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It was  Friday night, and Val got ready to go out
with his friends, as he usually did.
They met at the Oriole Bar around ten o’clock, and
took their usual seats by the bar.

Val ordered his regular finest cocktail, Ile De Re.
They sat there talking, laughing and having a good
time enjoying themselves.

The time was going, but he kept on ordering new
drinks until the early hours of the morning.

The only thing he remembered next day, was waking
up in his bed, midday Saturday, being really sick.
He was still feeling terribly dizzy, his head being so
tight and tense, and his stomach really upset.

Val was suffering one of his worst hangovers.
Why did I stay out so late and kept on drinking?,
he thought suffering.

He tried to get a glass of water, moaning about his
I desperately need to find a better purpose to get
out of bed every morning;   and stop wasting my
life this way, any more , he said to himself loudly
this time.

I do need to find my Ikigai ” ……….


Tree over flowers


Raison D’ Etre


Ikigai is a Japanese concept;
it is an approach to life, meaning “a reason for living”.
It is a specific lifestyle that balances self-awareness,
a sense of purpose, healthy nutrition and activities,
financial stability and spiritual connection to the
world;    in order to support your general well being.

According to Japanese tradition, every person on
earth has an Ikigai.
It can be anything:
from your partner in life, your profession you enjoy
every day, a specific goal you want to achieve, your
religious beliefs or a hobby you take pleasure in.

It is an absolutely personal thing;    and it can change
during your lifetime, according to the various stages
you are going through as you grow older during
the years.

Having a purpose in your life not only it will enhance
your longevity, but also it will help you to have a much
improved way of life during the years.

Also it will make you feel more positive about yourself
and the whole world;    as well as bringing fulfilment
and special meaning to all the things you do.

Ikigai is your purpose in life    your driving force.
When you discover it you will feel contended, joyful,
balanced, peaceful and totally happy your entire life.



Whole Idea


Purpose is Meaning, and it should never be confused
with Pleasure which is Enjoyment.
Your ikigai must be something that makes your life
worth living, and at the same time it takes some
effort to achieve.

Consider carefully and decide if you have any
specific activity that gives meaning to your every
day life, and makes you feel excited and

As soon as you determine which one it is, practise
it enough time so that it becomes your purpose.


The Master Plan

Designate a specific free time to sit down and

create a well thought list to help you find your
purpose ( Ikigai ).

Consider and start as follows:

a)     What makes you joyful and happy at this 
stage in your life.

b)     What is your gift and talent that you really
enjoy, and you are totally absorbed when you
are pursuing it.

c)     What are your beliefs;
is there anything you would like to change.

d)     What is your special skill;  
a service which you enjoy practising and people
would like to pay for.

e)     What are your achievements until now.

*       Write down everything that comes in to your

mind, without discriminating anything.

      Direct your attention to the general picture, first.

      Then think about how your answers to the above
mentioned list relate between them.


Take your time and keep on thinking about them
very carefully until you find the solution.
Certainly the right answer will appear before too
long;    and this will reveal your Ikigai.



Vanishing Act


Your ikigai after retirement from any kind of job.

If you happen to find your purpose in your

profession and work, you will certainly feel really
empty and lost when you decide to retire.

According to various studies, when people retire
and have no other mission in their life, they become
more prone to different illnesses and other
health problems.

In this case, you do need to examine and recognise
the specific reason (apart from financial) you liked
doing the work you did.
Further, you must decide how you can apply this or
any part of it in your current and future life.

Definitely you need to start taking action immediately,
in order to create a healthy and happy retirement
for yourself.
If this is not applicable, start searching for a new
mission for the rest of your living;
to give value to your life and make it worthwhile.




Wrapped Around Finger


Here are the best guidelines for a purposeful, 
pleasant and contented life:

1)     Always stay eager, energetic and enthusiastic.
2)     Slow down your pace and start enjoying things.
3)     Surround yourself with supportive people.
4)     Live in the present moment.
5)     Feel grateful for everything around you.
6)     Connect with nature.
7)     Take some form of exercise on a daily basis.
8)     Smile to people you meet every day.
9)     Always keep on learning.

If you are like all these millions of people, who live

routinely every day, caring only about their obligations
and responsibilities, make this year the one that gives
a new meaning and purpose to your life.

Accomplishment and contentment are vital for a
satisfied life.
You need to have something to live for    a mission.

Pursue it as a priority, before it is too late.

What is your mission in life??








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During the Paleozoic era, in the Devonian period,
around 370 million years ago, the first amphibians
developed from the bony fish,  whose fins evolved
into extremities.
These creatures were able to live in the water, and
on land as well.

Later on, in the Carboniferous period, around 310
million years ago, the first reptiles evolved from 
the most dominant amphibians.
These reptiles were very primitive, and small lizard
type animals.

Since then and until now, the lizards still have a primeval
brain, which is only concerned with instinctual




The Reptilian Brain


The amygdalae ( Greek for almonds ), are two almond
shaped groups of neurons located deep in the temporal
lobe of our brain.
Their main concern is,  (a)  basic survival instincts like:
body growth and maintenance, food, reproduction and
fight-flight-freeze;   and  (b)  emotions like:   
fear, anger, memory and pleasure.

This is the most primitive part of our brain  —  and
although it has been developing for almost 280 million
years, it is still similar to the total brain of a Lizard, as
far as its capacity and perception are concerned.

Unfortunately, this Lizard brain’s education is still 
based on the many million years of evolution, without
developing and adjusting    and it 
is most irrelevant to
our modern way of life. 

As a consequence, we choose to behave in such primal,
savage and crude ways, that cause us thousands of
problems during our life.
Those primitive threats of the past do not exist any more,
for us to react in the same way as those prehistoric times.
Therefore, our survival instinct instead of helping us, it is
doing exactly the opposite    hurting us.

Fear, one of the strongest emotions, is an extremely
uncomfortable feeling.
Fear can paralyse you by triggering the fight or flight
response, and actually make you ill.


Wild Waves


Come Out On Top


The physical feelings of fear are very scary, because
your Lizard brain keeps on sending danger signals
to your body;    even though you, yourself, can see that 
there is nothing life threatening, and your fear is 
obviously out of balance.

So you do need to use mental and physical ways to 
overcome this extremely disturbing feeling:


M o d u s


a)     Realise that fear is only a primeval feeling 
that exists merely to save your life    and most 
likely you are not in a life threatening situation.
Therefore, do not give it any priority, and dissociate
yourself from it.

b)     Decide whether your fear is justified and valuable
in any way at all, or you are simply disrupting and
obstructing yourself from succeeding in your goals.

c)      Know  deeply within yourself that you really are
of handling everything;   and do trust yourself.

d)     Recognise that when you take decisions with 
the attitude of  just in case , this again is your fear
disguised as protection.
So refrain from any Just In Case resolutions.

e)     Ask for spiritual guidance to assist you in fighting
your fear.
This will make you feel connected to an entity that
is greater than yourself.

f)     Always, try to surround yourself only with brave
and courageous 
people, who can make you feel positive,
strong and inspired.

g)     Always, try to stay active and exercise on a daily 
basis to take your mind away from your fears.




Bring To Pass


Overcoming your fears is very difficult and challenging;
but when you have finally managed to conquer them,
you will immediately feel relieved and free.

Defeating fear is a skill.
Learn it well, in order to live a peaceful, successful and
happy life.

” Men are not afraid of things, but of how they view them ”
  Epictetus   c. 55 AD  –  AD 135

” There is no illusion greater than fear ”
Lao-Tzu    6th – 5th century BCE  –  531 BCE






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Panacea was the goddess of all remedies.
In Greek mythology, she was the daughter of
Asclepius, the god of medicine, and Epione,
the goddess of soothing pain.

Panacea was always carrying a magical potion
with her, with which she used to cure all the sick.
She also had four sisters and four bothers, all
relating to health and medicine.


Dancing Girls


Philosopher’s Stone


Listening to music is one of the most important
things for me.
I have a favourite radio station, which I switch on
the moment I wake up every morning, and keep it on
until the moment I sleep at night;  
with quiet intervals only when I am out of the house.

Although I listen to all kinds of music, because each
has something different to offer, at this stage of my
life, I mostly prefer the popular and dancing kinds.

Music makes me feel more positive, better satisfied
and really pleased.
It gives me energy and uplifts my spirits.
I have cried repeatedly listening to a favourite piece.
I can never imagine my life without music.

Music is an extremely powerful tool, and a huge part
of our lives from the earliest times in human history.
All cultures since ancient times used music in their
rituals and ceremonies.

According to research, experiencing exciting music
releases pleasure chemicals in the brain similar to
eating your favourite foods or having intercourse.


Mini Stereo


The Good Things


Music is so powerful that it can influence your thoughts,
emotions, feelings as well as behaviours and attitudes.
Some of its most profound and potent physical and
psychological effects
are as follows:

a)     It reduces stress and anxiety similar to getting
a massage.

b)     It enhances endurance and assists during all kinds
of exercise.

c)     It reduces depression and elevates mood.

d)     It helps people have better quality of sleep .

e)     It stengthens learning and remembering information.

f)     It relaxes muscle tension all over the body. 

g)     It keeps the ageing brain healthy and youthful.

h)     It increases visual and verbal intelligence.

i)     It exhibits similar effects to meditation.

j)     It is a motivation and endurance enhancer.

k)     It improves concentration and focus.

l)     It helps managing and reducing pain overall.

m)    It aids memory, intelligence and performance.

n)     It helps speed up recovery from illness.

o)     It helps people eat less and lose weight.

p)     It improves blood vessel functioning and health.

q)     It improves visual and verbal skills.

r)     It improves the immune system’s functioning.




Lucky Break


Music has the ability to influence our brain waves,
our heart rate and breathing, as well as our total
state of mind.

It can make you feel happy and contented, sad and
pessimistic, excited, energised, confident and hopeful
as well as invigorated.

Listen to music in your every day life as follows:

1)      In the morning, as soon as you wake up switch on
your radio to your favourite station, and start your day
feeling awesome.

2)     In your car driving to work or shops, play your
preferred music to relieve stress and tension, and take
your mind off the traffic.

3)     During working hours, play some background music
to make you feel more creative and productive.

4)    In your kitchen cooking your meals, listen to your
favoured tracks to make the whole experience much
more enjoyable.

5)     When having lunch and dinner, put soft music on to
make you feel more relaxed and improve the atmosphere.
Not only you will eat less but you will also digest your
foods better.

6)     During the day when cleaning your house, listen to
your chosen music to feel more energetic and enjoy
your chores to a greater extent.

7)     At night when in bed, play your music to help you
drift off to sleep nicely and pleasantly.


Music is always a very individual preference, relating
to your influences and experiences in life.

So play only the kind of music that makes you pesonally
feel good and satisfied, no matter what the trends are.






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Pygmalion  :  The mythical sculptor who
carved the statue of a woman that was not
only extremely beautiful and dazzling but
also so utterly lifelike.
He was captured by it and actually fell in love.

He then visited the altar of Aphrodite, the
goddess of love and beauty, and he wished
for a bride exactly the same as his wonderful

His wish came true.
His incredible statue came alive;    so he
married the woman he had created, and lived
happily ever after.


Bright Light Fountain


Drawing Power


Manifesting is the series of actions we take
to achieve the life we want.
It is bringing our desires to reality.

Every minute of our life we are sending out
our thoughts and hopes, and attracting back
very much alike responses.

Consequently, if our mentality and attitude
are negative we will attract back negativity,
while if they are positive we will invite
positivity;    just like a magnet.

Unfortunately, most people are still living in
darkness and do not realise this;    so they
keep sending the wrong thoughts, and then
they complain that their life is full of problems.

You must understand that all the experiences
you have been through during your life have
been formed by you, and only you;    either
out of ignorance or intentionally.

You are free and able to take charge and
your own life and become a worriless
and fearless
human being.
The power of your mind is immensely amazing,
and if you open its potential you will really
enjoy abundance.


Skier Jumping


Brass Tacks


To be effective in attracting all the things
you truly desire in your life you have to train
your mind to focus absolutely on your
dreams  —  one at a time.

You need to rewire your brain to genuinely
believe that anything is possible, so you
can enjoy a glorious and triumphant reality.

T h e     S t e p s

a)     Firstly, you must know exactly what it
is that you want, and you feel extremely
enthusiastic about getting it.

b)     Secondly, you need to sincerely believe
that your desire has already happened.
Visualize and feel everything in detail.

c)     Thirdly, you must become an active
player in the pursuit of your goal on a daily
basis until it happens.
You can use any means like:    imagination,
thought, pray, gratefulness, affirmation,
writing, as well as taking physical actions.

d)     Fourthly, be patient because things do
not happen immediately.
Have faith, surrender to the universe, and
eventually it will happen.


Bumblebee on Flower


Grand Slam


Cosmos is energy    you are made of
energy    your thoughts are energy;
and your thoughts can materialize.

Some examples for you to consider:

    Positive thoughts of wellness will
maintain you in good health.

*     Feeling really grateful for what you
already have in your life will bring you
more of the same.

*     Focusing only on the good qualities
of your partner will help you experience
only these good things.

Discover the enormous power of your
mind, and create your own future.





Grand Slam!


Hi there!


Be careful what you water your dreams with.
Water them with worry and fear and you will
produce weeds that choke the life from your dream.
Water them with optimism and solutions and you
will cultivate success.
Always be on the lookout for ways to turn a problem
into an opportunity for success.
Always be on the lookout for ways to nurture your dreams.


Knowing others is intelligence;
Knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength;
Mastering yourself is true power.


Tao Te Ching

Lao Tzu     604BC – 531BC


Bowl Fountain


Flying Colours


All people wish for a successful life in every
way;   but this achievement is not at all easy.

Success is your ability and competence to reach
your personal goals;   either this is in your work,
your personal life, your family or in society.

To be a happy human being is all about you;
your character, who you are.
It is your approach to life, your philosophy and
attitude, your beliefs and your actions towards
every day life issues.

Being an outstanding person is about serving
yourself as much as serving others and
remember the best way to achieve greatness
is always through tiny continuous steps.


Three Urns Fountain


Master Stroke


Fundamental points to be successful in all
aspects of your life:

a)     Understand that the choices you make today
will determine your future tomorrow.

b)     Always be self-confident but have realistic

c)     Be responsible for your own decisions and
actions in order to move on in your life.

d)     Always be grateful for what you have and
you are today.


Barrel Fountain


e)     See the good things and believe in other
forgive and forget so that you can
move forward.

f)    Be patient, stay positive and totally focused
on your goals.

g)     Realise that life is only the present, so stop
worrying about everything and start leading a
valuable life now.

h)     Do what is important to you without
attention to other people’s opinions,
and keep
on learning.


Rock Fountain


In Full Swing


This is happiness and success in life:

Firstly  you have to have achieved your basic
life needs like;   
enough money to buy your food and pay your
bills, as well as acquired all the things you
need to have a comfortable and easy life like;
a satisfying accommodation to live in, some
reasonable means of transportation and
some extra money to meet your emergencies.

Secondly you want to be amazing, accepted,
recognised, admired and important as a
human being.

Thirdly you need to feel satisfied, connected,
deeply loved and very safe.

Enjoy the ride!




Animi Motus!


Hi there!


They were one of the most loveable couples
you could ever see for the last eight months
now, and they had already decided to continue
their life together.

Suddenly when out to dinner he suggested that
they should put all their plans on hold and give
each other space.

I’m not feeling very comfortable lately and I
need some time with myself   he said.
This was completely unexpected and she felt
shocked and tearful.

I can see how upset you are ”  he said and
held her hand while stroking her hair softly.
You can handle this;  you are very strong
he continued looking deeply into her wet eyes.

I know it’s hard to accept right now but it
will get easier with time;  take as long as you
need   he said in his sweet voice and stayed
close to her for the moment………


Red flower


Hurly – Burly


Emotions are a pressing but vital force in
our everyday life.
As humans we have a great
number of emotions,
which sometimes can
affect our well-being and
lead us into 
dangerous and difficult traps.

Obviously we can not ignore the way we feel
but we should express our emotions and
feelings in a healthy and constructive way.

Firstly, in order to be able to keep our emotions
under control we must never be afraid of them,
but only understand them.
If the emotion is suitable for the specific
situation then you do not have to change your
handling, otherwise you must find positive
and effective ways to regulate it.


Glittering Water


Booted And Spurred


Prepare yourself in advance to be able to
keep your emotions under control by
practising the following:

a)     Always try not to be either excessively
excited or heavily depressed about anything.
These are the two extremes you should
always avoid.
Try to be calm and reasonable;   never be
blinded by momentary intense feelings
but always look ahead for the big picture.

b)     As soon as you start feeling too
nervous step back and ask  why .
Then do something else and think deeply
your response.
Take one step at a time to realise the
exact situation and process all information.

c)     Cool down by closing your eyes,
breathing deeply and smiling.
Realise that all this is the energy your
body is releasing, which will soon soften
and go.
Then refocus your mind to what you are
doing or want to do.


Golden Crests


d)     Always avoid triggers like, emotional
people who always complain about everything
without ever improving themselves, as well
as all negative drama of any kind around

Live in a positive environment to be happy
and in control.

e)     Always try to find solutions to the
problems;   never dwell in the problem itself. 
Always try to be realistic and weigh the pros
and cons 
to any situation.
Make your life easy by using logic at
all times.

f)     Build your emotional confidence by
feeling safe and secure in your life.
Eat well, sleep well, exercise, have the right
people close to you, be close to
listen to music, surround yourself
beautiful objects and have some
All these will make you feel that your
life has purpose.


Seaview with Tree


Beyond Recall


Practise all the above and you will be
able to turn all negative emotions to
positive feelings that will lead to pleasure
and contentment, and make you feel
satisfied and fulfilled.

Always remember and never forget that
emotions are only the body’s energy
that needs to be released.

As soon as you understand this you will
be the master of your emotions and
feelings even under the harshest of

Start immediately without any delay.





Hi there!


It was a sunny morning so I decided to go for a walk.
I chose to go to my nearest
garden centre because
not only it is complete
with various plants but also
it has a fantastic
garden, where I enjoy walking for
as long
as I want.

While walking through the various plant stands I started
noticing the colourful reflections of
the sun light through
the trees and the many
“what an amazing view”, I thought.

I kept on walking when my attention went to a small
flowering plant growing through
the cracks of a wall.
I bent down to touch
and smell;
“very sweet smell – it gives me
such a relaxing feeling!”, I thought.

Then I noticed how many insects were flying from flower to
flower buzzing and sucking
the sweet juices out of these
wonderful buds.

I kept on walking and suddenly I started realising that
I really was a part of all these
beautiful things happening
around me
at that moment.

It was then when I decided to just live in the moment.
I was only there — and
nothing else existed before or after.

I was totally absorbed…. !!


Kakahiaka01 Kakahiaka02


C e r e m o n i a s


The morning is the infrastructure our whole day is built upon.
So it is absolutely
vital to adopt powerful habits to give not only our
day but also our life purpose.

Only by doing this we will feel happy, contented, peaceful, strong,
and really healthy.

 Adjust your mindset to the right direction and have an attitude
of acceptance
and anticipation.  Be prepared for good things to come.


Kakahiaka05 Kakahiaka03


M o t i v o s


Try to incorporate the following rituals to your morning routines:


1)     Be Grateful


Every morning you wake up breathe, pray, feel fortunate
and count your blessings.
Feel grateful for all the things you have, including your health.
Feel grateful you are alive.
This will help you to appreciate life.


2)     Daily Purpose


Every morning have a complete plan of actions, which
will make you feel happy.
Be creative and do only what is right for you.


3)     Have Routines


Prioritize your obligations so you will always be relaxed
and in control.
Try to arrange your plans in a list from the night
before to be productive.


4)     Live Now


Every day is a new beginning.
Live today — and not yesterday or tomorrow, which are illusions.
There is only now.
Life is happening only now.


5)     Be Positive


Read, think and act in a positive way during the day,
so by the time you go
to bed at night you feel happy.
Change your attitude and expectations.
Being positive is a choice.


6)     Breakfast


Always eat a wholesome breakfast and include enough liquids
to keep your body
in good health.


Kakahiaka06 Kakahiaka04


M a u    L o a


Make the choice to be happy.
You are the only one responsible for yourself.
It is within you.

Decide to be energetic, confident, strong and productive.
Accept yourself and other people, be creative and do
not take life
too seriously.