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Rod grew up believing that life was a difficult,
troublesome, and at times, impossible journey.

He believed only in the things he was taught
since he was a child;

and that he had to always try to fit in with 
everybody else’s thinking,  
ignoring his own mind completely.

As a consequence, he was living a life full of
fear, despair and self-doubt;
worrying constantly what the others will 
think and say, if he acted on his own wishes.

He was never himself, and he had no faith
at all in who he was.
He was always weary and tired, anxious
and depressed.

he never pursued the profession he wanted;
he never developed any friends, or any
close relationships;
his total lifestyle was a big mess, without
routines or proper habits;
and all this, because he never believed in

I can’t go on like this, any more;
I’m a loser, and a failure.
I must stop being so afraid of others;
I must stop doubting myself so much.

I need to start having faith in myself.
I need to
believe that I can do all the
things I really
want to do .

He said to himself one day, feeling really
strongly about it.
And from that moment, his whole life
started changing.




Open And Shut Case


When things go wrong, and nothing moves 
the way we have planned, or they become
extremely challenging for us to handle;
we develop negative feelings, and lose faith
in ourselves and our life.

Finding faith in yourself is absolutely critical.
Faith is that firmly held feeling you have
deep inside, that everything will improve
sooner or later.

In order for you to have a successful living
in any way, you need to have faith.
Because without it, you could never expect
circumstances in your life to go well.

Faith is the basis for your entire existence.
If you have faith in yourself, you can achieve
anything you put in your mind;
and even if you fail, you will still continue
pursuing your goal.

Faith is something deep-rooted inside us;
and without it, we would be an empty nobody.


Mental Analysis

The reasons for having faith are the following:

   Faith makes people powerful;
it gives them strength and courage in difficult
times, and helps them surpass all challenges
they have to face.

   Faith fills peoples’ heart and mind with
wealth and prosperity, so they can live a
rich life.

   Faith navigates people through life, and
helps them find their purpose, and move forward.

*     Faith removes worry, anxiety and fear, and
makes people hope that better things are on the
way for them.

   Faith assists, encourages and supports people
to find the best solutions to their problems, troubles
and difficulties, and succeed in their life.


Trees on a sunny sky


All Sewn Up


Here are some simple ways to help you start
having faith, and believe in yourself.

a)     List all your past accomplishments and
successes, big or small.
This will make you feel happy, and have faith
in yourself.

b)     Find your passions, set your goals short term
or long term, and work hard towards achieving
them, no matter what else happens.

c)     Associate only with similarly thinking,
encouraging and positive people, with whom
you can communicate and feel good.

d)      Accept skepticism, because situations
change continuously, and problems can arise
any time;    and always reconnect with your
faith, hope and belief in yourself.

e)    Know exactly who you are, what you 
want, and where you are going.
Have your purpose, and always live only
your own life.

f)     Listen to motivating music and read
inspirational books.
Doing these will increase your faith to yourself.

g)     Be brave, take risks, and face challenges
and problems in your life.
Question and confront other people, and say
“No” without fear.

h)     Do not hesitate, and never postpone doing
your tasks.
Just finish them, one at a time as quickly as 
possible, and move on.

i)     Look after yourself and your hygiene.
Exercise daily, eat healthy, sleep well at night,
take time to relax, and keep your house tidy
clean and pleasant for you.

j)     Think positively, attain new skills according
to your interests, and help other people as

k)     Dress strongly, sit up straight, walk tall,
and look people in the eyes when you talk.

l)     Visualise yourself flourishing, and be kind,
proud and loving to yourself.




Dead Certainty


As soon as you notice that your circumstances
are not going the right way for you, immediately
realise that you, yourself, are more important
and more powerful than your circumstances.
Then move forward with confidence.

Having faith in yourself, and your ability to
handle whatever happens in your life, will
help you accomplish a lot;
as well as realising your dreams, your greater
purpose, and your life success.

Never allow anything or anybody to make 
you lose your faith.
Trust and believe in yourself.
Stand up, feel confident and enjoy all the
little things in life.

Live an achieved and satisfied life.







Hi there!


Rik always said he will never retire    but that
was then.   
Now,   I really got tired with that terrible
commute twice
a day, every day;
being stuck in that horrible
traffic jam for
miles and hours.

 And on top of that, having to be a slave to
my mobile all the time, just in case;
and to be working for more than sixty
hours a week , he said 
to us one day.

 So finally after very long thinking, I am
totally ready to announce my final
I have decided to quit my job for good.

 I know what you’re thinking;
at this early age of only forty seven  —  but
I can’t 
continue this way of life any longer.
I’ve had enough of it.

I need to move on and try something new, to
do things I like, to come and go as I please,
and to feel more relaxed.
I’m going to move to a more comfortable city,
down a bit, and live more peacefully ,
he continued.

I have no family obligations, and my wife is
in full
agreement with me.
I do want to take my life back before it’s too late ,
he finished, feeling very enthusiastic about his
next steps.

Time went, and Rik quit his job, sold his fully
house at a very good price, and moved
to a seaside town.

We met him a few weeks ago, and asked him
how he
was doing.

Looking pleased and carefree he said,
I feel really wonderful;
I don’t have to wake up early morning 
the alarm, I don’t need to commute anywhere
bother with work responsibilities and
pressures, or eat
unhealthy lunches any more.

I now spend my time reading, writing, socialising,
taking long walks by the sea and enjoying nature,
at last.

I really feel peaceful and greatly satisfied with
my life and myself , he said to us smiling happily.




Brown Study


Retirement is the act of retreating, withdrawing,
pulling out, departing, backing down.

In our modern world most people can not afford
to retire
from their work;
either this is at the traditional retirement age,
or take early retirement in their forties, or at any
age at
all  —  unless they have a large investment
behind them to support their living.

The point here is to realise that, if you decide to
from any kind of work, you will move from
your build-up
financial stage to your disposal one.
And this can be extremely
challenging and very

Retirement is a colossal change in your current

You are going to start a new chapter in your
a long journey, kind of similar to getting
married for
the first time.

On the other hand, there are those people who
are so completely ready to retire early, in order
to pursue their dreams.

On top of all these, a good number of people
that if they retire from whatever job
they are doing,
they will have no purpose in
their life, and they will lose their identity.

But the thing is, if you are mentally and
emotionally prepared;
as well as financially planned and arranged,
by using 
clever and calculated spending and
saving, then you will 
be able to retire at any age
you wish, without worries about your future.




Rough Guide


If you are thinking of taking the big step to quit
working early, do not just hope that you will live
happily ever after.

You do need to develop a complete and comprehensive
plan, as well as feeling very enthusiastic about it,
in order to have a really successful and happy


a)     Mental and Emotional Preparation


Consider the following:

1)     Is your job your main purpose in life.

2)     Does your job define who you are.

3)     Can you live without your daily work responsibilities
         and routines.

4)     Can you live without your constant interaction
         with your work friends.

5)     Can you live around your partner on a full time basis.

Whichever way you feel, you have to take all the 

necessary steps to put things right for your new
way of life.


b)     Physical and Social Assessment


Determine the following:

1)     Are you fit and healthy to develop various
         activities like, walking every day, go swimming,
         cycling, golfing or other sports.

2)     Are you competent to join a leisure club or
         a gym to keep busy.

3)     Are you interested in reading books, researching
          and writing.

4)     Are you interested in socialising with other people.

5)     Do you like sitting in coffee shops and restaurants.

You will need to be doing some of the above
things to fill up your free time, which
will be plenty at
this stage.


Tree by the Sea


Quiet Ecstasy


c)     Financial Preparation


At this stage of disposal you need to be absolutely
prepared, in order to be able to support your new
lifestyle for the rest of your life.

Here is a guide for you to do so:

1)     Estimate the value of your house when it will be sold.

2)     Add in all your savings from various accounts.

3)     Estimate your traditional pension at sixty five or so.

4)     Add in any capital from a private pension scheme
you can take out when you are above fifty five.

5)     If your total capital is not going to be enough to 
support your lifestyle as long as you are alive,
and invest an amount of your choice
wisely in order to
keep your funds growing.

You can also purchase a pension plan, if necessary,
or add to an
existing one, if you have.

6)     If your total capital is enough or more, then keep
your money in various savings accounts like,
an instant savings and a couple of time deposits,
and use the
funds as necessary to support
your living.

As a guide, if you want to retire in your fifties or so,
you need
to have your annual current spending
multiplied by 30.
 £25,000×30=£750,000 )

7)     Always have a retirement budget, and track your
Make lists every day of all your expenses;
write down
everything you spend during the day.

Also, your monthly total must include any debts
credit cards or loans.

This way you will always know what to eliminate 
or reduce to balance your finances, and feel confident
and safe.
Avoid at all costs any temptations to overspend;
find your happiness in various experiences.


d)     Other Considerations




It is very wise to downsize, and dispose off all the items
you will not need or use any more.

Also, you could rent, or even better you can lease
a small car for your convenience;
in order to avoid the usual maintenance expenses like,
insurance, road tax, service, road assistance and MOT.


Health Insurance


Find and buy a private and reliable health insurance
policy, that covers all your needs currently and in the
future, especially hospitalisation.


If you follow all the above suggestions for a holistic 
approach, and plan and calculate everything very
carefully, you will enjoy a happy and healthy

Do not base your retirement future on just hope.
Determine what your dream is and make it happen.


Enjoy your retirement!!



Ground Zero!


Hi there!


Love is an extremely strong and very effective disorder
affecting our nervous system.
It is a chemical means developed through our evolution
to benefit and promote our species to survive and prosper.

It helps us develop and maintain relationships;
it encourages us to defend and protect ourselves physically
and mentally;
it makes us want very deeply to support our offspring.

In the modern world, the most heroic struggle in one’s
life is to love themselves;   and it really is an awfully
difficult and terribly exhausting thing to do.

Most people neglect their own needs, health and
happiness, because they have been taught to do so
since they were children;
and certainly because loving others is easier than loving

And yet, self love is the foundation of the most important
relationship you will ever have  —  the relationship with



Bull’s – Eye


Self love is not a state of just feeling good by having a lot
of money, and buying and doing everything we want,
or being narcissistic.

Self love means to accept yourself exactly as you are and
what you are.
It means to know your own qualities and how significant you
are;   to know your purpose and your limits.

Self love means to always look after and be kind to yourself.
It means to really know that you do deserve your love, your
respect, admiration, and appreciation at all times.

Loving yourself is a number of actions that provide you
with confidence, determination and belief in yourself;
you will enjoy peace of mind;   you will demonstrate better
judgement;   and you will savour overall happiness.

You will be able to make the right decisions, and you will
exhibit more love towards other people.
You will be mentally stronger and balanced, and your life
will become simpler.

Certainly it must be emphasized that, self love is not
something temporary and
short-lived    but a continuous
and growing
course of actions.



End In View


The following routines will help you build self love:

a)     Reduce and finally eliminate all negative beliefs
about yourself, either they are routed from your past
or they are self-inflicted.

b)     Stop thinking that you must be perfect in everything
you do in order to be happy.
Perfection does not exist;   nothing in life is perfect.

c)     Focus only on your positive qualities and values,
each and every day.

d)     Be truthful, honest, realistic and sensible.

e)     Do all the things that make you feel good.
Be creative and develop hobbies.

f)     Never compare yourself to other people.
You are a unique person, so compare only to yourself.

g)     Establish healthy, explicit and precise limits to
all your actions and steps.

h)     Always give priority to yourself, because you
have earned it and you deserve to be first.

i)     Find your purpose, meaning and direction in life.
Only then you will be happy and fulfilled.



j)     Take full responsibility for your own health and
Watch your diet, exercise, sleep, rest, relaxation, fun
and relationships.

k)     Surround yourself only with people who love you
and make you feel good, and eliminate all others.

l)     Take risks, examine various opportunities coming
your way, and celebrate your wins at the end.

m)    Every day feel grateful about something in your
life, even if it is something very small, no matter what
else is happening around you.

n)     Be very aware and wise about your own thoughts,
feelings and desires, to be able to keep things under control.

o)     Forgive yourself whenever you make any mistakes,
and try to learn from them.

p)     Envisage yourself being empowered, inspired,
motivated and encouraged.

By practising the above mentioned actions of self love,
you will learn to cherish, honour, respect, accept
and really care for yourself.

Self love is a continuous and steady passage.
Self love is something you can choose and adopt.

Select correctly and enjoy the benefits and rewards.


Stile Di Vita!




Always in my life I have been a very fit
person.   As a child I was playing outside our
home most hours of the day, and walking
with my father forever.

As a teenager I was regularly walking everywhere.
Later on I was attending dancing and ballet classes.

Other times I was playing tennis and golf. 

Since 2000 I was constantly going
to gyms;   and for the last few years I went
back to walking on a daily basis.


Stile Di Vita-1 Stile Di Vita-2


Never – Ending


We all get used to living in our very specific ways,
developing our daily routines for decades;
and at some point we stop noticing whether they
are suitable and to our benefit any more.

It is very important from time to time to review how
appropriate and useful for the decade we are going
through our lifestyle is, instead of continuing to
that all is well as usual.

You may need to make some adjustments in some
areas of your life.     A healthy lifestyle helps people
feel good, be healthy
and live longer.


Stile Di Vita-3 Stile Di Vita-4


Spes Bona


A)     Diet:


The average moderately active woman needs to
around 1,800 calories per day.

According to official recommendations, our daily
intake should be as follows:

1)    55% of carbohydrates
2)    15% should be protein
3)    30% should be fats
4)    400gr should be fruits and vegetables
5)     Eat raw tree nuts and seeds.

Eat a little every three (3) hours, only whole foods,
to ensure continual  energy

Avoid processed sugars in various foods, and
limit alcohol and dairy consumption.

Drink enough liquids during the day to keep hydrated.

Eat healthy fats like, olive oil and coconut oil.


B)     Fitness:


From midlife onwards people’s general fitness
performance starts declining, even if they have been
very fit and active in earlier years.

Try to keep moderately active for thirty (30)
minutes per day.
Count at least 5,000 steps daily.

Additionally, stand often, stretch and lift various
objects, like
chairs, shopping bags, etc.


Stile Di Vita-7 Stile Di Vita-8


C)     General Health:


Sleep for a minimum of six (6) hours every night.
Keep stress under control by using herbal
teas or herbal supplements and vitamins.
Also use relaxation techniques.

Take a multivitamin supplement or individual
vitamins daily.

Keep good beautifying routines for face and body,
and look after your mouth and teeth.

Keep good relationships and socialize often.


D)     Home:


Our home is our sanctuary, and we want to feel
comfortable and relaxed in it.

Keep your home clean, tidy and uncluttered.
Use colours, lights, sounds and smells to feel


Stile Di Vita-5 Stile Di Vita-6


Ad Infinitum


Establishing a healthy lifestyle is absolutely vital to
keeping ourselves:

a)    Physically and mentally in good condition.
b)    Pleased, peaceful and comfortable.
c)    Fit and energetic.

Keep a journal about all your actions and goals.
Imagine you have a Delete button for your mind,

and start using it without any hesitation
every time any negativity appears, and focus
on all positive things to come.

Do you live your life with purpose?
If not, start immediately!






Hi there!


It was a sunny morning so I decided to go for a walk.
I chose to go to my nearest
garden centre because
not only it is complete
with various plants but also
it has a fantastic
garden, where I enjoy walking for
as long
as I want.

While walking through the various plant stands I started
noticing the colourful reflections of
the sun light through
the trees and the many
“what an amazing view”, I thought.

I kept on walking when my attention went to a small
flowering plant growing through
the cracks of a wall.
I bent down to touch
and smell;
“very sweet smell – it gives me
such a relaxing feeling!”, I thought.

Then I noticed how many insects were flying from flower to
flower buzzing and sucking
the sweet juices out of these
wonderful buds.

I kept on walking and suddenly I started realising that
I really was a part of all these
beautiful things happening
around me
at that moment.

It was then when I decided to just live in the moment.
I was only there — and
nothing else existed before or after.

I was totally absorbed…. !!


Kakahiaka01 Kakahiaka02


C e r e m o n i a s


The morning is the infrastructure our whole day is built upon.
So it is absolutely
vital to adopt powerful habits to give not only our
day but also our life purpose.

Only by doing this we will feel happy, contented, peaceful, strong,
and really healthy.

 Adjust your mindset to the right direction and have an attitude
of acceptance
and anticipation.  Be prepared for good things to come.


Kakahiaka05 Kakahiaka03


M o t i v o s


Try to incorporate the following rituals to your morning routines:


1)     Be Grateful


Every morning you wake up breathe, pray, feel fortunate
and count your blessings.
Feel grateful for all the things you have, including your health.
Feel grateful you are alive.
This will help you to appreciate life.


2)     Daily Purpose


Every morning have a complete plan of actions, which
will make you feel happy.
Be creative and do only what is right for you.


3)     Have Routines


Prioritize your obligations so you will always be relaxed
and in control.
Try to arrange your plans in a list from the night
before to be productive.


4)     Live Now


Every day is a new beginning.
Live today — and not yesterday or tomorrow, which are illusions.
There is only now.
Life is happening only now.


5)     Be Positive


Read, think and act in a positive way during the day,
so by the time you go
to bed at night you feel happy.
Change your attitude and expectations.
Being positive is a choice.


6)     Breakfast


Always eat a wholesome breakfast and include enough liquids
to keep your body
in good health.


Kakahiaka06 Kakahiaka04


M a u    L o a


Make the choice to be happy.
You are the only one responsible for yourself.
It is within you.

Decide to be energetic, confident, strong and productive.
Accept yourself and other people, be creative and do
not take life
too seriously.





Hi there!


It was a stylish reception, and all guests were standing
around the bar tables chatting and sipping their drinks.

Then, she walked into the atmospheric room and all
eyes were kept nailed on that powerful woman.

Her complete self-assurance made them feel intrigued.
She had an aura that was an outcry. 

Izzy sensed the people gravitating towards her.
She had unleashed the power inside of her;
and she knew she was a winner! 

She walked to the end of the room, where the bar was.
“Can I have a Fever,
please?” she asked the smart barman.

Holding the chilled martini glass in her hand she faced
the man who was standing
next to her and smiled at him
while making strong eye contact…..


Impressive_05 Impressive_06


Standing Out


Most human beings want to make their mark.
A number of people emanate an attractive aura,
but making the difference is a
procedure we can learn.

First impressions are powerful.
People will form permanent opinion within only a
few minutes of meeting
someone — and we only have
one chance. 

Consequently our appearance, body language and
words will send messages,
which will dominate the
other person’s
view forever, and it will be impossible
to reverse.


Impressive_03 Impressive_04


Smart Moves


Whether you want to make new friends, get a job or
make a strong appearance, the
following techniques
will make a considerable

1)   Posture

Walk tall with shoulders back and the head held high.

2)   Purpose

Always walk with confidence meaning business.

3)   Appearance

Look the part by wearing smart clothes with something

4)   Position

Be relaxed, face the person keeping one foot a bit forward
and make strong eye contact.

5)   Approach 

Be sociable and concerned about other people’s interests.
Display humor and

6)   Passion

Be enthusiastic about your subject of discussion.

7)   Belief

Trust your individuality and believe in yourself.


Bottom Line


Practice the above techniques and adjust them to
suit your personality.

This is how you will increase your chances for making
a solid impression and
stand out in a crowd.