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Matty was an executive manager, working hard
until early evening every day.
He enjoyed a lot of benefits and rewards, but
also plenty of troubles.

There was always something going on in his mind.
That voice inside his head would never become
quite;    all he could hear was his boss reminding
him of his many obligations.

He was feeling overpowered and utterly confused.
His mind was full of clutter that made him 
nervous, agitated, even anxious and unable to focus.

I know I need to find the proper means to fight 
this huge problem I have    and very soon!
he thought one day.
He certainly understood the situation, and he knew
he could be in control of his circumstances.

Finally he took all the necessary steps to change
that troublesome position he was in, and clean
some space in his head.


Cloudy Skies


Topsy – Turviness


The challenging combination of external and
internal demands, as well as your personal
expectations  can cause your mind to clutter
and be confused.

Most people are experiencing this unpleasant 
situation all their life.
They seem to forget that removing all litter from
their mind and heart, is the most important thing
they can do, in order to enjoy a balanced and
peaceful existence.

Their fast moving every day living together with
their survival basics, is full of various 
at home and at work
so they ignore their internal peace.

They fail to remember that if they wish to live a 
meaningful and rich life they will need to achieve
inner peace.

Obviously you can continue holding close to your
heart all emotions, feelings and experiences you 
have been and are going through, only because this
is much easier than clearing them all out.

But keep in mind that although getting rid of your
internal clutter needs you to be brave, fearless,
determined and powerful, this is actually the only
way you can transform your life.


Glittering Water


Smack In The Middle


Follow the below mentioned tips to clear some
of your internal clutter:

a)     Be decisive and solve your problems as soon 
as they arise, so they do not become massive.
If you are not able to find a solution, then accept
that your difficult situation is not a problem, but
a fact of life, which needs to be handled as such.

b)     Discard your desire to control everything and
Live your life without demands and requirements
in order to feel free.

c)    Give the greatest gift to yourself :  Forgiveness;
because it is only then that you will feel relieved
and liberated.

d)     Be an optimist, and think positively.
Do not worry about the wrong things around you,
and non existent situations


Clear Skies


e)     Distance yourself from anybody who keeps you
back and brings you down or hurt you.
Doing so, you will grow and evolve.

f)     Eliminate past memories of any kind that do
not contribute anything to your present life.

g)   Prioritize all your responsibilities and set all
daily routine jobs on automatic.
Organize your day so that you can deal with only
one thing at a time.

Mental clutter leads to psychological blockage.

You can not think clearly and focus on the important
things in your life any more.

It is only when you erase this mental confusion that
you will make space for all the things that really
matter to you.

You will then feel healthy, satisfied, cheerful, peaceful
and happy in your life.

Do it now !!






Vir Fortis!


Hi there!


Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability,
but comes through continuous struggle.
And so we must straighten our backs and work for
our freedom.
A man can’t ride you unless your back is bent .

Martin Luther King. Jr.

The weak can never forgive.
Forgiveness is the attitude of the strong .

Mahatma Gandhi

The depth and strength of a human character are
defined by its moral reserves.
People reveal themselves completely only when
they are thrown out of the customary conditions
of their life, for only then do they have to fall
back on their reserves.

Leonardo Da Vinci


Group of trees


Nerves Of Steel


In these very unsettled and unstable times
we live, we do need to have a very strong mind
to be able to conquer all difficulties and
hurdles in our way.

To be a determined and courageous person
means being so resilient as to handle all life’s
challenges effectively, overcome them and
become more powerful.

Consequently, not only you will need to be
physically and mentally competent but also
to have the necessary reserves to allow you
to face these challenges and win.

A powerful individual needs to have the perfect
combination of intellect, determination,
flexibility, self-discipline, alertness, willpower
and finally guts.

All the above will help you defeat all barriers,
threats as well as various disappointments in
your life    and if you finally manage to cope
with all your problems as they happen, you
will really be a peaceful, pleased, fortunate
and outstanding human being.




Part And Parcel


Most people wish to be invincible in all aspects
of their life, either it is personal, professional
or family.
The following list of habits will help you become
really a strong human:

a)     Stop worrying about what other people think
and say;   always stay focused and seize opportunities
as they appear.

b)     Be motivated, optimistic, confident, determined,
and believe in yourself;   always do what
you want
by taking calculated risks.

c)     Be persistent and organised;   focus on your goals
and plans, learn from your mistakes and work hard
until you succeed ignoring any setbacks.

d)     Be fearless, courageous and tolerant when things
go wrong;   be responsible for your own actions.

e)     Relax and see things clearly and precisely;   be in
control of your own mind so that you can forge
your destiny.

f)     Keep on learning and educating yourself, because
knowledge is power;   develop hobbies and be
observant and productive.

g)     Exercise daily to improve your body and mind;
listen to motivational music.

h)     Look after your physical and mental health;
adopt a healthful diet.

i)     Take care of your appearance;   dress smartly,
cut your hair, walk and sit tall and talk with confidence.


Berry shrub


Solid Gold


Life is full of challenges and we need to be 
resilient in order to handle them effectively.
If you do not belong to the few people who
are born mentally tough you can learn to be.

*     Never waste your time and energy feeling
sorry for yourself.
   Never allow anybody to make you feel bad
or hurt you.

*     Never complain about situations and
other people.
*     Never rely on others to make you happy
or be afraid to be alone.
*     Never ever do anything you do not want
to do;   just say No.

You need to deal with your problems one at
a time and without letting them affect you in
any way.
Also you need to balance your negative and
positive thoughts in such an efficient way as
not to become overly excited that you do not
control what you say and do, by using logic.




World Class


Take advantage of any obstacles and turn them
into progress and prosperity.
Change what you can control, accept what you
cannot and be grateful for what you have in
your life.

Eliminate everything that is futile and has no
meaning as well as anything unproductive and
Use your past experiences as a priceless
education, live only in the present moment so
you can see all things as they really are, and
create the best future for yourself.

Take love and give love!
 Live with purpose!
Be strong!






Hi there!


—     Autonomy
—     Personal Growth
—     Purpose in life
     Environmental mastery
     Positive relations with others

This is the six-factor structure conseptualised
by Dr C.D. Ryff, Ph.D.
that a person must acknowledge if he/she
wishes to lead a satisfied life.




Presence Of Mind


You are the accumulation of all your
your feelings, your short and
plans as well as your ambitions
continual efforts.

The only way to learn and grow as humans
is through everyday life lessons, either
these are pleasant and satisfying or
uncomfortable and distressing, even painful.

Lay out the life you want for yourself;
and organise and set up all risks you
want to take to accomplish your dreams
and desires.




Life Of Riley


The following important adages will
guide your best life:

a)     Always give priority to yourself.
Listen to your inner voice and do what
feels good for you.
Be strong and follow your instincts
without listening and doing what other
people say and want.
” No is a gift.

 b)     Always be fearless and proud of
who you are.
Pursue your dreams and the future you
want for your life ignoring people’s
Face all problems and find solutions
beyond fear.

c)     Always be bold and keep trying even
if you fail repeatedly.
Be successful by never giving up.

d)     Always consider difficulties and
failures as challenges.
If you want a better life you have to go
and get it.

e)     Always be grateful and enjoy every
moment, even the smallest things in life.
Laugh and love a lot.

f)     Always accept your limitations and
continue to grow and evolve.

Feel free to change as you age and become
more experienced with life.
Be persistent and you will finally win.

g)     Always live in the present.
Remember that the past is gone and the
future is unknown.
If you want to recall, do so;
but never dwell there.




Hog Heaven


Life is too complicated and too short.
Today is the best day you have to start
acting on your ambitions and desires;  
on your principles and ethics;  
on your purpose and values.

You only live once;
so become the author of your own
life story.

Start doing things the right way for

Are you having the true good life?







Hi there!


She was a redhead bombshell;  
a gorgeous and very popular woman
full of life, who inspired confidence.
She had a good number of friends,
she was going to spas and eating out
every night.

Although she was extremely gifted
and successful with a string of notable
business credits behind her, lately
she was feeling very strange;
“I’m not very well for some time now”
she thought, “I’ve started putting on a
lot of weight, and the more I think of
it the more I’m losing my confidence.
I feel bad emotionally and terribly

She struggled for a number of weeks,
suffering not knowing what to do;
then suddenly, “I can’t allow this to
destroy my life and lose everything
I have achieved until now.   I’m starting
a diet and regular exercise immediately”.

And that said, her inner strength returned;
after a while her appearance improved,
her confidence level increased;   and
before long she was back to her old self
and life hoping never to slip back again.


Confident Woman Confident Woman


Refined Taste


Self-confidence is the feeling of certainty
and belief we have for our abilities, our
power and worth regardless of any
We are self-conscious of our inner
strength;   we feel relaxed, self-assured,
calm and peaceful.

A self-confident person takes risks
and makes things happen.
is fearless, always finds
solutions to every problem
succeeds in every situation.

He/she goes further in life by
working positively towards what
they want.
Self-confidence is all about the
way we think  —  and although it
is very hard, it can be learnt;
unless we are born with it.


Man on jet-ski Red Antique Car


The Whole Story


Follow these quick actions every day
to increase your self-confidence
and become successful:

a)     Your external appearance must
be perfect;   so look after your face
and body, exercise to be fit and wear
fashionable and stylish clothes.

b)     Your body language is vital.
Always walk tall, energetically and
confidently keeping your head up;
make eye contact, smile and talk

c)     Your mentality is extremely
important.   Feel strong and powerful,
and always have a positive mental
attitude and anticipate definite
outcomes.   Read and listen to inspiring
and motivational work;   like yourself
more than anything.

d)     Learn and obtain skills in the
subjects of your interest to be efficient
in whatever you do and be successful
in your life.

e)     Show that you have the passion and
energy, and put an effort to become
popular and attractive to other people
by giving compliments and speaking up.

f)     Having the right possessions like
a house, a car, bank accounts as well as
certificates, diplomas and other
qualifications will boost your confidence
level even further.


Sun glittering in the mediterranean. Sun through clouds


Stamp Of Approval


If you are looking for a permanent
and long term solution to building
your self-confidence do this:

Firstly decide what makes you feel
confident now in your life,
(work, possessions, beauty, youth).

Then ask yourself why this is so.
Is it your character or something forced
upon you by today’s society;
(your past, people’s opinions).

If it is your character, then you are a
very lucky person;    otherwise
realise that anything is true as long
as you believe in it.

Consequently the permanent solution
is to completely detach yourself from
every external influence and start
seeing your own worth.

In this way you will be free and live
your life to the full;   because confidence
is only a decision the unique, powerful
and definite decision to feel confident.


Self-confidence statue Perfect female




Conquer your challenges and live
your greatest life possible.
Do not repel people around you,
and do not be heavy and a drag
to others.

Feel certain, positive and self-assured.
Become your superior self.

Always inspire confidence.

Just believe in yourself totally.

Take action now!