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Hi there!


It was a quiet humid morning and Lin was sitting
in his desk wondering what to tackle next.
It was one of those mornings that not only he
wanted, but he really needed to do something
useful for himself.

He had no inspiration at all, and that made him
feel under pressure and completely wasted.
Then suddenly he thought,  I do love music, so
I must turn to it for help;   I believe an inspiring
song will awaken my spirit .

He got up, walked to the little table where his mini
Hi Fi was, and put on a CD.

I’m trying to focus my attention
But I feel so A.D.D.
I need some help some inspiration
But it’s not coming easily…

Tryn’a find the magic
Tryn’a write a classic
Don’t you know, don’t you know, don’t you know?
Wastebin full of paper
Clever rhymes, see ya later

These words are my own
From my heart flown

These Words
by Natasha Bedingfield


Red Peppers


Flight Of Fancy


Most people want to be gifted and creative.
Creativity is a skill to be learnt.
To start with it needs to be encouraged
and cultivated.

After it needs to be practiced.
Later it needs to be developed and perfected.
At the end it will be implemented.

The advancement is slow and it takes time,
but the more you do it the more it will grow;
and you do not even have to press yourself
very much.

When you have become creative you will start
viewing the world from another perspective.
Your attitude and mindset will change, and
you will act differently from the average person.

Soon you will realise that life is much more
complex, sophisticated, significant, 

meaningful    and full of possibilities.

You will find that your mind will never slow down
and you will like to be spending time with
yourself in your own space;
something which will give you the opportunity
to focus, contemplate and get excited about
your thoughts and plans.




Intestinal Fortitude


Adopt the following suggestions to learn the
skill of

a)     Let your mind wander sitting alone,
pondering and asking questions.

b)     Follow your instincts and change a daily
situation to find a new solution to an issue.

c)     Go for a walk;   observe everything around
you, take photographs and consider your
potential project peacefully.

d)     Start writing with pen and paper;   write
a journal, an article or a story to have your
thoughts flowing.

e)     Read, listen to the music, dance to discover
new things in your life, and continue learning.

f)     Always look for improvement.
If you fail try again until you finally succeed.
Nothing is perfect including yourself.

g)     Always treat your creativity as work:
sit down specific times to suit your way of
life every day, set goals and take risks. 


Stick Plant


Staying Power


In a number of people, creative thinking is
a strong, steady, permanent and defining
characteristic;    it is the expression of their
thinking, their needs and desires.
It is part of who they are.

If you really want to develop a creative mind
start meditating on a daily basis.
Meditation will improve your memory;
it will increase your focus;
it will lift you emotionally;
it will enhance your mental clarity, and
it will reduce your stresses and anxieties.

” Great minds discuss ideas.
Average minds discuss events.
Small minds discuss people “

Henry Thomas Buckle
1821  –  1862








Hi there!


—     Autonomy
—     Personal Growth
—     Purpose in life
     Environmental mastery
     Positive relations with others

This is the six-factor structure conseptualised
by Dr C.D. Ryff, Ph.D.
that a person must acknowledge if he/she
wishes to lead a satisfied life.




Presence Of Mind


You are the accumulation of all your
your feelings, your short and
plans as well as your ambitions
continual efforts.

The only way to learn and grow as humans
is through everyday life lessons, either
these are pleasant and satisfying or
uncomfortable and distressing, even painful.

Lay out the life you want for yourself;
and organise and set up all risks you
want to take to accomplish your dreams
and desires.




Life Of Riley


The following important adages will
guide your best life:

a)     Always give priority to yourself.
Listen to your inner voice and do what
feels good for you.
Be strong and follow your instincts
without listening and doing what other
people say and want.
” No is a gift.

 b)     Always be fearless and proud of
who you are.
Pursue your dreams and the future you
want for your life ignoring people’s
Face all problems and find solutions
beyond fear.

c)     Always be bold and keep trying even
if you fail repeatedly.
Be successful by never giving up.

d)     Always consider difficulties and
failures as challenges.
If you want a better life you have to go
and get it.

e)     Always be grateful and enjoy every
moment, even the smallest things in life.
Laugh and love a lot.

f)     Always accept your limitations and
continue to grow and evolve.

Feel free to change as you age and become
more experienced with life.
Be persistent and you will finally win.

g)     Always live in the present.
Remember that the past is gone and the
future is unknown.
If you want to recall, do so;
but never dwell there.




Hog Heaven


Life is too complicated and too short.
Today is the best day you have to start
acting on your ambitions and desires;  
on your principles and ethics;  
on your purpose and values.

You only live once;
so become the author of your own
life story.

Start doing things the right way for

Are you having the true good life?







Hi there!


A few years ago I decided to start playing golf.
I went to my nearby club and hired an instructor so
I could learn the game properly.
I was very enthusiastic;   and playing every second
day I improved very quickly.

Suddenly one day,  “what’s wrong with you today?”
he asked me while playing.
“I don’t know, but I don’t feel so excited any more”
I replied, feeling surprised myself.

He suggested different things to bring back my focus
to the game, but I had already
lost my enthusiasm
and concentration.
Every time I was going to the club I was feeling under
pressure and not enjoying
golf any more. 

 I had started feeling really stuck and not able to
throw myself into
the game.
Consequently instead of succeeding in being a competent
golfer, which was my
original thought when I started,
I had failed — which I now regret..!


Out and Out_8 Out and Out_7




Our brains are prone to distraction naturally.
In today’s chaotic and unsettled life our minds are
gliding along without any

In order not to regret over not having done what
we have always wanted in
our life, we must have
thought through
our targets, calculated them
and be

 Try to stay focused on your goals and do not allow
confusion, interruptions or
any interferences to
lead you astray.


Out and Out_4 Out and Out_3




Usually our attention is hopping between our
past and the future.
The only way to succeed is to focus our mind in the present.

 Practice the following three principles:


1)    Never Look Back:


We learn from our experiences and mistakes in the past,
but we do not
live in the past.


2)    Never Live In The Future:


We look forward to our plans and goals, but we do not
tomorrow in order to escape today.


3)    Stay In The Present:


Concentrate to living now in order to have a better future.
Certainly living only in the present is extremely difficult,
and it needs
complete self-control;   but it definitely is
the only way to have a successful life.


Out and Out_6 Out and Out_5




Imagine your life for the next 5 years.
Picture where you want to be, what you need to do,
the people you want
to associate with.
This will help you focus today so it can materialize tomorrow.

Be enthusiastic and excited about your plans and targets.
Be fascinated by them as well as the whole process
to achieve them.

Adopt the following technique to train your mind:

  Commit your attention to a single assignment for
15 minutes, and get rid
of all distractions.
Do become completely engaged with your task.

As soon as you notice your mind starts wandering,
press it immediately to return
to your assignment.
Keep doing this again and again until you finally succeed.

It is only a matter of discipline,and your mind will get used to it.

Try to keep your body still and stay on your chosen path.


Out and Out_2 Out and Out_1




Naturally we all want to grow and achieve our dreams.
This is an adventure which should be an enjoyable and pleasant
experience;   not an ordeal and misery.

You can alter your life by changing your attitude and focus.

The starting point is to believe you can change;
then reshape the way
you are looking at various situations.

Be loving, forgiving, grateful and spiritual.






Hi there!


This cool night of December she was invited to a
very interesting party.
Wearing her most exciting clothes she took the taxi that
would bring her to this
incredible estate.

Upon arriving and entering the well-decorated impressive
room she was welcomed by a
beautiful crowd, who made
her feel totally happy.

It was a fantastic atmosphere; people were drinking and
chatting, others
were dancing and one group were
a game with partners.
They seemed to take great pleasure in doing all these.

Everything was exhilarating!
“I do want to let myself enjoy all this unbelievable celebration;
what an
unforgettable experience” she thought.
But being such a reserved person by nature, she kept on
holding back.

Later on that night when she returned home, and while
relaxing on her sofa,
she thought … “although I had a
time, still, I feel I was very tight.
This New Year’s resolution for me will be To
Enjoy My Life Much More……”.


Decisions-02 Decisions-06


Strong Will


Another year ending — another year starting;
but it is always the same thing.

You make new resolutions and try to put them in to
action for the next few weeks.
Then suddenly one day you have had enough and you
start ignoring them — and this is
very disappointing.

New Year is a great start for what you always wanted to do.
It is the perfect
time to turn a new page and live a better life.
It is an excellent opportunity
to establish new routines
and achieve
brand new goals — to make a fresh start.


Decisions-05 Decisions-01




The following tips can help you keep up with your new resolutions.

1)    Be Sensible:

Only make the resolutions that will make you happy at this
point in your life;
and the ones that need the minimum
effort to be accomplished, so you can keep on doing them.

2)    Visualise:

Picture yourself as you would like to be and try to behave
in this new way.

3)    Keep records:

Make a plan every morning for the whole day so you know
exactly what
you are doing at all times.

4)    Concentrate:

Turn any failures into successes by always being persistent.

5)    Have fun:

Follow your resolutions by making  them interesting,
pleasant, and


Decisions-04 Decisions-03


F i n a l e


No matter what age we are we still have a number
of possibilities
within to start again differently.
We can change our life, if we really want.

A simple but excellent start to the New Year will be 

(a)  to get out of the house more, or 

(b)  to go for walks in nature, or 

(c)  to talk to the people you meet, or 

(d)  to join a Spa.


Have a very Happy New Year!!!






Hi there!


We belonged to the same health club.
Every evening we both went to the gym;
and although we never talked, we always made
eye contact which lasted
many seconds.

A good number of times our eyes locked for a
whole minute.
I really liked him but I was too nervous to
approach him.

This went on for sometime;   until one evening
we bumped into each other.
We only said “Hello”, smiled and he went on to the
treadmill to jog.

Although I was feeling so anxious, I decided to stand
up for myself.
I went over to him and started talking about fitness.

He responded immediately, so we went on talking.
We found that we were thinking similarly on the
subject of fitness.

“We must arrange to meet soon” I said.
“Definitely, we have so much
in common” he replied.
“How about next Saturday evening?”
I asked.  “It’s a date” he replied. 

My decision to gain self-confidence and make the first
step paid off.
Since then we are still together, and going strong.


Lady_In_Black Lady_In_Red 


F i d u c i a

Self-confidence is the key to living
our best life.
Our success in every sector of our life depends on it.

It is extremely and absolutely important.
All it needs is determination, persistence and self-direction.

Being competent and respect yourself equals self-confidence.


Blue_Flower Red_Flower


F u n d a m e n t a


Practice the following recommendations and you
will gain tremendous inner power.

1)    Identify the reasons you feel insecure and worried,
and minimise or correct them.

2)    Think positively and believe in yourself.
Live only in the present and be flexible, calm and relaxed.

3)    Acknowledge ten things you have achieved in your life
until now, and be pleased and

4)    Force yourself out of your comfort zone.
Plan and set new goals and targets, and take the risks.

5)    Value and stand up for yourself.
Develop your interests and be natural.

6)    Associate with positive and happy people.
Give compliments and accept compliments.
Do not talk too much;   listen more and be in control.

7)    Pay attention to your posture, the way you dress
and your whole attitude, to inspire

8)    Look after your physical fitness and walk with
energy and purpose at all times.


One_Cool_Lady Four_Cool_Ladies


Etat D’ Esprit


Self-confidence is a state of mind.
Unscramble your soul and transform your beliefs
with positive thoughts.
Only then you will create a strong personality.

 Good Luck!!




Nosce Te Ipsum!


Hi there!


Habits are automatic behaviours, which we
are used to over the years and hold on to them
in our every day life.

They are our fixed ways of thinking, feeling
and acting daily.

Some of these though, are not very good, so
we may decide to change them.

Changing a habit is not easy;  it takes a lot
of hard work and a serious commitment to
stop doing something we are so used to doing.

Because of this, the majority of people live
their whole lives under the control of external
or internal circumstances.


Bright Red


Success Story


There are specific steps we need to take in order
to be able to break a bad habit.
1)  Recognize the wrong fixation you want to

2)  Take full responsibility for your life, and do not
be a victim.
Imagine your future both ways.

3)  Decide to commit to change this destructive

4)  Believe in your ability to do anything you put
your mind to.

5)  Track the ruinous habit and find what triggers it.

6)  Stop the addiction by interrupting its pattern.
Replace the empty space with either a fun
or a physical new habit.

7)  Focus on only one bad habit at a time for best
success results.

8)  It takes four weeks to get used to a new habit;
so be patient and consistent.




Having good habits is the magic secret to living
a really successful life.

Only then we will be in control of our thoughts,
feelings and actions.

The sooner we do it the better, because the older
we are the more difficult it becomes.





Qui Audet Adipisciur!






Life is full of unexpected events. Sometimes it goes
smoothly but many times it can be very difficult
and disappointing.  It is then that we will be called
upon to start all over again.

We may have to face an unforeseen divorce, a sudden
death or a surprising illness.
Building up our life all over again is a frightening
thought which fills us with anxiety.

But also it is one which gives us ground and hope
to create a new life.
These modern times we live beginning a new life again
is an everyday reality.

Although it is a frightening experience and a hard try,
it is a new way to define ourselves.


Yellow Rose




Here are six simple ways to start your life again.


A)  Live In The Present


It is very easy to stay in the past because we have
already invested a big part of our lives in it.
But if we want to move on and start over, we must
leave the past where it belongs — in the past!

Keep busy with your present life and create a new you.


B)  Enjoy The Trip


Although as adults we have less time and opportunities
than the young, still we have the choice to be daring
and take some risks.

View the creation of your new self as a pleasant journey
and be thankful for what it brings to your new life.


C)  Trust The Conclusion


When we are ready to start over, we always
believe that our new life will be better than our previous
in many ways;  otherwise there is no point in
starting anything.

The opportunities are out there — we only need to find
and take advantage of them.




D)  Prioritize


 In order to succeed we have to put our priorities
right.  There is no way we can do everything at
the same time.

Focus on the most important things to be done
first in order to create the right flow of things.


E)   Bona Fide


We usually are stuck to what was  —  especially
the first few years after the unexpected event.
We always think what and how we used to be
and live.

Everything changes, and in order to follow we
must evolve and adapt ourselves to the new


F)  Defeat Struggle


Often when we have a difficult task to do we tend
to postpone it for indefinite periods.
By delaying taking the necessary steps to restart our
life it becomes progressively more difficult every day,
and finally it will never happen.

Start now to enjoy the life you want later.


Learn the lessons well, even if you have to go through fire,
and you will definitely succeed in creating your new self.
You will see and enjoy the dramatic change eventually.