Here is a unique dessert.
This recipe was given to me by the most outstanding Yoga teacher;
my own Yoga teacher very many years ago.




For the mixture :

  •    Serenity
  •    Integrity
  •     Love
  •     Happiness
  •     Laughter


  •     Nature




  1.     In the bowl of your heart combine serenity and
        integrity well until the mixture has raised enough
        and filled the whole bowl. 
  2.     Add love, happiness and laugther, and mix very well
        again, being careful for the mixture not to curdle. 
  3.      Add some nature to spice up the dessert. 
  4.      Using your determination spatula spread the mixture
         into your soul roasting tin. 
  5.      Bake the dessert in your patience oven checking from
         time to time to make certain everything is alright. 
  6.      Serve this exclusive dessert sprinkled with your
         complete trust to your creator.