For the few exercise is a normal part of their lives, but for
most of us it is a dreadful experience.

But through exercise we can accomplish total rejuvenation
of body and mind.

It is recommended that we should exercise at least 30 minutes
daily for general fitness.

Of course these 30 minutes do not not have to be all at a time.
We can split them into 10 minute steps, which will add to
the same result at the end.

It is a proven fact that lifestyle activities are as effective as
gym based routines as far as our general fitness is concerned.
They are also more enjoyable and easier to accommodate
and follow.


Weights Stop-Step


The Opportunities


In the House:


1)  Walk when talking on the telephone.

2)  Always stand more and sit less whatever you do.

3)  When standing do calf stretches and contract your buttocks.

4)  Climb the stairs a few times during the day.

5)  Put some music on the radio and dance to it.

6)  Mop the floors, clean the windows, vacuum the carpets.

7)  Move chairs around.


TennisRacket TennisBalls


In the Garden:


1)  Rake the lawn.

2)  Do some weeding.

3)  Move garden furniture around.


Mood Workouts:


1)  Stressed/Anxious  —  A repetitive exercise like Swimming OR
Treadmill Walking will calm the mind.

2)  Got the Blues           —  Leisure activities like Gardening OR
Walking in the Park will lift the mood.

3)  Angry                         —  Take an Aerobics Class to move the mind
away from the situation.

4)  Bored                          —  Be outside with other people doing anything.

5)  Happy                         —  Increase or change your exercise routines
to challenge yourself while you can.





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