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Hi there!


Jos, a man in his early fifties, runs his own 
Insurance company.
Jos has all the necessary abilities, knowledge,
experience and skills to deal with many 
complicated matters very successfully.
Jos is a true businessman.

After a really hard day’s work, he meets a
couple of friends for a drink.
They all share different stories, and enjoy
a good laugh.
Jos is a true friend.

After that, he returns home to his beloved 
They have dinner during which they share
some of their day moments, and afterwards
they sit together watching a film.
Jos is a true husband.

On occasions, he calls his parents to see how
they are, and make certain they do not need
Jos is a true son.

But all these identities Jos has do not represent
who he really is as a person;
that is, a unique, remarkable and wonderful
human being.


Orange Flower




All people have two identities:

  an external identity, that is related to various
social influences, relationships, personal and
professional life;    and

*    an internal identity, that is related to the 
individual’s values, vision, beliefs and goals:
  their true inner self,
  their unique soul,

  their state of consciousness.

In order to know your inner self you need 
to become self-aware, through detailed
examination and observation of your mental
and emotional activities.

This can be done by exercising meditation,
contemplation, reflection, self-analysis 
and Yoga.
It is a life long odyssey, and a very difficult
and laborious process.

When you are born, you do not know anything
about the world you are going to live in.
You only have one basic identity;
that of someone’s child.

As you grow up, you start liking a certain
identity/s, even if you have not succeeded
realising it/them.

Basically, your true self is the identity that 
makes you feel happy, excited and motivated
in your life.

During your childhood, youth and adult years
you have been programmed to behave in a
predetermined way.
This will have been done by:
  your trusted friends and family,
  the religion,

  the media, and
  other external sources.

The most vital thing is that you should
always listen to your own inner voice, and
not being distracted by all these sources 
of information.

Otherwise, you will never find your true inner
self;    and
this will have devastating consequences

in your entire life.




Great Significance


Have you ever asked yourself who you
really are?

If you have never done so, or you find it
to answer this question, then
certainly you are 
defined by one of your
external identities.

Unfortunately, since you have no idea who
you really are as an individual;
as soon as your external identity is taken away,
you will be unable to find your way in life.

You will be completely incapable of coping with
any difficult situation, or take any decisions
for yourself.

You will be feeling powerless, out of control
and absolutely lost    and all these, just
because you have been living for all the others,
and not for yourself.

Discovering your authentic self is a life long
It is a vital process that will enhance and 
benefit everything you want to do 
in your life.

You will know what you need to do in any
given situation;
*    you will know what your purpose in life is;
*    you will become much more confident;
*    you will feel more powerful and complete;
*    you will become more creative and fulfilled;
*    you will feel peaceful and happy.

This journey of discovery will take you to 
the person you were always meant to be;
it will take you to your unique destiny.

You should never worry about wanting to
find your inner true self.
Instead, you should be eager to know, interested
and excited to become you, and live the life
you have always imagined.




Rara Avis


It is really challenging for all adults to discover
their true self and their destiny.
But as soon as you manage to find it, your 
whole life will change for the best.

Here are some very useful steps to take
towards this very personal exciting experience.

a)     Write a detailed list of:

  Your past history, successes and failures;
      and all the lessons you have learnt until now. 
*    A good assessment and analysis of your
*    All the things you believe in life.
*    All your moral principles.
*    Your talents, passions and hobbies.
*    Your ambitions, targets, purpose and
      objectives in life.

b)     Now, make a detailed plan of your current
life and all the things you have.
Mark on it any of the items mentioned 
on your
above lists.

c)     At this stage, you should be able to see all
the similarities and differences.
This should help you find the steps you will need
to take from now on, in order to achieve your
goal of being your true inner self.

d)     Try to meditate on a daily basis.
Doing so for ten minutes, will help you connect
with your inner self, and clear your mind.

e)     You can also write in a journal on a daily basis.
Again, this will give you the opportunity to fully
understand yourself, your thoughts and feelings.


Red Plant


Gain Traction


You must realise what makes you a different
and independent individual, so that you can
achieve your future goals.

You must stop being influenced by all external

You must stop living your life according to the
obstructive identities given to you, either by
society or family.

Only then, you will be able to do what you want,
and live a satisfying and rewarding life.

The following steps will help you differentiate
and free yourself from your past.

a)     Become aware of all the negative thoughts
you have developed about yourself;
which are rooted inside of you
various past experiences.
Decide their origin, and now challenge them
in your own way.

b)     Become aware of all the negative features
you are always acting on;
features that 
are based on your parents’ and
other people’s 
reactions to different life situations.

c)     Become aware of all your own negative
approaches you have been using until now,
in order to 
protect yourself against various
Stop using them from now on.

d)     Now that your mind is cleared, start
developing your own principles and ethics,
standards and morals, attitude and
Plan your life and set your goals according
to your own thinking, and ignore everything
and everybody else.

e)     Recognise that you are a powerful,
confident and capable person;
and you 
can do what you want in your life.
Stay motivated, rely on yourself, be responsible
and in full control.

As an adult human you can create the family

you want for yourself;     by pursuing only
relationships that make you feel inspired,
happy and excited about life.

Doing so, will contribute greatly to your 
finding your inner self, and becoming the
person you have always wanted to be.

When you finally discover your true self,
you will be able to become more successful
in your life, and you will feel in peace
with yourself and the world.

In the end, you will be able to meet your destiny.





Curam Sui!


Hi there!


…… ” Talk to me about yourself. 
I want to know who you are, and how you
live your life , Sev asked him one day.

I go to my regular work every morning,
and I do some counselling in the evenings.
During the weekends I do a bit of volunteering
work, and
whenever I have some free time
usually support people I know
Lex replied smiling.

Then suddenly he stood still.
He had just realised that this hectic way of
living had left him with no time for himself.

With this thought he felt bitter and distressed.
I must take steps to change this self sacrifice
because it’s draining my life he thought
decisively ……


Classic Boat Ride


Pavlovian Response


Self care is an instinctive behaviour in nature,
but it does not exist in the same way in humans.
Individuals need to be willing to learn it and
practice it;   and over time as they are progressing
they will start feeling more comfortable and
relaxed about it.

Self care is taking any actions necessary to improve
your lifestyle and your total wellbeing.
Self care is to take full responsibility for your
pursuits, and honour and respect yourself.

The quest for good health and happiness is not
a selfish hunt.
It means to take care of your own needs, and listen
and pay attention to yourself.

It is something completely individual for every
person, and you should engage in whatever feels
most right for you.
It can change how you see yourself, and show you
new opportunities.

You will set up new habits, which will make you
feel in control of your whole life.
You will have much less stress and you will be
more decisive and resilient.

Also you will be able to look after yourself better
without having to rely on others, and you will
feel more confident to change direction when
things do not work for you any more.


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Get On Line


You need to slow down and make space for
relaxing your mind, exercising your body and
taking time for deep thinking and planning.

If you manage these you will have a genuine
and very happy life.
To start prioritising your own needs follow
the steps below:

a)     Determine what self care means to you and
make a full plan in writing.

b)     Practice self awareness to be able to recognise
your actual needs:   physical, emotional, mental
and spiritual.

c)     Identify all these thoughts that are holding
you back from taking care of yourself.

d)     Realise that nothing is perfect, and start
taking small steps towards accomplishing your
ambitions and goals.

e)     Redefine your relationships by placing
boundaries and really stick to them.

f)     Understand that NO is a complete sentence.


Bicycle Race


Believed Abstraction


Here are some fascinating examples of
self care projects, pursuits and special

1)      Go shopping or window shopping.
2)      Taking photographs.
3)      Nurturing your body.
4)      Going to a mini retreat.
5)      Swimming and sunbathing on the beach.
6)      Reading inspirational books.
7)      Walking or hiking in nature.
8)      Driving and admiring the sights.
9)       Pampering in a day spa.
10)     Watching a film.
11)      De-cluttering your wardrobe.
12)     Growing plants and flowers.
13)      Researching and Writing.
14)      Exercising in a gym.
15)      Baking and cooking health foods.
16)      Being spiritual.
17)      Going out to coffee shops.
18)      Taking short breaks regularly.
19)      Going to the cinema.
20)      Going on holidays.


Swaying Girls


Turn On Steam


Making time and space for yourself is absolutely
critical to your total wellbeing and happiness.

Do something you really love every single day.
Put yourself first and make self care your habit.

Start treasuring yourself now and you will feel
in harmony and very proud.
You will feel healthy, strong, fulfilled and happy.

Make self care a constant and true part of your
daily life.
Do not fear;   give this great gift to yourself now.

Your are No I !!