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Hi there!


It was 09:30am, and as every morning for the last
two and a half years, I was absolutely ready.

A last look in the entrance mirror to confirm I
was looking perfect, then I took my handbag and
sunglasses, locked the door and walked to the
garage to take my car.

In ten minutes I arrived at the High Street, parked
my car and started my dramatic adventure.
I had chosen seven fashion shops, most suitable
to me, which I was visiting alternatively.

I started following my routine:
I was walking through the whole shop floor,
examining all clothes and choosing all that
I liked.

Then I went to the changing rooms, and took my
time trying them all, checking every detail in the
mirrors around me, and finally choosing the
best to buy.

At the end, I went to the cashier’s counter and
paid for my selected items.

What an exhilarating experience…!
Sometimes, I repeated the whole process at
03:30 in the afternoon, in a different shop.

Those were the days……
Now my life has taken a new turn.
I have stopped shopping, almost completely,
unless I really need something.


Red Dress


Monkey On Back


Shopping is an extremely pleasant and satisfying
experience for many people.

Looking through these aisles full of beautiful
clothes …….. and all the shelves full of exquisite
shoes and handbags …….. trying and buying what you
like, and bring them home …….. taking them out
of their bags, removing the labels and price
tags …….. then trying to find the right storage
place for them ……..
So exciting !!!

Shopping is comforting, soothing, pleasing and
a lot of fun.
It gives you something interesting and entertaining
to do, when you do not work, and it takes your mind
off all other things.

I do like shopping  —  and there had been a few periods
in my life, when I was actually going around shops and

shopping centres every morning buying things.

But shopping can become addictive for many people,
and can cause a lot of problems, not only financial
but also personal and emotional.

Usually it happens when the individual ( mostly
female ) feels stressed, lonely, anxious, depressed, angry,
bored, guilty or fearful.

For the most part what people buy they do not need.
It can be anything, from clothes and accessories to
furniture, kitchen equipment and home decorations.


Shopping Women


Sweet Tooth


Terminating this retail therapy is all about self
control and changing your current circumstanes,
to give yourself a more interesting life.

This means, sit down, think carefully and make a
plan with various alternatives you can introduce
to your every day life.
Some examples are:

1)     Register at a leisure club.
2)     Take volunteer work.
3)     Find a job.
4)     Register at a class of your interest.
5)     Register at a club of your interest.
6)     Change city of living.
7)     Change country of living.
8)     Find a partner if you are alone.
9)     Change your partner if you are not happy.




Main Point


In the meantime, and until your life is actually
changed, try to keep your spending under control
by writing down all your daily expenses, in
comparison with your income or savings.

Also, try to buy only one item at a time to keep
your costs to a minimum, and still enjoy the experience.

Finally, if you adopt one or more of the above
mentioned suggestions, you will have a goal
to achieve.

This will take your mind off wasting your money
shopping for unnecesary items;
it will improve your emotional state;
and it will enhance your personal relationships.

Taking all the necessary steps will change your
life almost completely.

Take control of yourself and your whole life.









During the Ice Age people used handbags to carry
tools and foods.
Ancient Greeks and Egyptians also used handbags to
carry their money and other valuable and personal

Various bags were found in Switzerland and Britain AD.
Throughout history people carried bags and purses not 
only for practical purposes, but also status, power
and beauty.

All bags came in a variety of sizes and different designs,
which we influenced and kept on changing through the
years according 
to technological, societal and fashion
trends each time.

Bags were always used by both men and women, and
they were worn mostly attached to the belt;
but also they were hung on the shoulder or a specially
made hook, as well as held by hand.


Woman Shopping


Basic Principles


The handbag has always played the role of something
conveying various impressions, as well as hiding the
secrets of its wearer.

The empty handbag itself is supposed to represent the
female genitalia.
The contents of your handbag represent you as an 
individual:    your attitude and feelings, your thoughts
and habits, as well as everything that exists in your mind.

Nowadays all women carry a handbag that contains
many more items than they actually need.
Articles which are found in women’s handbags are:

Keys, mobile telephone, wallet, receipts, mirror, comb,
hair accessories, nail file, tweezers, perfume, lipstick,
cosmetics bag, jewellery, reading and sun glasses, 
medicines, dental floss, sewing kit, tissues, essential
oils, notebook and pen, chewing gums, hat, scarf, gloves,
hand antiseptic gel, small umbrella, biscuits or bars,
and other personal items.

I, myself, am one of these women who do carry most 
of these things;   and yes …… I do consider them absolutely
necessary    just in case I need something when I am out.

But I recognise that there is a number of items, which are
totally useless to carry with you around.


Turquoise bag


Defoliated Area


Here are some tips for you how to cut down your
handbag weight.

To start with, I hope you already have a personal
drawer, where you keep all the things you usually
need to be carrying with you from time to time
when you go out.
Otherwise, create one now.

a)     Clean your handbag out well, so you can refill
it clean with all the necessary things at the moment.

b)     Remove:
*   All things that you have never used.
*   Any items of which you have more than one.
*   All seasonal things.
*   All receipts, and either throw them away or file them.
*   Any old chewing gums and foods.

c)     Buy a nice biggish wallet and put in it:
  Your credit/debit cards.
  Your store cards.
  Your personal documents.
  A small notebook.
  A pen.
  Your money.


Fashion bag


d)     Buy a nice mini cosmetics bag and put in it
all the cosmetics you will ever need when out,
as well as all other personal items you may want.

e)     Place loose in your handbag:
1.   Your keys.
2.   Your mobile.
3.   Your reading and sun glasses.
4.   A packet of tissues.
5.   Your full wallet.
6.   Your full cosmetics bag.

Now you must have a nice, clean and tidy handbag.


Pink Bag


The Chameleon Object


The handbag is an essential part of every woman’s
wardrobe  —  and it is all about you.

It reflects who you are and how you live your 
whole life.
The way your handbag is arranged  reveals how
well organised you are in your personal life and
your home.

It also shows whether you are tucked away from 
your relationships and everyone else, or you are
a proud and confident person who respects

Embrace organisation, tidiness and order in your
You will feel much happier, relaxed and peaceful.








The golden haired woman followed
him into the lounge.

“This is Izzy, my companion” he
introduced her.

She was a young, very beautiful
woman, dressed in a
tight red
dress and black stilettos.

They both sat on the couch.
She crossed her long legs, which
caused the cut in her
dress to open,
exposing her right side to her

“We are drinking champagne
all night”, Bo said.

“Have another glass and enjoy

It was a wonderful night in this
magnificent house
with its warm
and comfortable atmosphere.

The company was fantastic and
everybody’s spirits
were amazingly

“I’d better stay seated;  my feet
are killing me and
I feel a bit dizzy,
already”, she thought and smiled


Errata_04 Errata_06


Disturbing Facts


Women make a number of mistakes
in their every
day life, which cause
them a lot of discomfort.

Some of them are as follows:


A)    High heels make women look
very sexy and
attractive, as well as
improving the shape of
their legs.

But wearing high heels on a daily
basis or on
long periods is very
harmful to their health.

Not only they affect their posture,
but also they
can lead to serious health
problems like, back
pain, tendonitis,
joint problems, various accidents

and serious damage to the feet.

Limit the height of your heels to between
two (2)
and four (4) centimeters to
avoid any health


Errata_05 Errata_01


B)    During certain occasions most women
will drink
alcoholic drinks, which on principal
is alright.

But keeping up with the drinking habits
of men
is very dangerous due to the
women’s smaller
physical size.

Drink only one (1) glass of alcohol
and alternate
with soft drinks, so your
body can dilute it and
absorb it effectively.


C)    Big handbags are fashionable and
practical to carry.

But carrying a large, heavy shoulder
bag regularly
or for very long time
jeopardizes your health by
causing arm,
shoulder and neck problems.

Carry only a small hand bag with the
necessary items in it.


D)    The bras is a very important piece
of clothing to
support the breasts.
Three quarters of all women wear
the wrong bras.

But wearing the wrong size bras
can certainly cause
back, neck,
breathing and circulating problems,

together with health risks to the breasts.

Get measured properly for the right
size and support
bras to avoid the
health risks.


Errata_03 Errata_02


E)    Missing sleep is very harmful to
the overall health.

Take all the necessary steps to be
able to sleep
at least six (6) hours
every night.


F)    Stressing and obsessing about
various things on a
regular basis can
damage our physical and mental

health in many ways irreparably.

Take things as they come, relax
and feel happy
to live longer.

Look after yourselves!!