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Metabolism (Μεταβολισμός) is the chemical changes
within our body’s cells.
It is based on the number of calories we burn
during the day.

The basic rules are:
Eat less and burn more to lose weight.
Eat and burn the same to maintain weight.

Sometimes our metabolism can slow down, in which
case we need to eat specific foods and take certain
steps to increase its rate again.





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Eat healthy small protein meals every three hours.

2) Every morning eat a good healthy breakfast.

3) Eat fresh fruits and salads which contain enzymes
for better nutrient absorption.

4) Eat fatty fish which contain Omega oils to increase
 the metabolic rate.


Keep moving as well as standing during the day.

2) Do some kind of weight lifting twice a week.

3) Go for a swim, if possible.




Use vinegar in your food to stimulate fat burning.

2) Drink cool water and fresh lemon juice.

3) Drink green tea.

4) Alternate your calorie intake every now and then
 to stimulate your metabolism.

If you follow the above choices on a regular basis
the difference in your body’s metabolic rate will
be very considerable.

Finally your body will be healthy and strong, and
your weight will be fluctuating within very
reasonable levels.




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Andropause, a syndrome described since the 1940s, is
claimed to be occurring in all men between the ages
of forty (40) and fifty five (55) on average.

After the age of thirty (30) the levels of testosterone
decline by 1% per year.

The symptoms are very similar to those experienced
by women;  except that men’s reproductive system
continues working and producing until the very late
years, unlike women’s which stops completely.

Also another important difference is that in men the
hormonal decline is gradual and not so sudden as in
women in middle age.

Until the age of fifty (50) years 5% of men will
experience Andropause;  and until the age of sixty
(60) years this could rise to 40% of all men.
Obviously the older the age the more percentage
of men will experience the problem.


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Healing Methods


Seeking medical treatment in the form of
androgen replacement therapy (ART), which is
similar to (HRT) prescribed to women with matching
effects, is only one solution.

Also there are a number of natural approaches to combat
the uncomfortable symptoms of Andropause.


A)  Supplements:


Vitamins and Minerals to take include:

1.   Vitamin B complex
2.   Vitamin D
3.   Calcium
4.   Magnesium
5.   Zinc
6.   Omega 3 fish oil

Also you can take herbal supplements
especially formulated to support all the
body’s systems for working more efficiently.


B)  Diet and Nutrition:


Ensure proper and carefully planned nutrition
by eating a healthy diet providing:

1.   Vitamins
2.   Minerals
3.   Fibre
4.   Lean Proteins
5.   Healthy Fats
6.   Carbohydrates

Also make certain you drink enough liquids during
the day to avoid dehydration, and limit your
alcohol consumption.

This will secure the maintenance of optimal health,
normal weight and energy.



C)  Exercise:


Physical exercise is very important to maintain
overall health and general fitness.
Any activity must be regular and moderate to
prevent serious diseases.
Examples of moderate activity are:

1.   Walking
2.   Swimming
3.   Bicycling
4.   Weeding
5.   Raking
6.   Mowing


D)  Stress Management:


Try to keep chronic stress under control to avoid
all kinds of health problems.
Examples of various techniques to adopt are:

1.   Social Activities
2.   Hobbies
3.   Meditation
4.   Prayer
5.   Music
6.   Deep Breathing