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It was  Friday night, and Val got ready to go out
with his friends, as he usually did.
They met at the Oriole Bar around ten o’clock, and
took their usual seats by the bar.

Val ordered his regular finest cocktail, Ile De Re.
They sat there talking, laughing and having a good
time enjoying themselves.

The time was going, but he kept on ordering new
drinks until the early hours of the morning.

The only thing he remembered next day, was waking
up in his bed, midday Saturday, being really sick.
He was still feeling terribly dizzy, his head being so
tight and tense, and his stomach really upset.

Val was suffering one of his worst hangovers.
Why did I stay out so late and kept on drinking?,
he thought suffering.

He tried to get a glass of water, moaning about his
I desperately need to find a better purpose to get
out of bed every morning;   and stop wasting my
life this way, any more , he said to himself loudly
this time.

I do need to find my Ikigai ” ……….


Tree over flowers


Raison D’ Etre


Ikigai is a Japanese concept;
it is an approach to life, meaning “a reason for living”.
It is a specific lifestyle that balances self-awareness,
a sense of purpose, healthy nutrition and activities,
financial stability and spiritual connection to the
world;    in order to support your general well being.

According to Japanese tradition, every person on
earth has an Ikigai.
It can be anything:
from your partner in life, your profession you enjoy
every day, a specific goal you want to achieve, your
religious beliefs or a hobby you take pleasure in.

It is an absolutely personal thing;    and it can change
during your lifetime, according to the various stages
you are going through as you grow older during
the years.

Having a purpose in your life not only it will enhance
your longevity, but also it will help you to have a much
improved way of life during the years.

Also it will make you feel more positive about yourself
and the whole world;    as well as bringing fulfilment
and special meaning to all the things you do.

Ikigai is your purpose in life    your driving force.
When you discover it you will feel contended, joyful,
balanced, peaceful and totally happy your entire life.



Whole Idea


Purpose is Meaning, and it should never be confused
with Pleasure which is Enjoyment.
Your ikigai must be something that makes your life
worth living, and at the same time it takes some
effort to achieve.

Consider carefully and decide if you have any
specific activity that gives meaning to your every
day life, and makes you feel excited and

As soon as you determine which one it is, practise
it enough time so that it becomes your purpose.


The Master Plan

Designate a specific free time to sit down and

create a well thought list to help you find your
purpose ( Ikigai ).

Consider and start as follows:

a)     What makes you joyful and happy at this 
stage in your life.

b)     What is your gift and talent that you really
enjoy, and you are totally absorbed when you
are pursuing it.

c)     What are your beliefs;
is there anything you would like to change.

d)     What is your special skill;  
a service which you enjoy practising and people
would like to pay for.

e)     What are your achievements until now.

*       Write down everything that comes in to your

mind, without discriminating anything.

      Direct your attention to the general picture, first.

      Then think about how your answers to the above
mentioned list relate between them.


Take your time and keep on thinking about them
very carefully until you find the solution.
Certainly the right answer will appear before too
long;    and this will reveal your Ikigai.



Vanishing Act


Your ikigai after retirement from any kind of job.

If you happen to find your purpose in your

profession and work, you will certainly feel really
empty and lost when you decide to retire.

According to various studies, when people retire
and have no other mission in their life, they become
more prone to different illnesses and other
health problems.

In this case, you do need to examine and recognise
the specific reason (apart from financial) you liked
doing the work you did.
Further, you must decide how you can apply this or
any part of it in your current and future life.

Definitely you need to start taking action immediately,
in order to create a healthy and happy retirement
for yourself.
If this is not applicable, start searching for a new
mission for the rest of your living;
to give value to your life and make it worthwhile.




Wrapped Around Finger


Here are the best guidelines for a purposeful, 
pleasant and contented life:

1)     Always stay eager, energetic and enthusiastic.
2)     Slow down your pace and start enjoying things.
3)     Surround yourself with supportive people.
4)     Live in the present moment.
5)     Feel grateful for everything around you.
6)     Connect with nature.
7)     Take some form of exercise on a daily basis.
8)     Smile to people you meet every day.
9)     Always keep on learning.

If you are like all these millions of people, who live

routinely every day, caring only about their obligations
and responsibilities, make this year the one that gives
a new meaning and purpose to your life.

Accomplishment and contentment are vital for a
satisfied life.
You need to have something to live for    a mission.

Pursue it as a priority, before it is too late.

What is your mission in life??








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……” When I was young I believed the world was
a huge possibility and hope, for me to achieve
I ever wanted.

I expected to get countless opportunities to succeed
in my life my own way.
I understood that people were nice, friendly and
caring for each other.

Unfortunately, as I grow older I am discovering
that this is not the case;    and all those things I
believed in do not exist.

I now realise that the world is an inhospitable
really rough place, where successful survival is
too hard
to achieve.

I also notice that the majority of people are exactly
the opposite than what I anticipated;
being self-interested, selfish, greedy and extremely

I do not feel enthusiastic and excited anymore,
but actually disillusioned and embittered seeing all
this toxicity
around me ……”


Shrub out of Rocks


Bitter Pill


Disillusionment, a very old word since the 1600’s,
is an uncomfortable and distressing state of mind.
You feel disappointed because you have found out 
that some things are not as great as you believed
them to be.

You have actually lost your faith and trust in your
hopes, goals and ideals.
You feel dissatisfied because the things you thought
as real, important, valued and pure, are not as 
such any more.

Certainly it is natural for you to feel disillusioned
as you grow older, as most things you knew as a
young person are changing too fast.

I have been feeling disillusioned in recent times
with various global events and other issues    even
in my neighbourhood situations keep on changing.

Unfortunately, disillusionment is a destructive
feeling, which is not helping our life in any way.
It is sabotaging your happiness, and damaging
your overall well being.

You can be feeling bitter and furious, frustrated,
upset and generally bad.
It can even make you feel that your whole life 
is in trouble.

Finally, you become a cynic distrusting other
people’s sincerity, motives and actions.


Shallow Rocks


Relative Importance


Here are the four suggestions how you can cope
better with disillusionment, and start feeling happier.

a)     Take as long as you need to realise the new
situation, and develop a comprehensive and wide
perspective on the specific issue.
Consider how much time you need to adjust your
mindset, without taking anything personally.

b)     Analyse and re-evaluate your expectations,
in case they have been impossible and unrealistic.
Try to re-adjust them according to the new reality.

c)     Understand and acknowledge that no matter
how disappointed you feel, that certain things are
not as you thought they were;
still it is very much better for you to be aware of
the new situation, 
than keep on living in an
illusion and a fantasy.

d)     Decide to take immediate steps to either
change, if you can, or accept the new situation;
not only for your own personal benefit, but also
for other people concerned.


Blue Flowers in Rock


Stamp Of Approval


Many times in life the only solution to a
problem/situation is acceptance.
Acceptance is your ability to develop a positive
attitude towards that situation.

The following steps will help you learn to accept
things more easily.

1)     Eliminate the uncertainty you feel about the
new situation, by examining all the facts and
proving to yourself, that this is actually the new
reality now to acknowledge.

2)     Start thinking and developing a plan to include
all options you have at your disposal, in order to
deal with this new fact effectively, as well as your
own personal feelings.

3)     Understand that accepting a situation is not
your personal preference;
but it is just allowing it to be as it is, without
believing that you can change it or control it in
any way.

4)     Realise that acceptance will bring peace and
comfort in your life.
You will gradually get used to the new situation,
and you will not be reacting to it any more.
Finally, you will be feeling more relaxed, happy
and positive.

5)     Recognise that the new situation is a natural
it will open a new chapter in your life, with new
experiences and interests, as well as more knowledge
about yourself.


Purple Flowers


The Big Picture


Our response to disillusionment is usually, either
to withdraw within ourselves and stay away, or
to get angry and start accusing other people.
Certainly, both approaches are wrong and lead


Feel your feelings and breathe deeply to relax.
The world is not perfect, and you are not alone.
Educate yourself, show understanding and

Try to improve yourself and your life, as well as
the people around you, as much as you can.

Feel capable, competent, strong and powerful.

Good Luck !!





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…… “ As long as I remember, since my early twenties
I have been a person who liked collecting material
It started with clothes and jewellery;   then I moved
to money;   later on I started collecting furniture
and other house items.

All these made me feel happy at the time.
Although I went through a number of hardships
during the years, I never realised that all these
things I was gathering did not really matter to me
at all.

A few years ago, I suddenly understood that I had
accumulated much more than I needed in my life.
I was still feeling dissatisfied and disappointed;
and I always felt as if something was missing.

I knew, I needed desperately to take some action.
So I sold most of my jewellery, I disposed of almost
all my clothes, and I sold almost all my furniture
and other home items.

Doing all this took me a couple of years, but I must
admit, afterwards I felt remarkably free and ready
to move on …… “.


Blue Lagoon


Mind Trip


There are many things in this world that are priceless.
But the most invaluable possessions are not our houses,
or our money or our cars.
They happen to be only a few things, which are not
even so obvious  —  and we only realise them when
we lose them.

So here are these few extremely important things in life:


a)     Health

Most people take their health for granted.
They neglect their physical and mental well-being.
They disregard exercise, and as a consequence they
are unfit and overweight.
They forget all about their diet and nutritional needs,
so they feel poorly.

Take all the necessary steps to ensure you are in good
health;    because without it, your life is a hopeless
and intolerable journey.


b)     Freedom

The majority of people do not have complete freedom.
That is, freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom
of change or freedom to be themselves.
Consequently, they live an unfulfilled life and in misery.

Freedom is a choice.
You need to be willing, determined and make sacrifices.

Take action to minimise or eliminate any boundaries
and ties in your life.
Do what really makes you happy, because this is the most
important thing for you.


c)     Purpose

So many  individuals just exist because they were born.
Purpose is the reason you live your life as you do, whatever
that may be.
It is the motive and the passion for you to keep going.

It enriches your every day life with special meaning and
Purpose is your guiding light in the darkness of life.
Live your life with purpose.


d)     Time

All humans on earth have the exact same amount of
in hours every day.
Nobody can ever buy more of it or take back time
already spent.

The way you use your time dictates how successful or
doomed you will be in your life.
Almost all people complain that they never have enough
time to do what they want, and they feel stressed,
anxious and depressed.

But time is always there for them to use it effectively
and efficiently  —  if only they were more organised.

Time is your whole life, and reflects your personal
values constantly.
The choices you make every day.
Use it wisely.


e)     Relationships

Finally, our loved ones are our support in life.
They make it interesting and entertaining.

Cherish them, be honest and sincere with them,
and you will feel happier and at peace.


Orange Flowers


The Bottom Line


These are the five most important things in life
to have.

Make certain that you own them, feel grateful
you do, and always act accordingly.

Life is too short.
So focus on the important and the 
necessary things;
and ignore all the rest.






Hi there!


“…… Last week Bo and I decided to stay in and
enjoy the evening together.
After having a very pleasant dinner we thought
it would be a great idea to sit closely and enjoy
a good entertaining comedy.

We have always liked the delightful Naked Gun
films, so
we decided to put on the Naked Gun 2 1/2 :
Smell of Fear this time, because we knew we
would find it extremely entertaining.

It really was such an enjoyable and amusing
evening;   we kept on laughing for the whole
one and a half hours it was playing.

Watching this fantastic comedy on the television
sitting together on the sofa, it was the best choice
we had made.
It really was such a great way to feel closer to
each other and relieve all stresses of the day……”

” If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane ”
Robert Frost     1874  –  1963


Laughing Women


Har – De – Har


According to numerous studies laughter has
a great number of healing properties.
When we laugh we trigger pleasing, satisfying
and enjoyable feelings that calm and soothe
our body and mind.

Here are the physical and mental health benefits
as well as the social ones of a good laughter:

a)     Releases endorphins relieving any pains
in the body temporarily, and promotes general
well being.

b)     Reduces stress hormones so you can enjoy
overall health and energy.

c)     Enhances positivity, optimism and creativity
so you are able to fight life’s struggles effectively.

d)     Boosts anti ageing hormones improving
health and longevity.

e)     Makes life more enjoyable by releasing serotonin
and making you feel happier;    consequently you
can develop better relationships personally and

f)     Improves circulation so you get more oxygen
and nutrients into your cells, as well as helping all
body organs to work more efficiently.

g)     Exercises and tones up the stomach and face

h)     Improves the immune system by improving
T Cell production to raise resistance to disease.

i)     Increases resilience so you can become more
successful in your life.

j)     Burns forty ( 40 ) calories a day when laughing
for fifteen minutes ( 15 ) at a time.


Bumblebee on flower


Fun And Games


Laughter is inherited, ingrained and instinctive.
Even if you are not used to laughing or even
smiling in your life, you can learn to do so with
some practice.

The following are ways to start practising:

1)     Smile at people you meet every day any time,
any where.

2)     Associate with playful, fun and happy people.

3)     Bring humour into your conversations
with others.

4)     Watch comedies on the television.

5)     Read funny and humorous books.

6)     Do some silly things from time to time.

7)     Laugh at yourself and your own mistakes.

When you learn to laugh your life will be much
more enjoyable and pleasant.
You will be feeling renewed within yourself and
also with your relationships.

You will then find that lots of new opportunities
will start occurring to you.
You will be feeling much more relaxed, positive
and really happy with yourself and your life.

Do not wait any longer.
Start laughing now to collect all the health benefits.

The human race has only one really effective
weapon and that is laughter “

Mark Twain     1835  –  1910







Curam Sui!


Hi there!


…… ” Talk to me about yourself. 
I want to know who you are, and how you
live your life , Sev asked him one day.

I go to my regular work every morning,
and I do some counselling in the evenings.
During the weekends I do a bit of volunteering
work, and
whenever I have some free time
usually support people I know
Lex replied smiling.

Then suddenly he stood still.
He had just realised that this hectic way of
living had left him with no time for himself.

With this thought he felt bitter and distressed.
I must take steps to change this self sacrifice
because it’s draining my life he thought
decisively ……


Classic Boat Ride


Pavlovian Response


Self care is an instinctive behaviour in nature,
but it does not exist in the same way in humans.
Individuals need to be willing to learn it and
practice it;   and over time as they are progressing
they will start feeling more comfortable and
relaxed about it.

Self care is taking any actions necessary to improve
your lifestyle and your total wellbeing.
Self care is to take full responsibility for your
pursuits, and honour and respect yourself.

The quest for good health and happiness is not
a selfish hunt.
It means to take care of your own needs, and listen
and pay attention to yourself.

It is something completely individual for every
person, and you should engage in whatever feels
most right for you.
It can change how you see yourself, and show you
new opportunities.

You will set up new habits, which will make you
feel in control of your whole life.
You will have much less stress and you will be
more decisive and resilient.

Also you will be able to look after yourself better
without having to rely on others, and you will
feel more confident to change direction when
things do not work for you any more.


Three Girls Dancing The Charleston


Get On Line


You need to slow down and make space for
relaxing your mind, exercising your body and
taking time for deep thinking and planning.

If you manage these you will have a genuine
and very happy life.
To start prioritising your own needs follow
the steps below:

a)     Determine what self care means to you and
make a full plan in writing.

b)     Practice self awareness to be able to recognise
your actual needs:   physical, emotional, mental
and spiritual.

c)     Identify all these thoughts that are holding
you back from taking care of yourself.

d)     Realise that nothing is perfect, and start
taking small steps towards accomplishing your
ambitions and goals.

e)     Redefine your relationships by placing
boundaries and really stick to them.

f)     Understand that NO is a complete sentence.


Bicycle Race


Believed Abstraction


Here are some fascinating examples of
self care projects, pursuits and special

1)      Go shopping or window shopping.
2)      Taking photographs.
3)      Nurturing your body.
4)      Going to a mini retreat.
5)      Swimming and sunbathing on the beach.
6)      Reading inspirational books.
7)      Walking or hiking in nature.
8)      Driving and admiring the sights.
9)       Pampering in a day spa.
10)     Watching a film.
11)      De-cluttering your wardrobe.
12)     Growing plants and flowers.
13)      Researching and Writing.
14)      Exercising in a gym.
15)      Baking and cooking health foods.
16)      Being spiritual.
17)      Going out to coffee shops.
18)      Taking short breaks regularly.
19)      Going to the cinema.
20)      Going on holidays.


Swaying Girls


Turn On Steam


Making time and space for yourself is absolutely
critical to your total wellbeing and happiness.

Do something you really love every single day.
Put yourself first and make self care your habit.

Start treasuring yourself now and you will feel
in harmony and very proud.
You will feel healthy, strong, fulfilled and happy.

Make self care a constant and true part of your
daily life.
Do not fear;   give this great gift to yourself now.

Your are No I !!






Hi there!


The Roman Goddess of safety and general
well being.

One of the most ancient goddesses, she was
worshipped from as early as the 4th century BC.

Her temple was founded on the Quirinal Hill,
one of the seven hills of Rome, in 302 BC.

She was honoured with various shrines, baths,
statues, coins, festivals and offerings.


Dancing the quickstep


Center Of Attention


Quality of life is a universal theory that has
many different definitions.

Quality of life is basically our general well being;
it is something deeply and completely personal.

Whatever it is that you feel means quality of
life to you, it is absolutely vital that you pursue
it passionately and fearlessly in order to enjoy
your life’s journey.

You do not need to take extreme or radical
steps to achieve your wishes.
Just make certain that the important parts in
your life are the best and most suitable for you.

Choosing quality of life will help you live
to your topmost values and accomplish your
greatest and meaningful goals.


Sailing boat


Prime Focus


Here are some basic and researched facts, which
mostly correspond with having quality of life:

a)     Achieving a reasonable standard of living.

b)     Living in an acceptable and unpolluted area
providing professional facilities.

c)     Being physically able in every way.

d)     Eating healthy and taking supplements to
support all the body systems.

e)     Avoiding chemicals and medicines.

f)     Respecting and looking after your body, and
listen to its signals.

g)     Sleeping well at night.

h)     Spending your time with the people
you love.

i)     Being creative and having hobbies.

j)     Being in nature and exercise daily.

k)     Being optimistic and having a positive
mental attitude.

l)     Feeling free and being playful.

m)    Being truthful and spiritual.

n)     Being loved and feeling you belong.


Wine Bottle & 2 Glasses


Tour De force


Devise a plan to add the above mentioned
to your life and start living better.

This way you will also be able to face and
manage life’s challenges and surprises.

Set the goals for yourself and build quality

Stay happy!!





Animi Motus!


Hi there!


They were one of the most loveable couples
you could ever see for the last eight months
now, and they had already decided to continue
their life together.

Suddenly when out to dinner he suggested that
they should put all their plans on hold and give
each other space.

I’m not feeling very comfortable lately and I
need some time with myself   he said.
This was completely unexpected and she felt
shocked and tearful.

I can see how upset you are ”  he said and
held her hand while stroking her hair softly.
You can handle this;  you are very strong
he continued looking deeply into her wet eyes.

I know it’s hard to accept right now but it
will get easier with time;  take as long as you
need   he said in his sweet voice and stayed
close to her for the moment………


Red flower


Hurly – Burly


Emotions are a pressing but vital force in
our everyday life.
As humans we have a great
number of emotions,
which sometimes can
affect our well-being and
lead us into 
dangerous and difficult traps.

Obviously we can not ignore the way we feel
but we should express our emotions and
feelings in a healthy and constructive way.

Firstly, in order to be able to keep our emotions
under control we must never be afraid of them,
but only understand them.
If the emotion is suitable for the specific
situation then you do not have to change your
handling, otherwise you must find positive
and effective ways to regulate it.


Glittering Water


Booted And Spurred


Prepare yourself in advance to be able to
keep your emotions under control by
practising the following:

a)     Always try not to be either excessively
excited or heavily depressed about anything.
These are the two extremes you should
always avoid.
Try to be calm and reasonable;   never be
blinded by momentary intense feelings
but always look ahead for the big picture.

b)     As soon as you start feeling too
nervous step back and ask  why .
Then do something else and think deeply
your response.
Take one step at a time to realise the
exact situation and process all information.

c)     Cool down by closing your eyes,
breathing deeply and smiling.
Realise that all this is the energy your
body is releasing, which will soon soften
and go.
Then refocus your mind to what you are
doing or want to do.


Golden Crests


d)     Always avoid triggers like, emotional
people who always complain about everything
without ever improving themselves, as well
as all negative drama of any kind around

Live in a positive environment to be happy
and in control.

e)     Always try to find solutions to the
problems;   never dwell in the problem itself. 
Always try to be realistic and weigh the pros
and cons 
to any situation.
Make your life easy by using logic at
all times.

f)     Build your emotional confidence by
feeling safe and secure in your life.
Eat well, sleep well, exercise, have the right
people close to you, be close to
listen to music, surround yourself
beautiful objects and have some
All these will make you feel that your
life has purpose.


Seaview with Tree


Beyond Recall


Practise all the above and you will be
able to turn all negative emotions to
positive feelings that will lead to pleasure
and contentment, and make you feel
satisfied and fulfilled.

Always remember and never forget that
emotions are only the body’s energy
that needs to be released.

As soon as you understand this you will
be the master of your emotions and
feelings even under the harshest of

Start immediately without any delay.