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Hi there!


……” It was a warm summer afternoon when I decided
to go for a quick swim.
I packed my bag, put on my loose gown, big hat and sun
glasses, and started walking down to the beach.

When I arrived I saw many different people around:
some were relaxing in the shade, others were sunbathing,
and a few men were playing racket ball.

The sun was shining on the crystal clear water, and I was
so very tempted to dip into the sea.
I removed my clothes and shoes, and started walking
towards the glittering water.

I could feel the heat of the sun on my skin, and the
scorching sand grinding my feet and entering between
my toes.
I ran to the water and lied on the surface enjoying its
coolness on my hot skin.

I don’t know how long I stayed inside, but it was an
awesome feeling.
Finally I came out and stood on the beach savouring
this fantastic view.
I could breathe and smell the salt and seaweeds in the air.

Although there was a fresh cool sea breeze, I had started
feeling my skin burning.
So I decided to put on my garment again because I didn’t
want my skin to burn ……”.



Pain In The Neck


Summer is here together with its very untroubled
way of life.
Most of us will go outdoors, on holiday, swimming
and the beach.
But there is a menace lurking out there    and it is
called Sun.

Most people believe that getting a sun tan makes them
look healthier, fitter and slimmer, and even sexier.
And certainly being out in the sun is most important
when you are on holiday.

But although the sun maintains all life on the planet,
it is also a nuclear fire ball that radiates ultraviolet
light on earth.
Its UV rays are one of the most dangerous forms

Exposing yourself to this hazardous UV radiation,
not only it will cause premature skin ageing like,
wrinkling, age spots, blemishes and uneven complexion;
but also it will weaken your immune system, it will
harm your eyes, and on top of all these, it will damage
your skin cells , which could become cancerous.

Also, if you stay in the sun for a long time, you will
feel sleepy and lose your energy as well as developing



Tower Of Strength


By following a healthy diet full of antioxidants and other
protective nutrients, you will ensure that your skin
is best protected from the inside.

The following are the foods you should be eating and
the nutrients you should be taking to protect your skin
against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation:

1)     Eat dark chocolate for its antioxidant content.
2)     Eat broccoli for its protective chemicals.
3)     Eat tomatoes for their lycopene content.
4)     Eat salmon for its astaxanthin content.
5)     Eat cucumbers for their nutrient content.
6)     Eat spinach for its lutein content.
7)     Eat red grapes for their resveratrol content.
8)     Eat sweet potatoes for their B carotene content.



9)     Drink a cup of green tea every day for its
protective chemicals.

10)   Take the following supplements:
Vitamin C
Vitamin E

Omega 3 fatty acids for proper cell functioning.

By following the right diet you will protect your
skin from sun damage.



Rain Or Shine


Here are the most natural and safe ways to better
your skin from the damaging sun:

a)     Choose your times of exposure very thoughtfully.
Avoid the sun’s strongest rays between 11:00 am and
15:00 pm.

b)     Wear a hat that covers your face well and blocks
out the sunlight from your head.

c)     Wear sun glasses that will protect your sensitive
eyes from all UVA and UVB rays.

d)     As soon as you start feeling too hot and slightly
pink, sit immediately in the shade of an umbrella, or
a tree or an awning to protect yourself from burning.

e)     If you must wear a sunscreen, choose one that
is made from natural ingredients as much as possible;
or buy an organic one.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and you
need to take effective steps to protect it from any harm.

Exposing your skin to the sun for extended periods will
cause long term 
internal damage together with the
short term superficial 

Be alert and clever    do not risk burning.







Hi there!


Last week I met with my friend Dani to discuss
her weight loss success, which had me wondering
for some time now.

……” As you know, I’m going to the gym almost
Six months ago one evening, I saw our
who told me that I was overweight,
and I did need
to lose some of my weight if I wanted
to continue
with my routines.

I remember clearly she emphasized that I
should be eating a high fibre diet every day.

At that moment I started thinking that I must
change my daily eating habits, and focus
on her advice if I wanted to see results.
And so I did. 

I began following a wholesome high fibre diet,
which together with my daily exercise changed
my body, and my whole life    and the results
are obvious .
She said smiling happily.


Yellow Fruits on a tree


Beyond Expression


The word Fibre originates from the Latin Fibra.
It refers to very specific nutrients that when eaten,
can not be digested by the human digestive system.

The history of dietary fibre goes back to ancient
Greece.   At that time, they knew that eating fibre
was beneficial to their digestion.

But at the same time they believed that fibre was
a food waste, which not only was not absorbed in
any way but also it was causing the excretion of many
other useful nutrients from the body.

Furthermore, since it was a substance that offered
nothing to the taste and texture to any foods, they
took every necessary step to eliminate it from all
their products.


Fat lady


Source Of Nourishment


There are two categories of dietary fibre.

*     Soluble Fibre:
This dissolves in water and becomes gelatinous
during digestion.

Its benefits are:
–     Reduction of cholesterol levels.
–     Regulation of blood sugar levels.
     Improvement of Digestive and Immune systems.
–     Enhancement of the overall health.

*     Insoluble Fibre:
This does not dissolve in water but it passes through

the digestive track unchanged.

Its benefits are:
–     Regulation of bowel movements.
     Maintenance of bowel health.

Your Best daily dietary fibre choices are as follows:

For Soluble Fibre eat,

1)     Peas, Beans and Lentils.
2)     Oats and Rye.
3)     Avocado, Broccoli and Carrots. 
4)     Prunes and Berries.
5)     Sweet Potatoes and Onions.
6)     Almonds and Flax Seeds.

For Insoluble Fibre eat,

1)     Brown Rice, Quinoa and Faro.
2)     Nuts and Seeds.
3)     Green Beans and Spinach.
4)     Cauliflower and Courgette.


Purple fruits on a tree


Health – Giving


Here are some suggestions for adding more
fibre to your every day protein meals:

a)     Start your day with a wholesome breakfast like
whole oats with blueberries, seeds and almond milk.

b)     For lunch cook legumes like beans, lentils or split
peas with plenty of vegetables.

c)     For dinner cook sweet potatoes, whole wheat pasta
or brown rice with some vegetables again.

d)     For snack you can have fruits like apple and pear,
nuts or make your own cake using quinoa, rice, oat and
coconut flours.

Eating fibre rich foods has major health benefits,
including body weight control.

Fibre does not add calories and at the same time it
will give you the feeling of fullness, so you will not
want to eat any more.

In addition, high fibre foods contain a lot of vitamins,
minerals and other essential nutrients for health

In conclusion, focus on all sources of fibre in your
every day diet to collect and enjoy the benefits.






Hi there!


Since the mid eighties I have been very interested
in alternative medicine and anti-ageing.
Although for the first ten years my interest was
less intense, as the time goes my deep passion
keeps on increasing.

A few months ago, I had a fascinating discussion
about the human cells and these, absolutely vital
to our health, caps at the end of each DNA strand
called telomeres.

Unfortunately, these telomeres get shorter every
time a cell copies itself    and consequently,
getting too short or non-existent in the course
of time.

This sad deterioration represents our biological
age and ultimately death.
As our cells age and become unable to reproduce,
our tissues degenerate, decay and die.

A horrendous and deeply depressing thing, but
such an extremely interesting study for me for
the last twenty five years ………..


Sun Over The Mediterranean


Watch The Store


We all want to have a healthy and long life.
The most fascinating thought is to be taking
a simple specific substance every day to help
us be
strong and live indefinitely.

Obviously as the time goes and we grow older,
we need more precise nutrients to stay
reasonably healthy;     and the only way to
get those nutrients is through supplementation.

There has been a flood of research and studies
on various ways to improve longevity.
According to miscellaneous scientific experiments,
there is a number of nutritional supplements
that can help us increase our life expectancy.

It is established that with age the body grows
weaker and works less efficiently.
As a consequence the absorption of all necessary
nutrients is inadequate to a high degree.

This happens naturally even if we eat the most
healthful and balanced diet.
Also many people lead very stressful lives, others
are obese or they do not exercise or they smoke.

An additional way to help your body last longer
is by taking several specific supplements, which
have shown to be most efficient in doing this.

Moreover, these nutrients will protect your
telomere length, which certainly affects how
long you live.


Tree line


The Code Of Life


Although there is no proven information from
human experiments that taking various specific
supplements will prolong our lifespan, still,
there are certain nutritional substances that
have shown to be helpful in increasing our life

a)    Vitamin C

A very essential nutrient for collagen production
and tissue repair.
Take 400mg to 2000mg daily, unless otherwise

b)     Vitamin E

The most important antioxidant to fight
free radicals.
Take 100IU to 1000IU max daily. 
Always stop for four weeks before you have
any kind of surgery.

c)     Vitamin D

Very important substance for healthy
bones and blood cells.
Take 600IU to 4000IU max daily.

d)     Vitamins B

A complex of vitamins vital for cell
metabolism and disease prevention.
Take a high potency supplement
of 50mg to 100mg daily.

e)     Calcium

The most plentiful mineral in the body.
It is imperative for healthy bones, teeth,
muscles and blood vessels.
Take 1000mg to 1200mg daily.

f)     Magnesium

Very important for body structures and
chemical reactions, muscles and nerves.
Take 350mg to 400mg max daily.

g)     Zinc

An essential mineral for the development
and maintenance of the whole body.
Take 10mg to 40mg max daily.

h)     Selenium

Very necessary, needed for good total health.
Take 55mcg to 200mcg max daily.

i)     Omega 3 Fish Oils

Vital for cardiovascular health, brain and vision.
Take 1000mg to 2000mg on a daily basis.

j)     Coenzyme Q10

A very essential nutrient for cell function.
Take 30mg to 100mg daily.


Cloudy Sunset


More Than That


Eat Vitamin A foods  (Eggs, sweet potatoes, carrots)

Eat Chromium foods  (broccoli, pear, apple)

Eat Lutein foods  (spinach, lettuce, peas, courgettes)

Certainly there are various chemicals, medicines
and hormones which suppose to prolong life, but
until now there is nothing very specific that has been
proven to extend longevity.

In addition all these can be harmful in the long
run.   At least, the above mentioned vitamins and
minerals are harmless at the quoted dosages, and
they are worth trying.
Remember more is not better.

Finally, if you have any medical condition or
you are taking any medications you will need to
consult your physician.

Follow the healthiest lifestyle possible, and
avoid eating anything for twelve hours during
the night.

The ground of longer life is full of hope and potential!









Hi there!


Tally was a very youthful woman in her late 40s,
and although almost middle aged she was full
of energy.
Her skin was clear, her hair was shiny and her
green eyes were sparkling.

That evening she was getting dressed to go out;
as she was coming down the stairs from her bedroom
she just missed the step and found herself flat on
the floor and on top of her right shoulder.
The pain was excruciating, so she decided instead
to go to the emergency.

Dr Drek was a very well-trained surgeon, and that
same evening he was replacing a colleague in the
emergency department.
He was sitting at his desk when suddenly the door
opened and Tally went in holding her painful shoulder.

What a striking woman;  I must ask for her secret
he thought and asked.

I’m in very good health and shape, and I do feel
strong;   I have to thank my vitamins for the last
ten years.   I do believe that my robustness is due
to this  —  in fact, I’m really convinced about this ,
she said.

It was just after that accidental incident that he
decided to start researching all natural therapies
and use them in his own practice ……..


Woman looking at scales


Bells And Whistles


Even if you follow the healthiest diet it is almost
impossible that you will be eating and absorbing
all necessary vitamins, minerals and other
chemicals and nutrients your body needs to stay
healthy and strong.

This verifiable truth is due to,

a)     exhaustive production, long storage and
preparation of our foods, which results in loss
of many nutrients.

b)     the natural ageing process our bodies are
going through, which results in difficulty absorbing
and making good use of most nutrients.

Consequently all you need to stay in good health
and live long is a healthful and balanced diet to
include a lot of healthy fats and anti-oxidants,
together with the
right supplements.


Couple at the sea


Vade Mecum


The most important reasons to take any
supplements are:

1  —  Prevention of any disease and healthy ageing.

2  —  Cure of a health problem.

3  —  Correction of any nutritional deficiencies.

If you decide to supplement your diet, and you do not
have any health issues or you are on any medication,
a very good quality, natural, broad spectrum, high potency
and well-balanced multivitamin supplement with a
daily dosage of at least 3 pills per day is all you need.

On the other hand, if you have a health problem
it is very wise to address your specific needs.
Here are some examples according to studies:

a)     Migrane Headaches:

You will need to take,

**  Calcium and Magnesium
**  Coenzyme Q10
**  Omega 3 Fish Oils
**  Vitamin D3

b)     Anxiety:

You will need to take,

**  Vitamin B Complex
**  Calcium and Magnesium
**  Vitamin C
**  Vitamin D3
**  Omega 3 Fish Oils
**  Zinc
**  Vitamin E
**  Coenzyme Q10

c)     Common Cold: 

You will need to take,

**  Zinc Lozenges
**  Vitamin C
**  Vitamin D3
**  Vitamin B Complex


Round ladies


Name Of The Game


If you are determined to use nutritional
supplements, always choose very high quality
from a big and reputable company to ensure
their stability and potency.

Obviously you have to use common sense and
do not use any vitamins or minerals if they
are going to harm your health and give you
any problems.

Unless you take any supplement for therapeutic
reasons under doctor’s prescription, take all
your vitamins and minerals during meal times
(breakfast, lunch, dinner) with your food, so
that your body can break them down and absorb
them efficiently and without difficulty.

S t a y     H e a l t h y !!




Mel Mellis!


Hi there!


Some years ago I used to have a
nice big
house on the coast.
It had a very large beautiful garden,
full of
colourful shrubs, small
trees and lovely flowers.

During spring time all flowers
were in full
bloom and attracted
all kinds of life.

It was really a bliss to watch
all these insects
flying around
the wonderful blossoms and

suck the juices out of them.

Among these interesting insects
were lots
of honey bees.
I enjoyed gardening at the time,
and I was always
playing with
the plants.

A few times I was stung by the
bees around
the flowers, which
was very irritating.

Although bees are not aggressive
they will
sting if they feel threatened.


Mel Mellis_04 Mel Mellis_03


The Nectar


The bees harvest from various
plants, trees,
shrubs and flowers.
So we have many different
kinds of honey,
which varies in
colour, flavour and taste.

Honey is my vary favourite
since I was a teenager.
I use it in all my hot drinks,
my cooking,
my baking and
on top of most of my
and yogurt.


Mel Mellis_06 Mel Mellis_05


The Nutrition


Pure honey has a good number
of nutrients.

Firstly it contains big amounts
of Potassium.

It also contains smaller amounts
Vitamin C and Folate.

I contains the minerals,Calcium,
Magnesium, Phosphorus,
and Selenium.

Of course it contains Water and
various Sugars,
like Glucose,
Fructose and Galactose.


Mel Mellis_02 Mel Mellis_01


The Advantages


Pure honey offers a lot of
health benefits.

Firstly, its natural sugars stabilize
our own
blood sugar levels and fight
insulin resistance.

Secondly, it promotes balanced
levels, so we can feel
calmer and more relaxed.

Thirdly, it is a natural source of
energy due
to its many nutrients,
so we feel more active.

Finally, it is an immune system
an anti-oxidant, an
anti-fungal, an anti-bacterial

and a natural throat soother.

Make certain you buy only pure
without additives.


Mel Mellis_08 Mel Mellis_07




You can use this magical ingredient
to give an ever-lasting glow to
your skin.

This facial will brighten your skin
and iron out your fine lines.

Combine 2 teaspoons of milk with
2 tablespoons of honey.

Cover your face with the mixture
and relax for 15 minutes.

Wash off and follow with your
regular moisturiser.


Take a spoonful of honey every
morning to maintain your youthful






Hi there!


In my mind I am still in my 20s.
This morning I have been feeling very active and happy;
so I decided to meet up with my best friend for a drink
and a bit of gossip.

I went to the bathroom and stood  in front of the mirror,
getting ready to start my usual beauty routine.
Looking at myself in the mirror I was shocked!
“This can’t be me”, I thought frightened.

I have just noticed the two creases on either sides of
my mouth and between my eyebrows;
as well as a sag
in the skin along my jaw line.

I know I have earned every wrinkle and sag while living
a full life until now, but still it was really shocking
to see
my changing face — and I do yearn to look younger…..!


Options-04 Options-05


M a t u r i t y


An inevitable process, which start from the day we are born
is causing skin sagging.

It is an extremely annoying thing; and it gets worse as
we grow older.

It is an unavoidable part of the natural ageing process.
We experience chronological ageing, which is marked by gravity,
decline in our hormones, slower renewal of the 
cells, loss of fat
tissue and shrinking of the bones;  
and the skin is unable to
produce the nutrients it needs and hold water in its cells.

We also experience ageing due to external factors like, pollution,
ultraviolet light, lack  of sleep, lack of exercise and poor
and the skin can not protect itself.


Options-03 Options-06


Growing Up


The first sign of natural and healthy ageing is sagging skin.
There is no cure for it unless we decide to choose scary surgical procedures.

The best thing we can do is to love our face as it develops,
look after ourselves and take the following necessary steps to
minimize the problem.


Options-02 Options-01


The Allies


It is up to us to provide our skin with the nutrients it needs to
protect itself and keep moisture.


1)    Eat a healthy diet including Soy (Phytoestrogens) and
Red Sweet Potatoes (Vitamin A), and drink enough liquids

during the day.


2)    The most important antioxidant to take is CoQ10.
Also, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Omega 3 oil daily.


3)    During your beauty routines, massage the whole face
and neck with upward movements morning and night for
two minutes to increase circulation.


4)    Exercise the neck  by tightening the muscles and holding
for 10 seconds.
Repeat 5 times.


5)    Exercise the neck by turning right, left and back holding
for 10 seconds at a time.
Repeat 3 times.


6)    Chew gum daily for 30 minutes to improve face muscle tone.




Use good skin firming beauty products without chemicals and
preservatives, as well as wearing
a sunscreen daily.




Comme Il Faut!


Hi there!


Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies — and
it is first to showing
signs of ageing, which are
as we grow older.


CommeIl_01 CommeIl_02


Soin De La Peau


We all want our skin to look as young as possible.
Our skin reflects our internal health.
A healthy lifestyle like,

a)  Not smoking

b)  Moisturising daily

c)  Using SPF 50

d)  Avoid skin irritants

e)  Avoid alcohol & caffeine

f)  Wearing hat & sunglasses

g)  Exercising daily

h)  Getting enough sleep is absolutely important.


The priority factor though is the diet for us to enjoy a
and moist skin.

Our diet should supply all the nutrients our skin needs
to be
healthy and well-nourished.




Savoir – Faire

The most important nutrients
for a fresh skin are:

a)  Silica, as in oats & asparagus

b)  Zinc, as in beef & lamb

c)  Omega 3 oils, as in wild salmon

d)  Selenium, as in brazil nuts

e)  Vitamin A, as in sweet potatoes

f)  Vitamin C, as in broccoli & spinach

g)  Vitamin E, as in nuts & seeds


Salmon Seeds


Les Masques


There are three natural foods which if applied locally
can do wonders
for all skins, male or female.




Honey is antibacterial, antioxidant and moisturising.
Mix pure honey with a few drops of lemon juice (vit. C).

Dampen skin and massage circularly.

Leave for 15 min. and rinse with warm water.


Coconut Oil


Coconut oil is antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-fungal
and unclogging the pores.

Mix virgin coconut oil with a little turmeric
(antiseptic, skin lightener).

Massage well and leave for 15 min.

Rinse with warm water.




Oatmeal is a cleanser, exfoliator and a moisturiser.

Cook oats in water and when cooled make a mask.

Leave for 15 min. and wash it off with warm water.