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Simple Pleasures!


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Metabolism (Μεταβολισμός) is the chemical changes
within our body’s cells.
It is based on the number of calories we burn
during the day.

The basic rules are:
Eat less and burn more to lose weight.
Eat and burn the same to maintain weight.

Sometimes our metabolism can slow down, in which
case we need to eat specific foods and take certain
steps to increase its rate again.





Ardent Supporters



Eat healthy small protein meals every three hours.

2) Every morning eat a good healthy breakfast.

3) Eat fresh fruits and salads which contain enzymes
for better nutrient absorption.

4) Eat fatty fish which contain Omega oils to increase
 the metabolic rate.


Keep moving as well as standing during the day.

2) Do some kind of weight lifting twice a week.

3) Go for a swim, if possible.




Use vinegar in your food to stimulate fat burning.

2) Drink cool water and fresh lemon juice.

3) Drink green tea.

4) Alternate your calorie intake every now and then
 to stimulate your metabolism.

If you follow the above choices on a regular basis
the difference in your body’s metabolic rate will
be very considerable.

Finally your body will be healthy and strong, and
your weight will be fluctuating within very
reasonable levels.




Gold Blends!


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“So good to see that you look the same as when
I first met you, seventeen years ago” he said looking
deeply into her eyes;   and he went on
and on praising her looks.

By now, she started feeling a bit uncomfortable
because she already knew she did not actually
look the same, as all that time ago.

Seventeen whole years had eventually placed
their marks on her face.
But she also knew Bo — he was always being himself.
He would exaggerate forever.
His whole life was a big excess.

She started feeling in control again.
She relaxed and decided to enjoy the evening,
as she always used to do in older times.


Mystical Seeds


What we use on our face to keep our complexion
looking good is very important .
But what we eat is actually of more significance.

Our internal health is reflected on our face.
So we need a balanced diet which includes the
vitamins, minerals and antioxidants our skin needs
to be and stay healthy.

The following are the most important nutrients for
the skin’s particular needs.


The Requirements


Salmon Mandarins


(I)    Firming:

Eat all Berries, Pomegranates, dark Grapes and
Walnuts, because they are rich sources of Ellagic Acid,
an antioxidant which has been found to protect the
skin’s elastic fibres;  consequently it contributes
to firmness.

(II)  Anti-ageing:

  Eat Brazil nuts, Liver, fatty Fish, whole Grains

 and Prawns, because they contain the mineral
 Selenium, which activates our natural antioxidant
 enzymes;  consequently it delays our ageing.

b)  Eat bell Peppers, all Green vegetables, Citrus
 fruits and Kiwi, because they are rich sources of
 the Vitamin C, which is vital in the production
 of collagen to keep the skin youthful.


BrazilNuts Apples


(III) Plumping:

Eat Apples, Broccoli, Soy, Chocolate and Tea,
because of their high content in Flavonoids;
antioxidants which support healthy skin and
improve circulation.

(IV)  Hydrating:

Eat fatty Fish, Nuts, Seeds and Olive Oil,
because their Fat content helps our body form
healthy cells.


The wisest routine is to combine eating the necessary
nutrients to maintain healthy and youthful skin,
together with using the proper skin creams for the age
and type to achieve better and quicker results.





The Jewels!


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I do most of my food shopping on line, but when
I want specific fresh products I go myself to check
and then buy.

I am a flesh eater and I firmly believe we must eat
protein with every meal.
But I do recognize that we also need to include a colourful
variety of fruits and vegetables in our daily diets.

Vegetables and fruits give our body the nutrients it
needs to maintain itself and be healthy. 
They are very rich sources of fibre, vitamins, minerals,
enzymes and phytochemicals to fight diseases, like:
diabetes, high blood pressure, eye problems, urinary tract
problems, heart, brain, bones and immune system problems.

They also have less calories so we can maintain a healthy
weight more easily.

We need a minimum of five portions of vegetables and fruits
daily, but the more we can eat the better.

This equals to:   5 x 80gr = 400gr = 14oz   on a daily basis.


The Colourful Gems




A)  Red/Pink:

      Pomegranates                   Tomatoes
      Cherries                               Beetroot
      Strawberries                       Red Onions
      Red Grapes                        Radishes
      Watermelon                         Red Peppers
      Red Apples                         Radiccio




B)  Orange/Yellow: 

      Apricots                                Sweet Potatoes
      Mangoes                              Sweet Corn
      Peaches                               Carrots
      Oranges                               Yellow  Bell Peppers
      Pears                                    Orange Peppers




C)  Green:

      Spinach                                Kiwi
      Asparagus                          Green Grapes
      Broccoli                                Green Apples
      Brussels Sprouts               Avocados
      Peas                                     Cucumber
     Green Beans                        Limes
     Courgettes                            Green Pears




D)  Blue/Purple:

       Purple Berries                    Purple Cabbage
      Prunes                                  Aubergines


E)  White:

      Bananas                               Mushrooms, Cauliflower, Parsnips



Making healthy eating choices will ensure the body’s
supplies of nutrients.




Glorious Beauty!



Hi there! 


Spring is around the corner and summer
will follow soon;  so now we need to reveal
the secrets about our skin’s actual needs.

Our skin, the largest organ of our body must
always radiate health, because we are able to
control its ageing process by 70% with our
lifestyle choices. 

Younger does not mean better, but we do not
need to look older;  and as we age and our skin
becomes more delicate, instead of feeling
dreadful and helpless we must take good care of it.


NightCreme SPF-50


The Vital Secrets


1)    Facial massage tones and improves our
skin’s texture.
Every day massage your moisturiser and eye
cream on your face.

2)    Wear a minimum of SPF 30 every day even
when it is cloudy.

3)    Exfoliate your face using a cream with natural
enzymes and not a gritty scrub gel .

4)    Wear a lip balm and lipstick when going out,
for general protection.

5)    Do not overexercise because it slackens the
skin and oxidises cells.

6)    Sleep in a cool, humid bedroom and use a night
cream with peptides to repair your skin’s damage.


Satsuma Crema


7)    Avoid cow’s milk because it contains growth
hormones which aggravate adult acne-like spots.

8)    Eat fatty fish for its very beneficial omega 3 oils.

9)    Eat seeds for their zinc content which is an
anti-inflammatory and healing agent.

10)  Eat fruits and vegetables for their anti-oxidant
vitamin C content to protect the skin’s collagen.

11)  Eat nuts and oils for their vitamin E content to
reduce the damage caused by free radicals and protect
the skin’s elastin fibres.

12)  Eat the poultry skin (after removing the fat)
because it contains hyaluronic acid, which holds water
and plumps our skin, so we have less wrinkles.

13)  Eat more beta carotene and vitamin B foods for
a period before you expose yourself to the sun’s UV rays,
because they will help the skin to tan more easily and not burn.

14)  Exfoliate and moisturise your body on a regular basis.