Yoga & Existence


Guiding Light


  •     Yoga is a route that helps us to become acquainted
         with ourselves through self-awareness.
  •      It creates union between body, mind and spirit.
  •      It creates balance and levelheadedness to live
         in peace and harmony.
  •      It is a science of the mind and body.


What people say is always ambiguous.
Integrity can only be proved by one’s actions.
Talk without actions is empty talk .

V r k s a s a n a




  •     Stand straight with your weight equally on both feet.
  •     Lift left foot and bend the knee bringing the sole of
        the foot onto the inner right thigh.
  •     Raise the hands to prayer position at the heart centre.
  •     Focus forward to keep your balance and take 4 full breaths.
  •     Repeat the same move on the left foot .


The Tree Pose,
Improves balance,

Strengthens the legs,
Opens the chest,
Focuses the mind.

He who undestands himself gains mastery of
his own life and future.
The passageway towards this awsome goal is;
firstly self-knowledge, achieved by observing
ourselves consciously and get to know exactly
who we are.
Then comes self-discipline (mental), achieved
by making certain our thoughts and emotions
are perfectly administered;
and (physical), achieved by keeping our body
and all movements totally managed.
Finally is total self-control .


Viparita Karani Mudra


Legs On Wall


  •     Sit against a wall, turn your body bringing your
         legs up on it lowering your back flat to
         the floor and lie down.
  •     Rest your arms next to your body with palms on
         the floor.
  •      Close your eyes and take 10 full breaths.
  •      To release push yourself away from the wall and
         slide your legs down helping with your hands.


The legs-Up-The-Wall Pose
Promotes well-being throughout
the entire body’s systems,
Eases stress and anxiety,
Relieves tired legs and feet,
Provides headache relief,
Relieves lower back pain.


When pessimistic thoughts regarding
ourselves or other people enter our mind,
we must refuse to continue thinking and
believe in them at once.
We must immediately replace them with
pleasant and happy ones.
Happiness can only come from within .


G a r u d a s a n a




  •     Stand up straight and bend your knees slightly.
  •     Lift your right leg and cross your right thigh
        over the left wrapping it around hooking
        your right foot behind your left calf.
  •     Do the same with your arms by wrapping your
        right arm on your left encircling it
        around and placing your palms flat together in
        front of your face.
  •     Gaze directly forward and take 4 full breaths.
  •     Repeat the same procedure on the other leg and arm.


The Eagle Pose
Stretches and strengthens
the spine,
Improves muscle flexibility,
Removes stiffness,
Combats weakness of the
arms and legs.


Nothing happens by accident;
everything is the result of our previous actions.
Good bears good and evil bears evil.
Firstly we must change and improve ourselves
before attempting to change anybody else .


B a l a s a n a


Childs Pose


  •    Kneel on your knees keeping them closed and
       sit on your open heels.
  •     Lengthen your back and rest your forehead on
        the floor.
  •     Lay your arms by your thighs with palms facing
  •     Rest and concentrate on your natural breath
        for 2 minutes.
  •     Inhale and rise up slowly.


The Child’s Pose
the nervous system,
Massages the internalorgans,
Stretches the lower back
and legs,
Increases blood circulation
to the head.


Nadi Sodhana


  •     Close the right nostril with the right thumb
        keeping the first two fingers between the eyebrows.
  •      Inhale through the left nostril.
  •      Close the left nostril with the ring finger.
  •      Exhale through the right nostril.
  •      Inhale through the right nostril.
  •      Close the right nostril with the right thumb.
  •      Exhale through the left nostril.
  •      Repeat this breathing  for 5 times.


The Alternate Nostril Breathing
Is therapeutic for the circulation,
Calms the mind and keeps peace
Normalises blood pressure,
Cleans respiratory problems.