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Ground Zero!


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Love is an extremely strong and very effective disorder
affecting our nervous system.
It is a chemical means developed through our evolution
to benefit and promote our species to survive and prosper.

It helps us develop and maintain relationships;
it encourages us to defend and protect ourselves physically
and mentally;
it makes us want very deeply to support our offspring.

In the modern world, the most heroic struggle in one’s
life is to love themselves;   and it really is an awfully
difficult and terribly exhausting thing to do.

Most people neglect their own needs, health and
happiness, because they have been taught to do so
since they were children;
and certainly because loving others is easier than loving

And yet, self love is the foundation of the most important
relationship you will ever have  —  the relationship with



Bull’s – Eye


Self love is not a state of just feeling good by having a lot
of money, and buying and doing everything we want,
or being narcissistic.

Self love means to accept yourself exactly as you are and
what you are.
It means to know your own qualities and how significant you
are;   to know your purpose and your limits.

Self love means to always look after and be kind to yourself.
It means to really know that you do deserve your love, your
respect, admiration, and appreciation at all times.

Loving yourself is a number of actions that provide you
with confidence, determination and belief in yourself;
you will enjoy peace of mind;   you will demonstrate better
judgement;   and you will savour overall happiness.

You will be able to make the right decisions, and you will
exhibit more love towards other people.
You will be mentally stronger and balanced, and your life
will become simpler.

Certainly it must be emphasized that, self love is not
something temporary and
short-lived    but a continuous
and growing
course of actions.



End In View


The following routines will help you build self love:

a)     Reduce and finally eliminate all negative beliefs
about yourself, either they are routed from your past
or they are self-inflicted.

b)     Stop thinking that you must be perfect in everything
you do in order to be happy.
Perfection does not exist;   nothing in life is perfect.

c)     Focus only on your positive qualities and values,
each and every day.

d)     Be truthful, honest, realistic and sensible.

e)     Do all the things that make you feel good.
Be creative and develop hobbies.

f)     Never compare yourself to other people.
You are a unique person, so compare only to yourself.

g)     Establish healthy, explicit and precise limits to
all your actions and steps.

h)     Always give priority to yourself, because you
have earned it and you deserve to be first.

i)     Find your purpose, meaning and direction in life.
Only then you will be happy and fulfilled.



j)     Take full responsibility for your own health and
Watch your diet, exercise, sleep, rest, relaxation, fun
and relationships.

k)     Surround yourself only with people who love you
and make you feel good, and eliminate all others.

l)     Take risks, examine various opportunities coming
your way, and celebrate your wins at the end.

m)    Every day feel grateful about something in your
life, even if it is something very small, no matter what
else is happening around you.

n)     Be very aware and wise about your own thoughts,
feelings and desires, to be able to keep things under control.

o)     Forgive yourself whenever you make any mistakes,
and try to learn from them.

p)     Envisage yourself being empowered, inspired,
motivated and encouraged.

By practising the above mentioned actions of self love,
you will learn to cherish, honour, respect, accept
and really care for yourself.

Self love is a continuous and steady passage.
Self love is something you can choose and adopt.

Select correctly and enjoy the benefits and rewards.





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Bo was working in his office this afternoon when he
received an email from his colleague asking him for
assistance with his project.

As soon as he read this he felt resentful immediately,
since he knew that on the one hand he wanted to
help him, but on the other this would entail extra
time and effort for him.

Thinking more about it, he did not want to accept
this obligation, because it meant he would have to
stay in the office late, and neglect part of his own

I have no reason to accept this other than being
helpful to a colleague, something which I can’t
afford to do at the moment he thought.

I have to say No to you this time, because I’m
extremely busy at present and I have no time
to spare for more work.
But I can recommend Jos to you, who will be pleased
to help you with your project .

Bo decided, and replied to his colleague without any
further delay.

Immediately he felt relieved and ready to continue
with his own business.


Yellow Flowers


Will Power


Most people dislike to say NO because they want to
help and be nice to the other person.
But saying yes all or most of the time entails a lot
of unpleasant consequences like,
    loss of valuable time,
    waste a huge amount of mental energy,
*     a great amount of pressure.

All of these result in physical and mental exhaustion.
Yet people find it so very hard to say NO.
This is happening because of many reasons like,
*     they want to avoid any arguments,
*     they want to be polite,
*     they want to fit in with the others,
*     they want to maintain good relationships,
*     they feel guilty if they do not help.

But if you really want to create your own life and
pursue your goals, you do need to be in full
control of all situations around you.

Learning to say NO is the greatest reward you can
give to yourself.
In order to be able to do so, you will need to become
decisive, confident and assertive  —  but at the same
time you must be calm and polite.

Being assertive means you must convey your message,
and at the same time to listen to the other person.
It means sharing and appreciating others.

When you manage this you will increase your
self-confidence, you will become more understanding,
you will improve your self-image and finally you
will achieve very much more.


Red Leafs


Primary Element


Before you decide and turn down any demands
and requests from other people, you need to
evaluate the situation.

Here are the steps you need to take:

a)     Take your time to think all requests made on
you before giving any answer.
Say you will let them know as soon as possible.
Study the demands and make certain they will
fit your own obligations and commitments.

b)     Analyze your priorities, and decide whether
the new engagement is of any significance, relevance
or magnitude to you.
If you find it is of no consequence to you, just ignore it.

c)     Consider the time length the new engagement
will need to be completed.
If it is long term, disregard it, because it will be adding
more stress on you.

d)     Refuse immediately any demand or request,
which makes you feel guilty if you do not do it.
If you accept something under these circumstances
you will feel pressed, stressed, anxious and eventually
really sick.




Guiding Light


There is no perfect way to say NO, and there is also no
way you can ever control the other person’s feelings
and reactions.

The following advice is how to do this best:

a)     Know your value as a person and have the right
attitude, independence and energy.

b)     Stand in a power pose, look calm and assertive,
and be fast and polite.

c)     Communicate your NO decision clearly and firmly,
using simple words.
Do not complicate and over-explain things.

d)     Offer an alternative solution to show your good
will and to meet half way.

e)     If at all possible and you really want to help,
offer a lesser commitment.

Do not forget, you are responsible only for
and not for any other person’s feelings
and actions
towards you.

Nothing is perfect, including humans.
Use any criticism for your own growth.

Remember, you can not please everybody.
Never lose your self-worth.

Enjoy the long term benefits of saying NO.




Green Light!


Hi there!


She was a successful woman happily married
to an attractive man.
For some time now she had started feeling
out of control and anxious about her changing
body, showing real signs of ageing.

I don’t feel old;   I’m not old she exclaimed
one morning.   But she was very disturbed
because she sensed she was losing the battle
to stop the time passing.

I must change the way I view getting older.
I do need to accept it, because this is a battle
I can never win.   I must take control over how
I see myself she thought, looking at her
image in the mirror.

She was maturing fast and feeling very
uncomfortable about it.
Finally, she came to terms with the fact that
her whole body was gradually changing.

I want to believe that my changing body
will carry on serving me so well as it has been
doing until today.   That’s who I am;   I must
value myself on the inside, because I’m not
my external fading appearance she decided


Climber on mountain


Seal Of Approval


Self-acceptance is to acknowledge and trust
all aspects of yourself completely and absolutely.
You need to examine and analyse all parts
of yourself without judging;   you need to be
kind and sympathetic, and finally to appreciate,
like and love yourself positively.

Because it is only then that you will feel totally
peaceful and happy.
If you hold any negative feelings relating to
either other people, behaviours, your
intelligence or your appearance, you need to
investigate them deeply in detail, understand,
forgive and eliminate all negativity from
inside you.

Certainly the key to self-acceptance is your
willingness to recognise and make peace with
all parts of yourself, negative and positive,
which have been sabotaging your life until now.
Otherwise you will never ever reach unconditional


Purple Flower


Rubber Stamp


Follow the undermentioned steps to build

a)     Decide and be willing to make a U-turn
and enter the world of acceptance.

b)     Make a list including all your negative
thoughts, opinions and beliefs about yourself
and start clearing each item at a time.

c)     Acknowledge all your feelings, accept, respect
and value yourself as you are at this moment.

d)    Decide to be courageous, take risks and
tolerate failure.

e)     Trust yourself and never compare to other
people, but always do your own best.

f)     Recognise that perfection does not exist, so
do not look for it;   just be responsible for yourself
and you will be free.


Woman resting


Blank Check


To honestly accept everything about yourself
is an extremely hard and very active process.
But you have to go through it;    any other way
is self-rejection.

It is absolutely vital to accept and love yourself
for the person you are in order to grow and reach
your utmost capacity.

Develop self-compassion and accept yourself
precisely as you are today regardless of your
imperfections;   carry on becoming better
and better enriching your life every day.

Tout comprendre, c’est tout excuser.








Hi there!


—     Autonomy
—     Personal Growth
—     Purpose in life
     Environmental mastery
     Positive relations with others

This is the six-factor structure conseptualised
by Dr C.D. Ryff, Ph.D.
that a person must acknowledge if he/she
wishes to lead a satisfied life.




Presence Of Mind


You are the accumulation of all your
your feelings, your short and
plans as well as your ambitions
continual efforts.

The only way to learn and grow as humans
is through everyday life lessons, either
these are pleasant and satisfying or
uncomfortable and distressing, even painful.

Lay out the life you want for yourself;
and organise and set up all risks you
want to take to accomplish your dreams
and desires.




Life Of Riley


The following important adages will
guide your best life:

a)     Always give priority to yourself.
Listen to your inner voice and do what
feels good for you.
Be strong and follow your instincts
without listening and doing what other
people say and want.
” No is a gift.

 b)     Always be fearless and proud of
who you are.
Pursue your dreams and the future you
want for your life ignoring people’s
Face all problems and find solutions
beyond fear.

c)     Always be bold and keep trying even
if you fail repeatedly.
Be successful by never giving up.

d)     Always consider difficulties and
failures as challenges.
If you want a better life you have to go
and get it.

e)     Always be grateful and enjoy every
moment, even the smallest things in life.
Laugh and love a lot.

f)     Always accept your limitations and
continue to grow and evolve.

Feel free to change as you age and become
more experienced with life.
Be persistent and you will finally win.

g)     Always live in the present.
Remember that the past is gone and the
future is unknown.
If you want to recall, do so;
but never dwell there.




Hog Heaven


Life is too complicated and too short.
Today is the best day you have to start
acting on your ambitions and desires;  
on your principles and ethics;  
on your purpose and values.

You only live once;
so become the author of your own
life story.

Start doing things the right way for

Are you having the true good life?





Brass Balls!


Hi there!


Life itself is your teacher, and you are in
a state of constant learning .

Life is never stagnation.  It is constant
movement, un-rhythmic movement, as we
as constant change.  Things live by moving
and gain strength as they go .

Always be yourself, express yourself, have
faith in yourself, do not go out and look for
a successful personality and duplicate it. .

Absorb what is useful, discard what is not,
add what is uniquely your own .

Choose the positive.  You have choice, you
are master of your attitude, the constructive.
Optimism is a faith that leads to success.

                                     Bruce Lee    1940 – 1973


Butterfly on flowers


Right Stuff


In our life we are surrounded by stressful
and annoying situations, which test our
resilience and dynamism as well as our
positivity and mental strength.

Most often we have to work very hard to
establish healthy habits and embrace
all-powerful and effective core beliefs.

This is the only way to overcome the
obstacles and interferences coming our
way every single day, and cultivate a
successful, happy and rewarding life.

Developing mental strength, courage
and endurance will help you to build a
shield to keep going against the frustrations
and hardships of life.
You will be able to
endure, pursue and
carry on no matter 
what happens.


Seagulls at sea


Intestinal Fortitude


The following beliefs will give you power
and put you back on track:

a)     Life changes every second, so if you feel
stuck at the moment realise that this is only
temporary, and as soon as you stop resisting
and go with the flow, life will take you forward.

b)     Life always begins today;   and just today
is the only day you can work hard to find
solutions to your problems.

c)     Feel positive, smile and do not complain
or talk about your problems all the time.
This is the only way to prove that you are an
intelligent, determined and strong person.

d)     As long as you are alive you will keep on
learning and trying to succeed in your life.
Focus positively and do the very best you
can without fear and worry.

e)     Life is full of adversities and troubles,
so be patient while working hard to achieve
your goals.
Be authentic, have a great
attitude and enjoy
the struggles to your


Swordy plants


Moral Fiber


Manage the way you think, organize your
feelings and behave in a positive way.
Be here now and focus only on what you
are doing at this moment.

Use your mental energy to solve problems;
be realistic, motivated and productive.
Be in total control and do not waste your
energy on anything you can not control
or change.

Determination, dedication, perseverance
and persistence are the things which
separate the highest-ranking from the

Feeling good about yourself will energize
your mental batteries.

Are you ready for action?








Hi there!


Tamie was a very beautiful woman in her
mid 50s.
She has been a famous artist for 
many years
now, and much loved by all.

She had achieved everything she wanted in
her life:   a fantastic mansion, three cars, a
lot of money to fulfil all her wishes as long
as she lived, and a most attractive younger
who adored her.

Her life was perfect  —  or perhaps not!
She had a huge problem;   Tamie was so
stressed that it was almost impossible for
her to fall asleep at night   and this made her
feel worse every day.

When the night came she was always
frightened to go to bed because it would
Again the same!
My brain 
starts having all these endless thoughts
and continuous conversations;
they never
stop, and I can’t go to sleep.
It’s so hard
for me …… it’s torture.
I must do something
about this, otherwise
I won’t last long “, she thought.

And so she did ……..


Calm wateron sandy beach


The Winged God 


Sleep is a common part of life;
and it is 
perfectly normal to wake up during
night to turn or adjust our covers,  or
to go 
to the bathroom, or due to some noise.

As we grow older our body changes over
time, and our sleeping patterns become
Still, any human being will 
need the same
amount of sleep during
his entire life, with an
average of six (6) to eight (8)
hours every night.

Getting enough sleep is vital for the body
to repair itself and recover, in order to be healthy.
Obviously, there are internal factors like
emotional stress, and external factors like
physical changes, that disrupt our sleep.

The way we think, feel and act during the
day, determines how well we will sleep at
So take all the necessary steps to
feel calm,
peaceful and happy as much as
possible during
the day;
as well as keeping your whole life under control.

So that every night you get good quantity and
quality sleep.


Bridge over pond


Lethean Water


The following tips will help you get great
sleep, so that you can be physically and emotionally

a)     Your bedroom should be painted light blue
or light green for relaxation, and it should be cool,
and quiet without TV or other screens.

b)     Make certain your bed is very comfortable
and your pillows and covers give you a
pleasant feeling.

c)     Go to bed and wake up similar time

d)     Go out of the house during the day to get
some natural light, on a daily basis.

e)     Have  a bedtime routine you follow
exactly every night, like washing your teeth
and taking care of your face.

f)     Avoid any exercise in the evening,
although a leisurely 15/20 minute walk will
be very useful.

g)     Have a healthy dinner at least three (3) hours
before you go to bed;
and avoid alcohol, 
caffeine and too many liquids.
Have a cup of chamomile with a full teaspoon
of honey.

h)     Avoid any arguments, long discussions,
and all kinds of work.

i)     Prepare your brain by reading, listening
to music and praying.


Glittering sea water


Magnum Opus


If you wake up during the night and have
trouble falling back to sleep, try not to
stress and worry and follow these steps:

1)     Remain in your bed, breathe, relax
and focus on repeating a word like Peace
until you fall asleep again.

You can also help yourself by:

*     Taking Rescue Remedy Night.
*     Smelling Lavender Pure Essential Oil.

2)     If at the end you find it absolutely
impossible to sleep again use Mindful
Meditation or Visualisation to rejuvenate
your body and mind, at least.

Have a good night’s sleep!







Animi Motus!


Hi there!


They were one of the most loveable couples
you could ever see for the last eight months
now, and they had already decided to continue
their life together.

Suddenly when out to dinner he suggested that
they should put all their plans on hold and give
each other space.

I’m not feeling very comfortable lately and I
need some time with myself   he said.
This was completely unexpected and she felt
shocked and tearful.

I can see how upset you are ”  he said and
held her hand while stroking her hair softly.
You can handle this;  you are very strong
he continued looking deeply into her wet eyes.

I know it’s hard to accept right now but it
will get easier with time;  take as long as you
need   he said in his sweet voice and stayed
close to her for the moment………


Red flower


Hurly – Burly


Emotions are a pressing but vital force in
our everyday life.
As humans we have a great
number of emotions,
which sometimes can
affect our well-being and
lead us into 
dangerous and difficult traps.

Obviously we can not ignore the way we feel
but we should express our emotions and
feelings in a healthy and constructive way.

Firstly, in order to be able to keep our emotions
under control we must never be afraid of them,
but only understand them.
If the emotion is suitable for the specific
situation then you do not have to change your
handling, otherwise you must find positive
and effective ways to regulate it.


Glittering Water


Booted And Spurred


Prepare yourself in advance to be able to
keep your emotions under control by
practising the following:

a)     Always try not to be either excessively
excited or heavily depressed about anything.
These are the two extremes you should
always avoid.
Try to be calm and reasonable;   never be
blinded by momentary intense feelings
but always look ahead for the big picture.

b)     As soon as you start feeling too
nervous step back and ask  why .
Then do something else and think deeply
your response.
Take one step at a time to realise the
exact situation and process all information.

c)     Cool down by closing your eyes,
breathing deeply and smiling.
Realise that all this is the energy your
body is releasing, which will soon soften
and go.
Then refocus your mind to what you are
doing or want to do.


Golden Crests


d)     Always avoid triggers like, emotional
people who always complain about everything
without ever improving themselves, as well
as all negative drama of any kind around

Live in a positive environment to be happy
and in control.

e)     Always try to find solutions to the
problems;   never dwell in the problem itself. 
Always try to be realistic and weigh the pros
and cons 
to any situation.
Make your life easy by using logic at
all times.

f)     Build your emotional confidence by
feeling safe and secure in your life.
Eat well, sleep well, exercise, have the right
people close to you, be close to
listen to music, surround yourself
beautiful objects and have some
All these will make you feel that your
life has purpose.


Seaview with Tree


Beyond Recall


Practise all the above and you will be
able to turn all negative emotions to
positive feelings that will lead to pleasure
and contentment, and make you feel
satisfied and fulfilled.

Always remember and never forget that
emotions are only the body’s energy
that needs to be released.

As soon as you understand this you will
be the master of your emotions and
feelings even under the harshest of

Start immediately without any delay.