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Bo had everything he wished in his life:
the perfect job offering him a high income, a couple
of houses and cars to enjoy, a beautiful wife
and a huge bank account.

But Bo was not a happy man, because he was
feeling his control over everything in his life
was very limited.

In his business, he was always trying to make
people work according to the way which would
be acceptable to him.
Obviously, the real world disregarded him, and
his wishes never took place.

When he returned home, he was always struggling
to control his wife’s plans and actions.
Again, to no avail.   She still acted her own ways.

I must change my attitude;   I need to understand
and learn to do my best, and believe that things
will come out all-right .
He said to himself one morning.
Since then his life has changed completely.


Couple next to car


Driver’s Seat


Control happens to all humans instinctively.
But our control and mastery over the majority
of things in life are actually very limited.

For example, your financial situation, your friends,
your family, your job, your health, ageing and dying;
are these all really under your full control?

Certainly not;   because most of these situations can
change very quickly at any time, and others will
come naturally any way.

Most people have a great number of things they
manage in their every day life.
But in reality, there are only very few things, you
can truly control.

Life is very complicated, but if you manage to learn
how to command these
very few things under your
control, not only your
life will improve immediately,
but you will become
a powerful and happy individual.



Motocross Driver


Cause Celebre


Here are four important things that are actually
under your control:

a)     Focus

Prioritize your goals;   all the things that mean
most to you like, family, work, relationships.
Concentrate on making them work as best as
possible for you.

b)     Emotions

Realise that when other people or situations
upset you, this is happening only because you
personally have allowed them to do so.
Choose to keep your thoughts under control,
and you will feel much happier and in peace.

c)     Attitude

Stop being resentful and furious when something
goes wrong.
Instead give your utmost attention and improve
a difficult and demanding situation.

d)     Actions

Stop suffering and accept that you are not in
full control.
Stay committed to your targets, but do not be
attached to the results.
Do the best you can, but stay emotionally detached
because you cannot predict the outcome, and you
will feel angry if things do not come as you have
expected them to.


Luxury Yacht


Over And Above


There are also a few more basic things you can
actually control like,
your breathing, your self-talk and body language,
as well as your diet, exercise and sleep.

Never expect to have full control of everything;
because control is an illusion.

The clever thing to do is, to ignore everything
you can not control;
and  try to understand, learn
and handle well
the things you can.

Focus on your own existence.
Only then you will live your best life ever.

Believe in yourself.




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Marriage is the golden ring in a chain
whose beginning is a glance and whose
ending is Eternity .

Kahlil Gibran

There is no more lovely, friendly and
charming relationship, communion or
company than a good marriage .

Martin Luther

Love seems the swiftest, but it is the slowest
of all growths.   No man or woman really
knows what perfect love is until they have
been married a quarter of a century .

Mark Twain


Love Birds


Darby And Joan


Matrimony, the union between partners
is a common institution to all human
cultures;    and it has been a part of it since
ancient times    it is a very important
part of human life.

Human beings seek and pursue companionship.
They all want to share life’s pleasant and
unpleasant experiences with a suitable partner
who has feelings and appreciates them.

Marriage is associated with better physical
and psychological health, longer life and
better sexual satisfaction.
Obviously in order to enjoy all these benefits
the marriage has to be comfortable, pleasant,
peaceful and happy.

In addition, marriage does contribute to society’s
balance and security.
Also, there are lots of financial benefits and
legal rights linked to being wedded.




Esprit De Corps


Being happily married could be saving your
life every day.
Here are some health benefits for you to consider,
according to research:

a)     Married people look after themselves better
and they do not take unnecessary risks.

b)    They have better emotional and mental wellness,
with general and psychological health altogether.

c)     They have reduced risk of heart problems, and
other complications and issues, as well as 

d)     They are physically fitter and eat a healthful,
wholesome and balanced diet.

e)     They have a more normal and natural life, and
certainly a better quality
of life.

f)     They are much better protected against
premature death, in addition to living longer
in general.

g)     They recover faster and better after any
major illness due to superior support.

h)     They have lifelong companionship and
greater sexual satisfaction.






The whole point of marriage is the
commitment that couples make to stay
together and bond for life.

Commitment is a very personal decision
to remove other disrupting choices, in order to
make the marriage option work.

To achieve this and maintain a lasting and
happy marriage, couples have to firstly decide
and then make all necessary sacrifices, as
as do whatever it takes to make the
work successfully.

Finally, your marriage should  always be
In order to keep your commitment
and strong you need to view this union

as a permanent one, and you should always
show it with your every day actions.


Frank Sinatra      1955

Love and marriage, love and marriage
Go together like a horse and carriage
This I tell you brother
You can’t have one without the other

Love and marriage, love and marriage
It’s an institute you can’t disparage
Ask the local gentry
And they will say it’s elementary

Try, try, try to separate them
It’s an illusion
Try, try, try, and you will only come
To this conclusion







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A few weeks ago I was invited to the very
interesting wedding of an old friend of mine.
I met Anj at the spa I used to go a few years
ago, and we became friends almost immediately.

She was an attractive blond woman of 49 and
now married to this charming man of 35.
Fran told me one day, I’ve always enjoyed
the company of more mature women because
they are pleasant and understanding, and I can
anything  I have in my mind with them
without ever worrying .

Anj was very excited about having a younger
husband as she never felt that there was
any difference between them.
They wanted the same things and thought
about most issues.

We genuinely love each other and our age gap
doesn’t make any difference.   
We are good friends and we can talk about everything
as well as our personal thoughts, worries and dreams.
We make each other truly happy he said to me
smiling ………..


Loving Couple


Starting Point


Middle age doesn’t need to be a barrier to
anything you want to do in your life    and
especially when we talk about love.

According to surveys relationships between
older women and younger men are becoming
popular and trendy for the last 15 years.

Today, middle aged women are attractive,
glamorous and sexy;    and we now see a good
number of successful marriages between
older women and younger men.

It is really marvellous to see  that age difference
does not matter at all if there are genuine
feelings between the couple.

If they share similar interests, beliefs and
values;    if they are good friends and faithful
to each other, then the relationship will be
successful despite the age gap.


The Dinner


Per Ardua Ad Alta


There are lots of advantages for a woman to
marry a younger man;
and these are as follows:

a)     A younger man will be more energetic and
keep you on your toes.

b)     Life will be more fun and youthful as it
was when you were younger.

c)     Most likely he will not have an ex-wife,
children and a lot of obligations to follow.

d)     If you are a powerful person and a leader
you will welcome and treasure the opportunity
to have a younger husband, even if he earns
very little money.

e)     Many younger men like women who have
many experiences, can handle things well
and are reliable.

f)     Younger men will be more optimistic and
live much more in the present time than the past
or the future, which will be very helpful.

g)    In general, younger men will be better and
more patient during sex.


The Wedding


Also, there are lots of advantages for a man
to marry an older woman;
and these are as follows:

1)     Older women will be smart, well-informed,
wise and much more mature than the younger ones.

2)     At middle age most women will be financially
settled and they will be able to contribute to the

3)     Women at that age will usually be very patient,
caring and loving.

4)     According to research, if you marry an older
woman you will increase your lifespan by 20%.

5)     In general, older women will be more experienced
when it comes to sex and they will know exactly
what they want.


Couple on the Balcony


Operibus Anteire


Since the age barrier is not such a big issue any
more, and as surveyed, one third of women
between the ages of forty and sixty have
relationships with younger men, here is some
advice you need to follow if you want to be one
of them.

F o r    W o m e n

a)     Be yourself  a woman experienced in life.
Do not talk about your personal feelings,
any private issues or try to behave like a mother.
Listen to what he says, show your interest and
make him feel special.

b)     Keep yourself under control.
Feel comfortable, confident and sophisticated.
Be a sexy flirt.

c)     Wear stylish and trendy clothes that flatter
your body, and avoid lots of make up.
Make a statement about yourself.

d)     Look after yourself, feel young and behave
as when you were younger.

e)     Know your body language:
Your hips, your eyes, your smile and your hair.
Touch him from time to time as you speak.

F o r    M e n

1)     Be genuine, honest and very confident.
Show that you are much more mature than
your age by keeping your thoughts and
feelings under control.
Be a man of substance.

2)     Be assertive and keep her interested in
you at all times with your clever and engaging
talk as well as your ingenious humour.

     Dress smartly and modern, and be fit.

     Show your independence by talking about

your job, hobbies, interests, sports, politics
and yourself in general focusing on your
advantages and experiences.

     Be a passionate gentleman.

Show your interest by asking questions about her.
Be patient, compliment, respect, care and
love your girl.


Dancing Couple


Opere Et Veritate


All men out there who think of marrying
an older woman, and all women who think
of marrying a younger man, completely
ignore what other people say and follow
your heart.
Always do what you want, because life is
too short and only yours.

One final point,
the only actual solution to facing any future
threats, like ageing if your age gap is 15/20
years, is to be an understanding, kind and
very loving person towards your spouse.
There is no point in wasting energy and
worrying about this inevitable natural

Love is ageless…!!







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Amor ”     
                     Written by :  Ricardo Lopez Mendez   1943 

Original Version Artist :   Julio Jose Iglesias de la Cueva

Amor, amor, amor
nacio de ti, nacio de mi
de la esperanza….
Amor, amor, amor

Sentir que tus besos anidaron en mi
Ignal que palomas mensajeras de luz
Saber que mis besos se quedaron en ti
Haciento en tus labios la senal de la cruz                 


” Eclogues – Eclogue X “

                              Virgil      70 – 19  BC

Omnia vincit amor : et nos cedamus amori


Seated Couple DiscussingRomantic Couple


Today people live better and longer;   they
are healthier, more energetic, hopeful and
sensual.   Consequently older couples still
enjoy sexually fulfilling lives.

Sex is a powerful emotional experience for
people of all ages.   Intimacy is ageless and
an important way to connect and come closer.

Repeated studies report that men and women
over 55 are sexually active.   A healthy sex
life can continue into your 80s and even 90s.
Obviously as people grow older they undergo
many physiological changes, so you have to
look for what is suitable for you according to
your personal circumstances, and what
exactly you want from your partner.


Couple on the BalconyConcupiscentia!_3


Chapter And Verse


Here are a few things to consider:

a)     Do not wait for the desire to overwhelm
you as when you were young.   If you feel
psychologically well think about it and schedule
it according to
your program, and the rest will follow.

b)     Set the mood by putting scented candles
all around your bedroom and soft music to
create atmosphere.

c)     Spend long time playing, cuddling,
caresssing, hugging and kissing a lot.

d)     Explore various options such as manual
stimulation, massage and oral sex.   Be

e)     Use helpers to facilitate the process like
a natural lubricant that makes you feel
comfortable or a sexual enhancement cream.


Couple Holding

Couple Gazing


Inside Story


Staying sexy as you age is all about your
attitude;   it takes effort and work.
Certainly and it goes without saying, you have
to look after yourself to be healthy.
Then feel comfortable with who you are and,
yourself and your appearance.

There is no age limit on sexuality;   sexual
activity and satisfaction are not associated
with age.   If you want to look hot, you
definitely will.

Older people who have a satisfied sex life
are happier with much better quality of life.
it is all down to desire not age.
Proper communication about any changing
needs as well as emotional
and physical
closeness to your partner are
extremely important.

Age is something that happens and there is
nothing we can do about it.
Do not be invisible.   Be enthusiastic and excited,
and start attracting your partner;   develop a
more empowered and adventerous relationship.

Either you are a couple or alone, make sex in
your second half of your life a wonderful and
enjoyable activity.
Have the most exciting experience of your life.

Have a long and pleasant sex life.






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Bo was an insurance executive.  Already in
his 50s he had now reached his life’s goal.
He was a very attractive and pleasant grey-
haired man who made people laugh and always
attracted the attention of the female colleagues.

He was always on top of everything and in
full control.  He made a point to visit and
talk to everyone in all departments;  and he
was able to advise his co-workers on any
issues they needed.

He always had a bowl of chocolates on top
of his huge desk and offered to anyone who
visited him.  On the holidays during the year
he was organising office parties to bring all
people together and get to know them better.

Bo was the most likeable, admired and
appreciated boss, who was enjoyed by most
people for his company.

He was Mr Popular!!


Dancing Ladies Piano Player


Words To The Wise


As humans we all need to connect with
each other in order to feel safer and happier;
otherwise we suffer psychological consequences.
Most people need the respect and admiration
of others, but they do not know which qualities
will give them the popularity they want.

There is no magical characteristic that can
make you a popular person;   it is not an inherited
gift but only a matter of knowledge and practice.
Consider the following recommendations to
make yourself popular among your circles.


Women Gossiping 3 Women and a man


The Tip-Offs


a)     Always be your natural self without
trying too hard to be popular by pretending
or offering false praise or magnifying yourself.

b)     Be honest, sincere, kind and friendly
to other people.  Be vulnerable.

c)     Be considerate and helpful to others.
focus on them and do not judge.  Listen,
remember and appreciate any positive
offerings from them.

d)     Be humorous and do not take yourself
too seriously.  Be hospitable and pay
compliments to other people.

e)     Have a positive mental attitude and
transfer positive energy to others.  Be
optimistic, secure, confident and
comfortable with yourself.

f)     Be pleasant and relaxed, and do not
complain or gossip about things or people.

g)     Be  fearless and take risks.  Get
personal and ask people about themselves.
Embrace the power of friendly touch.

h)     Do not compare yourself to others
and do not expect anything from them.
Be humble and give.


3 Women Women arriving


End Of The Line


Follow the above mentioned advice, and
watch how much popular you will be with
even a few changes in the way you treat
the other people.

My message:  

You are extremely important to me!!!






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So no one told you life was gonna be this way
Your job s a joke, you’re broke, your love life’s D.O.A.
It’s like you’re always stuck in second gear
When it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month, or
even your year, but

I’ll be there for you
(when the rain starts to pour)
I’ll be there for you
(like I’ve been there before)
I’ll be there for you
(’cause you’re there for me too)


” I’ll be there for you “

Artist:    The Rembrandts
Recorded:    1994

Theme Song American Sitcom  “Friends”



Amicitia-2 Amicitia-6


Amicus Optimus


Friendship is a very attractive concept;
but many people do not know how to
create a social life, and struggle to meet
people to connect.
Making friends can be threatening and
frightening, but certainly rewarding.

Connecting with other people is all down
to our attitude;   how we think
and feel.
Firstly you have to decide what sort of
friends you wish to have.

The Decision

There are three types of friendships
as you see:

a)     Acquaintances:

These are the people you meet in your
every day life.   You meet them casually
at work, in the super market, in the shops,
in bars/cafes, etc. 
With these people you usually exchange
a few words at random.

b)     Regulars:

These are the people you know more
socially.   These people you meet in
your gym/leisure club, in the beach,in your
work, in your classes.

You have created a kind of relationship
with them and catch-up with things
every now and then, gossiping and so on.

c)     Close friends:

These are the people you hold very
close to your heart and with whom you
discuss even your most private issues;
these people you know for years and
they are always there for you.
This sort of friendship is very difficult
to establish.




A g e n d a


With time and practice you can learn to
be more sociable.
Although you have to be prepared to get
out of your routines and your comfort
zone;   you have to be flexible, adaptable,
tolerant and easy-going.

Here are some basic and simple steps to
attracting friends:

a)     Realise that there is no reason to
worry about your appearance, your words
or what other people will think.
Just be yourself, be positive, fearless,
open-minded and open-hearted.
Show interest in the other person, be
supportive and forgiving.

b)     Start by approaching the people you
already know and see if you can
not only with them but also t
heir friends.

c)     You can try to join an already
established group of friends in your gym,
club or anywhere else you
visit regularly.

d)     Join a meet-up group, a club
or a leisure centre in your area which
represents your interests.

e)     Take that course you have always
wanted, or invite the neighbour of your
choice or a colleague out for a drink.

f)     Start attending galleries, lectures,
concerts and libraries where you can meet
different people and connect.




Amicita Aequalitas


Remember that if you want to maintain
any of these friendships for a long time
you have to put continual effort to it.

Arrange convenient meetings at regular
intervals, chat on the telephone and online,
send emails, text messages and cards on

Always focus on how the relationship makes
you feel.   Do you feel free, safe, pleasant,
comfortable, relaxed and generally very
good when you are with that person.
Otherwise it is not of any value to you and
better forget him/her.

Never forget  —  friendship takes two.
So always establish that the other person
is also looking for new friends.

Would you like to have more friends??