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All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking .
Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche     1844  –  1900

An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day .
Henry David Thoreau     1817  –  1862

If you are in a bad mood go for a walk.
If you are still in a bad mood go for another walk .

Walking is man’s best medicine .
Hippocrates Of Kos     c. 460 BC  –  c. 370 BC


Solvitur Ambulando


According to research a great number of adults in the
western world spend around three quarters ( 3/4 ) of
their time during the day sitting.

Although sitting feels very good and comfortable, it
has short and long term hazardous effects on overall health.

It has been observed that women who spend more
than six ( 6 ) hours seated every day are in a forty
percent ( 40% ) higher risk to die earlier from any cause.
On the other hand, the ones who sit less than three ( 3 )
hours are healthier and live longer.

The worst situation has been seen among people
over the age of sixty years ( 60 ).
As people age and enter retirement tend to sit more,
an estimated ten ( 10 ) hours on a daily basis.

Physical activity is extremely beneficial to your health.
It affects the body and mind;   it improves the quality
of your life, it increases your lifespan and it is good fun.
You are physically and mentally fitter and more 
energetic;   and certainly you sleep better at night.

Physical activity is a miracle cure for almost everything,
with the added benefit of being free to you.
It is a vital part of a really healthy lifestyle.


Bronze Golfer


Egg In One’s Beer


Working out and being physically active every day
has numerous physical and mental health benefits.


Physical Health

1)       Strengthening the Cardiovascular System
2)       Preventing Osteoporosis
3)       Assisting and maintaining Weight Loss
4)       Preventing Hypertension
5)       Prevention of various Cancers
6)       Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes
7)       Enhancement of Muscular Fitness
8)       Enhancement of general Flexibility
9)       Reduction of high Cholesterol and Triglycerides
10)     Prevention of Stroke
11)     Benefiting Arthritis
12)     Boosting Circulation and removal of Toxins
13)     Boosting the Immune System


Mental Health

1)       Stress reduction
2)       Depression relief
3)       Anxiety alleviation
4)       Self-confidence boosting
5)       Creation of Feelings of Happiness
6)       Cognitive Decline prevention
7)       Brain Power boosting
8)       Memory sharpening
9)       Controlling various Addictions
10)     Increasing Relaxation
11)     Energy and Productivity enhancement
12)     Enhancing Creativity
13)     Aiding Quicker Thinking
14)     Facilitates Better Sleep



Travelling By Foot


Walking is the easiest and simplest way to become
more active, and experience all the above mentioned
health benefits.
On top of that it has the advantage of being completely
without charge.

Walking is the best form of moderate exercise.
It is absolutely natural, you do not need any specific
guidance to learn it, you do not need to have any
special skills and it has an extremely low risk of
any kind of injury.

Walking has always been an important achievement
for humans, as well as separating us from animals.
But nowadays, modern man is walking less and less 
as the time passes.

Walking is ideal for people of all ages and all fitness
levels, and it is generally recommended for its best
health benefits.

Here is how to do it best:

a)     Choose comfortable and supportive shoes,
or trainers.

b)     Wear loose clothing and in layers to be easy 
to remove if hot.

c)     Walk outdoors on the pavements or in nature
for at least thirty ( 30 ) minutes.

d)     When you walk, keep your head up, your neck
and shoulders relaxed, your back straight and swing
your arms freely.

e)     Walk smoothly and in a moderate pace.


A  l  s  o :


*     Make certain, you walk to the shops or walk to the
public transportation or to your work every day,
instead of driving.

*     Try to use the stairs instead of the elevator, at
home or at work.

*     If the weather does not allow, walk inside a
shopping center or similar.

*     When you are at home, try to be active by doing
various chores or moving up and down or just
standing, instead of sitting.


Two Pairs of Shoes


Bottom Line


Our body is built to be in motion in order to
perform well and serve us right.
Consequently, we need to keep it physically active
so that we can be healthy and long lasting.

Motivate and persuade yourself to take all the 
necessary time you need for regular exercise as 
part of your every day life.

Decide now and take charge of your own health.
Start a daily workout plan as of today, and enjoy
all the already established and confirmed health

Good luck !!







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During the last six months Ila has been going
through a lot of stress, and suffering from anxiety.
Her mother was seriously ill and dying, and her
marriage was falling apart.

It was impossible for her to sleep at nights any
more, and during the days she was struggling
to get by and survive.

Her one and only consolation was food.
Utterly confused she kept on eating …… eating
anything, especially sweets    and the weight
was piling on.

It’s so unbelievable how much food I can eat
in a day she thought one evening.
She started feeling ashamed of herself, and awfully
guilty for eating so much.

Then suddenly she realized that there were many
advantages being overweight.
For starters, she felt protected, and not so vulnerable,
defenseless and exposed any more.


Fat Ladies


Fishing Expedition


In human history, being fat was always a sign 
of prosperity and affluence.
Nowadays, being fat is considered a great health
But latest research reveals that being moderately
overweight is useful and beneficial for you in
many ways.

According to these latest studies, although being
highly overweight or obese you are at a higher risk
developing certain chronic diseases, at the same
time, being moderately overweight you will
enjoy a longer life.

It all comes down to your genetic make-up, how
much physically active you are in your daily life,
your diet habits, and certainly it depends on your
overall lifestyle, 
how healthy or unhealthy it is.

It is a common belief among medical professionals
that being overweight can protect you against a
number of serious diseases.
It can also provide you with extra energy during 
sickness times.
In general, having an excess of fat cells in the
body enhances longevity.


Cup Cakes


Lightning Bolt


There are numerous health enhancements you 
will enjoy if you are moderately overweight.
Some of the most unexpected benefits are the

a)     Stronger Immune System

Fat around the various body organs interacts
aids the immune system’s response.
Damaged tissue is repaired rapidly and
heals better.

b)     Faster Recovery Time

When you are ill your body needs much more
energy to rebuild and cure.
Fat tissue provides the extra energy needed
to recover as quickly as possible.

c)     Protection Against Senility

Being overweight will defend against any mental
disorders and brain deterioration.

d)     Alleviation Of Arthritis

Abdominal fat helps prevent the onset and
consequent attacks of chronic arthritis.

e)     Delayed Ejaculation For Men

Abdominal fat carries female hormones that
inhibit the male orgasm, giving you an extra
eight ( 8 ) minutes.

f)     Overall Body Protection

Excess fat around the body will cushion and
support all important organs in the event of
various accidents.


Aztec Women


Second Childhood


Having extra fat around the body is much more
important for older adults.
Plentiful studies during the last years have revealed
that being overweight after the age of fifty (50 ),
offers serious protective effects against all


Also, being overweight is particularly beneficial
and guarding against any bone problems, as well as
assisting with better recovery should any health
trouble arises.

In addition, if you are a menopausal woman,
if you have excess fat all over your body, you will also
have higher levels of estrogen circulating in your
blood;    because estrogen is produced and stored
in the fat tissue.
This can be advantageous in the alleviation,
relief and delay of the menopausal symptoms.

Therefore, for any person above the age of fifty
it is absolutely crucial not to restrict his/her
nutrition in any way in order to lose weight;
because keeping your weight up, you will definitely
increase your chances for a healthier and 
longer life.
Weight loss after that age signifies the general
decline of the individual.

Body Mass Index

BMI     between   25   and   35   =   Low Mortality
BMI     <   25   =   Higher Mortality
BMI     >   35   =   Higher Mortality

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