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Bo had everything he wished in his life:
the perfect job offering him a high income, a couple
of houses and cars to enjoy, a beautiful wife
and a huge bank account.

But Bo was not a happy man, because he was
feeling his control over everything in his life
was very limited.

In his business, he was always trying to make
people work according to the way which would
be acceptable to him.
Obviously, the real world disregarded him, and
his wishes never took place.

When he returned home, he was always struggling
to control his wife’s plans and actions.
Again, to no avail.   She still acted her own ways.

I must change my attitude;   I need to understand
and learn to do my best, and believe that things
will come out all-right .
He said to himself one morning.
Since then his life has changed completely.


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Control happens to all humans instinctively.
But our control and mastery over the majority
of things in life are actually very limited.

For example, your financial situation, your friends,
your family, your job, your health, ageing and dying;
are these all really under your full control?

Certainly not;   because most of these situations can
change very quickly at any time, and others will
come naturally any way.

Most people have a great number of things they
manage in their every day life.
But in reality, there are only very few things, you
can truly control.

Life is very complicated, but if you manage to learn
how to command these
very few things under your
control, not only your
life will improve immediately,
but you will become
a powerful and happy individual.



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Here are four important things that are actually
under your control:

a)     Focus

Prioritize your goals;   all the things that mean
most to you like, family, work, relationships.
Concentrate on making them work as best as
possible for you.

b)     Emotions

Realise that when other people or situations
upset you, this is happening only because you
personally have allowed them to do so.
Choose to keep your thoughts under control,
and you will feel much happier and in peace.

c)     Attitude

Stop being resentful and furious when something
goes wrong.
Instead give your utmost attention and improve
a difficult and demanding situation.

d)     Actions

Stop suffering and accept that you are not in
full control.
Stay committed to your targets, but do not be
attached to the results.
Do the best you can, but stay emotionally detached
because you cannot predict the outcome, and you
will feel angry if things do not come as you have
expected them to.


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There are also a few more basic things you can
actually control like,
your breathing, your self-talk and body language,
as well as your diet, exercise and sleep.

Never expect to have full control of everything;
because control is an illusion.

The clever thing to do is, to ignore everything
you can not control;
and  try to understand, learn
and handle well
the things you can.

Focus on your own existence.
Only then you will live your best life ever.

Believe in yourself.





Hi there!


A few years ago I decided to start playing golf.
I went to my nearby club and hired an instructor so
I could learn the game properly.
I was very enthusiastic;   and playing every second
day I improved very quickly.

Suddenly one day,  “what’s wrong with you today?”
he asked me while playing.
“I don’t know, but I don’t feel so excited any more”
I replied, feeling surprised myself.

He suggested different things to bring back my focus
to the game, but I had already
lost my enthusiasm
and concentration.
Every time I was going to the club I was feeling under
pressure and not enjoying
golf any more. 

 I had started feeling really stuck and not able to
throw myself into
the game.
Consequently instead of succeeding in being a competent
golfer, which was my
original thought when I started,
I had failed — which I now regret..!


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Our brains are prone to distraction naturally.
In today’s chaotic and unsettled life our minds are
gliding along without any

In order not to regret over not having done what
we have always wanted in
our life, we must have
thought through
our targets, calculated them
and be

 Try to stay focused on your goals and do not allow
confusion, interruptions or
any interferences to
lead you astray.


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Usually our attention is hopping between our
past and the future.
The only way to succeed is to focus our mind in the present.

 Practice the following three principles:


1)    Never Look Back:


We learn from our experiences and mistakes in the past,
but we do not
live in the past.


2)    Never Live In The Future:


We look forward to our plans and goals, but we do not
tomorrow in order to escape today.


3)    Stay In The Present:


Concentrate to living now in order to have a better future.
Certainly living only in the present is extremely difficult,
and it needs
complete self-control;   but it definitely is
the only way to have a successful life.


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Imagine your life for the next 5 years.
Picture where you want to be, what you need to do,
the people you want
to associate with.
This will help you focus today so it can materialize tomorrow.

Be enthusiastic and excited about your plans and targets.
Be fascinated by them as well as the whole process
to achieve them.

Adopt the following technique to train your mind:

  Commit your attention to a single assignment for
15 minutes, and get rid
of all distractions.
Do become completely engaged with your task.

As soon as you notice your mind starts wandering,
press it immediately to return
to your assignment.
Keep doing this again and again until you finally succeed.

It is only a matter of discipline,and your mind will get used to it.

Try to keep your body still and stay on your chosen path.


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Naturally we all want to grow and achieve our dreams.
This is an adventure which should be an enjoyable and pleasant
experience;   not an ordeal and misery.

You can alter your life by changing your attitude and focus.

The starting point is to believe you can change;
then reshape the way
you are looking at various situations.

Be loving, forgiving, grateful and spiritual.






Hi there!


We belonged to the same health club.
Every evening we both went to the gym;
and although we never talked, we always made
eye contact which lasted
many seconds.

A good number of times our eyes locked for a
whole minute.
I really liked him but I was too nervous to
approach him.

This went on for sometime;   until one evening
we bumped into each other.
We only said “Hello”, smiled and he went on to the
treadmill to jog.

Although I was feeling so anxious, I decided to stand
up for myself.
I went over to him and started talking about fitness.

He responded immediately, so we went on talking.
We found that we were thinking similarly on the
subject of fitness.

“We must arrange to meet soon” I said.
“Definitely, we have so much
in common” he replied.
“How about next Saturday evening?”
I asked.  “It’s a date” he replied. 

My decision to gain self-confidence and make the first
step paid off.
Since then we are still together, and going strong.


Lady_In_Black Lady_In_Red 


F i d u c i a

Self-confidence is the key to living
our best life.
Our success in every sector of our life depends on it.

It is extremely and absolutely important.
All it needs is determination, persistence and self-direction.

Being competent and respect yourself equals self-confidence.


Blue_Flower Red_Flower


F u n d a m e n t a


Practice the following recommendations and you
will gain tremendous inner power.

1)    Identify the reasons you feel insecure and worried,
and minimise or correct them.

2)    Think positively and believe in yourself.
Live only in the present and be flexible, calm and relaxed.

3)    Acknowledge ten things you have achieved in your life
until now, and be pleased and

4)    Force yourself out of your comfort zone.
Plan and set new goals and targets, and take the risks.

5)    Value and stand up for yourself.
Develop your interests and be natural.

6)    Associate with positive and happy people.
Give compliments and accept compliments.
Do not talk too much;   listen more and be in control.

7)    Pay attention to your posture, the way you dress
and your whole attitude, to inspire

8)    Look after your physical fitness and walk with
energy and purpose at all times.


One_Cool_Lady Four_Cool_Ladies


Etat D’ Esprit


Self-confidence is a state of mind.
Unscramble your soul and transform your beliefs
with positive thoughts.
Only then you will create a strong personality.

 Good Luck!!




Super Solutions!


Hi there!

A blast of extinction covered the earth,
and the existent world was eradicated.
Our modern culture is now submerged
into the chaos of the desire for possessions.


We must try to adapt ourselves to this new situation,
and try to solve our every day life’s challenges
as best as we can 
by exercising self-knowledge,
self-understanding and self-control.


Time is essential to accomplish our goals.
We have to organise our time correctly to be
able to do the things we want in our daily life.


The more organised we are the more time we have
for ourselves to feel more comfortable and balanced.





1)   Start by making lists of the target number of tasks
you want to do daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.
2)   Establish your routines so there is no time wasted.
3)   Prioritize by putting the most important task first.
4)   Do not procrastinate and stay focused on what
you want to achieve.
5)   Decide how much time each task needs and allow
extra time for delays.
6)   If you ever need assistance do not hesitate to ask.
7)   Always make time for yourself to relax.
8)   Be realistic and try to protect yourself from failure
by working on targets.




Planning all your jobs will avoid any problems and complications.
Always try to stay organised no matter what you do.
For every ailment there is a mental cause!
Consequently healing of the body must start in the mind!