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Hi there!


Last week I met with my friend Dani to discuss
her weight loss success, which had me wondering
for some time now.

……” As you know, I’m going to the gym almost
Six months ago one evening, I saw our
who told me that I was overweight,
and I did need
to lose some of my weight if I wanted
to continue
with my routines.

I remember clearly she emphasized that I
should be eating a high fibre diet every day.

At that moment I started thinking that I must
change my daily eating habits, and focus
on her advice if I wanted to see results.
And so I did. 

I began following a wholesome high fibre diet,
which together with my daily exercise changed
my body, and my whole life    and the results
are obvious .
She said smiling happily.


Yellow Fruits on a tree


Beyond Expression


The word Fibre originates from the Latin Fibra.
It refers to very specific nutrients that when eaten,
can not be digested by the human digestive system.

The history of dietary fibre goes back to ancient
Greece.   At that time, they knew that eating fibre
was beneficial to their digestion.

But at the same time they believed that fibre was
a food waste, which not only was not absorbed in
any way but also it was causing the excretion of many
other useful nutrients from the body.

Furthermore, since it was a substance that offered
nothing to the taste and texture to any foods, they
took every necessary step to eliminate it from all
their products.


Fat lady


Source Of Nourishment


There are two categories of dietary fibre.

*     Soluble Fibre:
This dissolves in water and becomes gelatinous
during digestion.

Its benefits are:
–     Reduction of cholesterol levels.
–     Regulation of blood sugar levels.
     Improvement of Digestive and Immune systems.
–     Enhancement of the overall health.

*     Insoluble Fibre:
This does not dissolve in water but it passes through

the digestive track unchanged.

Its benefits are:
–     Regulation of bowel movements.
     Maintenance of bowel health.

Your Best daily dietary fibre choices are as follows:

For Soluble Fibre eat,

1)     Peas, Beans and Lentils.
2)     Oats and Rye.
3)     Avocado, Broccoli and Carrots. 
4)     Prunes and Berries.
5)     Sweet Potatoes and Onions.
6)     Almonds and Flax Seeds.

For Insoluble Fibre eat,

1)     Brown Rice, Quinoa and Faro.
2)     Nuts and Seeds.
3)     Green Beans and Spinach.
4)     Cauliflower and Courgette.


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Health – Giving


Here are some suggestions for adding more
fibre to your every day protein meals:

a)     Start your day with a wholesome breakfast like
whole oats with blueberries, seeds and almond milk.

b)     For lunch cook legumes like beans, lentils or split
peas with plenty of vegetables.

c)     For dinner cook sweet potatoes, whole wheat pasta
or brown rice with some vegetables again.

d)     For snack you can have fruits like apple and pear,
nuts or make your own cake using quinoa, rice, oat and
coconut flours.

Eating fibre rich foods has major health benefits,
including body weight control.

Fibre does not add calories and at the same time it
will give you the feeling of fullness, so you will not
want to eat any more.

In addition, high fibre foods contain a lot of vitamins,
minerals and other essential nutrients for health

In conclusion, focus on all sources of fibre in your
every day diet to collect and enjoy the benefits.





Seeds of Vitality!


Hi there!


Earlier that evening they arrived at the Ambrosia tavern.
It was a wide well-lit place with water paintings of sea views
on all walls.
The atmosphere was comfortable and very pleasant.

A smiling well-dressed man came to greet them.
“A table for two, please, and a bottle of Vatistas  Malagousia”
Bo said.

They were shown to their table by the assistant, who took their
coats and served a small quantity of wine for tasting.

“Excellent, indeed!” he said, after trying it.
“Let’s enjoy ourselves, tonight….!”


DSC00185 DSC00190


Nutritional Menu Ideas




1)   Goat’s milk yogurt with organic honey, mixed nuts and seeds.

2)   Wholegrain toast with pure peanut butter and unsweetened jam.

3)   Wholegrain oatmeal with black raisins, organic blueberries
and organic soya milk.




1)   Turkey breast salad with lettuce, cucumber, mango and
wholegrain crackers.

2)   Fried organic egg with feta cheese, shiitake mushrooms
and wholegrain toast.

3)   Spinach and feta cheese pie with Kalamata olives and beetroot.

4)   Wholegrain toasted sandwich with prawns, black grapes and
a selection of  melons.






1)   Baked Pork chop  OR  Sirloin steak with steamed vegetables and
wild rice.

2)   Baked wild Salmon  OR  Cod with steamed vegetables and
sweet potatoes.

3)   Baked Chicken  OR  Duck breasts with steamed vegetables and
wholegrain rice.

If you drink have a glass of rich red wine.




1)   Banana  OR  Apple.

2)   Wholegrain cracker with hummus.

3)   Wholegrain cracker with feta cheese and unsweetened jam.




1)   A piece of a wholemeal Cake.

2)   A piece of  Baklava.

3)   Natural Berry jelly.

4)   A few pieces of Chocolate with cocoa 70% minimum.




1)  Herbal teas.

2)  Mineral water.

3)  Coconut water.

4)  Natural fruit juices.