The Chakras


Chakra means wheel, and refers to the wheels of energy which correspond
to nerve centers in the human body.

The main Chakras along the spine are seven, and each of them contains
nerves and organs, as well as our psychological and spiritual states of being.

It is absolutely vital that these seven Chakras are open and aligned, so that
energy can flow through them without any restriction.
This free flowing of energy will determine our actual state of health and
balance    our total wellbeing.

*     The first three Chakras starting at the base of the spine are related
to the 
physical body.
*     The fourth Chakra connects the physical with the spiritual body.
*     The next three are related to the spiritual body.

The Chakras are connected with,
Sound and Heat, Light and Colour and
Shape, Taste and Smell.




Muladhara Chakra     ( 1 )


This Chakra is located in the base of the spine at the coccyx.
It is concerned with the fundamental urge to survive;
instinct, security, stability, trust, safety and all the basic needs.

Physical Body  :  The Reproductive Glands, Bladder, Rectum, Vagina
The Adrenal Glands, Spine, Kidneys.

Animal Symbols  :  Elephant  ( Stability ),  Snake  ( Energy )

Colour  :  Red

Mantra  :  LAM

Flower  :  Lotus with four  (4)  petals

Sense  :  Smell

Planet  :  Mars

Gems  :  Red Garnet, Red Jasper, Red Tourmaline, Red Coral

Element  :  Earth

It is imperative to keep this Root Chakra open at all times,
because it will make you feel connected to your physical body
and your environment.

It will also make you feel safe and secure, calm and balanced,
realistic and down-to-earth.

To Open this Chakra do the following:

a)     Ground yourself by standing straight with your feet
shoulder apart, and relax for a few minutes.

b)     Sit cross-legged/half lotus/lotus, and concentrate on
the Root Chakra.

c)     Chant LAM, and perform Mula Bandha breathing, and
do some Kegel exercises ( for women ) five times.

Best YOGA Pose  :  Pavanamuktasana  ( Knee to Chest Pose )

A l s o  :

*     Wear red clothes and a red gem.
*     Eat red-coloured foods.
*     Use red-coloured decorations in your home.




Svadhishthana Chakra     ( 2 )


This Chakra is located between the pubic bone and the navel.
It is concerned with human emotions;
desire, pleasure,sexuality, creativity, play and reproduction.

Physical Body  :  The Genital Region, Male Testes, Female Ovaries,
Pelvis and Legs.

Animal Symbol  :  Makara, a sea creature in Hindu culture  
( powers of the unconscientiousness  )

Colour  :  Orange

Mantra  :  VAM

Flower  :  Lotus with six  (6)  petals

Sense  :  Taste

Planet  :  Mercury

Gems  :  Amber, Orange, Carmelian

Element  :  Water

You need to keep this Sacral Chakra open at all times
to feel passionate about your relationships;
and family, to be noticeable and to be aware of other people.

You will also feel contended, happy, cheerful, plentiful and generous.

To Open this Chakra do the following:

a)     Sit on your knees and concentrate on the Sacral Chakra.

b)     Chant VAM and perform Ida Nadi breathing eight times.

Best YOGA Pose  :  Baddha Konasana  ( Butterfly Pose )

A l s o  :

*     Wear orange clothes.
*     Eat orange-coloured foods.
*     Maintain a healthy sexual life.
*     Respect your body.
*    Use orange-coloured decorations in your home.




Manipura Chakra     ( 3 )


This Chakra is located just above the navel.
It is concerned with unrefined emotions;
personal power, fear, anxiety, will, motivation,
confidence and introspection.

Physical Body  :  Stomach, Liver, Gallbladder, Pancreas,
Metabolism, Digestion.

Animal Symbol  :  The Ram  ( Warmth )

Colours  :  Bright Yellow, Gold

Mantra  :  RAM

Flower  :  Lotus with ten  (10)  petals

Sense  :  Sight

Planet  :  Jupiter

Gems  :  Emerald, Tiger Eye, Yellow Topaz

Element  :  Fire

Keep this Solar Plexus Chakra open to feel powerful;
driven, decisive, satisfied and with high self-esteem.

To open this Chakra do the following:

a)     Sit on your knees and concentrate on the Solar Plexus Chakra.

b)     Chant RAM and perform Bhastrika breathing ten times.

Best YOGA Pose  :  Matsyandrasana   ( Seated Spinal Twist )

A l s o  :

*     Decorate your environment with yellow/gold colours.
*     Eat yellow-coloured foods.
*     Wear yellow clothes.




Anahata Chakra     ( 4 )


This Chakra is located at the center of the chest.
It is concerned with complex emotions;
pure love, compassion, devotion, forgiveness, calmness
and self-acceptance.

Physical Body  :  Thymus Gland, Heart, Lungs, Breasts 
Blood Circulation.

Animal Symbol  :  Antelope  ( Agility )

Colours  :  Green, Pink

Mantra  :  YUM

Flower  :  Lotus with twelve  (12)  petals

Sense  :  Touch

Planet  :  Venus

Gems  :  Emerald, Malachite, Jade, Rose Quartz

Element  :  Air

You need to keep this Heart Chakra open at all times to be free:
openhearted, harmonious, understanding and 
emotionally balanced.

You will accept other people, be friendly and you will welcome
new opportunities and experiences.

To open this Chakra do the following:

a)     Sit cross-legged/semi lotus/lotus and concentrate on
the Heart Chakra.

b)     Chant YUM and perform Nadi Sodhana breathing 12 times.

Best YOGA Pose  :  Gomukhasana  ( Cow Face Pose )

A l s o  :

*     Wear green and pink clothes.
*     Eat green-coloured  foods.
*     Decorate with green plants.




Vishuddha Chakra     ( 5 )


This Chakra is located in the throat at the larynx.
It is concerned with communication;
true self expression, intuition, listening with compassion,
creativity, sense of security and independence.

Physical Body  :  Thyroid Grand, Throat, Upper Lungs, Arms,
Digestive Track, Jaw, Neck, Mouth, Tongue.

Animal Symbol  :  Swan  ( Preservation )

Colour  :  Blue

Mantra  :  HUM

Flower :  Lotus with sixteen  (16)  petals

Sense  :  Hearing

Planet  :  Saturn

Gems  :  Sapphire, Blue Topaz, Acquamarine, Turquoise

Element  :  Ether

Keep this Throat Chakra open to be able to express your inner
voice of truth, and to have faith.

To open this Chakra do the following:

a)     Sit on your knees and concentrate on the Throat Chakra.

b)     Chant HUM and perform Ujjayi breathing six times.

Best YOGA Pose  :  Halasana  ( The Plow ) 

A l s o  :

*     Decorate your home in shades of blue.
*     Eat blueberries.




Ajna Chakra     ( 6 )


Also called Shiva Nepra this Chakra is located on the forehead
between the eye brows.
It is the center of intuition and vision;
observation, intelligence, 
insight, wisdom, imagination and perception.

Physical Body  :  Pituitary Gland, Lower Part of the Brain, Left Eye,
Head, Ears, Nose.

Colour  :  Indigo

Mantra  :  AUM, SHAM

Flower  :  Lotus with two  (2)  petals

Sense  :  Sixth Sense

Planet  :  Sun

Gems  :  Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli

Element  :  Light

Keeping this Third Eye Chakra open will enable inner knowledge;
spiritual awakening, forgiveness and clear dreaming.

To open this Chakra do the following:

a)     Sit cross-legged/half lotus/lotus and concentrate on the
Third Eye Chakra.

b)     Chant AUM and perform Brahmari breathing ten times.

Best YOGA Pose  :  Balasana  ( Child’s Pose )

A l s o  :

*     Wear dark blue clothes.
*     Relax looking at the deep blue sea.




Sahasrara Chakra     ( 7 )


This Chakra is located at the top of the head.
It is the state of pure consciousness;
divine wisdom, spirituality, direction, enlightenment,
connection to the world 
and to the higher self.

Physical Body  :  Pineal Gland, Upper Part of the Brain,
Right Eye.

Colour  :  Violet, White

Mantra  :  OM

Flower  :  Lotus with one thousand  (1000)  petals

Planet  :  Pluto

Gems  :  Pearl, Selenite, Sugilite

Element  :  Spirit

Keeping the Crown Chakra open means that you are pure
awareness and you are connected to the divine energy that
the universe.

You are above your physical body and mind.

To Open this Chakra do the following:

a)     Sit cross-legged/semi lotus/lotus and concentrate on
the Crown Chakra.

b)     Chant OM and perform Kapalabhati breathing six times.

Best YOGA Pose  :  Matsyasana  ( Fish Pose )

A l s o  :

*     Practice prayer and daily silence.
*     Eat purple-coloured foods.
*     Place violet lavender flowers around your home.