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Our immune system is a series of processes that
protect our body against a great number of various
diseases and other health problems.

Since we rely on our immune system to keep us healthy and
have a long life, we must feed it the nutrients needed to
maintain it strong and effective.


Stop-Step Courgettes


A healthy lifestyle, which includes relaxation through
various forms of meditation, good sleep patterns
and moderate regular exercise, together with
healthy diet choices, will enhance our immune
system’s strength.


Angels In The Design


Following a healthy and nutritionally dense
diet will certainly boost our immune system,
but there are certain nutrients which offer
even more to it.

a)   Vitamin C increases the number of the white
blood cells as well as the antibodies.

b)   Vitamin E enhances the production of our
immune cells.

c)   Vitamin B Complex are powerful immune boosters.

d)   Vitamin D is the most important immune

e)   Zinc increases the white blood cells.

f)   Omega 3 Fatty Acids contribute to the increase
of the white blood cells.

g)   Probiotics enhance immunity.

h)   Selenium increases the natural killer cells.

i)   Carotenoids increase infection fighting cells.




Bioflavonoids the powerful antioxidant chemicals
in the plants protect against environmental pollutants
and all toxins.

Try to include six (6) servings of fruits and vegetables
in your healthy diet daily.


Cauliflower, Broccoli

Cauliflower, Broccoli


Keeping the immune system strong is absolutely
vital to stay healthy.

Limit the consumption of  alcohol and saturated
fats and avoid sugar, because they weaken the immune
system with negative consequences.







Hi there!


A well stocked medicine cabinet is of great
importance for every home.

It is the first place we go when we need to obtain
relief from all kinds of ailments.

Consequently it needs to be well organised, and
of sufficient size to accommodate all we could
need at any time.




The Necessities


Here is a list for you to consider, which I have
organised for myself after examining all our
possible needs.


A)  Pain Relief:


1.   Aspirin
2.   Ibuprofen
3.   Paracetamol
In various forms (creams, gel, lozenges, tablets)


B)  Colds:


1.    Decongestants
2.   Cough Syrups
3.   Throat Lozenges


C)  Allergies:


1.   Antihistamines
 In various forms (eye drops, nasal sprays, skin creams
 tablets, insect repellents)




D)  Digestive Problems:


1.   Antacids
2.   Anti-diarrhoea Tablets


E)  Skin Problems:


1.   Topical Steroid Cream
2.   Anti-fungal Cream
3.   Hydrocortisone Cream
4.   Anti-bacterial cream
5.   Antiseptic Cream


F)  Cuts and Burns:


1.   Gauze
2.   Plasters of various sizes
3.   Medical Tape
4.   Antibiotic Cream
5.   Hydrogen Peroxide
6.   Bandages




G)  Women’s Health:


1.   Cranberry Remedies for bladder problems
2.   HRT
3.   Herbal Remedies
4.   Yeast Remedy
5.   Probiotics
6.   Lubricants


H)  Natural Remedies:


1.     Aloe Vera Gel pure
2.     Arnica Cream
3.     Zinc Lozenges
4.     Bach Rescue Remedy
5.     Lavender Oil
6.     Tea Tree Oil
7.     Cayenne Pepper to stop bleeding
8.     Saline Nasal Spray
9.     Vitamin and Mineral tablets
10.   Chamomile Tea to calm the stomach
11.   Ginger Tea for nausea
12.   Peppermint Tea for indigestion


I)  Tools:


1.  Thermometers
2.  Tweezers
3.  Magnifying Glass




Rising Sun!




Helios (Ηλιος), the God of Sun in Greek mythology.
A powerful immortal deity worshipped deeply.

In prehistoric times most ancient civilizations,
like the Egyptian and Mesopotamians worshipped
the Sun.

God’s Breath

Our modern life is fast, stressful and complicated.
No wonder our energy levels are depleted in
no time, resulting in all kinds of health

There are certain steps for us to take and follow
in our daily life to ensure maintenance of
our vitality.




Lavender WaterSpray


Regular Practice:

1)  Be organised to keep things under control.
When you start feeling anxious on a task leave
it and return later.

2)  Always dress up wearing bright coloured clothes,
and especially red to boost energy.

3)  Be friendly, flirt and socialise with energising
and happy people only.

4)  Spray cool water on your face and take cool

5)  Keep the radio on all day, sing and smell
lavender oil.

6)  Turn on the lights and open the windows as
soon as you wake up every morning.

7)  Change your socks twice a day to feel energised.


TheSocks TheMask


Regular Activity:


1)  Stretch daily for better blood circulation.

2)  Be active at least 20 minutes every day preferably
 in the morning.

3)  Breathe deeply many times daily.

4)  Have sex at least once a week.


Regular Sleep:


1)  Ensure your bedroom is dark or wear an eye mask.

2)  Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day.

3)  Have sleep rituals and sleep at least 6 hours nightly.

4)  If you feel exhausted take a 20 minutes siesta.


Regular Nutrition:


1)  Eat small and frequent meals containing protein.

2)  Eat a healthy breakfast every morning.

3)  Eat whole grains,  berries and healthy fats for energy.

4)  Drink enough liquids during the day to stay hydrated.

5)  Limit or eliminate alcohol, sugar and caffeine.

6)  Take Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C and Probiotics.




The Business!




A wide bright smile revealing brilliant teeth is a blessing
for anyone.
But most often our teeth seem to be unimportant in relation
to having a youthful skin and shiny hair.

As we grow older the condition of our teeth changes.
They start developing cracks, changing colour and
become thinner.
They also wear down due to chewing, cleaning and


Standing Dental-Tools


Clever Tactics


Detailed daily dental care is absolutely essential.

1)   Brush your teeth a minimum of twice daily,
using an electric tooth brush.

2)   Floss your teeth every night.

3)   Scrape your tongue either with a special tongue
scraper or your tooth brush regularly.

4)   Rinse your mouth with an antiseptic rinse without alcohol.

5)   Polish your teeth every now and then using a specific tooth
polish easily bought in a pharmacy.


EL-Tandborste Dental-Basket


Smile Nutrients


Eat the following nutritional foods to maintain healthy teeth.

1)   Carrots, for their Vitamin A content which is necessary for the
formation of tooth enamel.

2)   Cheese, for its Lactic Acid content which helps prevent
tooth decay.

3)   Green Tea, for its antioxidant properties to reduce bacteria
in the mouth.

4)   Kiwi, for its Vitamin C content to maintain collagen in the gums.

5)   Onions, for their Sulphur components which reduce bacteria
in the mouth.

6)   Salmon, for its Vitamin D content for better calcium absorption.


Important Helpers


If your diet is not providing all necessary nutrients, take the following.

1)   Vitamin C for healthy gums.

2)   Vitamin D to absorb calcium.

3)   Vitamin B complex for healthy mouth.

4)   Omega 3 fatty acids for their anti-inflammatory and
anti-bacterial properties.

5)   Calcium & Magnesium for general oral health.

6)   Probiotics for protection against mouth diseases.




Seraph And Cherub!



Hi there!


 I have been researching the subject of Probiotics,
these healthy bacteria which live
in our intestines,
for a very long time now.
It is a fascinating subject and there have been
lots of claims for these little “angels”.



The Claims


1)   They support our Immune System.

2)   They reverse Intestinal Inflammations.

3)   They assist with Gluten Sensitivity.

4)   They promote Vaginal Health.

5)   They help prevent various Cancers.

6)   They help with the Digestion process.

7)   They fight Free Radicals.

8)   They preserve all the Key Nutrients in our body.

9)   They boost our Heart Health.


From the moment we are born we are exposed
to our mother’s good bacteria,
which then start
migrating in to our intestines.

Since ancient times people have been eating
various fermented foods to promote
the growth
of these friendly bacteria in their bodies, and
protect themselves from
different illnesses.
As we grow old and mature our bacterial
colonies are threatened by every day dangers
like, antibiotics, processed foods, stress, chlorine,
alcohol and smoking.
In order for us to enjoy their benefits they have
to exist in the right balance.


There are two ways we can enhance the
probiotic colonies in our body:


(A)   Eating fermented common foods on a daily basis:

        The Delicious Helpers

            1)   Live Goat Yogurt
            2)   Kefir made with Goat Milk
            3)   Sauerkraut, Fermented Cabbage
            4)   Dark Chocolate of high quality
            5)   Miso, Japanese Soup
            6)   Pickled Vegetables without preservatives
            7)   Tempeh, Fermented Soya Beans


(B)   Taking a probiotic supplement of the most used strains.


        The Invisible Helpers

            1)   Lactobacillus Acidophilus
            2)   Lactobacillus Rhamnosus
            3)   Lactobacillus Paracasei
            4)   Bifidobacterium Lactis
If you take a supplement you do not need to take it everyday.
Three to four times a week will be sufficient.