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Jelly – Belly !


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Cat and Chez met at their gym this afternoon, since
they were both taking the six o’clock aerobics class.
They warmed up in the jogging machines for a
while, then entered the room waiting for their
trainer to start the class.

It was an extremely enjoyable routine for fifty
uninterrupted minutes, after which they went
next door to the cafe for a drink and a chat.

I’m still very concerned about this bulge in my
abdomen;    I’ve already limited my calories, and
as you know,  I’m exercising every day.
But to no avail  —  it still persists ,
Cat said feeling distressed.

I don’t feel good in my body or in my clothes;
and I don’t know what to wear, especially in the
summer, to cover up this growth in front of me
she continued almost in tears.

I know exactly what you mean;   it’s very difficult
to lose belly fat  —  I’ve been fighting against this 
upsetting problem myself for many years now
Chez replied in a sad tone.


Fat Flower


Hot Potato


Lower body fat is a considerable worry for most
Everybody wants to feel comfortable, attractive
and relaxed in their clothes.
Unfortunately, this abdominal fat is really stubborn,
and it will still stay there even if you diet and
exercise regularly.

This dangerous fat is connected with a number of
health problems, and it really is worse than just
being generally overweight.
So you do need to take all necessary steps to regulate
it and keep it under control.

Obviously it is not easy to eliminate this fat, so you must
be very willing, absolutely determined and completely
persistent to undertake solid permanent lifestyle changes.

A small amount of belly fat is good for you to protect
your lower internal organs.
But if it becomes a lot it is not healthy any more.

Apart from being overweight in general due to 
over-eating and muscle loss, the most common causes
of stubborn abdominal fat are the following:


Red Flower


a)     Adrenal Imbalance

When you are constantly stressed your adrenal glands 
keep on releasing excess cortisol and adrenaline,
causing serious hormonal imbalances in your body.
As a consequence, it starts accumulating surplus of 
fat in the abdominal area.

The Answer

Manage your stress levels by avoiding or minimising
all stressors in your life.
Also use meditation, deep breathing, herbs and nature
to reduce your cortisol levels.

b)     Oestrogen dominance

Excess oestrogen in your body encourages storage
of fat in the abdominal area.
Accumulation of this female hormone is encouraged
by eating conventionally raised meats and their
products as well as fish.
Also there is another contribution by the
toxins and poisons.

The Answer

The only thing you can do to avoid oestrogen
overload is to avoid all the above mentioned
harmful items in your everyday life.

c)     Menopause

During the climacteric years the female hormones
fluctuate a lot, and as a result the body stores
fat in the abdomen to balance these changes.

The answer

Manage your menopause status by reading detailed
advice in my earlier post Vicissitude!.

d)     Insulin Resistance

If you follow an unhealthy diet , eventually your
body will be unable to respond properly to insulin
The final result will be that the excess blood sugar
will be converted to fat and stored in your
abdominal area.

The answer

Eliminate all processed carbohydrates from your 
diet, and eat only pure whole foods.
Also eat healthy fats, vegetables, fruits, organic
meats and wild sea foods.


Fat White Flower


Cause Celebre


Here are some more tools for you to help you 
lose some abdominal fat:

1)     Exercise to build and maintain muscle tissue.
Adopt the simplest of the exercises, which is Walking.
Walk every day at a moderate pace for thirty ( 30 )
Keep on moving and standing the rest of day.

2)     Sleep for seven ( 7 ) hours every night, including
This will keep you relaxed and burn fat in the body.

3)     Boost and support your gastrointestinal microbiota
to help you digest and absorb your foods better.
Eat fibrous foods and take a high quality probiotic
supplement, every other day.

Believe in yourself.






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Myk was a regional manager in his company with
numerous obligations, working until seven in the
evening every day.
By the time he returned home he was so tired that
he could only have some dinner and go to bed early
for a good night’s sleep.

He usually slept soundly for three to four hours;
then suddenly his eyes opened wide and he was
feeling frightened.
Myk was in distress and trying to calm his wandering
mind with great difficulty.

But unfortunately, it was all in vain.
The more he was trying the more awake he felt
as the time was going.

Myk started now being worried and so desperate
that he could not fall back to sleep again.

His main concern was that with only those few
hours of sleep he had, he would definitely be
exhausted next day and have real trouble facing
his many obligations.

This dreadful pattern had become a routine for
him now, and made him more anxious as the
days were passing.
I must find a solution to this problem otherwise
the consequences will be awful for me he said
to himself one morning………



Feed The Fire


Sleep is a natural biological process.
It is a state of mind and body that occurs in
cycles, from deeper sleep to lighter sleep,
and with breaks between.

Consequently, nobody sleeps through the
whole night.
People can awaken four, five, even six times,
and normally they will go back to sleep again.
This is especially commonplace as you
grow older.

The amount of sleep all individuals need
depends mainly on their genetic inheritance.
Waking up during the night and not being able
to return to sleep for some time is normal,
and a very common phenomenon.


Disturbed sea


Song And Dance


Waking up in the middle of the night is a
very frustrating and disappointing thing.
There are many reasons why you are
awake and alert at night.
The main culprits are the following:

1)     You need to go to the bathroom.
2)     You are too hot or too cold.
3)     You are exposed to too much internal or
external light.
4)     You drank alcohol before going to bed.
5)     There is too much noise.
6)     You are hungry or thirsty.
7)     You are pregnant.
8)     You are in menopause.
9)     You do not follow any sleep patterns,
schedules and routines.

10)    You suffer from leg cramps.
11)     You have a medical condition.
12)    You are taking certain medications.
13)    You are suffering from indigestion.
14)    You have a sleep disorder.
15)    You suffer from stress and anxiety.



Rise And Shine


Next time you have trouble returning to
sleep, try the following natural tips:

a)     Never look at a clock to check what time
it is, because doing so will make you feel stressed.

b)     Avoid going to the bathroom, because this
will upset your heart beats and you will feel
more awake    unless it is absolutely necessary.

c)     Wear an eye mask to avoid any brightness,
and help you go back to sleep more easily.  

d)     Lie on your back, breathe slowly through 
your nose and relax all the muscles in your body.

e)     Focus your mind on a calming word like
Peaceful , and keep on repeating it until you
feel sleepy again.    

f)     Have a bottle of lavender essential oil by your
bedside, and smell its perfume to feel relaxed.

g)     Try Bach remedy Rescue Night to help you
switch off and return to sleep.  

h)     If you suffer from indigestion, sleep on your left
hand side to help reduce any acid reflux. 


Peaceful Sea


Screaming Halt


The most important thing is NOT to panic about
not being able to go back to sleep and losing
important and much needed sleeping time.

Night is a calm, soothing and comforting time;
train your brain to feel relaxed and serene, so
you can sleep peacefully.

Otherwise you will feel tired and exhausted in
the morning, and this will make things worse in
the long term.

Clear your mind from all disturbing thoughts and
let sleep happen naturally without any force.

Sweet Dreams !!
















Hi there!


Izzy was a very attractive brunette in her early
40s, happily married with a great social life.
Tonight was her night out with her two
closest girlfriends.

They arrived at ” Mahiki their most favourite
club-restaurant and were guided to their table.
I’d like a Mustique Fizz, please she asked.
Can I see your ID, please the barman replied.

That was unexpected and all three burst out
laughing in the idea that Izzy had to prove her
age.   They thought he was joking.

But Izzy felt very flattered and took this as a
compliment;   that people actually thought
she looked so much younger than her actual age.

I believe this is all down to my very healthy
lifestyle choices I have adopted for some time
now and of course my good genes she
said smiling proudly……


Woman in White


Worldly Goods


The true key to looking younger is feeling
younger.   Consequently take all the
necessary steps to achieve this.

Incorporate the following lifestyle habits
into your life to look and feel younger:

a)     Eat small, frequent, healthy meals
and take the right supplements.

b)     Exercise moderately every day
(walking, swimming, housework).

c)     Sleep seven hours every night on a
comfortable bed and pillows, lying on
right side.

d)     Socialize as much as possible, and
greet people you meet.
Talk less and listen more.
Be friendly, honest, approachable and
respect others.

e)     Keep a good posture, walk confidently;
act and talk like a young person.

f)     Be creative, read, write, go out to the
theatre, cinema or for a drink/dinner.

g)     Have goals and targets, and always
look forward to new things happening.

h)     Remove stressors from your life.
Breathe deeply and meditate.
Whenever you worry find a solution as
soon as possible.
Think positively and feel happy with who
you are.


Woman in Hat


i)     Unclutter your house, your wardrobe
and your whole life.
Do not compare yourself to others.
Forgive, forget and be grateful for what
you have.

j)     Wear smart and fashionable fitted
clothes as well as a well-fitted bras.

k)     Always wear hat and glasses in the
sun, as well as an SPF 50 on your face
(can be tinted).

l)     Wash your hair maximum twice a
week, and if you have some grey hairs use
root touch-up products to hide them.
If you have a lot then either dye it or go
all grey.

m)     Remove unsightly hairs from your
face and body.
Look after your feet.
Keep your hand nails short and well-trimmed.

n)      Use fresh lemon juice to exfoliate your
face, and wear a good quality anti-ageing
moisturizer, including the eye area and

0)     Avoid wearing any make-up and long

Use a good quality moisturizing lipstick to
match your skin colour. 


Makeup Session


Moonlight Requisition


Decide to think young in order to feel young.

—     Remove the word ” old ” from your
vocabulary forever.

     Never ever complain about your health

    Always tell yourself you feel good,
even if you do not.

—     Be active every single day.

     Never ever think or mention your
actual age .

     Laugh, Laugh,  Laugh always.


Liberate Yourself !!





Upper Story!


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……… During the next few weeks, sleep-deprived
Detective Will Dormer was tormented by this
continual curse called insomnia.

Not only he was feeling a steady guilt because he
believed he had killed his partner Detective Hap
Eckhart, but being in Alaska during the summer,
he also had to suffer this relentless blazing of the
midnight sun.

Dormer was not allowed to sleep at all during
the nights, but spending those exhausting hours
chewing gum, staring at the alarm clock and
imagining his dead partner…………

 I wanna sleep…..  Just let me sleep……

May 2002

Al Pacino


Cobbled Beach


Gloomy Horizon


Insomnia is a commonplace problem affecting
a huge number of people everywhere.
It is defined by the quality of sleep you get at
night, and not so much by the quantity.

Obviously, you need to sleep a specific number
of hours every night, but the most important
issue here is how you feel when you wake up
in the morning:   refreshed and revitalized or
exhausted and drained.

If sleep is a distant dream for you, not only this
will influence your day to day functioning but
it will damage and finally destroy your health.

There are a lot of causes of insomnia, from
various emotional issues to many medical ones,
to your lifestyle habits, as well as your age and
even your genetic predisposition.


Glittery rock beach


Grant Respite


No matter what the source of your insomnia
is, the following recommendations will help:

a)     Go outside every morning either for a
walk or to do any external jobs, to absorb the
natural light, even if there is no sun.

b)     Never exercise in the evening or at night.
At least four to six hours before you intend
to go to bed.

c)     Keep your bedroom very clean and tidy.
It should be cool in temperature and colours,
quiet, dark and comfortable with no
appliances anywhere around.

d)     Buy a good quality mattress, supportive
pillows and soft bedding linens.

e)     Always try to go to bed and wake up more
or less at the same time, so your brain gets
used to this routine.  

f)     Avoid all stressful situations and any negativity
late in the evening like, serious discussions, heavy
arguments or working.
Instead, focus on calming activities and comforting

g)     Have light dinners with chicken or turkey breast,
or a salmon fillet, all with vegetables and no spices
or sugars.
Avoid alcohol and caffeine, but you can drink a cup
of chamomile or linden tea with a teaspoon of honey
and take a calcium+magnesium supplement.

h)     I you need a late night snack, have a wholemeal
cracker with cheese and drink pure almond milk,
which is a source of calcium.  


Sun Setting view


Creature Comforts


Insomnia should never be taken lightly and
ignored, because at the end it can become a
true torment.

When you go to bed at night try to relax by
focusing on your whole body from your feet
to your head and concentrate on your
natural breath.

You can also inhale the vapours of the relaxing
lavender essential oil, and listen to some
music you like.

If you wake up at night and you find it difficult
to go back to sleep repeat the same procedure.

Have a good night!!








Hi there!


You never close your eyes any more when
I kiss your lips
And there’s no tenderness like before in your
You’re trying hard not to show it
But baby, baby I know it

You lost that lovin’ feelin’
Whoa, that lovin’ feelin’
You lost that lovin’ feelin’
Now it’s gone, gone, gone, woh


You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’
The Righteous Brothers
Nov.   1964


Couple on Car


Complex Game


A great number of people at some point
in their lives feel that their sex drive is not
what it used to be.

Certainly it is common to have a low libido
from time to time, and also it is natural for
the levels to vary considerably throughout
our lifetime.

A number of issues contribute to a low sex
drive, and it is much more usual among
women than men. 
Declining hormones, medical matters,
nutritional deficiencies, stress and anxiety,
general lifestyle, are the most common reasons.

There is no wonder why people’s sexual
desire is non-existent if you consider the
They are too busy leading hectic lives;
they feel exhausted and fatigued;
they are too bored and lack motivation;
they are troubled and preoccupied.


Couple Dancing


Love Machine


If you happen to suffer from any medical
issues you must consult your doctor,
otherwise consider the following advice
to increase your sex drive naturally:

a)     To assist Hormone Production,
eat animal foods and legumes.
Take or eat Vitamins A, C, D and E,
Zinc and Selenium.

b)     To reduce your Stress Levels,
eat a very healthy diet, take Vitamin B
complex, listen to the music, socialize
and meditate.

c)     To improve your Blood Flow,
eat nitric oxide foods like beetroot,
garlic, onions and parsley.
Take Omega 3 fish oil, Coenzyme Q10.
Eat quercetin foods like, dill, cilantro,
red onion and sweet potato.

d)    To maintain your Brain Health,
eat high quality protein foods and
chocolate with 85% plus cocoa.

A  l  s  o :

     Take a brisk walk for 30 minutes daily.

     Sleep between 6 and 8 hours every night.


Candle in Glass


Having Good Vibes


Every day, touch, hold and kiss your partner
at intervals to increase your oxytocin levels
and feel attached.

Do the following to help set the erotic mood:

Firstly and most importantly:

a)     Make certain that your bedroom does
not contain anything that would cloud and
spoil your sexy mood like, various family pictures,
any pets and in general a lot of clutter.

b)     Have flower pictures on your bedroom walls.

c)     Have warm colours in your choices of bedding .

d)     Have soft warm carpets on your floor.

Now is the actual moment:

a)     Let some fresh air in the bedroom.

b)     Put some background sexy music.

c)     Light aromatic candles  ( cinnamon, vanilla ).

d)     Burn some sensual essential oils  ( lavender, rose ).  

e)     Stimulate your imagination erotically.

f)     Use sexual lubricants.

g)     Be patient and communicate at all times.

A  l  s  o :

In general, to help your libido,
Avoid drinking a lot of alcoholic drinks.
Avoid smoking.
Avoid being overweight.

Have you lost that loving feeling??

Use your brain  —  Your best sex organ !!



Hi there!


Livi was a very busy woman of 52 with an
exciting life, but with very bad eating habits.
She was very conscious of her overindulging
in unhealthy foods without considering the
consequences of doing so.

She did believe though that her face skin was
the proof of her poor and thoughtless diet
My skin looks that of a much older woman;
It is very dry, I have wrinkles and a lot of sagging .

She said to her friend while drinking her usual
cup of strong coffee.
Perhaps it’s time for me to start examining
ways to improve my diet and consider my
nutrition seriously.
I believe that this will slow down this accelerated
ageing on my face skin .

Since then Livi started following a healthful and
nutritious diet daily.
One morning a few weeks later looking herself
in the mirror she exclaimed, my skin feels softer,
brighter and so much fresher now.
That’s it!   I’ll never go back to my old eating
habits ” ……….


Sun Among Clouds


Absolute Rule


Every woman wants to look her best;
and although most women aim to make the
most of their face skins to look years
younger, many only wish to boost their
best advantages and look great for what
they already own.

Certainly we all know that our skin’s
appearance will make us look either older
or younger, even with up to 10 or 15
years difference sometimes, irrespective
of our actual age.

Establishing a healthy, straightforward
beauty daily routine is the main and most
important step to show your love to your
body, at any age.


Sun on the sea


Treasure Trove


You do not need to do a lot to look your
best.   Just pay attention to the following:

a)     According to research the major cause
of wrinkles  ( excludes old age is UV
light damage to the skin.
Make  certain you always wear UVA and UVB
protection face creams with SPF 30 plus
during the day for protection.

b)     Omega 3 fatty acids  (ALA)  in chia seeds,
flax seeds and hemp seeds are very beneficial
for skin health.
Try to include the above mentioned seeds in
your diet regularly.

c)     Repeated facial expressions create
indentations underneath the surface of the
skin.   As the time goes these impressions
will become wrinkles.
Always control your face expressions and
wear reading and sun glasses, as necessary.

d)     Avoid washing your face with soaps
because you will remove all natural oils and
moisture from the skin’s surface and
cause lines.
Rinse with clean, cool water every morning
and use a cream cleanser and a hydrating toner
Follow with your anti-ageing day cream, eye
cream, and sun protection
on top.
At night, repeat the same but instead of the
creams you can use an anti-ageing serum
massaging your face gently.

e)     Exfoliate your skin once or twice a week
using a natural agent like, lemon juice.
Squeeze some lemon juice on a cotton bud
and apply to your face and neck skins.
Do this at night 30 minutes or so before
you do your beauty routine.


Sun Over a Tree


End Piece


Remember that the skin is exposed to many
external attacks like, pollution and
environmental poisons.
Also as the years go it ages naturally and
according to our inherited genes.

Consequently, mindful skin care and total
lifestyle choices can make a big difference.
The following steps will also contribute to
a healthy skin.

a)     Eat a nutritious diet rich in vitamins
and minerals, and especially vitamins C
and E.
Also, keep hydrated with lots of liquids
during the day to encourage collagen

b)     Remove all stressors from your life as
much as possible, because stress is very
ageing to the skin, by using exercise,
relaxation and meditation.

c)     Try to sleep around 7 hours every night,
because sleep helps the skin to look fresher.  

Finally, instead of making this narcissistic
attempt to stay an ageless beauty forever
and always worry about the state of your
skin, cultivate a positive self image.

Self awareness is really priceless!  








Hi there!


The Roman Goddess of safety and general
well being.

One of the most ancient goddesses, she was
worshipped from as early as the 4th century BC.

Her temple was founded on the Quirinal Hill,
one of the seven hills of Rome, in 302 BC.

She was honoured with various shrines, baths,
statues, coins, festivals and offerings.


Dancing the quickstep


Center Of Attention


Quality of life is a universal theory that has
many different definitions.

Quality of life is basically our general well being;
it is something deeply and completely personal.

Whatever it is that you feel means quality of
life to you, it is absolutely vital that you pursue
it passionately and fearlessly in order to enjoy
your life’s journey.

You do not need to take extreme or radical
steps to achieve your wishes.
Just make certain that the important parts in
your life are the best and most suitable for you.

Choosing quality of life will help you live
to your topmost values and accomplish your
greatest and meaningful goals.


Sailing boat


Prime Focus


Here are some basic and researched facts, which
mostly correspond with having quality of life:

a)     Achieving a reasonable standard of living.

b)     Living in an acceptable and unpolluted area
providing professional facilities.

c)     Being physically able in every way.

d)     Eating healthy and taking supplements to
support all the body systems.

e)     Avoiding chemicals and medicines.

f)     Respecting and looking after your body, and
listen to its signals.

g)     Sleeping well at night.

h)     Spending your time with the people
you love.

i)     Being creative and having hobbies.

j)     Being in nature and exercise daily.

k)     Being optimistic and having a positive
mental attitude.

l)     Feeling free and being playful.

m)    Being truthful and spiritual.

n)     Being loved and feeling you belong.


Wine Bottle & 2 Glasses


Tour De force


Devise a plan to add the above mentioned
to your life and start living better.

This way you will also be able to face and
manage life’s challenges and surprises.

Set the goals for yourself and build quality

Stay happy!!