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Hi there!


It was a quiet humid morning and Lin was sitting
in his desk wondering what to tackle next.
It was one of those mornings that not only he
wanted, but he really needed to do something
useful for himself.

He had no inspiration at all, and that made him
feel under pressure and completely wasted.
Then suddenly he thought,  I do love music, so
I must turn to it for help;   I believe an inspiring
song will awaken my spirit .

He got up, walked to the little table where his mini
Hi Fi was, and put on a CD.

I’m trying to focus my attention
But I feel so A.D.D.
I need some help some inspiration
But it’s not coming easily…

Tryn’a find the magic
Tryn’a write a classic
Don’t you know, don’t you know, don’t you know?
Wastebin full of paper
Clever rhymes, see ya later

These words are my own
From my heart flown

These Words
by Natasha Bedingfield


Red Peppers


Flight Of Fancy


Most people want to be gifted and creative.
Creativity is a skill to be learnt.
To start with it needs to be encouraged
and cultivated.

After it needs to be practiced.
Later it needs to be developed and perfected.
At the end it will be implemented.

The advancement is slow and it takes time,
but the more you do it the more it will grow;
and you do not even have to press yourself
very much.

When you have become creative you will start
viewing the world from another perspective.
Your attitude and mindset will change, and
you will act differently from the average person.

Soon you will realise that life is much more
complex, sophisticated, significant, 

meaningful    and full of possibilities.

You will find that your mind will never slow down
and you will like to be spending time with
yourself in your own space;
something which will give you the opportunity
to focus, contemplate and get excited about
your thoughts and plans.




Intestinal Fortitude


Adopt the following suggestions to learn the
skill of

a)     Let your mind wander sitting alone,
pondering and asking questions.

b)     Follow your instincts and change a daily
situation to find a new solution to an issue.

c)     Go for a walk;   observe everything around
you, take photographs and consider your
potential project peacefully.

d)     Start writing with pen and paper;   write
a journal, an article or a story to have your
thoughts flowing.

e)     Read, listen to the music, dance to discover
new things in your life, and continue learning.

f)     Always look for improvement.
If you fail try again until you finally succeed.
Nothing is perfect including yourself.

g)     Always treat your creativity as work:
sit down specific times to suit your way of
life every day, set goals and take risks. 


Stick Plant


Staying Power


In a number of people, creative thinking is
a strong, steady, permanent and defining
characteristic;    it is the expression of their
thinking, their needs and desires.
It is part of who they are.

If you really want to develop a creative mind
start meditating on a daily basis.
Meditation will improve your memory;
it will increase your focus;
it will lift you emotionally;
it will enhance your mental clarity, and
it will reduce your stresses and anxieties.

” Great minds discuss ideas.
Average minds discuss events.
Small minds discuss people “

Henry Thomas Buckle
1821  –  1862








Hi there!


She was a woman in her sixties, but for
her age she looked sensational.
Her youthful body and erotic look made
her very popular everywhere she went.

Although she had a way to keep all
things under control, this morning she
woke up feeling very frustrated;
“I don’t feel so good today” she
thought, “this last dream has upset me”.

She got up and looked in the
mirror — and she was not very happy
with how she looked.

“I’m gonna do my face and go for a walk”
she decided.

She turned the radio on  and started
singing while searching
her wardrobe for
something to
She put on a tight pair of trousers and a soft
sweater, took her hat
and sunglasses, and
started walking
in the cool morning breeze……


Recusance-2 Recusance-1


Chain Reaction


The morning is the beginning of what
we are going
to experience our whole
day.  What we do after we wake up
will make us feel at our best for the
rest of the day.

You must make a good start, do things
in the right
way, so your day is really
successful.  How you begin your day has
a significant  impact on your total
productivity and success.

Here are a number of steps to get you
positively and uplift your spirits.


Recusance-8 Recusance-7


Sui Generis


a)      The first and most important step
is to wake up a
t the best time for you
after a good night’s sleep.

Sleep mostly on your right hand side
for better rest and dreams;
and certainly in darkness.


b)      Stretch, enjoy the silence, breathe
and meditate for a few minutes;    feel
and happy for waking up healthy
and strong.  Look at something
beautiful like, a painting, flowers and
plants, a picture or your partner.


 c)      Let the daylight in by opening
the windows
in all your rooms.    Picture
the day  ahead and  think positively about it.
Always have some kind of plan in your mind
of what you want to
do during the day.


d)      Put some music on, do your morning
routine self-care and eat a healthy breakfast
to give
you the energy you need to face the day,
as well as taking your morning vitamins.


e)      Go out, if possible, to see the morning
light and
breathe the morning air;   either
walk from home
or drive somewhere and
walk there for 20 minutes.
Always walk tall with confidence and wear
sunglasses if there is sun.


f)      If you have a number of tasks planned,
do the most
demanding first when you are
fresher, and more active, and leave
easiest for last.
Always prioritise your responsibilities.


Recusance-3 Recusance-4


Over And Above


1)     Keep a diary recording all your plans.

2)     Write a blog on a subject of your interest.

3)     Throw away any useless objects in your home.

4)     Do some needed house chores.

5)     Spend twenty minutes with plants.

6)     Read about subjects you enjoy.

7)     Write a letter or an email.

8)     Sit twenty minutes close to water.


Recusance-6 Recusance-5


Sapienti Sat


Never attach to your thoughts — but just
let them pass through so you can feel at peace.

Have things to look forward to every day like,
a phone call, an email, a shopping trip, an
interesting walk, a lunch or dinner, or
cafe meeting.

Love what you do and increase the joy in
your life.
Love yourself and develop a positive
perception of your uniqueness.


Smile to Life!!




Carpe Diem!





I want to look ten years younger — and I am certain you want, too.

By adopting the right lifestyle we can do it.
It only takes three weeks to change a bad habit or introduce
a new one.



Including the following suggestions in your daily life you
will feel and look more youthful.


Purple Flower


1) Eat small frequent meals to maintain healthy blood sugar
and cholesterol levels.

2) Avoid adding milk to your tea because it destroys its
nutrition and health benefits.

3) Try to do something energetic for 10 minutes every day.

4) When you moisturise your face do not forget your earlobes
because they also age together with the rest of your skin.

5) Women, do Kegel exercises daily (10×3).

6) Wear a pedometer to count your steps, and aim for at least
6,000 steps daily.

7) Wash your hair only twice a week to maintain its moisture.

8) Do not forget to remove any weird facial hair for a youthful
and fresh look.

9) Wash your pillow cases regularly to avoid dust mites.

10) Use saline solution to keep your nose moist and
prevent allergies.

11) Keep a water spray close for when you feel the need to cool
down or refresh your face.

12) Keep your nails short for youthful hands.

13) Dye your hair to cover the greys and look younger.

14) Replace your toothbrush every three months to avoid bacteria.

15) Have the right hair style for the shape of your face and your age.

16) Do not use soap on your face to preserve its moisture.

17) Keep your brain active by reading and remembering.


Books on Stand


18) Avoid drinking alcohol at night because it is a stimulant.





Facta Non Verba!




The  three Fates – Moirai (Μοίραι) in Greek mythology.

Clotho (Κλωθώ), the one who spun the thread of human life.
Lachesis (Λάχεσις), the one who measured the length of the
thread of human life.
Atropos (Ατροπος), the one who finally cut the thread of human life.

The course of events we go through our life are supposed to be
predetermined by this power called fate.

Although sometimes this seems to be true in a way, we still have
the power ourselves to control our final destiny.

We can do this by believing in ourselves and by adopting techniques
to change what happens, and lead a more fulfilled life.


The three Moirai by Johann Gottfried Schadow

The three Moirai by Johann Gottfried Schadow

Transforming Agents


1)  A chaotic house reflects a confused mind.
Organize your house and yourself to simplify your life
and be in control.

2)  Trust your instincts more and act on impulse.

3)  Try to eliminate phobias from your life and free yourself.

4)  Dress to express the way you think at this point of your life
and emphasize your strengths.

5)  Plan your jobs and do the most important first, concentrate
and finish it;  then start another.

6)  Complain for faulty products or services you bought.

7)  See the bright side of things and do not find the wrongs with
everything around you.

8)  Do gardening.  It is a source of physical exercise, a stress
reliever and it is creative.




9)  Take chances in your life.  They may lead to desirable outcome.

10) Always eat breakfast every morning to recharge your body.

11) Use Feng Shui in your house for overall health.

12) Plan and take a holiday to refresh your body and mind.

13) Watch less TV and get a hobby you like.

14) Smile more and get spiritual.

15) Keep your brain active by reading and learning.

16) Get a good night’s sleep for health and vitality.

17) Cook and eat for better nutrition and weight control.

18) Change your lifestyle by downsizing to simplify
your life.  It will give you freedom and less worries.