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It was  Friday night, and Val got ready to go out
with his friends, as he usually did.
They met at the Oriole Bar around ten o’clock, and
took their usual seats by the bar.

Val ordered his regular finest cocktail, Ile De Re.
They sat there talking, laughing and having a good
time enjoying themselves.

The time was going, but he kept on ordering new
drinks until the early hours of the morning.

The only thing he remembered next day, was waking
up in his bed, midday Saturday, being really sick.
He was still feeling terribly dizzy, his head being so
tight and tense, and his stomach really upset.

Val was suffering one of his worst hangovers.
Why did I stay out so late and kept on drinking?,
he thought suffering.

He tried to get a glass of water, moaning about his
I desperately need to find a better purpose to get
out of bed every morning;   and stop wasting my
life this way, any more , he said to himself loudly
this time.

I do need to find my Ikigai ” ……….


Tree over flowers


Raison D’ Etre


Ikigai is a Japanese concept;
it is an approach to life, meaning “a reason for living”.
It is a specific lifestyle that balances self-awareness,
a sense of purpose, healthy nutrition and activities,
financial stability and spiritual connection to the
world;    in order to support your general well being.

According to Japanese tradition, every person on
earth has an Ikigai.
It can be anything:
from your partner in life, your profession you enjoy
every day, a specific goal you want to achieve, your
religious beliefs or a hobby you take pleasure in.

It is an absolutely personal thing;    and it can change
during your lifetime, according to the various stages
you are going through as you grow older during
the years.

Having a purpose in your life not only it will enhance
your longevity, but also it will help you to have a much
improved way of life during the years.

Also it will make you feel more positive about yourself
and the whole world;    as well as bringing fulfilment
and special meaning to all the things you do.

Ikigai is your purpose in life    your driving force.
When you discover it you will feel contended, joyful,
balanced, peaceful and totally happy your entire life.



Whole Idea


Purpose is Meaning, and it should never be confused
with Pleasure which is Enjoyment.
Your ikigai must be something that makes your life
worth living, and at the same time it takes some
effort to achieve.

Consider carefully and decide if you have any
specific activity that gives meaning to your every
day life, and makes you feel excited and

As soon as you determine which one it is, practise
it enough time so that it becomes your purpose.


The Master Plan

Designate a specific free time to sit down and

create a well thought list to help you find your
purpose ( Ikigai ).

Consider and start as follows:

a)     What makes you joyful and happy at this 
stage in your life.

b)     What is your gift and talent that you really
enjoy, and you are totally absorbed when you
are pursuing it.

c)     What are your beliefs;
is there anything you would like to change.

d)     What is your special skill;  
a service which you enjoy practising and people
would like to pay for.

e)     What are your achievements until now.

*       Write down everything that comes in to your

mind, without discriminating anything.

      Direct your attention to the general picture, first.

      Then think about how your answers to the above
mentioned list relate between them.


Take your time and keep on thinking about them
very carefully until you find the solution.
Certainly the right answer will appear before too
long;    and this will reveal your Ikigai.



Vanishing Act


Your ikigai after retirement from any kind of job.

If you happen to find your purpose in your

profession and work, you will certainly feel really
empty and lost when you decide to retire.

According to various studies, when people retire
and have no other mission in their life, they become
more prone to different illnesses and other
health problems.

In this case, you do need to examine and recognise
the specific reason (apart from financial) you liked
doing the work you did.
Further, you must decide how you can apply this or
any part of it in your current and future life.

Definitely you need to start taking action immediately,
in order to create a healthy and happy retirement
for yourself.
If this is not applicable, start searching for a new
mission for the rest of your living;
to give value to your life and make it worthwhile.




Wrapped Around Finger


Here are the best guidelines for a purposeful, 
pleasant and contented life:

1)     Always stay eager, energetic and enthusiastic.
2)     Slow down your pace and start enjoying things.
3)     Surround yourself with supportive people.
4)     Live in the present moment.
5)     Feel grateful for everything around you.
6)     Connect with nature.
7)     Take some form of exercise on a daily basis.
8)     Smile to people you meet every day.
9)     Always keep on learning.

If you are like all these millions of people, who live

routinely every day, caring only about their obligations
and responsibilities, make this year the one that gives
a new meaning and purpose to your life.

Accomplishment and contentment are vital for a
satisfied life.
You need to have something to live for    a mission.

Pursue it as a priority, before it is too late.

What is your mission in life??






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