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During the last six months Ila has been going
through a lot of stress, and suffering from anxiety.
Her mother was seriously ill and dying, and her
marriage was falling apart.

It was impossible for her to sleep at nights any
more, and during the days she was struggling
to get by and survive.

Her one and only consolation was food.
Utterly confused she kept on eating …… eating
anything, especially sweets    and the weight
was piling on.

It’s so unbelievable how much food I can eat
in a day she thought one evening.
She started feeling ashamed of herself, and awfully
guilty for eating so much.

Then suddenly she realized that there were many
advantages being overweight.
For starters, she felt protected, and not so vulnerable,
defenseless and exposed any more.


Fat Ladies


Fishing Expedition


In human history, being fat was always a sign 
of prosperity and affluence.
Nowadays, being fat is considered a great health
But latest research reveals that being moderately
overweight is useful and beneficial for you in
many ways.

According to these latest studies, although being
highly overweight or obese you are at a higher risk
developing certain chronic diseases, at the same
time, being moderately overweight you will
enjoy a longer life.

It all comes down to your genetic make-up, how
much physically active you are in your daily life,
your diet habits, and certainly it depends on your
overall lifestyle, 
how healthy or unhealthy it is.

It is a common belief among medical professionals
that being overweight can protect you against a
number of serious diseases.
It can also provide you with extra energy during 
sickness times.
In general, having an excess of fat cells in the
body enhances longevity.


Cup Cakes


Lightning Bolt


There are numerous health enhancements you 
will enjoy if you are moderately overweight.
Some of the most unexpected benefits are the

a)     Stronger Immune System

Fat around the various body organs interacts
aids the immune system’s response.
Damaged tissue is repaired rapidly and
heals better.

b)     Faster Recovery Time

When you are ill your body needs much more
energy to rebuild and cure.
Fat tissue provides the extra energy needed
to recover as quickly as possible.

c)     Protection Against Senility

Being overweight will defend against any mental
disorders and brain deterioration.

d)     Alleviation Of Arthritis

Abdominal fat helps prevent the onset and
consequent attacks of chronic arthritis.

e)     Delayed Ejaculation For Men

Abdominal fat carries female hormones that
inhibit the male orgasm, giving you an extra
eight ( 8 ) minutes.

f)     Overall Body Protection

Excess fat around the body will cushion and
support all important organs in the event of
various accidents.


Aztec Women


Second Childhood


Having extra fat around the body is much more
important for older adults.
Plentiful studies during the last years have revealed
that being overweight after the age of fifty (50 ),
offers serious protective effects against all


Also, being overweight is particularly beneficial
and guarding against any bone problems, as well as
assisting with better recovery should any health
trouble arises.

In addition, if you are a menopausal woman,
if you have excess fat all over your body, you will also
have higher levels of estrogen circulating in your
blood;    because estrogen is produced and stored
in the fat tissue.
This can be advantageous in the alleviation,
relief and delay of the menopausal symptoms.

Therefore, for any person above the age of fifty
it is absolutely crucial not to restrict his/her
nutrition in any way in order to lose weight;
because keeping your weight up, you will definitely
increase your chances for a healthier and 
longer life.
Weight loss after that age signifies the general
decline of the individual.

Body Mass Index

BMI     between   25   and   35   =   Low Mortality
BMI     <   25   =   Higher Mortality
BMI     >   35   =   Higher Mortality

Treasure and Cherish your Love Handles !!









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The wild Olive Tree originated in Asia Minor, where
Neolithic tribes were collecting its wild fruit.

The Olive Tree was first domesticated around seven
thousand (7000) years ago, when olives were turned
into oil. 

The oldest olive tree is thought to be around three
thousand (3000) years old, and it is found in Crete.

Olive oil has been used in rituals, in medicine, as a fuel,
in soaps, as a home remedy, as a lubricant and in skin care.

The Tree Of Eternity


Glittery Ocean


Note – Perfect


When we talk about Mediterranean Diet, we mean
a specific and unique mix of traditional ingredients,
used by people living in the various countries 
bordering the Mediterranean Sea, during the period
of 1950s and 1960s.

We do not mean the cuisine of a specific country, but
a general diet to follow in your every day life for as
long as you live.

The specific ingredients have been evaluated and
found to offer a lot of health benefits, because they 
contain all the essential nutrients we require.

According to studies, by following a Mediterranean
Diet you can have a healthy and long life.
It has been shown to promote heart health, to 
reduce the risk of diabetes, cancer, Parkinson’s
and Alzheimer’s diseases, and to manage weight.

Certainly, all these incorporate the traditional
complete lifestyle of the people living in countries
like Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, etc.




The Diet Of The Poor


The Mediterranean Diet is a very appetizing and
enjoyable way to eat.
Here is how to put it all together:

a)     Eat a lot of vegetables every day with your lunch
and dinner, but avoid potatoes.
If you have any with your meals, eat only sweet potatoes.
Preferably the vegetables should be all fresh, but frozen
are also acceptable.

b)     Eat only whole grain foods like, wheat products,
oats and brown rice with all your meals.

c)      Eat all kinds of nuts, especially almonds and seeds,
but avoid the ones that have been treated with salt.

d)     Eat extra virgin olive oil raw on your meals, and
cook with olive oil your daily foods.

e)     Use all herbs fresh and dried, as well as various spices,
in your every day cooking.

f)     Eat wild caught fish baked or grilled, two (2) to 
three (3) times a week.

g)     Replace all red meat with fresh organic or free 
range poultry like, chicken and turkey.

h)     Eat fresh organic or free range eggs, a minimum
of four (4) times a week.

i)      Eat legumes like, beans, peas, lentils and chickpeas
with one of your meals daily.

j)     Eat a minimum of two (2) fruits every day, one in your
breakfast and one as a snack.

k)     If you eat dairy at all, eat only low fat products on rare
occasions and in small quantities.

l)     Eat pure honey as a sweet and dried fruits,
when you want a treat.

m)   If you drink alcohol, limit it only to specific occasions.

n)    Drink plenty of liquids, including pure tea (if you do not
have a problem with caffeine) and plenty of herbal teas.
Avoid fru
it juices because they contain concentrated sugar.


Rocky Coast


Short And Sweet


According to scientific research the closer you follow
the Mediterranean diet the greater the health 
advantages you will enjoy.
It contains all the necessary nutrients required for
good health.

Clear all unhealthy temptations from your home, 
and adopt the new habit of following the Mediterranean
diet,  for prevention of all chronic serious diseases.

Also make certain you follow the Mediterranean
healthy lifestyle which includes the following:

1)     Enjoy your every day meals with your family.
2)     Take plenty of exercise by walking daily for a
minimum of thirty (30) minutes.
3)     Try to enjoy your life in general.
4)     Socialize with positive and healthy people.

Now it is time for you to introduce and establish
your new Mediterranean diet routine.






Gran Abuelo!


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Some years ago while holidaying I met a very
nice and kind older lady.  
She was always dressing in fashionable clothes,
looking very cheerful, happy and terribly active.

I was so intrigued by her youthfulness that I
decided to ask her about her secrets of feeling
so enthusiastic and excited about her life. 

…….” I live in this wonderful resort among
these lovely people, whom I greet and smile to
whenever I meet them.
During the day in the winter months, I go for
long walks by the sea, which is so invigorating
and uplifting.

In the summer months, I enjoy swimming, and
I lie in the sunlight savouring the salty water
and all the calmness and tranquillity around me.

I cherish my love for my partner for many years
now, and I sleep peacefully at night.
I always try to live without worry and I pray
every day………”




Second Childhood


Today only a few people live to reach a very
old age and die from natural causes;
but more and more human beings live longer
these days than ever before.

Certainly one third of your chances to live to
one hundred depends on your genetics;
and especially your mother  —  her medical
history and habits, but the rest and the most,
definitely depends on you.

There is a lot you can do to improve your
probability for a long and healthy old age.
Your every day habits and past circumstances
will influence this;
and together with health and technology progress, 
scientific research as well as disease prevention
and various treatments will determine, without
how long you will live.


Sun on Blue Sky


Wheel Of Fortune


Here are the ways to increase and build up
your chances of a longer and healthier life:

a)     Adopt a healthy diet to include:
colourful vegetables and fruits, whole grains,
olive and coconut oils, nuts and seeds, fish,
poultry and eggs.
Have small meals often and drink an adequate
amount of liquids daily.

b)     Exercise moderately like walking, hiking
and swimming on a daily basis.
Keep good posture, do your chores manually
and lift everything.
Move every hour for a few minutes.

c)     Look after your physical and mental health
and wash your hands many times a day.
Take care of your external appearance.

d)     Be financially secure at all times by owning
your own home and having emergency savings.

e)     Socialize with healthy people and have a
loving intimate relationship/marriage.

f)     Be an extrovert and an optimist.
Be grateful for your life and think positively.




g)     Be conscientious, resilient, driven, creative,
determined, motivated and interested in
Keep on working and learning.

h)     Spend time in the sun, but if you decide
to sunbathe wear a good and strong sunscreen.

i)      Reduce stress and worry.
Be happy, sing, dance and laugh a lot.
Do not take yourself too seriously.

j)     Take frequent breaks from your every
day routine.
Arrange holidays whenever possible.

k)     Become a frequent shopper or just a
window shopper.

l)     Have a sense of purpose like your success,
health, relationships, spirituality.

m)    Develop one or two hobbies, which you
look forward to doing, and they give you a
sense of 
accomplishment like, reading, writing


Path in the Forest


Take Pleasure


By putting some effort, and being courageous
and fearless you will create  a fulfilling,
purposeful, healthy, loving and long life
for yourself.

If you trust yourself and feel confident and
positive you will be able to deal with all things
as they happen, either they are pleasant or
troublesome and undesirable.

Do you want to live to one hundred or more?
Now is the time to add more happy years to
your life.

Decide to make all the changes which will
allow you to achieve this difficult and
complicated goal.

Breathe deeply, believe you are young and
healthy, and always act young.

Simply live!!








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Marriage is the golden ring in a chain
whose beginning is a glance and whose
ending is Eternity .

Kahlil Gibran

There is no more lovely, friendly and
charming relationship, communion or
company than a good marriage .

Martin Luther

Love seems the swiftest, but it is the slowest
of all growths.   No man or woman really
knows what perfect love is until they have
been married a quarter of a century .

Mark Twain


Love Birds


Darby And Joan


Matrimony, the union between partners
is a common institution to all human
cultures;    and it has been a part of it since
ancient times    it is a very important
part of human life.

Human beings seek and pursue companionship.
They all want to share life’s pleasant and
unpleasant experiences with a suitable partner
who has feelings and appreciates them.

Marriage is associated with better physical
and psychological health, longer life and
better sexual satisfaction.
Obviously in order to enjoy all these benefits
the marriage has to be comfortable, pleasant,
peaceful and happy.

In addition, marriage does contribute to society’s
balance and security.
Also, there are lots of financial benefits and
legal rights linked to being wedded.




Esprit De Corps


Being happily married could be saving your
life every day.
Here are some health benefits for you to consider,
according to research:

a)     Married people look after themselves better
and they do not take unnecessary risks.

b)    They have better emotional and mental wellness,
with general and psychological health altogether.

c)     They have reduced risk of heart problems, and
other complications and issues, as well as 

d)     They are physically fitter and eat a healthful,
wholesome and balanced diet.

e)     They have a more normal and natural life, and
certainly a better quality
of life.

f)     They are much better protected against
premature death, in addition to living longer
in general.

g)     They recover faster and better after any
major illness due to superior support.

h)     They have lifelong companionship and
greater sexual satisfaction.






The whole point of marriage is the
commitment that couples make to stay
together and bond for life.

Commitment is a very personal decision
to remove other disrupting choices, in order to
make the marriage option work.

To achieve this and maintain a lasting and
happy marriage, couples have to firstly decide
and then make all necessary sacrifices, as
as do whatever it takes to make the
work successfully.

Finally, your marriage should  always be
In order to keep your commitment
and strong you need to view this union

as a permanent one, and you should always
show it with your every day actions.


Frank Sinatra      1955

Love and marriage, love and marriage
Go together like a horse and carriage
This I tell you brother
You can’t have one without the other

Love and marriage, love and marriage
It’s an institute you can’t disparage
Ask the local gentry
And they will say it’s elementary

Try, try, try to separate them
It’s an illusion
Try, try, try, and you will only come
To this conclusion