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Choose always the way that seems the best,
however rough it may be.
Custom will soon render it easy and agreeable

Pythagoras of Samos     c.580 – 500 BC

Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more
precious, than to be able to decide

Napoleon Bonaparte     1769 – 1821

The strongest principle of growth lies in
human choice

George Eliot     1819 – 1880

It does not take much strength to do things,
but it requires a great deal of strength to decide
what to do

Elbert Hubbard     1856 – 1915


Yellow Marguerites


Iron Will


Our everyday life is full of decisions, which
not only cover completely unimportant daily
issues, like choosing what to drink, but also
extend to real life-changing choices, like leaving
your job.

The majority of people find it extremely difficult
to make decisions on most subjects.

Therefore, either they remain stuck to their
existing unpleasant situations or they keep on
searching ad-infinitum or they ask and often
follow other people’s opinion.

Responsible decision making is the process
your mind is going through in order to choose
the most suitable and best alternative from
your available options.

This thought process can be based either on your
intuition or on your logic.
If you apply both aspects in your decision making
method you will have the most desirable result.

On your way to make the best decision you must
always be careful not to allow your intuition to
decide what your logic should have to deal with;
because then you will make mistakes and come
to the wrong decision, which will affect your life
in a negative way.

You must always try to avoid the following
problems if you want to make the right decisions:

1)     Listening to too many people’s opinions.
2)     Unexpressed vested interests.
3)     Having too much or too little information.
4)     Being emotionally involved.
5)     Being emotionally indifferent.


Pink Flower


Frame Of Reference


The following is the classic foundation for
making responsible and mature decisions:

a)     Define the problem and its key priorities.

b)     Consider and list all possible courses of action.

c)     Research and collect all the information
you need.

d)     Analyze the advantages and disadvantages
of each option.

e)     Anticipate and calculate any shortfalls.

f)     Weigh up the risks and worst case scenario.

g)     Make your decision and examine your feelings
regarding your choice.

h)     Take action without wasting time thinking
about your decision again.

i)     If you want to learn from your experience
evaluate the outcome.

Decision making is immensely valuable in all
life situations.

Always remember that clear and positive thinking
as well as appropriate individual judgement are
the keys to trustworthy, reliable and effective

It is a mind battle, but you can win it.

Good Luck !!


What is the secret of success?
Right Decisions.
How do you make right decisions?
How do You gain experience?
Wrong decisions.

A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
11th President Of India
1931 – 2015








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For the last six months Stig has been going
through an extremely difficult patch.
He was feeling as if his whole life was stuck
and he had nowhere to turn  to.

It was the hard time when he had lost his job
and didn’t have enough money to pay his bills,
which were coming relentlessly.
His debts kept on accumulating and becoming
heavier and heavier to the point of destruction.

Poor Stig was so totally stressed that he started
suffering from anxiety.
Definitely he had to find a solution to this
unsurmountable and depressing situation.

Then one day he thought,  I can’t let my bills
dominate and control my life any more.  
I must create a budget immediately and give
it a priority over anything else .

So he started cutting down all his non-essential
expenses and paid back as many debts as he could.
Then he started focusing on the things that made
him feel comfortable and satisfied.

Gradually he stopped worrying so much about
his lack of funds and began taking his life more
He was finally able to use his stress to his advantage,
something which made him feel calmer, more
peaceful and much more relaxed.


Pigeons on rocky Shore


Evil Twin


Stress is a normal reaction to a challenge.
It affects all people but in different ways.
A number of studies have found that chronic
and intense stress is very harmful to our
health, and can cause illness and constant

As expected, most healthy individuals
endure stress in different ways.
This is mainly due
to their individual genetic
and their very personal
factors like, thinking positively
about it.

Also, according to research as long as your
stress is only a brief episode, it can be very
beneficial to your overall health.

Consequently, moderate and short-term
stress can bring about the following:

a)     It increases your brain power due to the
adrenaline rush.

b)     It builds up your immunity temporarily
due to the release of cortisol.

c)     It improves your resilience to appreciate
life’s difficult situations and handle a crisis
in a better and more effective way.

d)     It motivates you to succeed in your
specific field.

e)     It enhances your memory due to the body’s
response to the stressor.

f)     It improves your alertness and learning,
as well as your general performance.


BumbleBee on Daisy


Bosom Body


In today’s life stress has become an obsession.
Every minute everywhere, you hear about stress,
its causes and harmful effects, and consequently
its management.

But the ingenious thing here is to be able to handle
it effectively and keep it under your full control.
Then you have to consider how to turn it into an
asset and use it to your advantage.

Here are the three basic ways for you to achieve
exactly that:

1)     View the physical symptoms of your stress
in a positive way.

Feel grateful that you have reached this stage
to feel so very ready for anything.

2)    Analyse your fears and acknowledge that you
feel anxious only for a very specific reason, which

you can handle effectively.

3)     Realise that stress is rarely a reality.
So embrace this emotion, and accept that it
is a very normal reaction to the challenge you
have to face.


Frog at night


Staying Power


A very important endeavour is to
increase your ability to handle your stress,
which will make you feel much more
confident and self-assured.

If you manage to raise your stress tolerance
point, you will feel more positive, and then
you will actually appreciate and enjoy your
day to day challenges.

a)     Be an optimist

Whenever you feel stressed, instead of only
focusing on your difficult situation, make
an attempt to find a new opportunity this
difficulty or problem is creating for you.

b)     Forest for the trees

Step back and see the full picture.
Frame your stress, consider carefully and
decide whether you should start paying
less attention to it.

c)     Take a break

Give your body a chance to recover from
the negative effects your stress is causing

Try to relax using any hobbies or interests
you have as well as a good night’s sleep.
In this way you will be able to cope better
with your stresses next time.

Stress is not the enemy.
It is a call for action.
Being stressed is showing you that
you have reached the stage  where
you need to make crucial changes to
your life in order to continue.

The key is balance.
Trust it and design the life you want.






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Sev was a middle aged active woman with lots
of interests and many good connections.
But there was something in her character that
made her life miserable.

She was always analysing everything, thinking
deeply and in detail, and consequently worrying
all the time.
She only existed in her mind.

Every morning she would wake up preoccupied
with all things she wanted to perfect.
She was in a bad mood and irritable most of the
time, because she felt everything around her
was uncertain and unstable.

Suddenly one morning she started thinking, 
I don’t want to waste any more days of my
life being so unhappy.
I will stop worrying and start getting excited
instead, and look forward to the new day “.

And so she did.   She started living on purpose,
and feel happy each new day.




Iron In The Fire


Each new day is full of new opportunities;
and it is the most awesome emotion to wake
up every morning experiencing joy, pleasure,
enthusiasm and excitement.

The way you feel when you wake up in the
morning, your practices and your routines
will affect your thoughts, your feelings and
all your actions for the rest of the day.

As soon as you arise and greet the day each
morning, it takes you some time to become
fully conscious of your body and environment.
Consequently and as a priority, you need to
pay all the necessary attention and care so
that you can feel relaxed and happy.

Plan your day correctly by using the proper
approach;   and most importantly, wake up
with a positive mental attitude, so you can
get off to a great start.


Evening Moon


Cup Of Tea


Begin your day in the right frame of mind
as follows:

a)     The night before go to bed feeling happy,
relaxed and grateful.

b)     Sleep in a dark and quiet bedroom, turned
on your right hand side for around 7 hours.

c)     Wake up slowly:
Stretch all your body, yawn widely, pray for a
few minutes and look at the flowers in your
bedroom    vase or pot or pictures.

d)     Get up slowly, open your window/door to
let the fresh air and day light into the room.

e)     Turn on the radio and play the music you
like mostly;    then start your morning routines.

f)     Hug and kiss your loved ones, talk to them
and keep on smiling.




g)     Eat a nutritious protein breakfast and drink
peppermint tea with a full teaspoon of honey.

h)     Plan your day well to live with purpose.
Walk in nature, exercise moderately, immerse
yourself in a pleasant activity like reading or
writing or gardening.
Do all the things that make you happy. 

i)     Have a number of responsibilities to feel
useful and motivated, but always prioritize.

j)     Always anticipate:
Look forward to holidays, outings, trips, social
events, drink/dinner out, etc.




The Makings


Every day is a new day with new limitless
possibilities and opportunities.
Wake up refreshed and positive, and envision
all the wonderful things it will bring.

Feel happy and grateful that you are alive and
well, and be ready to pursue your goals eagerly.
Make this new day your best day ever.

Feel peaceful, confident and optimistic,
and be thankful for everything you have
in your life.
Look forward to all good things to happen today.

You are the creator of your own life.
Seek positivity, because this is your ticket to

Have a great day !!




Brass Balls!


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Life itself is your teacher, and you are in
a state of constant learning .

Life is never stagnation.  It is constant
movement, un-rhythmic movement, as we
as constant change.  Things live by moving
and gain strength as they go .

Always be yourself, express yourself, have
faith in yourself, do not go out and look for
a successful personality and duplicate it. .

Absorb what is useful, discard what is not,
add what is uniquely your own .

Choose the positive.  You have choice, you
are master of your attitude, the constructive.
Optimism is a faith that leads to success.

                                     Bruce Lee    1940 – 1973


Butterfly on flowers


Right Stuff


In our life we are surrounded by stressful
and annoying situations, which test our
resilience and dynamism as well as our
positivity and mental strength.

Most often we have to work very hard to
establish healthy habits and embrace
all-powerful and effective core beliefs.

This is the only way to overcome the
obstacles and interferences coming our
way every single day, and cultivate a
successful, happy and rewarding life.

Developing mental strength, courage
and endurance will help you to build a
shield to keep going against the frustrations
and hardships of life.
You will be able to
endure, pursue and
carry on no matter 
what happens.


Seagulls at sea


Intestinal Fortitude


The following beliefs will give you power
and put you back on track:

a)     Life changes every second, so if you feel
stuck at the moment realise that this is only
temporary, and as soon as you stop resisting
and go with the flow, life will take you forward.

b)     Life always begins today;   and just today
is the only day you can work hard to find
solutions to your problems.

c)     Feel positive, smile and do not complain
or talk about your problems all the time.
This is the only way to prove that you are an
intelligent, determined and strong person.

d)     As long as you are alive you will keep on
learning and trying to succeed in your life.
Focus positively and do the very best you
can without fear and worry.

e)     Life is full of adversities and troubles,
so be patient while working hard to achieve
your goals.
Be authentic, have a great
attitude and enjoy
the struggles to your


Swordy plants


Moral Fiber


Manage the way you think, organize your
feelings and behave in a positive way.
Be here now and focus only on what you
are doing at this moment.

Use your mental energy to solve problems;
be realistic, motivated and productive.
Be in total control and do not waste your
energy on anything you can not control
or change.

Determination, dedication, perseverance
and persistence are the things which
separate the highest-ranking from the

Feeling good about yourself will energize
your mental batteries.

Are you ready for action?






Cave Of Adullam!


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Once again Bo was spending most of his day
at his desk;   but instead of focusing on his work
he kept on wondering,  what is Taffie doing at
this moment?  Does she really love me?  Why is
she not paying much attention to me? “.

He carried on worrying, even wondering whether
she was flirting with other men.
Bo was not happy in his relationship, without
a doubt.

He was dependent on Taffie for his happiness.
He was jealous, insecure and needy.
Under the circumstances, he was feeling extremely
stressed all the time and totally unhappy.


Bee on Lavender


Principal Element


Stress is the feeling of not being in control.

In our life we want very specific things to happen;
and we worry that these things may never happen
because we do not believe we are capable of
handling something completely different.

Basically we lack confidence and conviction.
We feel confused, fearful and always reluctant.

The degree of our suffering depends only on
our own personal perception of things.


Peaceful Beach


Grand Designs


No matter how helpless you may feel, you
still have much more control than you might
Certainly you can control your thoughts,
emotions and actions, as well as your whole

The following will help you cope:


The Strategies


a)     On The Spot Techniques:

The Tools:

         *     Deep Breathing
             Muscle Relaxation
         *     Visualisation
         *     Meditation (Mantra)
         *     Pray
         *     Walking Barefoot
         *     Going for a Walk
         *     Massaging & Smelling Lavender
         *     Doing Housework/Gardening
         *     Laughing
         *     Singing & Dancing
         *     Drinking Chamomile with Honey
         *     Eating salty almonds 

b)     Long Term Techniques:

The Tools:

         *     Prioritising Your Obligations
         *     Delegating
         *     Learning to Say NO to Demands
         *     Accepting Things You Cannot Change
         *     Looking Forward to Things Happening
         *     Taking Up Writing
         *     Creating a Calming Area in Your Home
         *     Organising your life

c)     Psychological Technique:

        Changing your perception of the stressor.
        Meaning Remove Negativity and
                                Feed Positivity.

The Process:

        *     Decide the reason you feel stressed  (Why).
        *     Decide the way you can deal with it  (How).
        *     Apply logic to your negative thoughts and
               hold on to the new truth of the situation.
        *     Think positively about yourself, 
               stay in the present moment and
               start feeling confident, strong and powerful.


Relaxing Garden


The Insulation


To build your defences against future stressors
you must practice most of the above mentioned
techniques, which suit your current situation,
your life and your character.

At the same time, you must adopt:
   Healthy Eating Habits
   Good Sleeping Habits
   Daily Moderate Exercise
   Adequate Rest
   Healthy Lifestyle

Also always try to have, at least, one person
in your life very close to you, so you can
share your thoughts and concerns.


Koi in Pond


The Acupressure & Reflexology


—   Point 1 :   Wrists   (Inner Gate P6)

Find the pressure point in the middle
of your wrist, three fingers down.
Press this point for at least 5 minutes.
Do this to both wrists.

—   Point 2 :   Ears   (Reflexology)

Massage your ears with your thumb
and forefinger for 3 minutes.

—   Point 3 :   Scalp   (Reflexology)

Massage your whole scalp gently using
circular movements for 2 minutes.

—   Point 4 :   Breastbone  (Sea of Tranquility CV17)

Find the pressure point on the centre
of the breastbone three thumb widths
up from the base of the bone.
Press or tap on this point with your
middle finger.

Bear In Mind

All our problems stem from unhappiness
and dissatisfaction.

Always remember,  it is never the stressor,
either this is a person or a situation.

It is your action based on your reaction to
that stressor.

C h i l l    O u t !!






Stile Di Vita!




Always in my life I have been a very fit
person.   As a child I was playing outside our
home most hours of the day, and walking
with my father forever.

As a teenager I was regularly walking everywhere.
Later on I was attending dancing and ballet classes.

Other times I was playing tennis and golf. 

Since 2000 I was constantly going
to gyms;   and for the last few years I went
back to walking on a daily basis.


Stile Di Vita-1 Stile Di Vita-2


Never – Ending


We all get used to living in our very specific ways,
developing our daily routines for decades;
and at some point we stop noticing whether they
are suitable and to our benefit any more.

It is very important from time to time to review how
appropriate and useful for the decade we are going
through our lifestyle is, instead of continuing to
that all is well as usual.

You may need to make some adjustments in some
areas of your life.     A healthy lifestyle helps people
feel good, be healthy
and live longer.


Stile Di Vita-3 Stile Di Vita-4


Spes Bona


A)     Diet:


The average moderately active woman needs to
around 1,800 calories per day.

According to official recommendations, our daily
intake should be as follows:

1)    55% of carbohydrates
2)    15% should be protein
3)    30% should be fats
4)    400gr should be fruits and vegetables
5)     Eat raw tree nuts and seeds.

Eat a little every three (3) hours, only whole foods,
to ensure continual  energy

Avoid processed sugars in various foods, and
limit alcohol and dairy consumption.

Drink enough liquids during the day to keep hydrated.

Eat healthy fats like, olive oil and coconut oil.


B)     Fitness:


From midlife onwards people’s general fitness
performance starts declining, even if they have been
very fit and active in earlier years.

Try to keep moderately active for thirty (30)
minutes per day.
Count at least 5,000 steps daily.

Additionally, stand often, stretch and lift various
objects, like
chairs, shopping bags, etc.


Stile Di Vita-7 Stile Di Vita-8


C)     General Health:


Sleep for a minimum of six (6) hours every night.
Keep stress under control by using herbal
teas or herbal supplements and vitamins.
Also use relaxation techniques.

Take a multivitamin supplement or individual
vitamins daily.

Keep good beautifying routines for face and body,
and look after your mouth and teeth.

Keep good relationships and socialize often.


D)     Home:


Our home is our sanctuary, and we want to feel
comfortable and relaxed in it.

Keep your home clean, tidy and uncluttered.
Use colours, lights, sounds and smells to feel


Stile Di Vita-5 Stile Di Vita-6


Ad Infinitum


Establishing a healthy lifestyle is absolutely vital to
keeping ourselves:

a)    Physically and mentally in good condition.
b)    Pleased, peaceful and comfortable.
c)    Fit and energetic.

Keep a journal about all your actions and goals.
Imagine you have a Delete button for your mind,

and start using it without any hesitation
every time any negativity appears, and focus
on all positive things to come.

Do you live your life with purpose?
If not, start immediately!






Hi there!


She was a woman in her sixties, but for
her age she looked sensational.
Her youthful body and erotic look made
her very popular everywhere she went.

Although she had a way to keep all
things under control, this morning she
woke up feeling very frustrated;
“I don’t feel so good today” she
thought, “this last dream has upset me”.

She got up and looked in the
mirror — and she was not very happy
with how she looked.

“I’m gonna do my face and go for a walk”
she decided.

She turned the radio on  and started
singing while searching
her wardrobe for
something to
She put on a tight pair of trousers and a soft
sweater, took her hat
and sunglasses, and
started walking
in the cool morning breeze……


Recusance-2 Recusance-1


Chain Reaction


The morning is the beginning of what
we are going
to experience our whole
day.  What we do after we wake up
will make us feel at our best for the
rest of the day.

You must make a good start, do things
in the right
way, so your day is really
successful.  How you begin your day has
a significant  impact on your total
productivity and success.

Here are a number of steps to get you
positively and uplift your spirits.


Recusance-8 Recusance-7


Sui Generis


a)      The first and most important step
is to wake up a
t the best time for you
after a good night’s sleep.

Sleep mostly on your right hand side
for better rest and dreams;
and certainly in darkness.


b)      Stretch, enjoy the silence, breathe
and meditate for a few minutes;    feel
and happy for waking up healthy
and strong.  Look at something
beautiful like, a painting, flowers and
plants, a picture or your partner.


 c)      Let the daylight in by opening
the windows
in all your rooms.    Picture
the day  ahead and  think positively about it.
Always have some kind of plan in your mind
of what you want to
do during the day.


d)      Put some music on, do your morning
routine self-care and eat a healthy breakfast
to give
you the energy you need to face the day,
as well as taking your morning vitamins.


e)      Go out, if possible, to see the morning
light and
breathe the morning air;   either
walk from home
or drive somewhere and
walk there for 20 minutes.
Always walk tall with confidence and wear
sunglasses if there is sun.


f)      If you have a number of tasks planned,
do the most
demanding first when you are
fresher, and more active, and leave
easiest for last.
Always prioritise your responsibilities.


Recusance-3 Recusance-4


Over And Above


1)     Keep a diary recording all your plans.

2)     Write a blog on a subject of your interest.

3)     Throw away any useless objects in your home.

4)     Do some needed house chores.

5)     Spend twenty minutes with plants.

6)     Read about subjects you enjoy.

7)     Write a letter or an email.

8)     Sit twenty minutes close to water.


Recusance-6 Recusance-5


Sapienti Sat


Never attach to your thoughts — but just
let them pass through so you can feel at peace.

Have things to look forward to every day like,
a phone call, an email, a shopping trip, an
interesting walk, a lunch or dinner, or
cafe meeting.

Love what you do and increase the joy in
your life.
Love yourself and develop a positive
perception of your uniqueness.


Smile to Life!!