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……” We are talking about fashion and style here;
These are two very different things.

I am now in my fifties, and the only things I
want are, to be and look healthy, to be modern,
stylish and in harmony with my environment.

Every intelligent woman above fifty wants to
look her best;   this certainly does not mean
buying designer expensive clothes or wearing
lots of make up and looking
like a model.

This means that she needs to wear clothes that
not only fit her current body shape perfectly,
but also match her personality absolutely.

The intelligent woman is not trying to look
necessarily very much younger.
She only wants to emphasize the best parts
of her body, and to look smart and fashionable.

The intelligent woman feels self-confident,
fearless, free and independent.
She is not carried away by myths about how
things should be at various age stages.

Any intelligent woman above fifty does care
about the way she looks ……”.


Dresses Handbags


Good Vibrations


Women in middle age need to feel privileged,
and proud of their bodies and style.
They need to accentuate all their best assets,
so that they can look their absolute best.

The first step you must take is to dispose of
all the garments that make you look a poorly
dressed old fashioned ageing female:

1)     Long loose dresses and skirts.
2)     Loose pants with elasticated waist.
3)     Oversized T shirts.
4)     Pinafore dresses in various materials.
5)     Sweaters with ornamental needlework.
6)     All unstylish and baggy articles of clothing.

All the above will make you look fat, heavy, messy
and untidy.

Also, get rid of the following:

a)     Tight leggings, because they will draw attention
to all your leg imperfections.
b)     Large and heavy scarves, because they will
remove from your attractive face.
c)     Tight and smaller size underwear, because they
will emphasize any sagging skin and fat parts on
your body.


Woman in Coat Accessories


See The Light


Now is the time to restore your wardrobe.

     Buy only stylish, modern and fashionable clothes
that fit
your body perfectly, and enhance your shape.

—     The colours of your clothes should match your skin
tone as well as your hair shade.

—     Include trendy and chic accessories to enhance
your overall

     Preferably your hair should be cut very short,
ear or
shoulder length, depending on the shape of
face and head.
It can also be dyed in any suitable colour, kept grey
or even wear it completely white.

     As the time goes the skin loses melanin, and as a
consequence the features become less distinct and
You will need to use a little foundation or a tinted
moisturiser to give some colour.
Certainly you will need to use a bright colour lipstick,
which can also be used to enhance parts of your face
like a blusher.

Two Easy Suggestions for you

a)     Comfortable Ponte Knit leggings worn with a long
tunic top, and a long necklace.

b)     Cold shoulder loose tops worn with skinny jeans
made especially for adults.

Style is a very deceptive characteristic;
but we can distinguish it when we see an individual.

A really stylish middle aged woman looks really
relaxed and happy with herself.

Her total appearance radiates confidence, courage,
and determination.

She knows who she is, and what she truly wants.

Accept your age, and always try to look amazing.








During the Ice Age people used handbags to carry
tools and foods.
Ancient Greeks and Egyptians also used handbags to
carry their money and other valuable and personal

Various bags were found in Switzerland and Britain AD.
Throughout history people carried bags and purses not 
only for practical purposes, but also status, power
and beauty.

All bags came in a variety of sizes and different designs,
which we influenced and kept on changing through the
years according 
to technological, societal and fashion
trends each time.

Bags were always used by both men and women, and
they were worn mostly attached to the belt;
but also they were hung on the shoulder or a specially
made hook, as well as held by hand.


Woman Shopping


Basic Principles


The handbag has always played the role of something
conveying various impressions, as well as hiding the
secrets of its wearer.

The empty handbag itself is supposed to represent the
female genitalia.
The contents of your handbag represent you as an 
individual:    your attitude and feelings, your thoughts
and habits, as well as everything that exists in your mind.

Nowadays all women carry a handbag that contains
many more items than they actually need.
Articles which are found in women’s handbags are:

Keys, mobile telephone, wallet, receipts, mirror, comb,
hair accessories, nail file, tweezers, perfume, lipstick,
cosmetics bag, jewellery, reading and sun glasses, 
medicines, dental floss, sewing kit, tissues, essential
oils, notebook and pen, chewing gums, hat, scarf, gloves,
hand antiseptic gel, small umbrella, biscuits or bars,
and other personal items.

I, myself, am one of these women who do carry most 
of these things;   and yes …… I do consider them absolutely
necessary    just in case I need something when I am out.

But I recognise that there is a number of items, which are
totally useless to carry with you around.


Turquoise bag


Defoliated Area


Here are some tips for you how to cut down your
handbag weight.

To start with, I hope you already have a personal
drawer, where you keep all the things you usually
need to be carrying with you from time to time
when you go out.
Otherwise, create one now.

a)     Clean your handbag out well, so you can refill
it clean with all the necessary things at the moment.

b)     Remove:
*   All things that you have never used.
*   Any items of which you have more than one.
*   All seasonal things.
*   All receipts, and either throw them away or file them.
*   Any old chewing gums and foods.

c)     Buy a nice biggish wallet and put in it:
  Your credit/debit cards.
  Your store cards.
  Your personal documents.
  A small notebook.
  A pen.
  Your money.


Fashion bag


d)     Buy a nice mini cosmetics bag and put in it
all the cosmetics you will ever need when out,
as well as all other personal items you may want.

e)     Place loose in your handbag:
1.   Your keys.
2.   Your mobile.
3.   Your reading and sun glasses.
4.   A packet of tissues.
5.   Your full wallet.
6.   Your full cosmetics bag.

Now you must have a nice, clean and tidy handbag.


Pink Bag


The Chameleon Object


The handbag is an essential part of every woman’s
wardrobe  —  and it is all about you.

It reflects who you are and how you live your 
whole life.
The way your handbag is arranged  reveals how
well organised you are in your personal life and
your home.

It also shows whether you are tucked away from 
your relationships and everyone else, or you are
a proud and confident person who respects

Embrace organisation, tidiness and order in your
You will feel much happier, relaxed and peaceful.






Hi there!


The interview:


…..”A woman in her 50s or 60s can be as appealing
as a girl in her 20s as long as she
recognises her own strenghts.

The number doesn’t mean anything, and all women should
appreciate who they are
at any stage in their lives and
have the
right attitude”.

She paused for a moment, as if she needed to collect her
thoughts and continued.
“I feel much more alive now than when I was young;
I feel liberated, more
secure and much wiser.

I must emphasize though, that I do take great care of myself,
and I am extremely
kind to my skin and my whole body.

Definitely I now feel more beautiful than ever….”.


Sapientia-2 Sapientia-4


Sic Vita Est


The majority of middle aged women worry that they are
losing their good looks, so they
want to look younger.
Unfortunately many of them wear styles that make
them look older.

You cannot take back the time, but looking good and
young makes you feel radiant, more
confident, attractive
and much happier.

So if you feel young on the inside you do not want to
portray an older image to the world.
A younger look is not an impossible dream.


Sapientia-7 Sapientia-8


Radix Verum


Avoid the following style errors to look much younger than your age.


A)    Reading glasses on your nose with or without a chain
attached to them.
If you need them to read buy a pair which is “fun”
(with decorations) or
“cute” (with different colours).


B)    Grey hair — which can be very chic and many women
choose to keep it
like that these days — makes you look older.
If you want to look younger and
you do not want to use any
chemical dyes
use a natural method like various teas to
enhance your natural colour.


C)     Draining colours that wash your skin out and make
you look older
and tired.
Instead wear youthful
pinks, bright blues, maroon, bronze,
corals  and turquoise.


D)    Wearing wrinkled fabrics.
Instead wear denims which have a youthful vibe, and a
very well fitted bras.


Sapientia-1 Sapientia-5


E)    Tying any kind of cardigan around your waist,
because it will make you
look bigger and fatter.
Wear jackets
and blazers that create definition to off-set
your body shape.


F)    White sneakers, socks and track suit, because this is an
oldish and outdated
look unless you are in the gym.
Instead wear black or colourful well designed comfort
shoes that are youthful
and easy to walk.


G)    Too much make up.
The right colour
lipstick and some luminescent eye shadow
or a little touch with your lipstick on your eyelids will suffice.


Sapientia-6 Sapientia-3


Sine Metu


—    Always keep your skin and hands moisturised.

—    Maintain good posture to remove years from your age.

—    Gain a little weight if you are above 55 because fat helps
smooth out wrinkles
and make you look younger.

—    Do not over-pluck or draw your eyebrows into arches
because it is ageing.


Change the way you think about yourself.

You look as good as you feel.

You are as young as you feel.

Desire it….    Accept it….   Accomplish it….



Silver Fox!


Hi there!


The guests started arriving in the mansion for this
long-awaited charity event.
They were very smartly dressed and attracted all the
attention of the photographers.

The striking mature beauty arrived alone wearing this
stunning long light blue dress.
She looked so youthful with her beautiful shoulder
length gray hair.

There was something so compelling about her look.
She was so amazing in her great
figure that she
didn’t need to alter
anything — she felt so comfortable
within herself.

All eyes turned to look at her.
She was aware they were looking at her silver hair — but
she was so
confident she had made the very conscious
decision not to accept
stereotypes attached to older women.


DSC_0340 DSC_0346




There is a new hot beauty trend this year — and it is
called “granny hair”.
It really is on fire and it looks gorgeous.

This latest hair trend is very good news for all women
everywhere — and
especially the ones who are already blessed
with a granite coloured mane.

Since grey hair has gone so glam women have embraced
this new sexy
This latest style is refreshing
and challenging to our youth

Young women around the world, including many
celebrities have started dying their
hair grey — and it is
extremely impressive.
Silver hair has always been associated with
ageing — Not any more!

More and more women are deciding to let their
grey hair go.
On top of being
very chic and flattering, it is also  very
hair needs less maintenance,
it is healthier and extremely
Also it means liberation from the timely and costly hair
dying dynasty.


DSC_0341 DSC_0343


The Anarchist


This latest trend of “granny hair” look has definitely an
air of bold and
arrogant feminism.

It is absolutely naughty and rebellious.
It is undeniably a Feminist statement.
All these silver ladies know exactly what they want and
they do it.

They believe in themselves, and they rock their silver locks
with great
confidence, determination and courage;
and they look fabulous.

There is an enthusiasm for the minimum these days.
Minimal beauty is gradually becoming an obsession.


DSC_0344 DSC_0345


Pearly Vixen


Let your grey-haired natural tones shine through.
Flaunt it proudly but follow these tips:


a)    Have a beautiful geometric bob cut to meet your chin.

b)    Use a silver shampoo to keep the colour bright.

c)    Wear red lipstick and put a little also in your upper
eyelids to give light.

d)    Keep your eyebrows dark coloured, and if you feel,
use mascara.

e)    Wear a cool white nail polish.

f)    Wear lots of jewellery like silver rings and bracelets.


DSC_0339 DSC_0342


It is finally time for women to start enjoying grey emancipation;
as men have been
doing so, forever!


Dare to go grey!!



Bellezza Senza Tempo!




A fifty (50) year old woman has a projected
lifespan of eighty one years plus (81+).
The longer we live the greater the chance of
living longer.

It is very possible to rejuvenate ourselves
and spiritually;  and now with
all the latest scientific
research we can
also rejuvenate physically.

All these are of vital importance to us
in order to get
the most out of the
years to come.

Looking good is crucial for our self
The secret is to know what
to do at the right time.

By using the proper anti ageing
products we
can remove ten years
from our face.


Photo-0246 Photo-0251


The Ultimate Anti-Ageing Routine


Firstly, determine your skin type.
Secondly, choose the best products
your type.


1)    Start with a softening Cream Cleanser
clean and refresh the skin.


2)    Follow with a clarifying Toner to
any leftovers and hydrate.


3)    First step, use a rich Eye cream
which targets
wrinkles and under eye
bags for younger
looking eyes.


4)    Next step follow with an anti-wrinkle
to protect the skin’s youthfulness.


5)    Now smooth a firming Day Moisturising
that also reduces the appearance
of wrinkles.


6)    Finally cover your face with a good
anti ageing
Sun Protection cream that
contains antioxidants
and a SPF
more than 30.


7)    At the end smooth lightly a lip balm
on your lips,
and cover with a lipstick in
a youthful dark pink or red colour.


8)    At night follow the same ritual,
and finish with
a rich Night cream for
a smoother, firmer and
more radiant
looking skin.


Every week or so, exfoliate your face
to remove dead
cells, by mixing a
teaspoon of white Sugar with your



Photo-0254 Photo-0249


I m p r e s s i o n s


a)    If you have black circles and
puffiness keep your
hair away from
your forehead, so your eyes are not

the first thing people see on your face.


b)    If you have brown spots and other
signs of ageing,
take antioxidant
Pycnogenol supplements.


c)    Go to bed and wake up at the
same time every day
to maintain
your overall beauty.


Actual beauty comes from within!




The Untouchables!



Hi there!


Venus;   the second planet from the Sun.
It is named after the Roman Goddess of Love
and Beauty.

The symbol of Venus, circle and cross underneath,
represents the female sex.

Taking joy in living
 is a woman’s best cosmetic.

Rosalind Russell

A woman who cannot be ugly
 is not beautiful.

Karl Kraus


Birth of Venus

by Sandro Boticelli


Ethereal Being


Being a woman has a number of advantages,
serious and funny.
Some of them are as follows:


a)   Women have breasts, which are uniquely
attractive to men.

b)   Women can have multiple orgasms when
they are in the right mood.

c)   Women can also pretend  an exclusive
orgasm without their partner realizing that
it is not real.

d)   Women can wear lipstick, which makes them
look glamorous and youthful.

e)   Women live a minimum of five (5)  years longer
than men.



by Delphin Enjolras


f)    Women can cry freely without pressing,
hiding themselves or being embarrassed.

g)   Women are always the centre of attention wherever
they go.

h)   Women wear stilettos, so they do not really care
about their height so much.

i)   Women can handle several things at once.

j)   It is much easier for a woman not to work, if
she chooses to do so.


I am a woman
 I am invincible
 I am strong
 I am a woman

Helen Reddy






Hi there!


Inside the BA Boeing I sat in my pre-booked aisle seat.
Although the gates were not closed yet and the
passengers were still boarding, the flight was not full.

I heard some talking and I glanced  back to see what
was happening;  then I saw him!

He was a tall good-looking and well-dressed man in
his mid forties with light chestnut hair and green eyes.

He was talking to the stewardess, who seemed fascinated
by him.
“You can change seat, if you want to” I heard her saying,
“the plane is half empty”.
“Thank you, I will” he replied and started walking slowly
towards the front of the cabin.

“You look very very beautiful”.  “Thank you, sir”………..




Quick Beauty


If we need to make an appearance and we do not have enough
time to elaborate, the best thing to do is to pay attention to the
three most important parts of our body people look first:
Our Hair, our Lips and our Hands.

These will be absolutely enough to make us look beautiful.

1)  Hair:

Wash and style your hair carefully giving it a fresh,
modern and youthful look.

2)  Lips:

Line your lips with a lip liner to emphasize the shape
and hold the lipstick. 
Use a bright colour to lighten the face.

3)  Nails:

Use a bright nail polish and a top coat to protect.
If your nails are already painted but they have chapped edges,
repair the edges by covering them with the polish and
put a top coat all over the nails to make them look new.


The Rescuer


Petroleum jelly or Vaseline as we know it, is a very
popular product.
It is used in Beauty, Medicine and the house.
We should always keep a box in our cabinet for emergencies.


Here are some wonderful uses of this product:

1)  As an emergency moisturiser for dry skin on face and body.

2)  As a lip balm for chapped lips.

3)  As a face highlighter in specific areas to brighten up.

4)  As a make up remover on the skin and the eyes.

5)  As a skin exfoliator when mixed with salt or sugar.