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Hi there!


Matty was an executive manager, working hard
until early evening every day.
He enjoyed a lot of benefits and rewards, but
also plenty of troubles.

There was always something going on in his mind.
That voice inside his head would never become
quite;    all he could hear was his boss reminding
him of his many obligations.

He was feeling overpowered and utterly confused.
His mind was full of clutter that made him 
nervous, agitated, even anxious and unable to focus.

I know I need to find the proper means to fight 
this huge problem I have    and very soon!
he thought one day.
He certainly understood the situation, and he knew
he could be in control of his circumstances.

Finally he took all the necessary steps to change
that troublesome position he was in, and clean
some space in his head.


Cloudy Skies


Topsy – Turviness


The challenging combination of external and
internal demands, as well as your personal
expectations  can cause your mind to clutter
and be confused.

Most people are experiencing this unpleasant 
situation all their life.
They seem to forget that removing all litter from
their mind and heart, is the most important thing
they can do, in order to enjoy a balanced and
peaceful existence.

Their fast moving every day living together with
their survival basics, is full of various 
at home and at work
so they ignore their internal peace.

They fail to remember that if they wish to live a 
meaningful and rich life they will need to achieve
inner peace.

Obviously you can continue holding close to your
heart all emotions, feelings and experiences you 
have been and are going through, only because this
is much easier than clearing them all out.

But keep in mind that although getting rid of your
internal clutter needs you to be brave, fearless,
determined and powerful, this is actually the only
way you can transform your life.


Glittering Water


Smack In The Middle


Follow the below mentioned tips to clear some
of your internal clutter:

a)     Be decisive and solve your problems as soon 
as they arise, so they do not become massive.
If you are not able to find a solution, then accept
that your difficult situation is not a problem, but
a fact of life, which needs to be handled as such.

b)     Discard your desire to control everything and
Live your life without demands and requirements
in order to feel free.

c)    Give the greatest gift to yourself :  Forgiveness;
because it is only then that you will feel relieved
and liberated.

d)     Be an optimist, and think positively.
Do not worry about the wrong things around you,
and non existent situations


Clear Skies


e)     Distance yourself from anybody who keeps you
back and brings you down or hurt you.
Doing so, you will grow and evolve.

f)     Eliminate past memories of any kind that do
not contribute anything to your present life.

g)   Prioritize all your responsibilities and set all
daily routine jobs on automatic.
Organize your day so that you can deal with only
one thing at a time.

Mental clutter leads to psychological blockage.

You can not think clearly and focus on the important
things in your life any more.

It is only when you erase this mental confusion that
you will make space for all the things that really
matter to you.

You will then feel healthy, satisfied, cheerful, peaceful
and happy in your life.

Do it now !!








Hi there!


………. “ It was a gorgeous spring morning,
when I woke up to the fresh air coming through
the open window in my bedroom.

The freshly mowed lawn filled the atmosphere
with its green crisp aroma in the morning dew.
The garden was in bloom and such a pleasure
to look at and breathe in.

I started getting dressed and planning my
day  —  but it was a real struggle.
My brain was foggy and I was feeling fatigued
and tired.

I couldn’t concentrate on any one thing at a
time and pay the necessary attention to it.
It was almost impossible for me to sit still,
focus and remember all needed information
to get things done.

It was awful and I felt terrified and 
alarmed ………. “


Motorized Parapende


Reign Of Terror


A great number of people young and old,
male and female suffer from low energy,
poor memory and mental confusion.
They feel lethargic and unable to handle
any life situations properly.

All these people are not able to perform
well in their jobs and chosen professions;
they have family and relationship
problems as well as many other issues.

They struggle continuously to get through
the day.
Consequently their general well-being
is very poor, and their total quality of life
completely unsatisfactory.


Moon over water


Grande Designs


Unless you have any serious health issues,
your problems are caused by your entire
lifestyle including your diet.

The following strategies will make you feel
more energetic as well as able to focus
and remember:

a)     Pay attention to your posture.
Sit or stand tall and breathe long and
deeply 6 times.
This will oxygenate your brain and give
you more energy.

b)     Take a few minutes of fast exercise.
Start dancing or go up and down the stairs
or run in place.
This will enhance blood flow to your brain.

c)     Take a shower starting with warm water
as usual and switching to colder towards
the end.
This will improve your circulation and
you will feel relaxed and energized.

d)     Aromatherapy is a very well-established
healing alternative.
Inhale the vapours of citrus or peppermint
pure essential oils to stimulate your brain.

e)     Go outside to a park or a beach and
walk barefoot on the grass or the pebbles
or the sand.
This will connect you with the earth’s
electrical energy and you will feel happier
and more relaxed.
If you are lucky to have a sunny day your
skin will also benefit from the sun’s healthy
UV rays.

f)     Listen to your chosen music to improve
your brain function and feel uplifted, calm
and peaceful.


Sun through clouds


Supplementary Plan Of Action


To prevent brain fog,

—     Reduce all stressors and stress in 
        your life.
     Get a good night’s sleep.
     Always exercise your brain.
     Avoid toxins and contaminants.
—     Follow a healthy, wholesome and nutritious
        diet full of vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats.

G o o d    L u c k  !!