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Bo had everything he wished in his life:
the perfect job offering him a high income, a couple
of houses and cars to enjoy, a beautiful wife
and a huge bank account.

But Bo was not a happy man, because he was
feeling his control over everything in his life
was very limited.

In his business, he was always trying to make
people work according to the way which would
be acceptable to him.
Obviously, the real world disregarded him, and
his wishes never took place.

When he returned home, he was always struggling
to control his wife’s plans and actions.
Again, to no avail.   She still acted her own ways.

I must change my attitude;   I need to understand
and learn to do my best, and believe that things
will come out all-right .
He said to himself one morning.
Since then his life has changed completely.


Couple next to car


Driver’s Seat


Control happens to all humans instinctively.
But our control and mastery over the majority
of things in life are actually very limited.

For example, your financial situation, your friends,
your family, your job, your health, ageing and dying;
are these all really under your full control?

Certainly not;   because most of these situations can
change very quickly at any time, and others will
come naturally any way.

Most people have a great number of things they
manage in their every day life.
But in reality, there are only very few things, you
can truly control.

Life is very complicated, but if you manage to learn
how to command these
very few things under your
control, not only your
life will improve immediately,
but you will become
a powerful and happy individual.



Motocross Driver


Cause Celebre


Here are four important things that are actually
under your control:

a)     Focus

Prioritize your goals;   all the things that mean
most to you like, family, work, relationships.
Concentrate on making them work as best as
possible for you.

b)     Emotions

Realise that when other people or situations
upset you, this is happening only because you
personally have allowed them to do so.
Choose to keep your thoughts under control,
and you will feel much happier and in peace.

c)     Attitude

Stop being resentful and furious when something
goes wrong.
Instead give your utmost attention and improve
a difficult and demanding situation.

d)     Actions

Stop suffering and accept that you are not in
full control.
Stay committed to your targets, but do not be
attached to the results.
Do the best you can, but stay emotionally detached
because you cannot predict the outcome, and you
will feel angry if things do not come as you have
expected them to.


Luxury Yacht


Over And Above


There are also a few more basic things you can
actually control like,
your breathing, your self-talk and body language,
as well as your diet, exercise and sleep.

Never expect to have full control of everything;
because control is an illusion.

The clever thing to do is, to ignore everything
you can not control;
and  try to understand, learn
and handle well
the things you can.

Focus on your own existence.
Only then you will live your best life ever.

Believe in yourself.





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“…… Last week Bo and I decided to stay in and
enjoy the evening together.
After having a very pleasant dinner we thought
it would be a great idea to sit closely and enjoy
a good entertaining comedy.

We have always liked the delightful Naked Gun
films, so
we decided to put on the Naked Gun 2 1/2 :
Smell of Fear this time, because we knew we
would find it extremely entertaining.

It really was such an enjoyable and amusing
evening;   we kept on laughing for the whole
one and a half hours it was playing.

Watching this fantastic comedy on the television
sitting together on the sofa, it was the best choice
we had made.
It really was such a great way to feel closer to
each other and relieve all stresses of the day……”

” If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane ”
Robert Frost     1874  –  1963


Laughing Women


Har – De – Har


According to numerous studies laughter has
a great number of healing properties.
When we laugh we trigger pleasing, satisfying
and enjoyable feelings that calm and soothe
our body and mind.

Here are the physical and mental health benefits
as well as the social ones of a good laughter:

a)     Releases endorphins relieving any pains
in the body temporarily, and promotes general
well being.

b)     Reduces stress hormones so you can enjoy
overall health and energy.

c)     Enhances positivity, optimism and creativity
so you are able to fight life’s struggles effectively.

d)     Boosts anti ageing hormones improving
health and longevity.

e)     Makes life more enjoyable by releasing serotonin
and making you feel happier;    consequently you
can develop better relationships personally and

f)     Improves circulation so you get more oxygen
and nutrients into your cells, as well as helping all
body organs to work more efficiently.

g)     Exercises and tones up the stomach and face

h)     Improves the immune system by improving
T Cell production to raise resistance to disease.

i)     Increases resilience so you can become more
successful in your life.

j)     Burns forty ( 40 ) calories a day when laughing
for fifteen minutes ( 15 ) at a time.


Bumblebee on flower


Fun And Games


Laughter is inherited, ingrained and instinctive.
Even if you are not used to laughing or even
smiling in your life, you can learn to do so with
some practice.

The following are ways to start practising:

1)     Smile at people you meet every day any time,
any where.

2)     Associate with playful, fun and happy people.

3)     Bring humour into your conversations
with others.

4)     Watch comedies on the television.

5)     Read funny and humorous books.

6)     Do some silly things from time to time.

7)     Laugh at yourself and your own mistakes.

When you learn to laugh your life will be much
more enjoyable and pleasant.
You will be feeling renewed within yourself and
also with your relationships.

You will then find that lots of new opportunities
will start occurring to you.
You will be feeling much more relaxed, positive
and really happy with yourself and your life.

Do not wait any longer.
Start laughing now to collect all the health benefits.

The human race has only one really effective
weapon and that is laughter “

Mark Twain     1835  –  1910









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This morning she woke up feeling very strange.
She wished she could get up every day feeling
excited and with a thirst for life;
but unfortunately
it wasn’t so.

She had no energy and passion for anything;
she had no purpose, not a driving force to guide
her;   she was feeling dead empty.

She sat quietly by the window, closed her eyes
and kept on thinking ……..
there’s definitely a reason for everything in life.
I’m a unique person with my own qualities.
I must reign and control my mind to become successful.
I need to believe in the power within myself and be
determined to do anything necessary to create a
happy future .

She got up and went to the kitchen, put the kettle
on and made some tea.
From now on I’ll be thinking positively and
constructively so that I’m able to support my real
purpose in life she thought decisively.


Flowering Plant


Sine Qua Non


Purpose is a very unique and individual message
to all humans.
Many people believe that there is a reason for
their existence.
Quite a few do know what exactly they want to
do with their life, naturally.

Certainly there are some people who do not believe
that their life has any meaning at all;    they do
not seem to have any purpose for living, either
it is a big one or a small, but they just exist only
because they were born.

Either you believe the one or the other you can
still discover your own personal genuine purpose
in life.
The fact is that if you do not wake up every morning
feeling energetic, excited and full of enthusiasm,
then you are not living your life purpose;
your living is not meaningful and happy.

Living with purpose will help you become a positive,
passionate, driven and authentic person without
wasting your time and energy unnecessarily.
It will help you find the initiative and enthusiasm
to achieve success, and you will be properly
aligned with your life.


Rocky Fountain


Name Of The Game


If your life purpose is not so obvious the
following concepts will assist you to connect:

a)     Sit quietly alone, breathe deeply, connect
with your psyche and picture your life as you would
want it to be.

b)     Consider what you currently do and think of
all the changes you will need to make.

c)     Consult your past achievements, just in case
you notice a consistent pattern to guide you.

d)     Recognise any, if existed at all, guiding
advisers on your route to development and growth.

e)     Assess what you are good at, really enjoy
doing and does reflect the person you truly are.

f)     Consider the people in your life you have
feelings for as well as everything that makes you
genuinely happy.

g)     Fix your life purpose on timeless fundamentals
like, relationships, personal growth, health, success
and spirituality;
as soon as you start feeling excited and passionate
about a single one, identify this as your life purpose.

h)     Make a list of the exact actions you need to take
to reach and fulfil your purpose;
now divide these concrete actions into short, medium
and long term steps to take, and start realizing the
kind of life you want to live.


Blue Flowers


Straight Stuff


The most vital and crucial move, in this process
of finding your life purpose, is to appreciate
and understand that you must empty your
mind of all the wrong dictated and enforced
purposes, you have been told by other people,
and start thinking only for yourself.

Find the strength and courage to clear your
head of all the confusion and social brainwashing
during the previous years.

Consider your purpose as your mission in life,
and avoid any activities that can distract you
from your target.
Only then you will really live a conscious life.

Also, accept that as you grow older you will evolve,
therefore it is obvious that your life purpose will
have to change to reflect this evolvement.

Consequently you will need to review your
mission on a regular basis to make certain that
it always reflects the person you are becoming
as you age as well as your new beliefs.

Find what is important to you    your values
and your principles.
Find the power to create your own destiny.

Have Faith !!




Curam Sui!


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…… ” Talk to me about yourself. 
I want to know who you are, and how you
live your life , Sev asked him one day.

I go to my regular work every morning,
and I do some counselling in the evenings.
During the weekends I do a bit of volunteering
work, and
whenever I have some free time
usually support people I know
Lex replied smiling.

Then suddenly he stood still.
He had just realised that this hectic way of
living had left him with no time for himself.

With this thought he felt bitter and distressed.
I must take steps to change this self sacrifice
because it’s draining my life he thought
decisively ……


Classic Boat Ride


Pavlovian Response


Self care is an instinctive behaviour in nature,
but it does not exist in the same way in humans.
Individuals need to be willing to learn it and
practice it;   and over time as they are progressing
they will start feeling more comfortable and
relaxed about it.

Self care is taking any actions necessary to improve
your lifestyle and your total wellbeing.
Self care is to take full responsibility for your
pursuits, and honour and respect yourself.

The quest for good health and happiness is not
a selfish hunt.
It means to take care of your own needs, and listen
and pay attention to yourself.

It is something completely individual for every
person, and you should engage in whatever feels
most right for you.
It can change how you see yourself, and show you
new opportunities.

You will set up new habits, which will make you
feel in control of your whole life.
You will have much less stress and you will be
more decisive and resilient.

Also you will be able to look after yourself better
without having to rely on others, and you will
feel more confident to change direction when
things do not work for you any more.


Three Girls Dancing The Charleston


Get On Line


You need to slow down and make space for
relaxing your mind, exercising your body and
taking time for deep thinking and planning.

If you manage these you will have a genuine
and very happy life.
To start prioritising your own needs follow
the steps below:

a)     Determine what self care means to you and
make a full plan in writing.

b)     Practice self awareness to be able to recognise
your actual needs:   physical, emotional, mental
and spiritual.

c)     Identify all these thoughts that are holding
you back from taking care of yourself.

d)     Realise that nothing is perfect, and start
taking small steps towards accomplishing your
ambitions and goals.

e)     Redefine your relationships by placing
boundaries and really stick to them.

f)     Understand that NO is a complete sentence.


Bicycle Race


Believed Abstraction


Here are some fascinating examples of
self care projects, pursuits and special

1)      Go shopping or window shopping.
2)      Taking photographs.
3)      Nurturing your body.
4)      Going to a mini retreat.
5)      Swimming and sunbathing on the beach.
6)      Reading inspirational books.
7)      Walking or hiking in nature.
8)      Driving and admiring the sights.
9)       Pampering in a day spa.
10)     Watching a film.
11)      De-cluttering your wardrobe.
12)     Growing plants and flowers.
13)      Researching and Writing.
14)      Exercising in a gym.
15)      Baking and cooking health foods.
16)      Being spiritual.
17)      Going out to coffee shops.
18)      Taking short breaks regularly.
19)      Going to the cinema.
20)      Going on holidays.


Swaying Girls


Turn On Steam


Making time and space for yourself is absolutely
critical to your total wellbeing and happiness.

Do something you really love every single day.
Put yourself first and make self care your habit.

Start treasuring yourself now and you will feel
in harmony and very proud.
You will feel healthy, strong, fulfilled and happy.

Make self care a constant and true part of your
daily life.
Do not fear;   give this great gift to yourself now.

Your are No I !!






Hi there!


Sev was a middle aged active woman with lots
of interests and many good connections.
But there was something in her character that
made her life miserable.

She was always analysing everything, thinking
deeply and in detail, and consequently worrying
all the time.
She only existed in her mind.

Every morning she would wake up preoccupied
with all things she wanted to perfect.
She was in a bad mood and irritable most of the
time, because she felt everything around her
was uncertain and unstable.

Suddenly one morning she started thinking, 
I don’t want to waste any more days of my
life being so unhappy.
I will stop worrying and start getting excited
instead, and look forward to the new day “.

And so she did.   She started living on purpose,
and feel happy each new day.




Iron In The Fire


Each new day is full of new opportunities;
and it is the most awesome emotion to wake
up every morning experiencing joy, pleasure,
enthusiasm and excitement.

The way you feel when you wake up in the
morning, your practices and your routines
will affect your thoughts, your feelings and
all your actions for the rest of the day.

As soon as you arise and greet the day each
morning, it takes you some time to become
fully conscious of your body and environment.
Consequently and as a priority, you need to
pay all the necessary attention and care so
that you can feel relaxed and happy.

Plan your day correctly by using the proper
approach;   and most importantly, wake up
with a positive mental attitude, so you can
get off to a great start.


Evening Moon


Cup Of Tea


Begin your day in the right frame of mind
as follows:

a)     The night before go to bed feeling happy,
relaxed and grateful.

b)     Sleep in a dark and quiet bedroom, turned
on your right hand side for around 7 hours.

c)     Wake up slowly:
Stretch all your body, yawn widely, pray for a
few minutes and look at the flowers in your
bedroom    vase or pot or pictures.

d)     Get up slowly, open your window/door to
let the fresh air and day light into the room.

e)     Turn on the radio and play the music you
like mostly;    then start your morning routines.

f)     Hug and kiss your loved ones, talk to them
and keep on smiling.




g)     Eat a nutritious protein breakfast and drink
peppermint tea with a full teaspoon of honey.

h)     Plan your day well to live with purpose.
Walk in nature, exercise moderately, immerse
yourself in a pleasant activity like reading or
writing or gardening.
Do all the things that make you happy. 

i)     Have a number of responsibilities to feel
useful and motivated, but always prioritize.

j)     Always anticipate:
Look forward to holidays, outings, trips, social
events, drink/dinner out, etc.




The Makings


Every day is a new day with new limitless
possibilities and opportunities.
Wake up refreshed and positive, and envision
all the wonderful things it will bring.

Feel happy and grateful that you are alive and
well, and be ready to pursue your goals eagerly.
Make this new day your best day ever.

Feel peaceful, confident and optimistic,
and be thankful for everything you have
in your life.
Look forward to all good things to happen today.

You are the creator of your own life.
Seek positivity, because this is your ticket to

Have a great day !!






Hi there!


Izzy was a very attractive brunette in her early
40s, happily married with a great social life.
Tonight was her night out with her two
closest girlfriends.

They arrived at ” Mahiki their most favourite
club-restaurant and were guided to their table.
I’d like a Mustique Fizz, please she asked.
Can I see your ID, please the barman replied.

That was unexpected and all three burst out
laughing in the idea that Izzy had to prove her
age.   They thought he was joking.

But Izzy felt very flattered and took this as a
compliment;   that people actually thought
she looked so much younger than her actual age.

I believe this is all down to my very healthy
lifestyle choices I have adopted for some time
now and of course my good genes she
said smiling proudly……


Woman in White


Worldly Goods


The true key to looking younger is feeling
younger.   Consequently take all the
necessary steps to achieve this.

Incorporate the following lifestyle habits
into your life to look and feel younger:

a)     Eat small, frequent, healthy meals
and take the right supplements.

b)     Exercise moderately every day
(walking, swimming, housework).

c)     Sleep seven hours every night on a
comfortable bed and pillows, lying on
right side.

d)     Socialize as much as possible, and
greet people you meet.
Talk less and listen more.
Be friendly, honest, approachable and
respect others.

e)     Keep a good posture, walk confidently;
act and talk like a young person.

f)     Be creative, read, write, go out to the
theatre, cinema or for a drink/dinner.

g)     Have goals and targets, and always
look forward to new things happening.

h)     Remove stressors from your life.
Breathe deeply and meditate.
Whenever you worry find a solution as
soon as possible.
Think positively and feel happy with who
you are.


Woman in Hat


i)     Unclutter your house, your wardrobe
and your whole life.
Do not compare yourself to others.
Forgive, forget and be grateful for what
you have.

j)     Wear smart and fashionable fitted
clothes as well as a well-fitted bras.

k)     Always wear hat and glasses in the
sun, as well as an SPF 50 on your face
(can be tinted).

l)     Wash your hair maximum twice a
week, and if you have some grey hairs use
root touch-up products to hide them.
If you have a lot then either dye it or go
all grey.

m)     Remove unsightly hairs from your
face and body.
Look after your feet.
Keep your hand nails short and well-trimmed.

n)      Use fresh lemon juice to exfoliate your
face, and wear a good quality anti-ageing
moisturizer, including the eye area and

0)     Avoid wearing any make-up and long

Use a good quality moisturizing lipstick to
match your skin colour. 


Makeup Session


Moonlight Requisition


Decide to think young in order to feel young.

—     Remove the word ” old ” from your
vocabulary forever.

     Never ever complain about your health

    Always tell yourself you feel good,
even if you do not.

—     Be active every single day.

     Never ever think or mention your
actual age .

     Laugh, Laugh,  Laugh always.


Liberate Yourself !!





Sans Souci!


Hi there!


”  Everybody’s got a thing
But some don’t know how to handle it
Always reachin’ out in vain
Just talking the things not worth having but

Don’t you worry ’bout a thing
Don’t you worry ’bout a thing, mama 

Stevie Wonder     03/1974
”  Innervisions  “


”  Don’t worry about a thing,
‘Cause every little thing gonna be alright.
Singing      Don’t worry about a thing,
‘Cause every little thing gonna be alright 

Bob Marley and the Wailers     09/1980
”  Exodus  “




On The Carpet


We live in a delicate world where everything
changes from one moment to another.
Life can surprise us any minute, but we
have the power to decide and design our 
living to be a long and quality experience.

It all starts with an agonizing thought;
and soon the storm follows  —  a bombardment
of tortuous and never-ending thoughts.

This collection of uncontrollable, cyclical,
negative thinking and picturing steals all
our strength and happiness and interferes
dangerously with our every day life.

Most of us worry daily about either our work
or our home or our relationships or money
or our health.
Suffering about events that
may never happen
disrupts our life and is a 
huge waste of time.

Constant worry jeopardizes and ruins our
physical and mental health.
Chronic worrying is a mental acquired
habit since we were young  —  and all
habits can be broken with the right tools
and training.


Orange/Pink flowers


In The Works


Learn the following skills to achieve a
carefree life:

a)     Realise that worrying will do nothing
to help you deal with your problems, apart
from making you miserable and unhealthy;
so forget it completely and if necessary
take some action.

b)     Disregard anything that makes you
worried, like news and people.
that the more you obsess about
the faster you will bring it into
your life.

c)     The best way to get rid of your worried
thoughts is to feel very grateful for what
you have in your life now, and who you are. 

d)     Use your worries to become a stronger,
wiser and happier person in your life’s
Always be prepared by planning
then accept that there is something

larger than yourself out there.   

e)     Whenever you have a very worrying
thought, immediately say    Stop    I will
worry later   , and focus on whatever you
are doing.
This means you tricked your brain to think
that the worry is only postponed and you
will deal with it later.
The thing is when later comes most probably
you will have forgotten all about it.


Bench on the beach


Half Empty Glass


Recognise that worry exists either in
the past or in the future.

If you worry about events that happened
in the past, forget your toxic memories
because these are things you can not
change;    you are only poisoning your
life now  —  Move Forward.

If you worry about what might happen
in the future you do not even know,
this is only stealing your present joy
and killing your spirit    Move  Again.

Live actively in the moment doing 
the things you like and make you feel
good, and only associate with similar
thinking people.

Relax, discuss with your partner whatever
bothers you, see the big picture and
always keep yourself in your present.


Enjoy a worry-free life.