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Curam Sui!


Hi there!


…… ” Talk to me about yourself. 
I want to know who you are, and how you
live your life , Sev asked him one day.

I go to my regular work every morning,
and I do some counselling in the evenings.
During the weekends I do a bit of volunteering
work, and
whenever I have some free time
usually support people I know
Lex replied smiling.

Then suddenly he stood still.
He had just realised that this hectic way of
living had left him with no time for himself.

With this thought he felt bitter and distressed.
I must take steps to change this self sacrifice
because it’s draining my life he thought
decisively ……


Classic Boat Ride


Pavlovian Response


Self care is an instinctive behaviour in nature,
but it does not exist in the same way in humans.
Individuals need to be willing to learn it and
practice it;   and over time as they are progressing
they will start feeling more comfortable and
relaxed about it.

Self care is taking any actions necessary to improve
your lifestyle and your total wellbeing.
Self care is to take full responsibility for your
pursuits, and honour and respect yourself.

The quest for good health and happiness is not
a selfish hunt.
It means to take care of your own needs, and listen
and pay attention to yourself.

It is something completely individual for every
person, and you should engage in whatever feels
most right for you.
It can change how you see yourself, and show you
new opportunities.

You will set up new habits, which will make you
feel in control of your whole life.
You will have much less stress and you will be
more decisive and resilient.

Also you will be able to look after yourself better
without having to rely on others, and you will
feel more confident to change direction when
things do not work for you any more.


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Get On Line


You need to slow down and make space for
relaxing your mind, exercising your body and
taking time for deep thinking and planning.

If you manage these you will have a genuine
and very happy life.
To start prioritising your own needs follow
the steps below:

a)     Determine what self care means to you and
make a full plan in writing.

b)     Practice self awareness to be able to recognise
your actual needs:   physical, emotional, mental
and spiritual.

c)     Identify all these thoughts that are holding
you back from taking care of yourself.

d)     Realise that nothing is perfect, and start
taking small steps towards accomplishing your
ambitions and goals.

e)     Redefine your relationships by placing
boundaries and really stick to them.

f)     Understand that NO is a complete sentence.


Bicycle Race


Believed Abstraction


Here are some fascinating examples of
self care projects, pursuits and special

1)      Go shopping or window shopping.
2)      Taking photographs.
3)      Nurturing your body.
4)      Going to a mini retreat.
5)      Swimming and sunbathing on the beach.
6)      Reading inspirational books.
7)      Walking or hiking in nature.
8)      Driving and admiring the sights.
9)       Pampering in a day spa.
10)     Watching a film.
11)      De-cluttering your wardrobe.
12)     Growing plants and flowers.
13)      Researching and Writing.
14)      Exercising in a gym.
15)      Baking and cooking health foods.
16)      Being spiritual.
17)      Going out to coffee shops.
18)      Taking short breaks regularly.
19)      Going to the cinema.
20)      Going on holidays.


Swaying Girls


Turn On Steam


Making time and space for yourself is absolutely
critical to your total wellbeing and happiness.

Do something you really love every single day.
Put yourself first and make self care your habit.

Start treasuring yourself now and you will feel
in harmony and very proud.
You will feel healthy, strong, fulfilled and happy.

Make self care a constant and true part of your
daily life.
Do not fear;   give this great gift to yourself now.

Your are No I !!





Brass Balls!


Hi there!


Life itself is your teacher, and you are in
a state of constant learning .

Life is never stagnation.  It is constant
movement, un-rhythmic movement, as we
as constant change.  Things live by moving
and gain strength as they go .

Always be yourself, express yourself, have
faith in yourself, do not go out and look for
a successful personality and duplicate it. .

Absorb what is useful, discard what is not,
add what is uniquely your own .

Choose the positive.  You have choice, you
are master of your attitude, the constructive.
Optimism is a faith that leads to success.

                                     Bruce Lee    1940 – 1973


Butterfly on flowers


Right Stuff


In our life we are surrounded by stressful
and annoying situations, which test our
resilience and dynamism as well as our
positivity and mental strength.

Most often we have to work very hard to
establish healthy habits and embrace
all-powerful and effective core beliefs.

This is the only way to overcome the
obstacles and interferences coming our
way every single day, and cultivate a
successful, happy and rewarding life.

Developing mental strength, courage
and endurance will help you to build a
shield to keep going against the frustrations
and hardships of life.
You will be able to
endure, pursue and
carry on no matter 
what happens.


Seagulls at sea


Intestinal Fortitude


The following beliefs will give you power
and put you back on track:

a)     Life changes every second, so if you feel
stuck at the moment realise that this is only
temporary, and as soon as you stop resisting
and go with the flow, life will take you forward.

b)     Life always begins today;   and just today
is the only day you can work hard to find
solutions to your problems.

c)     Feel positive, smile and do not complain
or talk about your problems all the time.
This is the only way to prove that you are an
intelligent, determined and strong person.

d)     As long as you are alive you will keep on
learning and trying to succeed in your life.
Focus positively and do the very best you
can without fear and worry.

e)     Life is full of adversities and troubles,
so be patient while working hard to achieve
your goals.
Be authentic, have a great
attitude and enjoy
the struggles to your


Swordy plants


Moral Fiber


Manage the way you think, organize your
feelings and behave in a positive way.
Be here now and focus only on what you
are doing at this moment.

Use your mental energy to solve problems;
be realistic, motivated and productive.
Be in total control and do not waste your
energy on anything you can not control
or change.

Determination, dedication, perseverance
and persistence are the things which
separate the highest-ranking from the

Feeling good about yourself will energize
your mental batteries.

Are you ready for action?








Hi there!


Bo was now in his late 40s;   a very
smart and good-looking man, he
was always attracting all the attention
wherever he went.

Bo had a very demanding job that
needed most of his time;   and although
he loved all the financial benefits not
only he was unable to enjoy any private
life but also he was not satisfied with
the work itself any more and this
was frightening him.

He was working longer hours and even
nights sometimes;   and the requests
on him kept on piling up.
His mobile phone wouldn’t stop ringing
and his inbox was overflowing.

He had started feeling undervalued
and unappreciated, and he felt
he was becoming mentally and
physically exhausted.

I’m not feeling very well;  I have to do
something about this now before it’s
too late”  he thought,  so from tomorrow
I’m putting some personal time into my
daily schedule and I’ll start managing
my workload more efficiently.

Bo discussed his decision with his
partner, who had gone through similar
troubles before;   you got out just in
time  he said and patted him on his
shoulder gently.


Otvungenhet-1 Otvungenhet-2


Cut Loose


New Year is just around the corner,
and many people decide to refocus their
attention on new or more suitable
things in their life, so they can be happier.

Now is the perfect time to decide to
let go of old habits and other matters
that made you unhappy, miserable
and sad during the past year.

In order not to have set backs remind
yourself on a regular basis of all the
benefits you will enjoy when you
achieve your goals.


Otvungenhet-4 Otvungenhet-3


Kiss Goodbye


So for the New Year decide to abandon
the following:

A)     Your Stresses

*    Approach and meet up with happy people.
   Replace your thoughts with pleasant ones.
*    Use a deep breathing technique.
*    Imagine your life in 10/20 years forward.
   Have sauna to relax.
*    Always laugh.

B)     Life’s Annoyances

*    Take responsibility for your own actions.
*    Put yourself in the other person’s position
       in order to understand the problem.
*    Either remove yourself from the situation
       or change it if you can or accept it.

C)     Past Relationships

*    Remember both the good and the bad
      things regarding the connection.
   Replace all your thoughts about the
       past with your present facts.
   Visualise yourself as you were before
       and create your present reality.

D)     Life’s Disappointments

*     Change your perception of the situation.
*     See the root of the problem, understand
        it and accept it.
*     Take an immediate positive action, like
        looking for a job.


Otvungenhet-5 Otvungenhet-6


Chill Out


Learning to start over in certain areas
of your life is a very big challenge, but
at the end you will feel so much better,
more satisfied and happier.

Your life will become more efficient,
powerful, productive and complete.

Vow to take a closer look and decide
what is best for you, and do it.

Turn over a new leaf!

Start fresh!

Be reborn!






Hi there!


It was a sunny morning so I decided to go for a walk.
I chose to go to my nearest
garden centre because
not only it is complete
with various plants but also
it has a fantastic
garden, where I enjoy walking for
as long
as I want.

While walking through the various plant stands I started
noticing the colourful reflections of
the sun light through
the trees and the many
“what an amazing view”, I thought.

I kept on walking when my attention went to a small
flowering plant growing through
the cracks of a wall.
I bent down to touch
and smell;
“very sweet smell – it gives me
such a relaxing feeling!”, I thought.

Then I noticed how many insects were flying from flower to
flower buzzing and sucking
the sweet juices out of these
wonderful buds.

I kept on walking and suddenly I started realising that
I really was a part of all these
beautiful things happening
around me
at that moment.

It was then when I decided to just live in the moment.
I was only there — and
nothing else existed before or after.

I was totally absorbed…. !!


Kakahiaka01 Kakahiaka02


C e r e m o n i a s


The morning is the infrastructure our whole day is built upon.
So it is absolutely
vital to adopt powerful habits to give not only our
day but also our life purpose.

Only by doing this we will feel happy, contented, peaceful, strong,
and really healthy.

 Adjust your mindset to the right direction and have an attitude
of acceptance
and anticipation.  Be prepared for good things to come.


Kakahiaka05 Kakahiaka03


M o t i v o s


Try to incorporate the following rituals to your morning routines:


1)     Be Grateful


Every morning you wake up breathe, pray, feel fortunate
and count your blessings.
Feel grateful for all the things you have, including your health.
Feel grateful you are alive.
This will help you to appreciate life.


2)     Daily Purpose


Every morning have a complete plan of actions, which
will make you feel happy.
Be creative and do only what is right for you.


3)     Have Routines


Prioritize your obligations so you will always be relaxed
and in control.
Try to arrange your plans in a list from the night
before to be productive.


4)     Live Now


Every day is a new beginning.
Live today — and not yesterday or tomorrow, which are illusions.
There is only now.
Life is happening only now.


5)     Be Positive


Read, think and act in a positive way during the day,
so by the time you go
to bed at night you feel happy.
Change your attitude and expectations.
Being positive is a choice.


6)     Breakfast


Always eat a wholesome breakfast and include enough liquids
to keep your body
in good health.


Kakahiaka06 Kakahiaka04


M a u    L o a


Make the choice to be happy.
You are the only one responsible for yourself.
It is within you.

Decide to be energetic, confident, strong and productive.
Accept yourself and other people, be creative and do
not take life
too seriously.



Nosce Te Ipsum!


Hi there!


Habits are automatic behaviours, which we
are used to over the years and hold on to them
in our every day life.

They are our fixed ways of thinking, feeling
and acting daily.

Some of these though, are not very good, so
we may decide to change them.

Changing a habit is not easy;  it takes a lot
of hard work and a serious commitment to
stop doing something we are so used to doing.

Because of this, the majority of people live
their whole lives under the control of external
or internal circumstances.


Bright Red


Success Story


There are specific steps we need to take in order
to be able to break a bad habit.
1)  Recognize the wrong fixation you want to

2)  Take full responsibility for your life, and do not
be a victim.
Imagine your future both ways.

3)  Decide to commit to change this destructive

4)  Believe in your ability to do anything you put
your mind to.

5)  Track the ruinous habit and find what triggers it.

6)  Stop the addiction by interrupting its pattern.
Replace the empty space with either a fun
or a physical new habit.

7)  Focus on only one bad habit at a time for best
success results.

8)  It takes four weeks to get used to a new habit;
so be patient and consistent.




Having good habits is the magic secret to living
a really successful life.

Only then we will be in control of our thoughts,
feelings and actions.

The sooner we do it the better, because the older
we are the more difficult it becomes.