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Ila was a happily married woman in her mid
forties.   She has always been an attractive and
very fit person, exercising on a regular basis
and looking after her body well.

Lately though, she had been feeling distressed
and concerned;   because she discovered a good
amount of cellulite on her upper thighs.

It looks horrible and disgusting , she kept
complaining to her husband almost every day.
Your legs look very good to me;
I can’t see the imperfections you are complaining
about    and even if I could, I wouln’t care less ,
he replied with a big smile, and continued.

I believe you must know that most men don’t
see cellulite as a problem;   they only see a
beautiful woman with  a great derriere and
lovely legs.
So try to feel comfortable with your body shape,
and know that I love you en masse;   and I will
continue doing so even if you develop more
cellulite tomorrow he said and kissed her softly.


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Cellulite is one of the biggest common concerns
for most women.
It usually appears after puberty, and it affects people
of all ages, sizes and sex.
Being female and overweight though, puts you at a
higher risk of developing it.

Women specifically, feel unattractive and ugly.
They try their best to hide it with clothes, and they do
everything they can to eliminate it altogether.
Men on the other hand, seem to ignore this problem

Cellulite is a type of fat deposits below the skin, and
is mostly noticed on the buttocks, thighs and knees,
as well as stomach, abdomen and arms.
It makes the skin look lumpy, bumpy, dented and dimpled
like the surface of the orange peel.

Cellulite appears on the skin in three stages:
*   In stage one, it is still invisible with the naked eye.
*   In stage two, the skin is paler in appearance, it feels
cooler to the touch, and it shows reduced flexibility.
*   In stage three, the skin is heavily bumpy and lumpy.


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About eighty five percent ( 85% ) of females have cellulite,
and almost all women have some kind of it, hiding in
their bodies.
The following factors are blamed for the development of
this unsightly problem:

a)     Lifestyle habits like,
smoking, being sedentary, suffering from chronic stress,
drinking alcohol every day, standing for many hours.

b)     Various hormonal issues.

c)     Genetic predisposition and slow metabolism.

d)     Poor diet and nutrition habits.

e)     Wearing very tight clothes on a regular basis that
restrict the blood flow.

f)     Age, muscle loss and hardening of the connective
tissues also contribute to the problem.

g)     Accumulation of various toxins in the body like,
pollutants, chemicals, preservatives, medicines.

There are many cellulite reducing products and
treatments, that either they do not work at all or they
may produce some temporary results;   on top of
being very expensive and dangerous or toxic.
But also there are plenty of natural ways to reduce
cellulite, and improve your skin and shape.


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Here are some natural cures for your cellulite problem:

a)     Follow a clean alkaline diet, full of vegetables, green
leaves and fruits, on a daily basis.

b)     Include fatty  fish, nuts and avocado with your meals
every day, for their omega 3 content.

c)     Hydrate by drinking plenty of liquids during the day
like, pure water with a bit of lemon, coconut water
or herbal teas.

d)     Eat only pure sea salt or himalyan salt.

e)     Eat high fibre foods to include whole grains and legumes. 

f)     Exercise by combining cardio workout and weight
training, to tone all your problem areas.
Also, stand up and walk around the room during the day.
Other exercises to adopt if you are not going to a gym are:
Jogging, Riding a bike, Swimming, Dancing and Walking.

g)     Dry brush your problem areas with a soft natural
fibre brush daily for a few minutes, then moisturise using
coconut oil.
This will help remove toxins and tighten your skin.

h)     Massage your problem areas with a combination of
rosemary and sage essential oils mixed into some coconut
oil, for five ( 5 ) to ten ( 10 ) minutes every day.

i)     Massage your problem areas with a coffee scrub:
mix ground coffee with some brown sugar and some
coconut oil to a paste consistency.
Do this three ( 3 ) times a week.

j)     Wear loose underwear and clothes to assist your
blood and lymph circulation, which are absolutely
essential to get rid of your cellulite.


To Sum Up

You must know that only actual exercise and the right diet

will remove the unattractive fat deposits from your body.

Everything else including the expensive cellulite creams
on the market, will mainly help with the overall appearace
of your skin, and make it look softer and tighter.

Always remember that you do need to give yourself plenty
of time to be able to see any improvement.
During this time, you should be following a very healthful
and nutritious diet, you should be reducing your stress
levels, and certainly you should avoid smoking.

Although you may be feeling very embarassed, and basically
hate it, you must accept your body as it is, and try to improve
it gradually.

Good Luck !!




Jelly – Belly !


Hi there!


Cat and Chez met at their gym this afternoon, since
they were both taking the six o’clock aerobics class.
They warmed up in the jogging machines for a
while, then entered the room waiting for their
trainer to start the class.

It was an extremely enjoyable routine for fifty
uninterrupted minutes, after which they went
next door to the cafe for a drink and a chat.

I’m still very concerned about this bulge in my
abdomen;    I’ve already limited my calories, and
as you know,  I’m exercising every day.
But to no avail  —  it still persists ,
Cat said feeling distressed.

I don’t feel good in my body or in my clothes;
and I don’t know what to wear, especially in the
summer, to cover up this growth in front of me
she continued almost in tears.

I know exactly what you mean;   it’s very difficult
to lose belly fat  —  I’ve been fighting against this 
upsetting problem myself for many years now
Chez replied in a sad tone.


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Lower body fat is a considerable worry for most
Everybody wants to feel comfortable, attractive
and relaxed in their clothes.
Unfortunately, this abdominal fat is really stubborn,
and it will still stay there even if you diet and
exercise regularly.

This dangerous fat is connected with a number of
health problems, and it really is worse than just
being generally overweight.
So you do need to take all necessary steps to regulate
it and keep it under control.

Obviously it is not easy to eliminate this fat, so you must
be very willing, absolutely determined and completely
persistent to undertake solid permanent lifestyle changes.

A small amount of belly fat is good for you to protect
your lower internal organs.
But if it becomes a lot it is not healthy any more.

Apart from being overweight in general due to 
over-eating and muscle loss, the most common causes
of stubborn abdominal fat are the following:


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a)     Adrenal Imbalance

When you are constantly stressed your adrenal glands 
keep on releasing excess cortisol and adrenaline,
causing serious hormonal imbalances in your body.
As a consequence, it starts accumulating surplus of 
fat in the abdominal area.

The Answer

Manage your stress levels by avoiding or minimising
all stressors in your life.
Also use meditation, deep breathing, herbs and nature
to reduce your cortisol levels.

b)     Oestrogen dominance

Excess oestrogen in your body encourages storage
of fat in the abdominal area.
Accumulation of this female hormone is encouraged
by eating conventionally raised meats and their
products as well as fish.
Also there is another contribution by the
toxins and poisons.

The Answer

The only thing you can do to avoid oestrogen
overload is to avoid all the above mentioned
harmful items in your everyday life.

c)     Menopause

During the climacteric years the female hormones
fluctuate a lot, and as a result the body stores
fat in the abdomen to balance these changes.

The answer

Manage your menopause status by reading detailed
advice in my earlier post Vicissitude!.

d)     Insulin Resistance

If you follow an unhealthy diet , eventually your
body will be unable to respond properly to insulin
The final result will be that the excess blood sugar
will be converted to fat and stored in your
abdominal area.

The answer

Eliminate all processed carbohydrates from your 
diet, and eat only pure whole foods.
Also eat healthy fats, vegetables, fruits, organic
meats and wild sea foods.


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Here are some more tools for you to help you 
lose some abdominal fat:

1)     Exercise to build and maintain muscle tissue.
Adopt the simplest of the exercises, which is Walking.
Walk every day at a moderate pace for thirty ( 30 )
Keep on moving and standing the rest of day.

2)     Sleep for seven ( 7 ) hours every night, including
This will keep you relaxed and burn fat in the body.

3)     Boost and support your gastrointestinal microbiota
to help you digest and absorb your foods better.
Eat fibrous foods and take a high quality probiotic
supplement, every other day.

Believe in yourself.





Hi there!


During the last six months Ila has been going
through a lot of stress, and suffering from anxiety.
Her mother was seriously ill and dying, and her
marriage was falling apart.

It was impossible for her to sleep at nights any
more, and during the days she was struggling
to get by and survive.

Her one and only consolation was food.
Utterly confused she kept on eating …… eating
anything, especially sweets    and the weight
was piling on.

It’s so unbelievable how much food I can eat
in a day she thought one evening.
She started feeling ashamed of herself, and awfully
guilty for eating so much.

Then suddenly she realized that there were many
advantages being overweight.
For starters, she felt protected, and not so vulnerable,
defenseless and exposed any more.


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In human history, being fat was always a sign 
of prosperity and affluence.
Nowadays, being fat is considered a great health
But latest research reveals that being moderately
overweight is useful and beneficial for you in
many ways.

According to these latest studies, although being
highly overweight or obese you are at a higher risk
developing certain chronic diseases, at the same
time, being moderately overweight you will
enjoy a longer life.

It all comes down to your genetic make-up, how
much physically active you are in your daily life,
your diet habits, and certainly it depends on your
overall lifestyle, 
how healthy or unhealthy it is.

It is a common belief among medical professionals
that being overweight can protect you against a
number of serious diseases.
It can also provide you with extra energy during 
sickness times.
In general, having an excess of fat cells in the
body enhances longevity.


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There are numerous health enhancements you 
will enjoy if you are moderately overweight.
Some of the most unexpected benefits are the

a)     Stronger Immune System

Fat around the various body organs interacts
aids the immune system’s response.
Damaged tissue is repaired rapidly and
heals better.

b)     Faster Recovery Time

When you are ill your body needs much more
energy to rebuild and cure.
Fat tissue provides the extra energy needed
to recover as quickly as possible.

c)     Protection Against Senility

Being overweight will defend against any mental
disorders and brain deterioration.

d)     Alleviation Of Arthritis

Abdominal fat helps prevent the onset and
consequent attacks of chronic arthritis.

e)     Delayed Ejaculation For Men

Abdominal fat carries female hormones that
inhibit the male orgasm, giving you an extra
eight ( 8 ) minutes.

f)     Overall Body Protection

Excess fat around the body will cushion and
support all important organs in the event of
various accidents.


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Having extra fat around the body is much more
important for older adults.
Plentiful studies during the last years have revealed
that being overweight after the age of fifty (50 ),
offers serious protective effects against all


Also, being overweight is particularly beneficial
and guarding against any bone problems, as well as
assisting with better recovery should any health
trouble arises.

In addition, if you are a menopausal woman,
if you have excess fat all over your body, you will also
have higher levels of estrogen circulating in your
blood;    because estrogen is produced and stored
in the fat tissue.
This can be advantageous in the alleviation,
relief and delay of the menopausal symptoms.

Therefore, for any person above the age of fifty
it is absolutely crucial not to restrict his/her
nutrition in any way in order to lose weight;
because keeping your weight up, you will definitely
increase your chances for a healthier and 
longer life.
Weight loss after that age signifies the general
decline of the individual.

Body Mass Index

BMI     between   25   and   35   =   Low Mortality
BMI     <   25   =   Higher Mortality
BMI     >   35   =   Higher Mortality

Treasure and Cherish your Love Handles !!