice.

Always remember……

Less is more !!






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If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal,
not to people or things .

Albert Einstein
1879  –  1955

Happiness is when what you think, what you 
say, and what you do are in harmony .

Mahatma Gandhi
1869  –  1948

Happiness depends upon ourselves .

384 BC  –  322 BC

There is only one way to happiness,
and that is to cease worrying about things
which are beyond the power of our will .

c. 55  –  135 AD


Thomas Cole (1801–1848), The Arcadian or Pastoral State, 1834


Seventh Heaven


Arcadia, from the Greek province dating
back to Mediterranean classical era,
between the 8th century BC and the 5th
century BC.

It means a halcyon place of pristine and
untouched wasteland, teeming with harmony,
tranquillity, empathy, kindness and

It is something like the Garden of Eden, the
Paradise, which is elusive and unattainable.

Happiness is a very personal thing,
and something that can be achieved by
anyone, who is prepared to make all the
necessary changes and readjustments to:

  •  their general attitude towards life,
  •  their environment, and
  •  their various relationships and other

By being a happy person you can anticipate
better overall health, living a longer life, as
well as personal and professional success.

Achieving happiness is not something easy
and quick;    but a long and hard process.
Still, at the end it will make a huge difference
between having an uninspired, dull and
ordinary life;    
and a fulfilled, successful and happy one.

Becoming a really happy person is a very
special skill you will have to develop.

You will need to stop hesitating and delaying
doing all the things you should, or pretending
and giving different excuses all the time.

Basically, you will need to  leave behind your
comfortable and easy way of life;
and take all he necessary steps to follow your
dreams and other interests with absolute
determination, enthusiasm and strong

Consequently, the sooner you start, the
and easier this process will be.


Friedrich August von Kaulbach (1850–1920), In Arcadia


Golden Rules


Here are some principles for you to adopt in 
order to enjoy a wonderful and fascinating life.

a)     Keep your mind under control.
Overcome your negative thinking by recognising
the problem, and handling it appropriately.
See the good side of things, smile, laugh and 
feel strong.
If necessary, change your beliefs.

b)     Put all your problems right.
Issues that are causing you unhappiness
to be fixed as soon as possible.
For every problem there is always a solution;
and you must be able to find it.
If there is no solution to an issue, then it is
a problem, but a fact of life    something
you will need to ignore or accept.

c)     Do not have high expectations regarding
your goal and intentions;
because they can finish up in various unpredictable
ways, but still satisfactory.

d)     Feel very grateful for all the things you
have in your life.
Consider that it could have always been much
worse like, no house to live, unemployment
and lack of money, loneliness, serious
disease, etc.

e)     Have an interesting, inspiring and motivating
life purpose, that will enhance the possibilities 
for you to have a happy life.

f)     Take simple, but regular exercise like 
walking every day.
A daily workout will be releasing endorphins
in your brain;    and as a consequence, you
will be feeling peaceful, contented and happier.

g)     Take chances, be fearless, ignore what
people do or say, trust yourself, and work 
hard for what you want to achieve for yourself.

h)     Never feel sorry for yourself or for
has happened in your past.
Never feel sorry for any failures you have
experienced until now.
Because all those have given you knowledge,
understanding, wisdom and strength;
as well as
making you powerful for what is
coming next.

i)     Spend time only with the right people.
People who are positive, supportive and
happy themselves.

j)     Be kind and caring to yourself and the 
other people.
Always defend and protect yourself;
and forgive whoever has hurt you in any way.

k)     Practice relaxation techniques like, deep
breathing, meditation, short breaks from
you are doing;
in order to clear your mind and calm down.

l)     Spend at least twenty minutes (20) outdoors
every day.
Especially near the water, sea or lake,
in spring
weather conditions;    in order to boost
your mood,
thinking, memory and overall happiness.

m)    Sleep at least six (6) hours every night;
because it affects your positivity level.
If you are sleep deprived you will become more
sensitive to negative emotions, and general


Thomas Eakins (1844 – 1916), Arcadia ,1883


Good Spirits


Always try to respect and trust your goals.
Enjoy your life, and find the right balance
between preparing for the future and living
in the present moment;    before it is too late.

Do appreciate what you have now, instead
of keep looking constantly for something
different, thinking that it might be better.

Pursuing happiness is a genetic desire of
all human beings.
According to research, though, setting your
happiness as your main goal, can actually
have the opposite effect, and make you

This is so because, putting all your time and
effort to achieving happiness, not only you will
finally miss living your life in the present
moment;    but also, you will never ever know
whether you have actually approached your

Because definite and exact happiness is a
mystery, and it depends completely on your
own personal viewpoint, understanding and
overall attitude.

Also note that, after middle age most people
start feeling happier naturally.
According to research, older people develop
different approach to life as:

1)     Hunting for specific circumstances that
will excite, uplift and inspire them.

2)     Eliminating negative social connections,
and associating only with positive ones.

3)     Leaving behind all their past failures,
and feeling free to pursue their current general
well being, satisfaction, tranquillity and

4)     Focus and remember only positive situations
and experiences, ignoring all the negative ones.

Happiness is your own personal choice.




Clean Lines!


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Manifest plainness,
Embrace simplicity,
Reduce selfishness,
Have few desires “.

Lao Tzu
604 BC  –  531 BC

Beauty of style, and harmony,
and grace, and good rhythm,
depend on simplicity .

427 BC  –  347 BC

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication .

Leonardo Da Vinci
1452  –  1519


Rose in a glass


Get Down To Basics


Our every day life gets chaotic due to the
many responsibilities, obligations and
other commitments we have to
attend to.

Although being extremely busy can be very
appealing and enhances your living, at the
same time, being continuously occupied can
led to constant stress and total confusion.

Eventually, you will be seriously affected,
overpowered and frustrated.
Simplifying your life, and focusing only on
the fundamentals will help you feel more
relaxed, balanced, happy and free.

Indeed, simple life means different things
to different people.
But basically, it means to eliminate your
physical and mental clutter;
so that you can
enjoy all the valuable things
that are important
to you, and you want to
pursue in your life.

Living a simple life is not easy;    but it does
not need to be complicated either.
Certainly, simplifying your life is a long
process    and
sometimes very difficult.

Not only you need to take full responsibility
of your own issues, but also you need to be
willing to work hard to succeed.
Definitely at the end you will be greatly


Sun tree line


Put In A Nutshell


Remember that in order to simplify your
you just need to recognise and determine
are the most important things that
matter to
you, and get rid of everything else.

So, here is the guide for you to follow:

1)     Make a list of the five (5) most valuable
goals in your life, that you really want to

2)     Consider carefully all your personal and
professional commitments and responsibilities,
as well as the length of time you spend on them.

3)     Prioritise all your obligations focusing
only on the most important ones, and discarding
all the rest.

4)     Limit the time you spend talking with the
various people like, family, friends and
either this is in person, on the telephone or
over the internet.
Also reduce the time you are watching television.

5)     Remove all unnecessary, useless and unused
items from your house.
Clear all your wardrobes, cupboards, drawers,
shelves and tables, and keep all the surfaces
Also clear all your digital clutter, on your computer
and your telephone.

6)     Avoid buying unnecessary items.
Focus and buy only what you actually need and
use like, clothes, shoes and food stuffs.
Learn to want less, and decide to start saving
for various emergencies.

7)     Slow down;    perform all your tasks in a
slow pace, eat slowly, drive slowly, do your house
work slowly, and live in the moment.

8)     Establish morning and evening routines,
and try to follow them exactly.
Do one thing at a time, and concentrate on it.


Truth is ever to be found in the simplicity,
and not in the multiplicity and confusion
of things .

Isaac Newton
1643  –  1727


Red N Yellow Flower


9)     Consider downsizing;    buy a smaller,
and comfortable house, and a smaller car.
Cancel any magazine or newspaper subscriptions,
including your cable television and your gym

Cook your own food at home.

10)   Eat only healthful foods, exercise regularly,
and detach yourself from all stressful people
and situations.
Feel relaxed and peaceful.

11)   Be creative;    write, design, paint, draw,
and dance.
Have fewer goals, and enjoy the small and
simple things in life.

12)   Be organised;    your finances like, having
one bank and fewer accounts  —  perhaps one
current and a few savings (one instant and the
rest in time deposits), as well as one credit card.

13)   Eliminate all people who make you feel
stressed and under pressure;    learn to say NO.
Learn to concentrate only on the things that
really matter to you.

14)   Have a positive mental attitude, do not
or look for perfection.
Feel really grateful for all the good things you
in your life, and do accept yourself as
you are.

15)   Place some indoor plants in your house.
Not only these will detoxify the air you breathe,
but also create a calm, serene and
soothing atmosphere for you to enjoy.

16)   Find inner simplicity by meditating,
daydreaming, praying to a higher power,
spending time alone with yourself in nature,
or even by keeping a daily diary.


There is no greatness where there is not
goodness and truth .

Leo Tolstoy
1828  –  1910


Remember that in order for all the above
actions to work, you must be persistent,
them regularly, and make them
your habits.

Simplicity is something mysterious and evasive;
but it is always nearby.
You just need to know where and how to search
for it.

Practice continuously!!





Hi there!


Lin, a forty three year old married woman,
was going through one of the most difficult
and traumatic stages in her life:
she had caught her husband cheating.

Lin was totally devastated;
feeling heartbroken, bitter, resentful, angry
and completely at a loss.
Her pain was so unbearable, that she was
crying every day.

She didn’t have the slightest idea what to do,
and how to handle this shocking situation.
But suddenly one day,
I can’t let this terrible event destroy me.
I must fight for me, and my own happiness.
I must accept, honour and trust myself;
I must start loving me again .

She said to herself out loud, wiping the tears
from her swollen eyes  —  and promising to
herself that these bitter tears will be the 
last ones.


Bright Sun over the Ocean


Plain Brown Wrapper


Consciously determining to accept and love
yourself is the most vital decision you will
make  in your life  —  and this will
judge your whole future.

Connecting deeply with yourself is definitely
a tough, long process you have to learn;
and the main way to learn this, is only to be
told and loved by other people in your life.

It is only through your personal relationships
that you will learn to feel safe and secure;
you will free yourself and start appreciating
who you really are.

You will become your own best friend, and you
will finally develop a positive mental attitude
towards life.
Here are some warning signs that you do need
learn this process:

1)     You always compare yourself to other

2)     You constantly feel insecure, afraid,
worried and anxious
3)     You easily accept people hurting you, and
taking advantage of you.
4)     You always feel worthless and a failure,
deserving anything good in life.
5)     You constantly need to be together with
6)     You never express your feelings and emotions.


Pink Flower


Red Herring


The two main reasons it is so hard and difficult
to accept and love yourself, are as follows:

a)     Your genetic family.

Most people were raised by parents who never
taught them to appreciate themselves;
because most likely, they themselves were not
taught either, by their own parents before.

b)     Culture and Education

Our society’s icons sadly, are based only on
external images like:
status, youth, financial situation, sex appeal,
social connections, and all the same.


As soon as you realise that you must break
all the stereotypes;    and be determined and
fearless to do so    only then you will be
able to connect with your inner self and
accept it.
At the same time, you will also become more
understanding about the other people, as well.

Become self-conscious, acknowledge, appreciate
and love yourself.
You do not need to change anything;
just see and recognise your true self    discover
who you really are.


Calm Beach


Summons To Contest


There are some actions you need to take in 
order to feel deep love for yourself.

a)     Follow your heart, your dreams, your passions
and your own feelings;    laugh and feel happy.

b)     Do only what makes you personally joyful,
without seeking to impress others or listening to
other people’s opinions;    be true to yourself.

c)     Establish your own personal position in 
the world, without comparing yourself to others.

d)     Prioritise what is most important to you,
learn to say No, and distance yourself from all
unsupportive and negative people.

e)     Feel confident, courageous and fearless;
and believe in yourself and your abilities.

f)     Live in the present moment, educate yourself,
and grow as a person.

g)     Think positively, and be grateful for all the
good things you have in your life.

h)     Take good care of yourself, and be organised
with your time, your home and your finances.

i)     Be understanding, truthful and forgiving,
not only with yourself but also with the others.

j)     Enjoy being alone;    relax, read, write, walk
in nature, take photographs.

k)     Pay attention to your intuition;   your inner
quiet voice will guide your decisions in life.

l)     Forget all your old beliefs and negative
situations;    just move forward.

m)    Connect with a higher power, and fill your
heart with kindness and love.


Green Garden


Sum And Substance


Loving yourself is a healing process;    so you
will need to practice the necessary steps in 
order to achieve it.

Firstly, you will need to recognise that you are
totally responsible for your own feelings;
you must accept them and learn from them.

Also you will need to explore your true
thinking as well as your exact beliefs.

After having done all these, you can start
researching in order to find the best and most
ways to heal yourself from all previous

Now you are ready to start loving yourself
as you are.

The secret is to be truly aware of your thoughts,
emotions and actions;
your strengths and weaknesses, and accept both.

This is the most vital step for you to take in order
to have a complete, satisfied and happy life.


You yourself, as much as anybody in the
entire universe, deserve your love and affection .

Siddhartha Gautama
c. 563/480  –  c. 483/400 BCE