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Bona Fide!


Hi there!


They all met in their usual bar for an evening out,
and a good private chat about their issues of interest.
What are your experiences of being  middle aged  
now? Emi asked.

It’s a bit of a challenge to feel very positive and 
maintain my beauty, when I see my ageing face and
body in
the mirror every morning Ele replied.

I find it somewhat demanding to keep so much
active or to think so quickly as before;
sometimes I prefer to take it more
slowly in
general  Mar said.

For me it seems to be the emotional  side that is
more difficult to handle;   many times I caught myself
not feeling so happy as I used to previously Cat said.

I understand all these issues you mention, because
I feel similarly at times.
But I must say that, I personally see a huge benefit
being at this age now.
I do feel completely free to be myself Emi said and
And she did mean it, absolutely.


Woman pondering


Twenty – Four Carat


Life can be ambitious and overwhelming when you
are going through the middle age years;
that is
between the ages of forty five ( 45 ) and sixty
five ( 65 )
years old.

Some people fight this, while some individuals deny
it altogether.
A number of people get depressed, and some others
become completely confused and puzzled.

But at the same time for many people, this period
can be a very powerful, satisfying, successful and
stage in their life.

In order to feel really positive about your middle
age years, you need to practise the one and most
important thing for you    and this is Self Love.

This is the time when you need to examine carefully
what direction your life is taking, and work towards
this target.
Life is all about moving forward, and experience
whatever is coming your way.


Red Cactus


Manna From Heaven


Here are a number of benefits you enjoy at this
twenty ( 20 ) year stage of your life:

a)     You feel you have collected valuable experience
and knowledge during the previous years;
and as a result, you can now develop and improve
your life as necessary.

b)     You know that each and every day offers you
a new opportunity to love and be loved.

c)     You recognise that life is too short;
so you try to enjoy every moment, follow your
passions, and you are really grateful for your
total existence.

d)     You realise that you deserve to live in peace
and harmony;
consequently, you do not allow other people  to
destroy your well-being and happiness.

e)     You are not afraid to be yourself, and support
your beliefs and the things that are important
to you.   

f)     You still feel you possess the female sex appeal,
to attract other people to you.

g)     You acknowledge and value highly your own
worth and qualities;
you do not rely on your external appearance any
more as when you were younger, and you do
like yourself for that.


Balcony Scene


Common Sense


The fundamental thing to consider here is the
actual freedom you have from now on, like:

1)     Not having to try hard to succeed in your
profession any more.
2)     Not having to try and please anybody
apart from yourself.
3)     Not having to feel guilty about any personal
or professional issues.
4)     Not having to compete for anything in your
life any more.
5)     Not having to feel stressed and anxious
about missing deadlines.

Believe that now you are at the heyday of your

strength, patience and understanding.

You are free to express yourself as you feel.
You are free to accept your appearance as it is.
You are free to accept your whole life.
You are free to just be.

Growing old is your biggest advantage and benefit,
because not everybody does.

Honour and celebrate your age.

You are here  —  Now !







Hi there!


—     Autonomy
—     Personal Growth
—     Purpose in life
     Environmental mastery
     Positive relations with others

This is the six-factor structure conseptualised
by Dr C.D. Ryff, Ph.D.
that a person must acknowledge if he/she
wishes to lead a satisfied life.




Presence Of Mind


You are the accumulation of all your
your feelings, your short and
plans as well as your ambitions
continual efforts.

The only way to learn and grow as humans
is through everyday life lessons, either
these are pleasant and satisfying or
uncomfortable and distressing, even painful.

Lay out the life you want for yourself;
and organise and set up all risks you
want to take to accomplish your dreams
and desires.




Life Of Riley


The following important adages will
guide your best life:

a)     Always give priority to yourself.
Listen to your inner voice and do what
feels good for you.
Be strong and follow your instincts
without listening and doing what other
people say and want.
” No is a gift.

 b)     Always be fearless and proud of
who you are.
Pursue your dreams and the future you
want for your life ignoring people’s
Face all problems and find solutions
beyond fear.

c)     Always be bold and keep trying even
if you fail repeatedly.
Be successful by never giving up.

d)     Always consider difficulties and
failures as challenges.
If you want a better life you have to go
and get it.

e)     Always be grateful and enjoy every
moment, even the smallest things in life.
Laugh and love a lot.

f)     Always accept your limitations and
continue to grow and evolve.

Feel free to change as you age and become
more experienced with life.
Be persistent and you will finally win.

g)     Always live in the present.
Remember that the past is gone and the
future is unknown.
If you want to recall, do so;
but never dwell there.




Hog Heaven


Life is too complicated and too short.
Today is the best day you have to start
acting on your ambitions and desires;  
on your principles and ethics;  
on your purpose and values.

You only live once;
so become the author of your own
life story.

Start doing things the right way for

Are you having the true good life?





Sonno Tranquillo!




Sleep is as important to our well being,
as nutrition
and exercise.

During sleeping the body repairs itself, so that
we can be
 in top condition when we wake
up next morning.

Many people try to sleep as little as
possible, so not
to waste time;
while others have great difficulty 
falling asleep,
or staying asleep, or both.

We all need to sleep a specific number
of hours to
be able to meet next day’s

Some people are able to function very
well after five (5) or six (6) 
hours of sleep.
Others need between seven (7) and nine (9)
hours of sleep.
It all depends on the individual’s genetic

Basically, if you are capable to perform
all your
duties next day without feeling
sluggish and sleepy,
then most likely you
sleep all the hours your body

needs at night.


SonnoTr03 SonnoTr04


Standard Procedure


a)    Sleep in a slightly cool bedroom,
in order to match your
body’s temperature
during the night.

b)    Expose yourself to sunlight during
the day;    because this will help to 
sleep patterns properly.

c)    Avoid alcohol and caffeine twelve
before going to bed, because they
are stimulants, and will keep you awake.

d)    Go to bed and wake up at the same
time all seven
days of the week, in order to
strengthen your body’s

e)    Keep your hands and feet warm,
and your head cool
to help falling asleep.

f)    Keep your bedroom dark and quiet,
and remove all
electronic devices.

g)    Keep active during the day.

h)    Drink a cup of strong chamomile tea
with a spoon of honey.

i)     Eat foods containing Vitamins B or
take a supplement during the day.

j)    Eat foods containing Tryptophan, like
poultry, red meat, shellfish, fish, eggs.

k)     Burn Lavender essential oil or put
some drops in your pillow at night.


SonnoTr02 SonnoTr01


Rules Of Action


When you go to bed at night, do the
things to make you feel

1)    Surrender:   

Let go of all that happened during the day,
either good or bad.
deeply to relax tensions, and
feel peaceful and pleased.

2)    Welcome:   

Understand and accept whatever happened
during the day, and feel relaxed.

3)    Be Optimistic:   

Look forward to tomorrow’s day.   

4)    Be Grateful:   

Be thankful for everything you had and did
during the course of the day.

5)    Sleep:    

Take Bach Rescue Remedy Night.
Empty your mind, close your eyes and
feel great.


Always make the best of the end
of your day.

Every night you go to bed, leave all
the day’s burden
behind, so next
morning you start fresh.

Have a good night!






Hi there!


It was a sunny morning so I decided to go for a walk.
I chose to go to my nearest
garden centre because
not only it is complete
with various plants but also
it has a fantastic
garden, where I enjoy walking for
as long
as I want.

While walking through the various plant stands I started
noticing the colourful reflections of
the sun light through
the trees and the many
“what an amazing view”, I thought.

I kept on walking when my attention went to a small
flowering plant growing through
the cracks of a wall.
I bent down to touch
and smell;
“very sweet smell – it gives me
such a relaxing feeling!”, I thought.

Then I noticed how many insects were flying from flower to
flower buzzing and sucking
the sweet juices out of these
wonderful buds.

I kept on walking and suddenly I started realising that
I really was a part of all these
beautiful things happening
around me
at that moment.

It was then when I decided to just live in the moment.
I was only there — and
nothing else existed before or after.

I was totally absorbed…. !!


Kakahiaka01 Kakahiaka02


C e r e m o n i a s


The morning is the infrastructure our whole day is built upon.
So it is absolutely
vital to adopt powerful habits to give not only our
day but also our life purpose.

Only by doing this we will feel happy, contented, peaceful, strong,
and really healthy.

 Adjust your mindset to the right direction and have an attitude
of acceptance
and anticipation.  Be prepared for good things to come.


Kakahiaka05 Kakahiaka03


M o t i v o s


Try to incorporate the following rituals to your morning routines:


1)     Be Grateful


Every morning you wake up breathe, pray, feel fortunate
and count your blessings.
Feel grateful for all the things you have, including your health.
Feel grateful you are alive.
This will help you to appreciate life.


2)     Daily Purpose


Every morning have a complete plan of actions, which
will make you feel happy.
Be creative and do only what is right for you.


3)     Have Routines


Prioritize your obligations so you will always be relaxed
and in control.
Try to arrange your plans in a list from the night
before to be productive.


4)     Live Now


Every day is a new beginning.
Live today — and not yesterday or tomorrow, which are illusions.
There is only now.
Life is happening only now.


5)     Be Positive


Read, think and act in a positive way during the day,
so by the time you go
to bed at night you feel happy.
Change your attitude and expectations.
Being positive is a choice.


6)     Breakfast


Always eat a wholesome breakfast and include enough liquids
to keep your body
in good health.


Kakahiaka06 Kakahiaka04


M a u    L o a


Make the choice to be happy.
You are the only one responsible for yourself.
It is within you.

Decide to be energetic, confident, strong and productive.
Accept yourself and other people, be creative and do
not take life
too seriously.



La Pregunta!




The telephone rang breaking the silence in the quiet office.
“Hello” he answered quickly. 

“Hi Bo, how are things there?”, the male voice on
the line asked.
“Everything’s alright;  very busy at the moment”,
Bo replied.

“I called to ask you to join me on my trip to Paris,
as you know,
next month” he said.

“Thanks, I’ll think about it and call you back” Bo replied.
Immediately he started thinking how he could
manage to go on this
very exciting trip with his friend.

Not very easy, considering his many financial
He thought “How can I afford this trip?”.
Being a positive person he instantly decided to find
creative ways to be
able to afford it.


Pregunta_01 Pregunta_04


La Solucion


The right questions result in the right solutions of any issue.
Making the correct query is the key to winning any
personal and
professional battle.

The following major points are fundamental to
problem solving.

1)   Be Positive

Always think positively so your mind can start finding
ways to achieve your goal like, “what can I do
to improve myself”.

2)   Be Grateful

Remember all the good things you have accomplished
and have in
your life.
Then you will see a lot
of possibilities opening.

3)   Question

Always challenge and consider alternative routes — say
have I got to lose”.

4)   Do Not Judge

Avoid all wrong assumptions because they will never
any problems.
Always ask and listen. 

5)   Persist 

Do not limit yourself. Keep on asking questions until you
are satisfied with
the answers.


Pregunta_03 Pregunta_02


La Conclusion


If we are creative there will always be solutions
to any problem.
Even if the solutions are not desirable
there are still solutions to choose from.