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A well nourished brain is your most 
significant blessing.
During your whole life, it will help you become
inspired and productive person;
because you
will be able to think, decide and
properly with the other people,
and in the 
right way so as to achieve your
heart’s desires.

Also, if you have a really clear mind, this will
enable you to keep all challenges in your
life under your full control.

Certainly, it is known that the human body ages
naturally with the
passing years;
and although there is nothing that can reverse
this distressing process, what you eat every 
day plays a vital part, and it is a decisive factor
in your having a properly functioning brain.

All your life, your successes and failures,
everything depends on your diet.
According to studies, there is a good number 
of foods that can protect the brain from any
kind of trauma, and keep it fit until old age.

Also, there are foods that actually damage
the brain causing illness, as well as depriving
you of your strength and vitality, making 
you feel exhausted and drained.

Since prehistoric times, the diet has always 
played a huge part in human brain evolution.
According to studies, the foods you eat
influence the metabolism of energy in your 
body, resulting in specific brain functions and
general mental health during your whole life.

Brain foods are very rich in antioxidants,
healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and many
other chemicals.
All these supply energy, and protect the brain
against various chronic and old age diseases.


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Brain Power


Here are the best foods to include in your every
day diet, to support and improve the health of
your brain.

a)     Fatty fish:

Wild Alaskan Salmon, Sardines and Mackerel;
because they are very rich in Omega 3 fatty acids,
which are absolutely necessary for healthy brain.

b)     Dark green leafy vegetables: 

Spinach, Kale and Romaine Lettuce;
because they 
are full of vitamins, minerals, fibre
and phyto
chemicals, which are vital for the
health of the nervous system.

c)     Berries:

Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries and 
Black Cherries;
because they are full of antioxidants, which 
protect from oxidative stress and maintain
healthy memory.

d)     Extra virgin olive oil:

Because it is very rich in monounsaturated 
fats, which are important for the heart and
as well as polyphenols to protect against

ageing diseases and preserve memory.

e)     Black chocolate – 85% cocoa:

Because it is extremely rich in antioxidants,
minerals and chemicals, which can lower
high blood pressure and fight inflammation
in the whole body including the brain.

f)     Avocado fruit:

Because it is rich in monounsaturated fats,
vitamin K, vitamin B and vitamin C for enhanced
blood flow to the brain;
as well as Lutein for slowing cognitive decline.

g)     Water and Fluids:

Because all liquids can keep the brain continuously
hydrated, since it is 80% water.

h)     Beetroot:

Because this root vegetable is very rich in antioxidants
natural Nitrates, which can reduce inflammation
and increase blood flow to the brain.

i)     Broccoli:

Because this green vegetable has plenty of vitamin C, 
vitamin K and Choline to keep the memory sharp.

j)     Coconut oil:

Because it is abundant with saturated fats, which 
are very important to the brain health, it fights
inflammation, enhances memory and kills bacteria.

k)     Eggs, organic or free range:

Because they are very rich in multi vitamins and
minerals, and especially Choline, which is
absolutely necessary for brain health.

l)     Turmeric:

Because the active ingredient of this root, Curcumin
fights inflammation, keeps a healthy immune 
system, and improves the brain’s oxygen intake.

Caution:   If you suffer from Histamine Intolerance
                  avoid eating this spice, because it reduces
                   the DAO enzyme.

m)     Nuts and Seeds, all:

Because they are very rich in antioxidants, 
vitamins and minerals, which can encourage brain
health and prevent cognitive decline.

n)     Whole grains: 

Oats, brown, red and black Rice, Quinoa;
because they have plenty of fibre and vitamins
to promote heart health and good circulation.

o)     Legumes, especially lentils:

Because they can stabilise glucose levels and 
provide a continuous flow of energy to the brain.

p)     Butter, pure organic:

Because it is very rich in vitamins, minerals and
saturated fats, which can build new brain tissue.

q)     Citrus fruits, especially lemons:

Because they are extremely rich in vitamin C and
Bioflavonoids , which can improve circulation
in the whole body and fight oxidative stress
reducing inflammation.

r)     Chicken livers:

Because they are full of vitamins and Coenzyme Q10,
which is a powerful antioxidant very beneficial
for the brain.


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Steering Clear Of


The following foods must be avoided if you 
want your brain to enjoy optimum health.

1)     Refined Carbohydrates and Sugars,
because they raise the blood sugar levels 
quickly, and create inflammation and insulin
All these result in various brain diseases.

2)     Omega 6 vegetable oils like,

    canola/rapeseed oil,
    corn oil,
    soy bean oil,
    grape seed oil,
–    sunflower oil,
    safflower oil,
–    rice bran oil,
    cottonseed oil,
    sesame oil,
    peanut oil,
because hey are highly inflammatory.

3)     Non fermented Soy products,
because they prevent nutrient absorption.

4)     Gluten containing grains like,
Wheat, Rye, Spelt, Farro, Barley, Millet, Buckwheat,
because they cause inflammation, and slow down
blood flow to the brain.

5)     Factory produced red meats, poultry, fish,
and eggs,

because they are fed unhealthy foods with

6)     Sugary drinks like,
soda, fruit juices and energy drinks,
because they raise the blood sugar levels causing
various brain disorders.

7)     Artificial trans fats, hydrogenated oils like,
margarine, various snacks and desserts,
because they cause inflammation.

8)     All processed foods like,
various ready meals, sauces and sweets,
because they contribute to fat around the organs.

9)     All artificial sweeteners like, aspartame,
because they can cause cognitive problems.

10)    Excessive and chronic alcohol use,
because it can cause memory loss, and other 
brain issues.

Your brain is the most vital organ, and it must

be kept in top condition for all your other
systems to work properly.

Your diet plays a very important part in keeping
your brain healthy.

Consequently, you need to be eating wholesome,
nutritious and healthful foods, at all times.









Ari was a beautiful middle-aged woman I had met
sixteen years ago at the spa I used to go;   but we
lost track of each other due to life’s events.

We met by accident that evening, because we were
both invited to that same wedding reception.
I was intrigued how she looked so very comfortable
and happy, and I went to ask her.

My life is getting easier and better as I grow older.
I feel very confident, I don’t care about what other
people say, and I ignore everything troublesome.

There is only one thing that makes me a bit miserable
at the moment    and this is that I’ve put on five
whole kilograms in weight during the last three years.

I must admit that it proves so hard, almost impossible
to get rid of it, even though I do try to be more
physically active every day “……..


Bunch of pink flowers


Passage to Reality


Many people are trying to lose fat in their middle
years.   But this is definitely much more challenging
than losing weight in your younger years.

The main reason is that our metabolism is not so
fast as it used to be.  
On top of that, as the years go our oxygen intake
is being reduced, which makes it more difficult for
people to breathe deeply when we exercise.

Other contributing factors are various medical
and physical problems that make it harder for
individuals to actually exercise, sometimes even in a
moderate pace.

But do not despair, because there are many ways
you can lose excessive fat, and get the results you
want    and all this without going to any gym,
or following weight-loss trends, or doing anything
very strenuous.




Beaten Path


Adopt the following suggestions to help you lose
excess fat and be healthy in the years to come:

a)     Take a measuring tape and calculate your
waist size.
The measurement should be half your height or less.

b)     Make certain you are drinking enough liquids.
Water helps with the body’s metabolism and aids
digestion as well.

c)     Adopt a healthy and nutritious diet at all times;
and have small and more frequent meals,
( breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner ).

d)     Eat lean protein with every meal to prevent
muscle loss    the older you grow the more protein
you need to eat.

e)     Make walking your habit.
Walk every day, any time, any where,
( shops, nature, road pavements, stairs ).

f)     Keep on lifting anything, ( chairs, shopping, etc.),
because by the time you reach the age of fifty years

you have already lost 20% of your muscle mass.

g)     Keep on stretching your body during the day.
The more flexible you are the easier it will be for
you to enjoy any physical activity.


Yellow Flower


Bring To Heel


Our body produces four specific hormones that
possibly are the biggest antagonists in our battle
to lose middle age fat.

1)     First and most important is the hormone Cortisol.
This hormone is released at times of stress and
continually during chronic stress.
It contributes to abdominal fat accumulation, in order to
prepare the body for a combat situation.

The only way to fight excess release of this hormone
is to eliminate most stress from your life.

2)     Second is the hormone Testosterone.
This hormone declines naturally with age;   and
as a consequence, our metabolism slows down,
we lose muscle mass, and we gain weight.

The way to encourage this hormone to continue
being produced is to be physically active and
exercise regularly.

3)     Third is the hormone Ghrelin.
This hormone is released when we are hungry and
we need to eat.
Many times we eat without actually being hungry,
but only thirsty.

The simple way to fight this hunger hormone is
by keeping your body well hydrated.

4)     The last hormone to keep under control is
the hormone Leptin.
Leptin is the one that controls your body fat stores;
and if it does not signal that we have enough body
fat to survive, we keep on eating even without
being hungry.

The way to control this vicious circle is by eating
only lean foods.


Purple Flower


Shot In The Arm


Here are some further changes for you to make
to help you get in better shape:

a)     Limit or avoid completely eating at restaurants.
Buy and cook fresh healthy foods at your home.

b)     Limit or eliminate entirely drinking alcohol
with or without your meals.

c)     Think positively about your body shape and age.
Associate with people who want to be fit.

d)     Care about your appearance.
Wear only well fitted clothes to look your best.

e)     Be patient, because it takes time to reach your
goals.   Focus only on your target.


Best Lean Snacks


  •     Air-popped popcorn.
  •     Plain yogurt with blueberries.
  •     Plain oatmeal with one full teaspoon protein powder and honey.
  •     Pure jelly with plain cream/cottage cheese and honey.
  •     Plain rice crackers with almond butter and honey.


Losing fat in your middle years is challenging;
but if you make the necessary changes in your life
you will reach your goals.


Make moving part of your everyday life.






Simple Pleasures!


Hi there!


Metabolism (Μεταβολισμός) is the chemical changes
within our body’s cells.
It is based on the number of calories we burn
during the day.

The basic rules are:
Eat less and burn more to lose weight.
Eat and burn the same to maintain weight.

Sometimes our metabolism can slow down, in which
case we need to eat specific foods and take certain
steps to increase its rate again.





Ardent Supporters



Eat healthy small protein meals every three hours.

2) Every morning eat a good healthy breakfast.

3) Eat fresh fruits and salads which contain enzymes
for better nutrient absorption.

4) Eat fatty fish which contain Omega oils to increase
 the metabolic rate.


Keep moving as well as standing during the day.

2) Do some kind of weight lifting twice a week.

3) Go for a swim, if possible.




Use vinegar in your food to stimulate fat burning.

2) Drink cool water and fresh lemon juice.

3) Drink green tea.

4) Alternate your calorie intake every now and then
 to stimulate your metabolism.

If you follow the above choices on a regular basis
the difference in your body’s metabolic rate will
be very considerable.

Finally your body will be healthy and strong, and
your weight will be fluctuating within very
reasonable levels.