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The wild Olive Tree originated in Asia Minor, where
Neolithic tribes were collecting its wild fruit.

The Olive Tree was first domesticated around seven
thousand (7000) years ago, when olives were turned
into oil. 

The oldest olive tree is thought to be around three
thousand (3000) years old, and it is found in Crete.

Olive oil has been used in rituals, in medicine, as a fuel,
in soaps, as a home remedy, as a lubricant and in skin care.

The Tree Of Eternity


Glittery Ocean


Note – Perfect


When we talk about Mediterranean Diet, we mean
a specific and unique mix of traditional ingredients,
used by people living in the various countries 
bordering the Mediterranean Sea, during the period
of 1950s and 1960s.

We do not mean the cuisine of a specific country, but
a general diet to follow in your every day life for as
long as you live.

The specific ingredients have been evaluated and
found to offer a lot of health benefits, because they 
contain all the essential nutrients we require.

According to studies, by following a Mediterranean
Diet you can have a healthy and long life.
It has been shown to promote heart health, to 
reduce the risk of diabetes, cancer, Parkinson’s
and Alzheimer’s diseases, and to manage weight.

Certainly, all these incorporate the traditional
complete lifestyle of the people living in countries
like Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, etc.




The Diet Of The Poor


The Mediterranean Diet is a very appetizing and
enjoyable way to eat.
Here is how to put it all together:

a)     Eat a lot of vegetables every day with your lunch
and dinner, but avoid potatoes.
If you have any with your meals, eat only sweet potatoes.
Preferably the vegetables should be all fresh, but frozen
are also acceptable.

b)     Eat only whole grain foods like, wheat products,
oats and brown rice with all your meals.

c)      Eat all kinds of nuts, especially almonds and seeds,
but avoid the ones that have been treated with salt.

d)     Eat extra virgin olive oil raw on your meals, and
cook with olive oil your daily foods.

e)     Use all herbs fresh and dried, as well as various spices,
in your every day cooking.

f)     Eat wild caught fish baked or grilled, two (2) to 
three (3) times a week.

g)     Replace all red meat with fresh organic or free 
range poultry like, chicken and turkey.

h)     Eat fresh organic or free range eggs, a minimum
of four (4) times a week.

i)      Eat legumes like, beans, peas, lentils and chickpeas
with one of your meals daily.

j)     Eat a minimum of two (2) fruits every day, one in your
breakfast and one as a snack.

k)     If you eat dairy at all, eat only low fat products on rare
occasions and in small quantities.

l)     Eat pure honey as a sweet and dried fruits,
when you want a treat.

m)   If you drink alcohol, limit it only to specific occasions.

n)    Drink plenty of liquids, including pure tea (if you do not
have a problem with caffeine) and plenty of herbal teas.
Avoid fru
it juices because they contain concentrated sugar.


Rocky Coast


Short And Sweet


According to scientific research the closer you follow
the Mediterranean diet the greater the health 
advantages you will enjoy.
It contains all the necessary nutrients required for
good health.

Clear all unhealthy temptations from your home, 
and adopt the new habit of following the Mediterranean
diet,  for prevention of all chronic serious diseases.

Also make certain you follow the Mediterranean
healthy lifestyle which includes the following:

1)     Enjoy your every day meals with your family.
2)     Take plenty of exercise by walking daily for a
minimum of thirty (30) minutes.
3)     Try to enjoy your life in general.
4)     Socialize with positive and healthy people.

Now it is time for you to introduce and establish
your new Mediterranean diet routine.







The Jewels!


Hi there!


I do most of my food shopping on line, but when
I want specific fresh products I go myself to check
and then buy.

I am a flesh eater and I firmly believe we must eat
protein with every meal.
But I do recognize that we also need to include a colourful
variety of fruits and vegetables in our daily diets.

Vegetables and fruits give our body the nutrients it
needs to maintain itself and be healthy. 
They are very rich sources of fibre, vitamins, minerals,
enzymes and phytochemicals to fight diseases, like:
diabetes, high blood pressure, eye problems, urinary tract
problems, heart, brain, bones and immune system problems.

They also have less calories so we can maintain a healthy
weight more easily.

We need a minimum of five portions of vegetables and fruits
daily, but the more we can eat the better.

This equals to:   5 x 80gr = 400gr = 14oz   on a daily basis.


The Colourful Gems




A)  Red/Pink:

      Pomegranates                   Tomatoes
      Cherries                               Beetroot
      Strawberries                       Red Onions
      Red Grapes                        Radishes
      Watermelon                         Red Peppers
      Red Apples                         Radiccio




B)  Orange/Yellow: 

      Apricots                                Sweet Potatoes
      Mangoes                              Sweet Corn
      Peaches                               Carrots
      Oranges                               Yellow  Bell Peppers
      Pears                                    Orange Peppers




C)  Green:

      Spinach                                Kiwi
      Asparagus                          Green Grapes
      Broccoli                                Green Apples
      Brussels Sprouts               Avocados
      Peas                                     Cucumber
     Green Beans                        Limes
     Courgettes                            Green Pears




D)  Blue/Purple:

       Purple Berries                    Purple Cabbage
      Prunes                                  Aubergines


E)  White:

      Bananas                               Mushrooms, Cauliflower, Parsnips



Making healthy eating choices will ensure the body’s
supplies of nutrients.




The Experts!


Hi there!


Thinking back, about this beautiful restaurant
I was eating every evening during last summer in Athens…
next to the deep blue sea, opposite that fantastic pure beach!


We do not need to look hard to find ways to entertain ourselves.
Dinner is the entertainment;   either it takes place
in a restaurant or at home.


For eating at home, the first step to a proper diet is to
stock our kitchen with a variety of the most healthy
ingredients to make delicious food.


Powerful Fundamentals




The Fridge

The Fridge

1)    Vegetables
2)    Fruits
3)    Organic Eggs
4)    Unsweetened Jam
5)    Organic Soy Milk
6)    Organic Wholemeal Bread
7)    Dried Fruits
8)    Breakfast Wholegrain Cereals
9)    Organic oatmeal
10)  Organic Spelt Flour
11)  Dried Herbs
12)  Spices
13)  Light Ketchup
14)  Wholegrain Mustard
15)  Greek Feta Cheese
16)  Nuts
17)  Seeds
18)  Goat’s Butter



The Freezer

The Freezer


1)     Frozen Mixed Vegetables


2)     Frozen Berries


3)     Frozen Prawns


4)     Frozen Spinach


5)     Fresh Lean Meats


6)     Fresh Salmon





1)     Reduced sugar and salt Baked Beans

Tea Cupboard


2)     Wholegrain Rice

3)     Wild Rice
4)     Unsalted Peanut Butter
5)     Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
6)     Extra Virgin Olive Oil
7)     Still Mineral Water
8)     Whole Rice Crackers

The Cupboard

The Cupboard

9)     Whole Rye Crackers
10)   Whole Oat Crackers
11)   Whole-Wheat Crisprolls
12)   Organic Chick Peas in Water
13)   Whole Tahini
14)   Runny Honey
15)   Pure Cane Sugar
16)   Various Teas




The Target!



Hi there!


In his hotel room, he was washing his face when he heard
a knock on his door.
“Who can it be at this hour?” he wondered,
and went carefully to open the door.

 “Do you want some company?” she asked, coming
into the room and closing the door behind her.
“Certainly. I’m ready”, he replied stepping back……

It is a fact that men die five to ten years earlier
than women.
But by taking certain steps to establish a healthy
lifestyle you can increase your lifespan by a
number of years.




The Power Seeds 


1)    Think and feel young, and you will be young.

2)    Take hobbies which require high concentration to
keep your brain active.

3)    Have a healthy diet by reducing fats and increasing
fruits and vegetables for their vitamin and mineral content.

4)    Have fun in your life to be happy like, reading and playing.

5)    Combat anxiety by looking at the sea or sea scenes.

6)    Look at the nature to reduce stress levels.

7)    Do various housework for 20 minutes to lower
your blood pressure.

8)    Eat less and more often to maintain the right
weight for your size.

9)    Sleep six to seven hours per night to live longer.

10)  Brush your teeth twice a day and floss every
night for a healthy heart.

11)  Eat yoghurt to reduce blood pressure and stress.

12)  Live in a house surrounded by green to be
healthier from air pollution.

13)  Walk any time any where to protect yourself from

14)  Take Vitamin D from sunshine and supplements
to support your immune system and mental health.

15)  Learn an instrument, like a guitar, to feel uplifted.

16)  Do not do jobs which involve risk of injury.

17)  Sunbathe for 20 minutes whenever you can to
raise your testosterone levels naturally.




Strong Potions!



Hi there!


August 24th was the moving day;  
a warm, frantic day from its early start.
It was 07:45 in the morning when the big van arrived,
and it took them the whole day to load all my things.

It was 06:30 in the evening by the time they were ready
to go with a van absolutely packed.
I was totally exhausted but I locked all the doors and
windows, and started driving to my new place.


The Magic of Energy


Our bodies create energy from the foods we eat with
the assistance of vitamins  and minerals.
If the levels of these nutrients decrease we feel
tired and lethargic because there is not enough
energy production.

The secret to keep our energy constant is to keep
our blood sugar levels stable.

The top nutrient for energy production is the Vitamin B complex.




Daily Deals


The quickest way to increase our energy instantly
is to consume the following:

1)   Whole grains  (oats, wheat, rye)
2)   Fruits  (grapes, peaches, bananas)
3)   Vegetables  (broccoli, sprouts, sweet potatoes)
4)   Lean  Protein (poultry, meat, fish)
5)   Yogurt
6)   Sunflower Seeds
7)   Almonds

If we feel exhausted it will be extremely difficult
to us to face our every day life’s hard challenges.

Having a proper balanced diet definitely will make
us feel more energetic and able to accomplish our projects.