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Hi there!


……….  It was a glorious hot summer evening
with a cloudless blue sky.
It had been such an awesome weather all day, that
would have been a waste to spend it indoors.

I really felt invited to sit outdoors, so I took my
tall glass of ice tea and sat in my comfortable
arm-chair on the balcony, to enjoy the tranquil views
and the 
hot sea breeze.

I was feeling serene and excited, when suddenly
I felt a sharp piercing on my lower left leg.
Almost immediately it started itching, and soon
I noticed a red bump appearing.

I was really disturbed and very annoyed by that;
my beautiful, magnificent and peaceful evening
outdoors was destroyed. 

I got up, went into the house and took my tea
tree oil bottle. 
I rubbed a few drops on my red skin, which felt
immediately better, but it still took some time to cure.

Since then,  I decided to dress properly with long
sleeves and trousers before I ever sit outdoors during
the summer months “……….




De Havilland Mosquito


Mosquitoes have been around for the last two
hundred and ten million years;     and there are
almost four thousand species worldwide.
They are a very big problem people have to face
in many countries, especially in tropical climates
and around the Equator.

Being bitten by a mosquito is an extremely
annoying thing and potentially dangerous.
They are very harmful in general, and they can
transmit various diseases.

Only female mosquitoes are attracted to human
beings, because they need to feed on our blood
for its protein content.
They puncture our skin with their proboscis
and suck out the blood.

For this process to be successful, they release a
kind of saliva to maintain the blood thin and
Our immune system then releases histamines
to regulate the inflammation on the site.

All this procedure is causing itchiness and a red
bump;    depending on how sensitive each individual
is, the bump can be bigger or smaller.


Ducks on a pond


Grant Respite


During the summer months be especially
careful in order to avoid the mosquitoes’
unpleasant bites.

Avoid the following:

1)     Going out at dawn and at dusk because
these are the mosquitoes’ peak feeding times.

2)     Wearing dark clothes because they attract
Aim for loose, light-coloured
long trousers and long sleeves
when outdoors,
as well as closed shoes.

3)     Being close to stagnant waters,  any rubbish
and composts.
Remove any standing water 
from around your house.   

4)     Getting too hot.
Always try to stay cool.

5)     Exercising outdoors because the build-up
of lactic acid will attract mosquitoes immediately.

6)     Travelling to countries close to Equator or
any countries with tropical climate.

7)     Using any products with various perfumes
on your body.

8)     Drinking alcohol, especially beer.

9)      Leaving your windows and doors open in
your house or car.   Keep them closed to prevent
mosquitoes from getting inside.




The Guardian Angels


To be on the safe side use the following
natural repellents:

a)     Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil
b)     Lavender Essential Oil
c)     Peppermint Essential Oil
d)     Thyme Essential Oil
e)     Tea Tree Essential Oil
f)     Sage Essential Oil

Rub the above mentioned oils on your exposed
skin, your arms and legs to repel mosquitoes.


Koi Pond


A l s o  :


f)     Eat garlic and lemon

g)     Take Vitamin B complex

h)     Burn Citronella Oil in a diffuser

i)      Rub Pure Vanilla Extract on your exposed skin

If you are bitten, here are the most effective
natural remedies for you to consider:


    Soak a cotton ball in Apple Cider Vinegar or
Lemon Juice, and keep on pressing on the bite
until you feel more comfortable.

*     Slice up a Cucumber and hold a slice on the
bite for as long as it is necessary.

*     Put Aloe Vera gel  on the bite to help with
the healing process.

*     Mix some Baking Soda and Salt with a little
water and place the paste on the affected area.

*      Apply Essential Oil of Tea tree on the bite.




I n     C o n c l u s i o n  :


Mosquitoes are attracted to humans due to their
scent, heat and humidity.
Most importantly though,  it is down to our genes
how much our body is attractive to the mosquitoes.

This is because we carry very specific bacteria on
our skin that emit an individual smell.
Also, various species of mosquitoes prefer different
parts of our body to attack.
Especially, if you are a Blood Type O you will definitely
attract more mosquitoes than other blood types.

Ideally the best thing to do is to try and avoid being
bitten in the first place.
If you are in the house use air conditioning, and
always trap and kill any mosquitoes you see on the
walls immediately.

N o t e :

All the above mentioned are the best natural cures
and home remedies for you to adopt.
If any of you intends to travel to a tropical country
or any other high risk place, you should consider
a good commercial product to avoid catching any
serious disease.

Have a Nice Summer !!




Great Barracuda!


Hi there!


In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to
prison by a militry court for a crime they
didn’t commit.
These men promptly escaped from a maximum
security stockade to the Los Angeles underground.

Today, still wanted by the government, they
survive as soldiers of fortune.
If you have a problem, if no one else can help,
and if you can find them, maybe you can hire……
the A-Team .

                        Opening narration by John Ashley
                        Narration stated January 1983

I ain’t gettin’ on no plane

                              B.(ad)  A.(ttitude) Baracus

Having had a deep fear of flying he was usually
rendered unconscious before any flight.


Rocky coast at sunset Blue Skies over Ocean


Pessimo Elemento


Flying is the fastest and most convenient way
of transportation.   In today’s society air
travel is a routine part of life, and a unique

Air travel is one of the most safe methods of
travelling with only a negligible chance of
something unexpected happening.

It is a very common phenomenon for people
to suffer from fear of flying.   According to
studies possibly one third of all people have
this problem.

Aerophobia is debilitating resulting in
exaggerated stress and worry followed by
anxiety or panic.  
With dedication and commitment, a lot of
preparation and practice you can overcome
your fear of flying.


Sun through clouds over rocky coast Bright sun in Haze


Born Again


Here are some very useful suggestions to
handle your fear of flying from personal

a)     Learn as much as you possibly can about
flying, how the airplanes works, what is normal
and what is not, and in general what to expect
in order to feel more safe.

b)     Realise that flying is extremely safe and
routine these days, and that the crew are very
experienced so that you can be more relaxed
and comfortable.

c)     Always book direct flights to minimise air
time and on larger planes for smoother flight.

d)     Choose an aisle seat on any of the window
sides and over the wings for better freedom of
movement, to feel less claustrophobic and for
more stability.

e)     Manage your stress and anxiety by
thinking p
ositively and focusing your thoughts
only in
the present.  
If you feel tight tense your muscles and let go.  
Also keep breathing deeply until you feel relaxed.

f)     While seated open the cool air on top of
your seat to chill out.
Also switch your personal reading light on to
brighten your area.

g)     Always have with you salty nuts and
snacks to support your adrenaline levels and
pure coconut water to hydrate.

Also have enough chewing gums to chew
to help your ears during the flight.

h)     Be comfortably dressed, bring music  
with you to listen to what you like, look at
magazines, watch t.v. or talk to someone.
All these will distract you and the flight will
end faster.

i)     If you feel panicky at any time do not worry
because it can not hurt you in any way.
This is only a reaction to your fear and as soon
as you realise that there is no threat anywhere
your fear will disappear.

j)     Always carry with you a bottle of pure
essential lavender oil to smell whenever
you feel agitated.
Also a bottle of rescue remedy and take as


Cloud covered Coastline sun shining through Sun through clouds at the coast


Rise Above


Remember that every time you fly you acquire
experience and knowledge to handle your
phobia more efficiently and confidently.

Defeat your fear of flying;    and enjoy all the 
benefits and compensations of your effort
and accomplishment by being able to visit
other lands.

Enjoy your trip!





Salut a tous!


Back in the early 80s I used to work for
a bank, a job which I really enjoyed.
My manager at the time was a high-powered
man in his late 40s, earning a very comfortable
salary, who was always complaining.

Although he had a powerful position
many would envy, he was never happy with
his job;    and his day-to-day demands
were putting him down.

Every day in his office he was thinking
what steps to take to escape from this
uncomfortable and annoying situation.

After struggling for some time he
finally decided to retire and start running
his own business trading from the
comfort of his own home.

It is very hard and not as safe  and
profitable as being a banker he said
but I feel much happier, I am free and
relaxed;   I now have a much better
quality of life…...


Bushes Garden Palm Tree Cafe


Joie De Vivre


Many people dream of a future that is
very different from their present.
Today humans live longer, enjoy better
health and have a much improved
standard of living.

People above 50 are more relaxed, know
who they are and what they want, and
decide to pursue their fantasies recognising
that they will have the best time of their
lives from now on.

So either you have decided to retire from
your job or you have a lot of free time
to spend every day, find a passion and
chase it with enthusiasm.
It can be anything that makes you feel
good you will redefine yourself in
your own eyes.


Man Jogging Man Cycling


Dernier Cri


The following are only some of the
activities to pursue:

a)     Start the business you always
wanted from the comfort of your own
home.  Register with freelance work
websites  for the work which interests you.

b)     Start a blog sharing all your knowledge
with other people or create your own website
regarding issues that inspire you.

c)     Write a book;   either a novel, or a
cookbook or your memoirs.

d)     Pursue a hobby to keep you focused
and fulfilled;   it can be walking, hiking,
swimming, yoga, bowling, collecting shells or
pebbles, fishing, gardening or photography.

e)     Join a fitness and leisure club not
only to keep fit but also to make new friends.

f)     Start creative activities like, interior
design, cooking/baking, painting/drawing.

g)     Pursue to become as healthy as possible
by adopting a healthy diet, taking supplements,
sleep well, exercise and meditate in nature.

h)     Start reading, researching and listening
to the music you like.

i)     If you like travelling travel either within
your own country to see the other cities, towns
and villages or to other foreign countries to
learn how other people live.

j)     Move to another country, change your
life completely and reinvent yourself.


Promenade Man Fishing


Savoir Faire


When major changes happen in  our
life like, r
etirement or leaving
a job or a relationship we have to take
control and choose to reform our life and
adjust to the new circumstances.

Refuse to surrender quietly into the
middle and old age.  
Do not be stuck and accept the easy route,
but learn to see yourself in a new way,
do not care what other people think

Imagine the enjoyment, fulfillment

and pleasure awaiting ahead.
A well chosen pursuit will have a
tremendous emotional return.
Modify your identity and renovate
your life.
Re-imagine and reshape your
future now   you can do it.

You are on a mission!




Per Aspera Ad Astra!




I have been discussing the subject of retirement and
reinvention for some time now.
It is the most important subject, especially for women
in their 50s and 60s, because these decades a new
life cycle begins.

The question “what will I do for the next twenty five
years?” is in people’s minds — and it really is a very
long time to be inactive.

Retiring from whatever you have been doing for the
last twenty five years is puzzling; but most importantly
you have to be emotionally prepared.

Even so, it will still take a minimum of a two year
transitional period to re-adjust to your new life.
You will go through a number of phases until you
finally sink into your new life pattern.




The Return


The secret for an effective reinvention is to set quality goals.
Goals keep us focused, motivated and interested.
We have something to believe in and look forward to.

Make a list with the following suggestions, and you can
add or remove, depending on what you like doing.

1)   Travelling to places you have never been before.
2)   Change the interior decoration of your house.
3)   Involve yourself with the community.
4)   Volunteer for something you enjoy.
5)   Get a part time job in the field of your choice.
6)   Change the design of your garden.
7)   Learn a foreign language or any other course.
8)   Look after your health as a hobby.
9)   Take up writing.
10)   Pursue fitness in a health club.
11)   Take up cooking or baking.
12)   Develop new friendships.
13)   Become more spiritual.

Living Power


The next three rules are vital to your moving forward
in a productive way.

This point in your life is a period of losses, like

your youth and your best appearance;
but do not forget that now is the time to get rid
of all previous expectations about yourself and
Start feeling relaxed, free and independent.

b) Now this is the stage when almost all people say
“I do not care”;
and it includes friends, colleagues, family and
Now is the right time to say “NO”.

c) Finally this is the time to develop self awareness.
Start being conscious of your own existence
separate from the other people.
Concentrate to your own feelings, thoughts,
behaviours and traits.



Favourable Outcome


(I) In order to succeed in your new life you do need
to be very enthusiastic about your goals.
You need to commit yourself and focus.
Whatever your goal is, even if you decide to do
nothing, you have to be excited about it.
Enthusiasm equals success.

(II) Remember this is a transitional period and it will
take a long time, so you need to be very patient.
This is going to be a long journey until you find
your own sense of purpose, and you need to give
time to adapt yourself.

Patience is a virtue.





Exquisite Beauty!


Hi there!

She got up early daybreak, huddled on her
clothes and waited for the taxi she had
booked the night before to take her to the airport.
Although it was so early, the road was
packed with cars; they had to struggle through the traffic.
On arrival she heard her flight was seriously delayed.
Her luck was running out!
How will you manage to reach your destination
finally fresh, relaxed and looking good?
Travelling by air plane is a hardship even
for the strongest body.
The sudden atmospheric change together with
the air pressure and the air-conditioning
test our strength.
As a frequent flyer for the last 30 years living in two countries,
I have concluded the following simple solutions:



A) Skin:

 1)  Use a rich moisturiser to keep the skin well hydrated.
2)  Use light colour lipstick on the lips, cheeks
and brow bone to brighten the face.
3)  Use a water spray (like Evian) every now
and then to keep the moisture.

B) Eyes:

1)  Use hydrating eye drops to keep the eyes lubricated.
2)  Use an eye cream to keep the under eye skin soft.
3)  Use a liquid concealer to cover under eye black circles.

C) Hair:

1)  Shampoo the hair the day before travelling.
2)  Style it in a way easy to handle at all times.
3)  Keep in the handbag a comb, clips, a small
spray to use before landing.




D) Light Stomach:

Even if you never have any problems, still
the situation is not ideal so,
1)  Avoid sodas, fried foods, onions, fat foods,
complicated sauces, peanuts and chocolate cakes.
All these are difficult to digest.
2)  Avoid alcohol in any form because its effect
will be doubled on air, and you will feel dizzy.
3)  Eat energy producing foods like,
(a)  Whole grains : breads, pasta, rice, cereals.
(b)  Fruits : bananas, apples, raisins.
(c)  Nuts : all
(d)  Seeds : all
4)  Drink plenty of bottled water to avoid dehydration.

E) General Fitness:

1)  Avoid wearing new shoes because the feet tend
to swell due to the change of the air pressure.
2)  When seated try not to cross your legs.
3)  If possible put the legs on top of a bag to help
with the circulation.
4)  Every now and then, make circles with your
wrists, ankles and shoulders.
5)  From time to time turn the head left and
right a few times.
6)  Take deep breaths to increase the oxygen levels.


To relax: breath in lavender essential oil.
To energise: breath in bergamot essential oil.

Bon Voyage!