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Oli was a very busy and active woman.
She had a really demanding job that kept her
working until six o’clock in the evening;
immediately after she was attending her
fitness class for a couple of hours.

Then at nine thirty in the evening, she was
meeting her partner until the early hours,
as usually.

Finally, she was going to bed at around two 
in the morning.

As a consequence, she was always struggling
out of bed next day, and feeling constantly
drained and exhausted.
She also had great difficulty concentrating,
and lost her patience too quickly.

She was feeling completely tired, weak,
unproductive, almost useless.
I have to change my whole lifestyle, so I can
stop feeling so exhausted and hopeless every
day she thought one morning.
And so she did ……


Dark Skies


Under The Weather


The pace of our modern life today, is very
disturbing and damaging to humanity.
Although every body is rushing all day to catch
up with their responsibilities, they find it hard
to keep up.
Consequently,  they feel permanently stressed
and run down.

According to research, one in three adults seem
to be exhausted and fatigued all the time;
and needing various 
stimulants to enable them
to go through their 
every day obligations.

Here are the main reasons why you feel so exhausted:

1)     Lack of any kind of exercise.
2)     Insomnia of any type.
3)     Caffeine addiction.
4)     Dehydration.
5)     Sugar addiction.
6)     Lack of protein in the daily meals.
7)     Alcohol addiction.
8)     Being overweight.
9)     Vitamin B complex deficiency.
10)   Chronic stress.

11)   Depression.
12)   Anaemia (Iron deficiency).
13)   Under active thyroid.
14)   Low blood pressure.
15)   Various allergies.
16)   Various medications.
17)   Chronic Pain.
18)   Autoimmune Diseases.
19)   Fibromyalgia.
20)   Heart Disease.
21)   Diabetes.
22)   Arthritis.
23)   Chronic infections.
24)   Kidney/Liver disease.
25)   Adrenal insufficiency.
26)   Anxiety.
27)   Celiac Disease.
28)   Cancer.


A tree


Out Of The Woods


Unless you have a health problem that needs
medical attention;
here is how to deal with
being drained,
increase your energy levels and

improve your every day life.


L i f e s t y l e


a)     Exercise daily.
Go walking or light jogging for thirty (30) 
minutes every day;
either all at once or 
ten minutes
three times a day.

b)     Reduce stress and relax.
Take breaks, breathe deeply, laugh, meditate
do yoga.

c)     Sleep between six (6) and eight (8) hours
every night.

d)     Develop positive social connections.

e)     Listen to the music during the day.

f)     Look at red colour:
red flowers, red clothes, 
red soft furnishings.

g)     Avoid smoking completely.

h)     Avoid overworking at your job.

i)      Be self-confident, and like yourself a lot.

j)      Be organised in your life.

k)     Have enough and various plants in your house.


D i e t


a)     Eat three (3) meals every day, plus one to two
snacks, at regular intervals, every three  hours.

b)     Drink plenty of liquids like, various herbal teas
and coconut water.

c)     Eat protein foods with all your meals.

d)     Avoid alcohol, sugar and caffeine in all your foods:
desserts, snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

e)     Have a healthy and balanced diet at all times.
Your diet should include:
Organic Meats, Fish, Poultry and Eggs.
Nuts and Seeds.
Fruits and Vegetables.
Grains, Pulses and Legumes.
Organic Dairy products.


S u p p l e m e n t s


a)    Take Calcium and Magnesium 1000/500 mg
b)    Take Vitamin B complex 50 mg.  
c)     Take Omega 3 fish oils 1200 mg.   
d)     Take Vitamin D3 2000 IU.
e)     Take probiotics 5 billion microorganisms.


Essential Oils


Lemon oil, Orange oil, Grapefruit oil,
oil and Lime oil;
will increase your positive mental attitude,

total energy and happiness.

Peppermint oil, Spearmint oil, Eucalyptus oil
and Rosemary oil;
will enhance your alertness, 

concentration and mental clarity.

You can use them in a diffuser,
put them on your wrists, or
inhale them directly from the bottle.


Flower Hedge


Fine – Tune


The following quick fixes will help you 
instantly to get your energy back:

1)     Yawn to cool down your brain and wake
it up.

2)     Splash cool water on your face.

3)     Eat a banana.

4)     Stretch your whole body and lift your arms
above your head for 15 seconds.

5)     Get up and start moving around.

6)     Drink beetroot juice.

7)     Sing and dance around the room.

8)     Go for a ten minute walk.

9)     Improve your posture by sitting up straight.


So many people find themselves feeling exhausted
and drained on a regular basis.

Follow the above natural recommendations, to 
increase your energy levels and reclaim your life.








Hi there!


Kay’s life was her work.  
She was so obsessed with it, that all day and
every day she was working.
She was even taking her meals on her desk.

She had reached the stage where she was not
able to focus properly any more, she was irritated
and temperamental all the time.
She never had enough sleep, so she was always
feeling tired and unhappy.

Kay had not realised it, but she was suffering from
chronic stress;   and this was causing her muscle
spasms and weekly long headaches.

”  I must set a limit between my work and my personal
life.   I must change this destructive habit of only
working every day, and add some quality to my life ,
she thought decisively ……….


Whitewater Waves


Elbow Grease


A tension headache is the most common type of
headache, especially among women.
It is not harmful, although it is very uncomfortable,
distressing and exhausting.

A tension headache can be mild, moderate and in
some cases severe.
It can also be acute and chronic;   and it can last
from thirty (30) minutes to six (6) hours, and sometimes
up to seven (7) days.

A tension headache can be felt as a dull and constant
pain on both sides of the head, across the forehead,
the back of the neck, on the top of the head and in
the shoulders.

It happens when the neck and head muscles become
very tense and contract.
A tension headache is a specific type of discomfort,
affects countless people of all ages.




Primum Mobile


The causes of a tension headache are abounding,
and they are as follows:

1)      Stress  ( Most Common Reason )
Sleep Deprivation

3)      Bad Posture during the day.
4)      Irregular Meals
5)      Dehydration
6)      Eye Strain during the day
7)      Muscle Tension
8)      Tiredness and Exhaustion
9)      Bright Sunlight
10)    Loud Noise
11)    Strong Smells
12)    Sleeping on More than Two (2) Pillows
13)    Too Much Cold
14)    Iron Deficiency
15)    Having a Cold or the Flu
16)    Jaw Clenching
17)    Teeth Grinding
18)    Too Much Heat
19)    Bad Posture in bed during the night
20)    Genetic Predisposition to headaches


Bright Sun glitters in The ocean


Shake And Bake


There are many ways to avoid developing a
tension headache.
Here are a few tips to consider:

a)     The most important thing you can do is to
avoid stressful situations, and try to keep your
body and mind in a relaxed state.

b)     Drink enough liquids during the day to
hydrate your body.

c)     Take daily moderate exercise for at least
thirty minutes (30).

d)     Sleep at least six (6) hours every night.

e)     Take intervals from whatever you do during
the day and rest yourself.

f)     Avoid caffeine, alcohol and sugar.

g)     Keep the correct posture wherever you are
and whatever you do.

h)     Take Vitamins B, CoQ10 and Magnesium


Glitter in the Water


Elixir Vitae


Whenever you are afflicted by this intense
tension headache do the following to feel better:

a)     Massage Peppermint Essential Oil across
your forehead.

b)     Massage gently the sore muscles on the head,
especially your temples and the back of your head.

c)     Drink Chamomile Tea.

d)     Use acupressure as follows:

Press deeply and firmly LI14  ( He Gu )  point,
located in the fleshy area between the thumb and
the index finger, for one (1) minute using
your thumb, and change hands.

Press softly GV24.5  ( Yin Tang ) point, located
between the eyebrows, for one (1) to two (2) minutes
using your middle finger.

During application breathe deeply and be relaxed.
Apply the pressure until your pain dissolves.

Having an intense tension headache is extremely
annoying and it makes your life very difficult.
You can not focus properly, it is very challenging
to try to think, and quite impossible to work and
fulfil your obligations.

Use the above mentioned natural cures to comfort
yourself and improve this terrible discomfort.

Good Luck !!





In Play!


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All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking .
Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche     1844  –  1900

An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day .
Henry David Thoreau     1817  –  1862

If you are in a bad mood go for a walk.
If you are still in a bad mood go for another walk .

Walking is man’s best medicine .
Hippocrates Of Kos     c. 460 BC  –  c. 370 BC


Solvitur Ambulando


According to research a great number of adults in the
western world spend around three quarters ( 3/4 ) of
their time during the day sitting.

Although sitting feels very good and comfortable, it
has short and long term hazardous effects on overall health.

It has been observed that women who spend more
than six ( 6 ) hours seated every day are in a forty
percent ( 40% ) higher risk to die earlier from any cause.
On the other hand, the ones who sit less than three ( 3 )
hours are healthier and live longer.

The worst situation has been seen among people
over the age of sixty years ( 60 ).
As people age and enter retirement tend to sit more,
an estimated ten ( 10 ) hours on a daily basis.

Physical activity is extremely beneficial to your health.
It affects the body and mind;   it improves the quality
of your life, it increases your lifespan and it is good fun.
You are physically and mentally fitter and more 
energetic;   and certainly you sleep better at night.

Physical activity is a miracle cure for almost everything,
with the added benefit of being free to you.
It is a vital part of a really healthy lifestyle.


Bronze Golfer


Egg In One’s Beer


Working out and being physically active every day
has numerous physical and mental health benefits.


Physical Health

1)       Strengthening the Cardiovascular System
2)       Preventing Osteoporosis
3)       Assisting and maintaining Weight Loss
4)       Preventing Hypertension
5)       Prevention of various Cancers
6)       Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes
7)       Enhancement of Muscular Fitness
8)       Enhancement of general Flexibility
9)       Reduction of high Cholesterol and Triglycerides
10)     Prevention of Stroke
11)     Benefiting Arthritis
12)     Boosting Circulation and removal of Toxins
13)     Boosting the Immune System


Mental Health

1)       Stress reduction
2)       Depression relief
3)       Anxiety alleviation
4)       Self-confidence boosting
5)       Creation of Feelings of Happiness
6)       Cognitive Decline prevention
7)       Brain Power boosting
8)       Memory sharpening
9)       Controlling various Addictions
10)     Increasing Relaxation
11)     Energy and Productivity enhancement
12)     Enhancing Creativity
13)     Aiding Quicker Thinking
14)     Facilitates Better Sleep and fights insomnia



Travelling By Foot


Walking is the easiest and simplest way to become
more active, and experience all the above mentioned
health benefits.
On top of that it has the advantage of being completely
without charge.

Walking is the best form of moderate exercise.
It is absolutely natural, you do not need any specific
guidance to learn it, you do not need to have any
special skills and it has an extremely low risk of
any kind of injury.

Walking has always been an important achievement
for humans, as well as separating us from animals.
But nowadays, modern man is walking less and less 
as the time passes.

Walking is ideal for people of all ages and all fitness
levels, and it is generally recommended for its best
health benefits.

Here is how to do it best:

a)     Choose comfortable and supportive shoes,
or trainers.

b)     Wear loose clothing and in layers to be easy 
to remove if hot.

c)     Walk outdoors on the pavements or in nature
for at least thirty ( 30 ) minutes.

d)     When you walk, keep your head up, your neck
and shoulders relaxed, your back straight and swing
your arms freely.

e)     Walk smoothly and in a moderate pace.


A  l  s  o :


*     Make certain, you walk to the shops or walk to the
public transportation or to your work every day,
instead of driving.

*     Try to use the stairs instead of the elevator, at
home or at work.

*     If the weather does not allow, walk inside a
shopping center or similar.

*     When you are at home, try to be active by doing
various chores or moving up and down or just
standing, instead of sitting.


Two Pairs of Shoes


Bottom Line


Our body is built to be in motion in order to
perform well and serve us right.
Consequently, we need to keep it physically active
so that we can be healthy and long lasting.

Motivate and persuade yourself to take all the 
necessary time you need for regular exercise as 
part of your every day life.

Decide now and take charge of your own health.
Start a daily workout plan as of today, and enjoy
all the already established and confirmed health

Good luck !!








Ari was a beautiful middle-aged woman I had met
sixteen years ago at the spa I used to go;   but we
lost track of each other due to life’s events.

We met by accident that evening, because we were
both invited to that same wedding reception.
I was intrigued how she looked so very comfortable
and happy, and I went to ask her.

My life is getting easier and better as I grow older.
I feel very confident, I don’t care about what other
people say, and I ignore everything troublesome.

There is only one thing that makes me a bit miserable
at the moment    and this is that I’ve put on five
whole kilograms in weight during the last three years.

I must admit that it proves so hard, almost impossible
to get rid of it, even though I do try to be more
physically active every day “……..


Bunch of pink flowers


Passage to Reality


Many people are trying to lose fat in their middle
years.   But this is definitely much more challenging
than losing weight in your younger years.

The main reason is that our metabolism is not so
fast as it used to be.  
On top of that, as the years go our oxygen intake
is being reduced, which makes it more difficult for
people to breathe deeply when we exercise.

Other contributing factors are various medical
and physical problems that make it harder for
individuals to actually exercise, sometimes even in a
moderate pace.

But do not despair, because there are many ways
you can lose excessive fat, and get the results you
want    and all this without going to any gym,
or following weight-loss trends, or doing anything
very strenuous.




Beaten Path


Adopt the following suggestions to help you lose
excess fat and be healthy in the years to come:

a)     Take a measuring tape and calculate your
waist size.
The measurement should be half your height or less.

b)     Make certain you are drinking enough liquids.
Water helps with the body’s metabolism and aids
digestion as well.

c)     Adopt a healthy and nutritious diet at all times;
and have small and more frequent meals,
( breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner ).

d)     Eat lean protein with every meal to prevent
muscle loss    the older you grow the more protein
you need to eat.

e)     Make walking your habit.
Walk every day, any time, any where,
( shops, nature, road pavements, stairs ).

f)     Keep on lifting anything, ( chairs, shopping, etc.),
because by the time you reach the age of fifty years

you have already lost 20% of your muscle mass.

g)     Keep on stretching your body during the day.
The more flexible you are the easier it will be for
you to enjoy any physical activity.


Yellow Flower


Bring To Heel


Our body produces four specific hormones that
possibly are the biggest antagonists in our battle
to lose middle age fat.

1)     First and most important is the hormone Cortisol.
This hormone is released at times of stress and
continually during chronic stress.
It contributes to abdominal fat accumulation, in order to
prepare the body for a combat situation.

The only way to fight excess release of this hormone
is to eliminate most stress from your life.

2)     Second is the hormone Testosterone.
This hormone declines naturally with age;   and
as a consequence, our metabolism slows down,
we lose muscle mass, and we gain weight.

The way to encourage this hormone to continue
being produced is to be physically active and
exercise regularly.

3)     Third is the hormone Ghrelin.
This hormone is released when we are hungry and
we need to eat.
Many times we eat without actually being hungry,
but only thirsty.

The simple way to fight this hunger hormone is
by keeping your body well hydrated.

4)     The last hormone to keep under control is
the hormone Leptin.
Leptin is the one that controls your body fat stores;
and if it does not signal that we have enough body
fat to survive, we keep on eating even without
being hungry.

The way to control this vicious circle is by eating
only lean foods.


Purple Flower


Shot In The Arm


Here are some further changes for you to make
to help you get in better shape:

a)     Limit or avoid completely eating at restaurants.
Buy and cook fresh healthy foods at your home.

b)     Limit or eliminate entirely drinking alcohol
with or without your meals.

c)     Think positively about your body shape and age.
Associate with people who want to be fit.

d)     Care about your appearance.
Wear only well fitted clothes to look your best.

e)     Be patient, because it takes time to reach your
goals.   Focus only on your target.


Best Lean Snacks


  •     Air-popped popcorn.
  •     Plain yogurt with blueberries.
  •     Plain oatmeal with one full teaspoon protein powder and honey.
  •     Pure jelly with plain cream/cottage cheese and honey.
  •     Plain rice crackers with almond butter and honey.


Losing fat in your middle years is challenging;
but if you make the necessary changes in your life
you will reach your goals.


Make moving part of your everyday life.






Jelly – Belly !


Hi there!


Cat and Chez met at their gym this afternoon, since
they were both taking the six o’clock aerobics class.
They warmed up in the jogging machines for a
while, then entered the room waiting for their
trainer to start the class.

It was an extremely enjoyable routine for fifty
uninterrupted minutes, after which they went
next door to the cafe for a drink and a chat.

I’m still very concerned about this bulge in my
abdomen;    I’ve already limited my calories, and
as you know,  I’m exercising every day.
But to no avail  —  it still persists ,
Cat said feeling distressed.

I don’t feel good in my body or in my clothes;
and I don’t know what to wear, especially in the
summer, to cover up this growth in front of me
she continued almost in tears.

I know exactly what you mean;   it’s very difficult
to lose belly fat  —  I’ve been fighting against this 
upsetting problem myself for many years now
Chez replied in a sad tone.


Fat Flower


Hot Potato


Lower body fat is a considerable worry for most
Everybody wants to feel comfortable, attractive
and relaxed in their clothes.
Unfortunately, this abdominal fat is really stubborn,
and it will still stay there even if you diet and
exercise regularly.

This dangerous fat is connected with a number of
health problems, and it really is worse than just
being generally overweight.
So you do need to take all necessary steps to regulate
it and keep it under control.

Obviously it is not easy to eliminate this fat, so you must
be very willing, absolutely determined and completely
persistent to undertake solid permanent lifestyle changes.

A small amount of belly fat is good for you to protect
your lower internal organs.
But if it becomes a lot it is not healthy any more.

Apart from being overweight in general due to 
over-eating and muscle loss, the most common causes
of stubborn abdominal fat are the following:


Red Flower


a)     Adrenal Imbalance

When you are constantly stressed your adrenal glands 
keep on releasing excess cortisol and adrenaline,
causing serious hormonal imbalances in your body.
As a consequence, it starts accumulating surplus of 
fat in the abdominal area.

The Answer

Manage your stress levels by avoiding or minimising
all stressors in your life.
Also use meditation, deep breathing, herbs and nature
to reduce your cortisol levels.

b)     Oestrogen dominance

Excess oestrogen in your body encourages storage
of fat in the abdominal area.
Accumulation of this female hormone is encouraged
by eating conventionally raised meats and their
products as well as fish.
Also there is another contribution by the
toxins and poisons.

The Answer

The only thing you can do to avoid oestrogen
overload is to avoid all the above mentioned
harmful items in your everyday life.

c)     Menopause

During the climacteric years the female hormones
fluctuate a lot, and as a result the body stores
fat in the abdomen to balance these changes.

The answer

Manage your menopause status by reading detailed
advice in my earlier post Vicissitude!.

d)     Insulin Resistance

If you follow an unhealthy diet , eventually your
body will be unable to respond properly to insulin
The final result will be that the excess blood sugar
will be converted to fat and stored in your
abdominal area.

The answer

Eliminate all processed carbohydrates from your 
diet, and eat only pure whole foods.
Also eat healthy fats, vegetables, fruits, organic
meats and wild sea foods.


Fat White Flower


Cause Celebre


Here are some more tools for you to help you 
lose some abdominal fat:

1)     Exercise to build and maintain muscle tissue.
Adopt the simplest of the exercises, which is Walking.
Walk every day at a moderate pace for thirty ( 30 )
Keep on moving and standing the rest of day.

2)     Sleep for seven ( 7 ) hours every night, including
This will keep you relaxed and burn fat in the body.

3)     Boost and support your gastrointestinal microbiota
to help you digest and absorb your foods better.
Eat fibrous foods and take a high quality probiotic
supplement, every other day.

Believe in yourself.





Hi there!


……….  It was a glorious hot summer evening
with a cloudless blue sky.
It had been such an awesome weather all day, that
would have been a waste to spend it indoors.

I really felt invited to sit outdoors, so I took my
tall glass of ice tea and sat in my comfortable
arm-chair on the balcony, to enjoy the tranquil views
and the 
hot sea breeze.

I was feeling serene and excited, when suddenly
I felt a sharp piercing on my lower left leg.
Almost immediately it started itching, and soon
I noticed a red bump appearing.

I was really disturbed and very annoyed by that;
my beautiful, magnificent and peaceful evening
outdoors was destroyed. 

I got up, went into the house and took my tea
tree oil bottle. 
I rubbed a few drops on my red skin, which felt
immediately better, but it still took some time to cure.

Since then,  I decided to dress properly with long
sleeves and trousers before I ever sit outdoors during
the summer months “……….




De Havilland Mosquito


Mosquitoes have been around for the last two
hundred and ten million years;     and there are
almost four thousand species worldwide.
They are a very big problem people have to face
in many countries, especially in tropical climates
and around the Equator.

Being bitten by a mosquito is an extremely
annoying thing and potentially dangerous.
They are very harmful in general, and they can
transmit various diseases.

Only female mosquitoes are attracted to human
beings, because they need to feed on our blood
for its protein content.
They puncture our skin with their proboscis
and suck out the blood.

For this process to be successful, they release a
kind of saliva to maintain the blood thin and
Our immune system then releases histamines
to regulate the inflammation on the site.

All this procedure is causing itchiness and a red
bump;    depending on how sensitive each individual
is, the bump can be bigger or smaller.


Ducks on a pond


Grant Respite


During the summer months be especially
careful in order to avoid the mosquitoes’
unpleasant bites.

Avoid the following:

1)     Going out at dawn and at dusk because
these are the mosquitoes’ peak feeding times.

2)     Wearing dark clothes because they attract
Aim for loose, light-coloured
long trousers and long sleeves
when outdoors,
as well as closed shoes.

3)     Being close to stagnant waters,  any rubbish
and composts.
Remove any standing water 
from around your house.   

4)     Getting too hot.
Always try to stay cool.

5)     Exercising outdoors because the build-up
of lactic acid will attract mosquitoes immediately.

6)     Travelling to countries close to Equator or
any countries with tropical climate.

7)     Using any products with various perfumes
on your body.

8)     Drinking alcohol, especially beer.

9)      Leaving your windows and doors open in
your house or car.   Keep them closed to prevent
mosquitoes from getting inside.




The Guardian Angels


To be on the safe side use the following
natural repellents:

a)     Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil
b)     Lavender Essential Oil
c)     Peppermint Essential Oil
d)     Thyme Essential Oil
e)     Tea Tree Essential Oil
f)     Sage Essential Oil

Rub the above mentioned oils on your exposed
skin, your arms and legs to repel mosquitoes.


Koi Pond


A l s o  :


f)     Eat garlic and lemon

g)     Take Vitamin B complex

h)     Burn Citronella Oil in a diffuser

i)      Rub Pure Vanilla Extract on your exposed skin

If you are bitten, here are the most effective
natural remedies for you to consider:


    Soak a cotton ball in Apple Cider Vinegar or
Lemon Juice, and keep on pressing on the bite
until you feel more comfortable.

*     Slice up a Cucumber and hold a slice on the
bite for as long as it is necessary.

*     Put Aloe Vera gel  on the bite to help with
the healing process.

*     Mix some Baking Soda and Salt with a little
water and place the paste on the affected area.

*      Apply Essential Oil of Tea tree on the bite.




I n     C o n c l u s i o n  :


Mosquitoes are attracted to humans due to their
scent, heat and humidity.
Most importantly though,  it is down to our genes
how much our body is attractive to the mosquitoes.

This is because we carry very specific bacteria on
our skin that emit an individual smell.
Also, various species of mosquitoes prefer different
parts of our body to attack.
Especially, if you are a Blood Type O you will definitely
attract more mosquitoes than other blood types.

Ideally the best thing to do is to try and avoid being
bitten in the first place.
If you are in the house use air conditioning, and
always trap and kill any mosquitoes you see on the
walls immediately.

N o t e :

All the above mentioned are the best natural cures
and home remedies for you to adopt.
If any of you intends to travel to a tropical country
or any other high risk place, you should consider
a good commercial product to avoid catching any
serious disease.

Have a Nice Summer !!





Hi there!


The wild Olive Tree originated in Asia Minor, where
Neolithic tribes were collecting its wild fruit.

The Olive Tree was first domesticated around seven
thousand (7000) years ago, when olives were turned
into oil. 

The oldest olive tree is thought to be around three
thousand (3000) years old, and it is found in Crete.

Olive oil has been used in rituals, in medicine, as a fuel,
in soaps, as a home remedy, as a lubricant and in skin care.

The Tree Of Eternity


Glittery Ocean


Note – Perfect


When we talk about Mediterranean Diet, we mean
a specific and unique mix of traditional ingredients,
used by people living in the various countries 
bordering the Mediterranean Sea, during the period
of 1950s and 1960s.

We do not mean the cuisine of a specific country, but
a general diet to follow in your every day life for as
long as you live.

The specific ingredients have been evaluated and
found to offer a lot of health benefits, because they 
contain all the essential nutrients we require.

According to studies, by following a Mediterranean
Diet you can have a healthy and long life.
It has been shown to promote heart health, to 
reduce the risk of diabetes, cancer, Parkinson’s
and Alzheimer’s diseases, and to manage weight.

Certainly, all these incorporate the traditional
complete lifestyle of the people living in countries
like Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, etc.




The Diet Of The Poor


The Mediterranean Diet is a very appetizing and
enjoyable way to eat.
Here is how to put it all together:

a)     Eat a lot of vegetables every day with your lunch
and dinner, but avoid potatoes.
If you have any with your meals, eat only sweet potatoes.
Preferably the vegetables should be all fresh, but frozen
are also acceptable.

b)     Eat only whole grain foods like, wheat products,
oats and brown rice with all your meals.

c)      Eat all kinds of nuts, especially almonds and seeds,
but avoid the ones that have been treated with salt.

d)     Eat extra virgin olive oil raw on your meals, and
cook with olive oil your daily foods.

e)     Use all herbs fresh and dried, as well as various spices,
in your every day cooking.

f)     Eat wild caught fish baked or grilled, two (2) to 
three (3) times a week.

g)     Replace all red meat with fresh organic or free 
range poultry like, chicken and turkey.

h)     Eat fresh organic or free range eggs, a minimum
of four (4) times a week.

i)      Eat legumes like, beans, peas, lentils and chickpeas
with one of your meals daily.

j)     Eat a minimum of two (2) fruits every day, one in your
breakfast and one as a snack.

k)     If you eat dairy at all, eat only low fat products on rare
occasions and in small quantities.

l)     Eat pure honey as a sweet and dried fruits,
when you want a treat.

m)   If you drink alcohol, limit it only to specific occasions.

n)    Drink plenty of liquids, including pure tea (if you do not
have a problem with caffeine) and plenty of herbal teas.
Avoid fru
it juices because they contain concentrated sugar.


Rocky Coast


Short And Sweet


According to scientific research the closer you follow
the Mediterranean diet the greater the health 
advantages you will enjoy.
It contains all the necessary nutrients required for
good health.

Clear all unhealthy temptations from your home, 
and adopt the new habit of following the Mediterranean
diet,  for prevention of all chronic serious diseases.

Also make certain you follow the Mediterranean
healthy lifestyle which includes the following:

1)     Enjoy your every day meals with your family.
2)     Take plenty of exercise by walking daily for a
minimum of thirty (30) minutes.
3)     Try to enjoy your life in general.
4)     Socialize with positive and healthy people.

Now it is time for you to introduce and establish
your new Mediterranean diet routine.