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The Jazz!


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Ady was a busy woman only in her early 40s.
For the last six months she was following
a reducing diet very low in protein, because she
wanted to lose the weight she had accumulated
during the last year.

This diet is killing me;   my skin has changed
awfully it’s sagging and deeply wrinkled “,
she said one day breathing out heavily.

Every morning she looked herself in the mirror,
remembering those old days when her face skin
was soft and resilient, luminous and bright.
She felt very agitated and depressed.

I want to be slim, but what a price to pay for
reaching this goal!   I now look fifteen years older
than my actual age , she thought;    
and immediately felt she was ready and decided to
forget all about her strict diet and losing any more
weight, and start eating properly again.


White dress beauty


Tiger By The Tail


Your skin is attacked and irritated every day
by stress, the environment and your hormones.
Also the two main factors that influence the
quality of your skin are your general lifestyle
and your genetic inheritance.

Your old cells age and are constantly replaced
young ones, which need a steady supply of
nutrients to support their growth.

Beautiful and glowing skin has become an
for most people these days;
do consider though, that the foundation of your
beauty is not expensive creams and cosmetic
surgeries    but your daily diet.

A wholesome, healthful and nutritious diet to
provide all the necessary vitamins, minerals and
chemicals will help maintain, repair and enhance
your skin’s overall health.
It will also help minimize all skin conditions,
wrinkles and the total ageing appearance.


Bkue Dress Beauty


Moveable Feast


Ensure that you eat the following foods to keep
your skin smooth and elastic as well as glowing,
and able to fight age related damage:

a)     Water and herbal teas to cleanse, hydrate
and purify the whole body.

b)     Protein in its complete form, as in meats, fish,
and eggs so that your body can repair itself and
keep the skin firm.

c)     Silica foods, like whole grains, cucumber and
asparagus to maintain the health of all connective
tissues in the body.

d)     Isoflavones in soya foods to fight wrinkles
and general ageing.

e)     Lutein foods, like courgettes, broccoli and 
spinach to protect the skin from the sun’s
UV damage. 

f)     Carotenoids in foods like sweet potatoes
and carrots for their antioxidant content to give
a healthy glow.

g)     Lycopene foods, like tomatoes and watermelon
to prevent age spots.


Seated Beauty


h)     Sulfur foods, like onions, garlic and eggs to
help the body with its detoxification process.

i)      Selenium foods, like brazil nuts, seeds and
whole wheat bread to promote tissue elasticity
and firmness.

j)     Zinc foods, like beef, lamb and spinach to
boost collagen production and protect the skin
from the harmful sun’s UV rays.

k)     Vitamin E foods, like vegetable oils and
nuts to fight free radicals and prevent the skin’s
premature ageing.

l)     Omega 3 oil rich foods, like all fatty fish
to repair the skin and keep it moisturised and
flexible for longer.

m)    Vitamin A foods, like liver, butter and eggs
for skin repair and general maintenance.

n)     Astaxanthin foods, like wild salmon and
shellfish to maintain and enhance the skin’s

o)     Potassium foods, like beans, potatoes and
bananas to keep the skin hydrated.

p)     Vitamin C foods, like peppers, kiwi and
broccoli to fight free radicals, synthesize collagen
and to keep the skin soft.

q)     Flavonols in dark chocolate (cocoa) to
maintain supple skin.

So forget expensive cosmetics in the hope that
you will look fresh and young forever, and combine
most of the above mentioned nutrients in your
daily diet to start seeing the benefits.

By changing your diet your skin will look so healthy
that you will erase many years from your face.

Bon Appetit!




Piece De Resistance!




Both men and women have always been
captivated by these works of fine art …….
called the female breast!

It is considered God’s gift, and has been portrayed
in carvings and statues since prehistoric times.

In ancient Egypt and Greece many deities were
associated with breasts, and a number of cults

Firm and beautiful breasts make the woman
extremely attractive to men.

It is of vital importance to keep this magnificent
blessing in the best condition possible.


Minoan Snake Goddess figurines c 1600 BCE


Garden Of Secrets


Here are some clever steps we need to take
to maintain the breasts in top shape.

A)   Nutrition:

 Maintain overall healthy eating habits.
Limit alcohol consumption, and specifically

1)   Animal protein.
2)   Healthy fats.
3)   Soya milk.
4) Vitamin C supplements.
5) Vitamin E supplements.



B)   Weight:

Keep a normal weight for your body without
dieting or eating too much.

Following this tactic you will avoid fat
accumulation in the breast as well as sagging
by being too thin.

C)   Support:

Always measure the size of the breasts and
buy the right bras.

The Breasts change during the decades, so a
good, comfortable and supportive bras should
be worn at all times to avoid gravity.

D)   Exercise:

 The best way to exercise the pectoral muscles
is to include some Isometric moves.

This can be done anywhere by pushing an immovable
object, like the wall, using the body’s own resistance.

Also, Swimming on your back is very effective as well
as Lifting the arms above the head for a “breast lift”.

Posture is extremely important to prevent sagging.
Try to keep your back straight during the day.



E)   Maintenance:

Shower in cool water, exfoliate and moisturise the
breasts regularly.

Also massage gently with circular movements to
increase blood circulation.

The breasts need to be handled delicately and with
great care.


1)   Very active sports and sudden movements.

2)   Vigorous rubbing, bruising and squeezing.

3)   Carrying very heavy objects.





Rising Sun!




Helios (Ηλιος), the God of Sun in Greek mythology.
A powerful immortal deity worshipped deeply.

In prehistoric times most ancient civilizations,
like the Egyptian and Mesopotamians worshipped
the Sun.

God’s Breath

Our modern life is fast, stressful and complicated.
No wonder our energy levels are depleted in
no time, resulting in all kinds of health

There are certain steps for us to take and follow
in our daily life to ensure maintenance of
our vitality.




Lavender WaterSpray


Regular Practice:

1)  Be organised to keep things under control.
When you start feeling anxious on a task leave
it and return later.

2)  Always dress up wearing bright coloured clothes,
and especially red to boost energy.

3)  Be friendly, flirt and socialise with energising
and happy people only.

4)  Spray cool water on your face and take cool

5)  Keep the radio on all day, sing and smell
lavender oil.

6)  Turn on the lights and open the windows as
soon as you wake up every morning.

7)  Change your socks twice a day to feel energised.


TheSocks TheMask


Regular Activity:


1)  Stretch daily for better blood circulation.

2)  Be active at least 20 minutes every day preferably
 in the morning.

3)  Breathe deeply many times daily.

4)  Have sex at least once a week.


Regular Sleep:


1)  Ensure your bedroom is dark or wear an eye mask.

2)  Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day.

3)  Have sleep rituals and sleep at least 6 hours nightly.

4)  If you feel exhausted take a 20 minutes siesta.


Regular Nutrition:


1)  Eat small and frequent meals containing protein.

2)  Eat a healthy breakfast every morning.

3)  Eat whole grains,  berries and healthy fats for energy.

4)  Drink enough liquids during the day to stay hydrated.

5)  Limit or eliminate alcohol, sugar and caffeine.

6)  Take Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C and Probiotics.







Hi there!


She went through the whole day to the best of her ability.
She was too proud to let people see how stressed she was.
As soon as everybody left, she ran to her room feeling
anxious and drained.
She wished she could let everything go and disappear;  
she wanted to free herself from all pressing bonds in her life.
Stress and anxiety are things we can not escape. 
They are an inevitable part of our every day modern
way of life:  work, home, money, marriage – and
there is no way we can avoid them.
The best thing we can do is to find ways to cope as best
as we can on a day-by-day basis.




Instant Positive Frame of Mind


1)   Plan a holiday to move your mind somewhere else.
2)   Go for a walk or a drive.
3)   Think meaningful words like, peace and faith.
4)   Imagine yourself in a place where you feel happy.
5)   Sing and dance.
6)   Eat protein and soya foods.
7)   Write or read things you like to focus your mind.




Instant Relaxation Steps


1)   Take three deep breaths and stretch your whole body.
2)   Hold someone’s hand.
3)   Chew a piece of gum.
4)   Sweep floors in the house or the garden.
5)   Drink chamomile tea with honey.
6)   Smell lavender essential oil.
7)   Say a prayer.
8)   Take Bach rescue remedy.




Permanent Rules

1)   Get enough sleep.
2)   Walk anytime, anywhere.
3)   Listen to music on a daily basis.
4)   Avoid stressful situations.
5)   Avoid stressful people.
6)   Have routines and rituals.
7)   Eat a healthy diet.
8)   Say “NO” to unnecessary pressures.
9)   Live in the Present.



Strong Potions!



Hi there!


August 24th was the moving day;  
a warm, frantic day from its early start.
It was 07:45 in the morning when the big van arrived,
and it took them the whole day to load all my things.

It was 06:30 in the evening by the time they were ready
to go with a van absolutely packed.
I was totally exhausted but I locked all the doors and
windows, and started driving to my new place.


The Magic of Energy


Our bodies create energy from the foods we eat with
the assistance of vitamins  and minerals.
If the levels of these nutrients decrease we feel
tired and lethargic because there is not enough
energy production.

The secret to keep our energy constant is to keep
our blood sugar levels stable.

The top nutrient for energy production is the Vitamin B complex.




Daily Deals


The quickest way to increase our energy instantly
is to consume the following:

1)   Whole grains  (oats, wheat, rye)
2)   Fruits  (grapes, peaches, bananas)
3)   Vegetables  (broccoli, sprouts, sweet potatoes)
4)   Lean  Protein (poultry, meat, fish)
5)   Yogurt
6)   Sunflower Seeds
7)   Almonds

If we feel exhausted it will be extremely difficult
to us to face our every day life’s hard challenges.

Having a proper balanced diet definitely will make
us feel more energetic and able to accomplish our projects.