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……..  It was last summer during my August holidays
when I agreed to meet my old friend Sia, after two
whole years.
We arranged to come together that evening at our
old cafe/bar we used to meet some years ago.

After our initial small talk, I started noticing that
she was not the happy person I used to know those
years back.
What’s wrong with you?  What is happening?
I asked her.
I’ve some troubles at home lately, that’s causing
me a lot of distress ”  she replied feeling very concerned.

At that moment I realised that she wanted to talk
to me about her problem;
so I decided to be a good friend and listener for her.

I just relaxed, emptied my mind for a while and sat
there quietly, showing my interest while she was
expressing her difficulty;    showing her my interest
without interrupting or advising in any way.

I did feel good and proud of myself, because I knew
I helped her not only to feel better but also to understand,
appreciate and accept her exact situation  ……..

” Listen to many, speak to a few “

William Shakespeare    1564 – 1616


On the Train


Lend An Ear


Listen means to hear by paying close attention
to somebody or something;
by focusing on without being distracted by external
or internal causes;

by giving all your concentration to whoever is
talking to you at the time;
and this should be done with your family, your
friends as well as various authorities.

Unfortunately, very few people know how to 
really listen.
Of course, this is only a matter of education    because
have never been taught the art of listening.
Consequently, the majority of people are always
eager, impatient and selfish enough to keep on
talking ad nauseam.

Also on the one hand, we have our today’s frustrating
world with its high technological developments and
its high demands and numerous distractions;
on the other, people being fully preoccupied, totally
absorbed and 
obsessed with themselves needing to
execute their 
own plans and ideas at all times.

Certainly a great number of people have this 
know-it-all attitude, and do not want to hear other
people’s opinions and thoughts;
which obviously is absolutely wrong, because we all
continue to learn with the passing of time from
various experiences.

The final result from all these, is that people keep on
speaking continuously all together at the same time,
(we can see this annoying thing everyday on the TV)
without anyone understanding what the other says,
or what exactly is the situation.

Listening is a very important and vital skill you
must learn in order to be successful in your personal
and professional life.
This is a conscious action you need to take if you 
actually want to enjoy all the benefits:


a)     Functional Benefits

By being a good listener you will be successful in 
your career, and you will excel in your studies.
It will be so, because you will understand and
absorb exactly 
what you are told, and perform
your duties correctly.


b)     Individual Benefits

By listening to others you will learn very many new
things and experience other knowledge.

As a result, you will think about all this new information

this will help you grow as a person, be more confident,
solve problems more easily, as well as making better,

cautious, rational and more wise decisions.


c)     Relationship Benefits

When you listen to other people showing your
interest and respect for what they say, you make 
them feel important, honoured and flattered.
Also, you will be able to avoid and misjudgements,

mistakes, arguments, and fights.
As a consequence, all your relationships and 
connections will flourish and become more


Couple Romancing


Hang On Words


” Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak;
courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen “

Winston Churchill    1874  –  1965

Develop the following habits in order to become
a good and effective listener:

a)     Keep the eye contact, watch the other person’s
body language, and pay attention to their tone of
voice when they speak, at all times.

b)     Keep all distractions away;   and this includes,
your own mind, mobile, computer, TV, radio, etc.

c)     Listen fully and completely without interrupting,
or changing the subject, or giving any solutions, or
talking about yourself.

d)     Follow the other person closely by reflecting back 
everything they express, communicate and show.

e)     Repeat back what you have heard from them, in
order to confirm your full 
understanding of the situation.

f)     Sit in silence and just listen;   respond only when
the other person has finished talking  —  and only after
you have left a few seconds to pass.

g)     Before you respond to anything, think carefully
what you want to say, so that your response is a 
valuable, beneficial and useful one.

h)     When listening, be curious to learn without 
pretending;   and always keep an open mind.

i)     Always be aware of your own personal emotions
as well as the other person’s, in order to have a 
better interaction and communication.

j)     Ask significant, appropriate and unrestricted
questions to encourage a good solution.

k)     Be concerned, caring, interested, attentive,
enthusiastic and understanding by using your own
body language.


Piano Player


The Know – How


” I like to listen.
I have learned a great deal from listening carefully.
Most people never listen “

Ernest Hemingway   1899  –  1961

Recognise that you should never judge what you
Obviously, you do not have to accept what the other 
person is saying;   you just need to be considerate.

Being a good and efficient listener is a skill;
and as such, it needs to be practised.
So, reduce your talking and start reading body 
This way you will improve your personal and
professional life greatly.

Stop hearing passively and start listening actively,
involving your mind, heart and body.

” Silence is a source of great strength “

Lao Tzu     6th/5th Century BCE  –  531 BCE

Listen Well !!







Hi there!


Allow yourself to think only those thoughts that
match your principles and can bear the bright
light of day.
Day by day, your choices, your thoughts, your actions
fashion the person you become.
Your integrity determines your destiny .

Heraclitus of Ephesus
535 BC  –  475 BC

All cruelty springs from weakness .

Lucius Annaeus Seneca
c.  4 BC  – AD 65
The Moral Epistles

Behaviour is a mirror in which every one 
displays his own image .

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
1749  –  1832

We create our fate every day….
Most of the ills we suffer from are directly
traceable to our own behaviour .

Henry Valentine Miller
1891  –  1980

Behaviour arises from the level of one’s 
consciousness .

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
1918  –  2008



On  The Skids


We are all simple human beings;
and as such, we all act in damaging ways
from time to time  —  sometimes, not even
realising it.

But there is a great number of individuals,
who constantly push other people away
with their attitudes and behaviours.

All these people have a difficult life;
because, t
hey certainly have various problems
their personal relationships, troubles
with their 
friendships and probably they
will be straggling 
in their jobs.

Every person who displays such negative,
destructive and very harmful behaviour,
must recognise their problem, and take all
the necessary steps to find an immediate
solution before it is too late.

Your personal attitude should never be allowed
to take over;     because you are jeopardising 
your happiness and success in your life.



Kiss Of Death


Here are the most common poisonous behaviours
individuals exhibit, and push other people away
as a consequence:

a)     Taking everything personally.

You need to disregard and ignore other people’s
opinions, attitudes and behaviours.
Because mostly and mainly this has to do only with
them, their mindsets, knowledge and experiences;
and not you.

b)     Hanging on to pain and loss.

You must leave behind all distress and bitterness, and
accept change, because life is changing all the time.
Be emotionally free and move forward.

c)     Lacking compassion and integrity.

You have to be kind, sympathetic, sincere and friendly
to other people.
It is only then that you will show how mentally
advanced you are.

d)     Thinking negatively all the time.

You should stop being a pessimist and embrace
optimism in order to have a successful life.
Be a positive thinker.

e)     Being a perfectionist.

You ought to keep an open mind and accept
mistakes and failures, either they are yours
or other people’s.
Perfection does not exist.

f)     Acting like a victim constantly.

You must stop complaining about everything
that happens to you and to the world.
Accept you are a powerful person, and find
solutions to all problems.

g)     Looking always for recognition.

You need to feel secure with who you are.
Do not talk about yourself continually or be
It shows low self-esteem, and it is absolutely
draining on other people.

h)      Losing control of yourself.

You have to manage your emotions, be patient
and do not explode at every turn.
No one wants to deal with your big dramas.

i)     Being jealous of other people.

Feeling envious and resentful of other people’s
life and accomplishments is catastrophic to you.
You only need to compete with yourself in order
to be able to grow    and no one else.



Hot Potato


There are plenty of people, who have harmful,
destructive and poisonous personalities.

They are everywhere:   at your work, in your
family, among your close friends and among
your acquaintances.

You need to become aware and wise.
You must recognise the problems in your attitude
and behaviour, and correct them immediately.

If you do not do this, people will very soon realise
what and who you are.
Not only they will try to avoid you and distance
themselves from you, but also they will definitely
remove you from their life completely;
and as a result, you will suffer the consequences.

Good luck!





Adam & Eve!


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A human female is an organism that produces egg cells.
The first human female on earth was Pandora.

According to the Greek mythology, Pandora was moulded
from earth by the god of fire Hephaestus, the son of
Zeus, the king of gods, and Hera, the queen of heaven,
following his father’s order.

Pandora was then dressed by Athena, the goddess of wisdom,
daughter of Zeus, and given her name by the god Hermes,
the messenger and son of Zeus.

Pandora was the mother of all human females.


Eve (Temptation)
Pantaleon Józef Szyndler, 1846 – 1905


Drawing Power


Being a female offers a number of advantages.
Here are the most important ones to consider:

a)     Women live longer than men    a whole five ( 5 )
to ten ( 10 ) more years.

b)     Women have a higher pain threshold.
As a consequence, not only it takes more time for the pain
to register in their brain, but also they can tolerate it for
much longer.

c)     Women have a stronger sense of smell, because their
brain contains many more odour detecting cells.

d)     Women’s HDL cholesterol levels are higher than that
of men’s;   consequently, they are better protected against
cardiovascular disease.

e)     Women are much better at remembering various
things and information, while men are more forgetful.

f)     Women’s brain is releasing less quantities of the
neurotransmitter Dopamine.
Therefore, they are less addictive to any substances.

g)     Women develop most fat in their lower body, which
is more protective against heart disease, some cancers
and inflammation.

h)     Women are better communicators in all kinds of
conversations, due to using a larger variety of sentences
and words.


Jules Lefebvre, 1834 – 1912


The Downside


Certainly, being a female has also the following disadvantages:

1)     In many large religions, as well as prehistoric civilisations,
have always been considered as property and inferior
beings, and
they have been judged negatively and treated badly.

2)     No matter how successful women have managed to
in their life, they will always be referred as …. for
a woman .

3)     Women need time to try and look presentable in order
attract the necessary attention and succeed in their

Their appearance has to be appropriate for the occasion, in 
order for them not to be ignored or judged unfavourably.

4)     Women suffer more mental and emotional problems
than men.
As a consequence, and through history, they have been
considered hysterical, neurotic and crazy, and managed
and treated accordingly.

5)     Women suffer monthly menstrual cycles, and go through
the hardest thing ever, which is giving birth.
Also they go through menopause, and lose their fertility.


Creation of Adam (detail)
Michelangelo 1475 – 1564


Line Of Work


According to the Bible, Adam was the first male created
by God, and he is the father of all humanity.

Being a male has a number of benefits, as follows:

a)     According to various studies, men are less likely to 
suffer from chronic stress and anxiety, in comparison
to women.

b)     Men possess much greater muscular strength than
women, and they are taller.
Consequently, they are more able to defend themselves
against various attacks and rape.

c)     In accordance with research, men are less likely to
suffer from depression and other mental illnesses.

d)     Men can continue being reasonably attractive in 
their later years, in comparison to women.
They do not go through menopause, and as a consequence
they can be fertile well into their eighties.

e)     During history, and across different cultures, men
were always more likely to be involved in politics.
Also even today, they can still get better and more well
paid jobs than women, in general.

f)     Men normally feel more confident, bold, fearless,
as well as more comfortable and relaxed doing what
they want.


Lucas Cranach the Elder
1472 – 1553


The Negative Aspect


On the other hand, there are also a number of disadvantages
being a male, as follows:

1)     Men die up to ten years earlier than women do, due to
various reasons.

2)     Males are more hostile, aggressive, destructive and violent.
They can attack each other easily, and be involved in many
criminal activities.

3)     Usually, men tend to act without thinking, so being more
Consequently, they can be drawn in to various difficult, challenging
undesirable situations.

4)     Men are always very sex orientated, most of their life;
which often leads them to complications, problems, and unpleasant
and troublesome circumstances.

5)     Although men can achieve very high incomes due to their
hard and dedicated work, at the same time, they can be extremely
wasteful in very many aspects    and especially when they are
looking to attract mates.

There, you have it all.




The Doctrine!


Hi there!


Last week I met my friend Anj for tea, and again
we discussed the burning issue of dating at an
older age.
Anj is a divorced woman in her fifties, who does
not wish to remain single all her life.

At the same time, she has learnt over the years
to see men as competition and rivalry.
As a consequence, she has always had great difficulty
developing and holding a good relationship.

I do believe you need to change your attitude
radically, if you want to find a partner for yourself “,
I said to her, and continued;
You must make your man feel as if he is in control;
he does need to feel strong and powerful.
So, try to be caring and loving to him.
As I see, until now your manner has been pushing
all the men you meet away .

She looked at me feeling very sceptical, but she
promised to reconsider her beliefs and behaviour
and let me know the results soon ……..


Kissin in the wind


One On One


It is known that a number of middle aged people
wish to stay stuck in their past, and relive their
failures, due to their complete inability to handle
and control their emotions and fears.

But most people in middle age are very interested in
finding romance, and developing a loving relationship,
in a very
similar way to the younger generations.

Although dating can be a daunting experience
at any age, if you are above the age of fifty, this
is extra challenging.

According to research, as far as women is concerned,
most singles worry about dating a man who either
is in poor health, or someone who is in financial
Also another issue they consider is the man’s physical
appearance, which is the first thing that will bring
them together in the first place.

On the other side, most men want to find a much
younger and good looking woman for themselves.

Certainly all these issues come in different degrees,
and they should be considered very carefully if
both sides really want to find love.

The first step though before you even start dating,
is to know yourself, indeed who you are, and
what exactly you want.
Your total attitude will need to be changed to fit
your current circumstances.


Couple Drinking Champaigne


Take Heart


There is a significant difference between young
people and grown up dating.
Older individuals are much more experienced,
they already know who they are and what they
want, and they will not be prepared to waste
their time with games.

Now, there are some things you will need to
forget about if you do want to find love again,
as follows:

a)     The old fashioned idea that the man must
always make the first move.
As an experienced adult person you should already
know how, when and where to approach a man.

b)     Your youthful years of very high expectations.
Realise that there will never be a perfect man or a
perfect woman;
that is, a very attractive and beautiful person with
plenty of money.
What really matters is the person’s character with
a reasonable background.
So lower your standards and be realistic.

c)     The outdated belief that people must accept you
exactly as you are.
Understand that if you want to attract people in your
life you do need to look after yourself physically and
emotionally, as well as taking good care of your

d)     All about your past experiences, either they were
good or bad.
Every person is different and you must give them the
benefit of the doubt    Never compare.


Woman with Feathers


Inside Information


Here is some useful advice for you to follow when going
on your first grown up date:

1)     Have no expectations at all, at this stage.
Have a positive attitude, feel alive and optimistic.

2)     Arrange to meet at a comfortable and cozy public
place for a drink.

3)     Dress smartly and comfortably to suit the occasion.
Try to look your absolute best.

4)     Wear a light make up on your face, mascara and lipstick.
Remember to look after your hair style, too.

5)     Feel relaxed and confident, be likeable and charming.
Have and show humour.
Always make eye contact and be a flirt.

6)     Be kind, loving, intelligent, strong, gentle, feminine,
and smile genuinely.
Be a person who can give and receive.

7)     Keep the conversation simple, easy, refreshing
and interesting.
Search for common passions like, books, films, hobbies, foods.


Stylish Couple


A Thou-Shalt-Not


Make certain you do not do any of the following.

1)     Disclosing your personal financial situation.

2)     Sharing details about your family history.
Only mention quickly if you have any children, and
forget all about your previous circumstances.

3)     Disclosing information about your medical history.

4)     Exhibiting any personal achievements and other
very private information.

5)     Being critical, superficial, frivolous, irrational
and bossy.

6)     Unloading all your emotional and mental issues.

7)     Drinking more than necessary.

8)     Having sexual relations until there is some emotional


Woman with Fur Scarf


Watering Hole


It is absolutely improbable that the right person will
ever come to search for you.
Therefore you do have to get out into the world.
Here are some suggestions for you to follow:

a)     If you like travelling, start this as a hobby.

b)     If you like sports, register with a sports club.

c)     If you want to learn a specific skill, register in a class.

d)     Go to various events like, Museums, Bookstores,
Theatres or Galleries, and speak to people.

e)     Sit in coffee shops and talk to the regulars casually.

f)     If you like animals, buy a dog and walk in the park.

g)     Join a group of your choice like, Hiking, Walking,
Art, Photography, Dining, Cooking or Music.

h)     Register in a Gym/ Leisure Club/Country Club.

i)      Ask your friends whether they can introduce anyone
to you.

j)     Finally, register with various online dating sites.

Always remember that you can still flirt just as well as
the young individuals.
Do not forget that all people want the same things:
to be loved, to be appreciated, accepted and valued,
to be respected and complimented.

Finding romance in middle age and above is really tough.

If you do want to develop a good permanent relationship,
Act Young, Feel Confident, Make the Connection,
Be Flexible and Let your Man be the Star.

Wooing is only a game  —  Play it well ……

Happy Dating !!!






Hi there!


Bo had everything he wished in his life:
the perfect job offering him a high income, a couple
of houses and cars to enjoy, a beautiful wife
and a huge bank account.

But Bo was not a happy man, because he was
feeling his control over everything in his life
was very limited.

In his business, he was always trying to make
people work according to the way which would
be acceptable to him.
Obviously, the real world disregarded him, and
his wishes never took place.

When he returned home, he was always struggling
to control his wife’s plans and actions.
Again, to no avail.   She still acted her own ways.

I must change my attitude;   I need to understand
and learn to do my best, and believe that things
will come out all-right .
He said to himself one morning.
Since then his life has changed completely.


Couple next to car


Driver’s Seat


Control happens to all humans instinctively.
But our control and mastery over the majority
of things in life are actually very limited.

For example, your financial situation, your friends,
your family, your job, your health, ageing and dying;
are these all really under your full control?

Certainly not;   because most of these situations can
change very quickly at any time, and others will
come naturally any way.

Most people have a great number of things they
manage in their every day life.
But in reality, there are only very few things, you
can truly control.

Life is very complicated, but if you manage to learn
how to command these
very few things under your
control, not only your
life will improve immediately,
but you will become
a powerful and happy individual.



Motocross Driver


Cause Celebre


Here are four important things that are actually
under your control:

a)     Focus

Prioritize your goals;   all the things that mean
most to you like, family, work, relationships.
Concentrate on making them work as best as
possible for you.

b)     Emotions

Realise that when other people or situations
upset you, this is happening only because you
personally have allowed them to do so.
Choose to keep your thoughts under control,
and you will feel much happier and in peace.

c)     Attitude

Stop being resentful and furious when something
goes wrong.
Instead give your utmost attention and improve
a difficult and demanding situation.

d)     Actions

Stop suffering and accept that you are not in
full control.
Stay committed to your targets, but do not be
attached to the results.
Do the best you can, but stay emotionally detached
because you cannot predict the outcome, and you
will feel angry if things do not come as you have
expected them to.


Luxury Yacht


Over And Above


There are also a few more basic things you can
actually control like,
your breathing, your self-talk and body language,
as well as your diet, exercise and sleep.

Never expect to have full control of everything;
because control is an illusion.

The clever thing to do is, to ignore everything
you can not control;
and  try to understand, learn
and handle well
the things you can.

Focus on your own existence.
Only then you will live your best life ever.

Believe in yourself.




Hi there!


Marriage is the golden ring in a chain
whose beginning is a glance and whose
ending is Eternity .

Kahlil Gibran

There is no more lovely, friendly and
charming relationship, communion or
company than a good marriage .

Martin Luther

Love seems the swiftest, but it is the slowest
of all growths.   No man or woman really
knows what perfect love is until they have
been married a quarter of a century .

Mark Twain


Love Birds


Darby And Joan


Matrimony, the union between partners
is a common institution to all human
cultures;    and it has been a part of it since
ancient times    it is a very important
part of human life.

Human beings seek and pursue companionship.
They all want to share life’s pleasant and
unpleasant experiences with a suitable partner
who has feelings and appreciates them.

Marriage is associated with better physical
and psychological health, longer life and
better sexual satisfaction.
Obviously in order to enjoy all these benefits
the marriage has to be comfortable, pleasant,
peaceful and happy.

In addition, marriage does contribute to society’s
balance and security.
Also, there are lots of financial benefits and
legal rights linked to being wedded.




Esprit De Corps


Being happily married could be saving your
life every day.
Here are some health benefits for you to consider,
according to research:

a)     Married people look after themselves better
and they do not take unnecessary risks.

b)    They have better emotional and mental wellness,
with general and psychological health altogether.

c)     They have reduced risk of heart problems, and
other complications and issues, as well as 

d)     They are physically fitter and eat a healthful,
wholesome and balanced diet.

e)     They have a more normal and natural life, and
certainly a better quality
of life.

f)     They are much better protected against
premature death, in addition to living longer
in general.

g)     They recover faster and better after any
major illness due to superior support.

h)     They have lifelong companionship and
greater sexual satisfaction.






The whole point of marriage is the
commitment that couples make to stay
together and bond for life.

Commitment is a very personal decision
to remove other disrupting choices, in order to
make the marriage option work.

To achieve this and maintain a lasting and
happy marriage, couples have to firstly decide
and then make all necessary sacrifices, as
as do whatever it takes to make the
work successfully.

Finally, your marriage should  always be
In order to keep your commitment
and strong you need to view this union

as a permanent one, and you should always
show it with your every day actions.


Frank Sinatra      1955

Love and marriage, love and marriage
Go together like a horse and carriage
This I tell you brother
You can’t have one without the other

Love and marriage, love and marriage
It’s an institute you can’t disparage
Ask the local gentry
And they will say it’s elementary

Try, try, try to separate them
It’s an illusion
Try, try, try, and you will only come
To this conclusion







Hi there!


A few weeks ago I was invited to the very
interesting wedding of an old friend of mine.
I met Anj at the spa I used to go a few years
ago, and we became friends almost immediately.

She was an attractive blond woman of 49 and
now married to this charming man of 35.
Fran told me one day, I’ve always enjoyed
the company of more mature women because
they are pleasant and understanding, and I can
anything  I have in my mind with them
without ever worrying .

Anj was very excited about having a younger
husband as she never felt that there was
any difference between them.
They wanted the same things and thought
about most issues.

We genuinely love each other and our age gap
doesn’t make any difference.   
We are good friends and we can talk about everything
as well as our personal thoughts, worries and dreams.
We make each other truly happy he said to me
smiling ………..


Loving Couple


Starting Point


Middle age doesn’t need to be a barrier to
anything you want to do in your life    and
especially when we talk about love.

According to surveys relationships between
older women and younger men are becoming
popular and trendy for the last 15 years.

Today, middle aged women are attractive,
glamorous and sexy;    and we now see a good
number of successful marriages between
older women and younger men.

It is really marvellous to see  that age difference
does not matter at all if there are genuine
feelings between the couple.

If they share similar interests, beliefs and
values;    if they are good friends and faithful
to each other, then the relationship will be
successful despite the age gap.


The Dinner


Per Ardua Ad Alta


There are lots of advantages for a woman to
marry a younger man;
and these are as follows:

a)     A younger man will be more energetic and
keep you on your toes.

b)     Life will be more fun and youthful as it
was when you were younger.

c)     Most likely he will not have an ex-wife,
children and a lot of obligations to follow.

d)     If you are a powerful person and a leader
you will welcome and treasure the opportunity
to have a younger husband, even if he earns
very little money.

e)     Many younger men like women who have
many experiences, can handle things well
and are reliable.

f)     Younger men will be more optimistic and
live much more in the present time than the past
or the future, which will be very helpful.

g)    In general, younger men will be better and
more patient during sex.


The Wedding


Also, there are lots of advantages for a man
to marry an older woman;
and these are as follows:

1)     Older women will be smart, well-informed,
wise and much more mature than the younger ones.

2)     At middle age most women will be financially
settled and they will be able to contribute to the

3)     Women at that age will usually be very patient,
caring and loving.

4)     According to research, if you marry an older
woman you will increase your lifespan by 20%.

5)     In general, older women will be more experienced
when it comes to sex and they will know exactly
what they want.


Couple on the Balcony


Operibus Anteire


Since the age barrier is not such a big issue any
more, and as surveyed, one third of women
between the ages of forty and sixty have
relationships with younger men, here is some
advice you need to follow if you want to be one
of them.

F o r    W o m e n

a)     Be yourself  a woman experienced in life.
Do not talk about your personal feelings,
any private issues or try to behave like a mother.
Listen to what he says, show your interest and
make him feel special.

b)     Keep yourself under control.
Feel comfortable, confident and sophisticated.
Be a sexy flirt.

c)     Wear stylish and trendy clothes that flatter
your body, and avoid lots of make up.
Make a statement about yourself.

d)     Look after yourself, feel young and behave
as when you were younger.

e)     Know your body language:
Your hips, your eyes, your smile and your hair.
Touch him from time to time as you speak.

F o r    M e n

1)     Be genuine, honest and very confident.
Show that you are much more mature than
your age by keeping your thoughts and
feelings under control.
Be a man of substance.

2)     Be assertive and keep her interested in
you at all times with your clever and engaging
talk as well as your ingenious humour.

     Dress smartly and modern, and be fit.

     Show your independence by talking about

your job, hobbies, interests, sports, politics
and yourself in general focusing on your
advantages and experiences.

     Be a passionate gentleman.

Show your interest by asking questions about her.
Be patient, compliment, respect, care and
love your girl.


Dancing Couple


Opere Et Veritate


All men out there who think of marrying
an older woman, and all women who think
of marrying a younger man, completely
ignore what other people say and follow
your heart.
Always do what you want, because life is
too short and only yours.

One final point,
the only actual solution to facing any future
threats, like ageing if your age gap is 15/20
years, is to be an understanding, kind and
very loving person towards your spouse.
There is no point in wasting energy and
worrying about this inevitable natural

Love is ageless…!!