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She had been the police chief for a year now, and
the pressures 
started accumulating.
The telephone was ringing repeatedly.

Her assistant, a young man in his early thirties,
good looking and 
smartly dressed – eager to develop
in his own career – was very 
attentive and careful
not to make any mistakes.

He answered the phone, “it is Mr Ling again” he said,
“what shall I say this time?”
“I’m not ready to speak to him, yet.  Take down his
number and find an excuse for me”.

For once again she avoided him by lying.
She was too busy to bother with his problems.


Effies Sony


The Whole Story


We mostly want to trust and believe in people;  but people lie
to us most of the time for their own reasons, which are not
necessarily always bad.

It could even be for our own good.
Sometimes we do not even want to know what the truth is
because it may be harmful to us and very difficult to handle.

So we like to be lied to.
Certainly there are good lies and bad lies.

I was reading an expert report on this interesting subject
some time ago, and combining that with my own experiences
I agree with the following.


The Dead Giveaways


1)   When we achieve something in our life, usually we do not
share the fame with others.
So if we do exactly that – share the recognition – it is
an indication that we lie somewhere about this achievement,
and it is not exactly ours.

2)   When our questions are answered by questions again, this is
a very clear indication that the person who answers is lying
by really saying nothing.

3)   In general when we lie, due to our stress elevated levels our voice
tone is changing from low to high or the opposite.

Basically  in our life, we have to be very observant to understand any
lies people tell us.

Certainly we can accept those lies , by choice.





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