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During the last six months Ila has been going
through a lot of stress, and suffering from anxiety.
Her mother was seriously ill and dying, and her
marriage was falling apart.

It was impossible for her to sleep at nights any
more, and during the days she was struggling
to get by and survive.

Her one and only consolation was food.
Utterly confused she kept on eating …… eating
anything, especially sweets    and the weight
was piling on.

It’s so unbelievable how much food I can eat
in a day she thought one evening.
She started feeling ashamed of herself, and awfully
guilty for eating so much.

Then suddenly she realized that there were many
advantages being overweight.
For starters, she felt protected, and not so vulnerable,
defenseless and exposed any more.


Fat Ladies


Fishing Expedition


In human history, being fat was always a sign 
of prosperity and affluence.
Nowadays, being fat is considered a great health
But latest research reveals that being moderately
overweight is useful and beneficial for you in
many ways.

According to these latest studies, although being
highly overweight or obese you are at a higher risk
developing certain chronic diseases, at the same
time, being moderately overweight you will
enjoy a longer life.

It all comes down to your genetic make-up, how
much physically active you are in your daily life,
your diet habits, and certainly it depends on your
overall lifestyle, 
how healthy or unhealthy it is.

It is a common belief among medical professionals
that being overweight can protect you against a
number of serious diseases.
It can also provide you with extra energy during 
sickness times.
In general, having an excess of fat cells in the
body enhances longevity.


Cup Cakes


Lightning Bolt


There are numerous health enhancements you 
will enjoy if you are moderately overweight.
Some of the most unexpected benefits are the

a)     Stronger Immune System

Fat around the various body organs interacts
aids the immune system’s response.
Damaged tissue is repaired rapidly and
heals better.

b)     Faster Recovery Time

When you are ill your body needs much more
energy to rebuild and cure.
Fat tissue provides the extra energy needed
to recover as quickly as possible.

c)     Protection Against Senility

Being overweight will defend against any mental
disorders and brain deterioration.

d)     Alleviation Of Arthritis

Abdominal fat helps prevent the onset and
consequent attacks of chronic arthritis.

e)     Delayed Ejaculation For Men

Abdominal fat carries female hormones that
inhibit the male orgasm, giving you an extra
eight ( 8 ) minutes.

f)     Overall Body Protection

Excess fat around the body will cushion and
support all important organs in the event of
various accidents.


Aztec Women


Second Childhood


Having extra fat around the body is much more
important for older adults.
Plentiful studies during the last years have revealed
that being overweight after the age of fifty (50 ),
offers serious protective effects against all


Also, being overweight is particularly beneficial
and guarding against any bone problems, as well as
assisting with better recovery should any health
trouble arises.

In addition, if you are a menopausal woman,
if you have excess fat all over your body, you will also
have higher levels of estrogen circulating in your
blood;    because estrogen is produced and stored
in the fat tissue.
This can be advantageous in the alleviation,
relief and delay of the menopausal symptoms.

Therefore, for any person above the age of fifty
it is absolutely crucial not to restrict his/her
nutrition in any way in order to lose weight;
because keeping your weight up, you will definitely
increase your chances for a healthier and 
longer life.
Weight loss after that age signifies the general
decline of the individual.

Body Mass Index

BMI     between   25   and   35   =   Low Mortality
BMI     <   25   =   Higher Mortality
BMI     >   35   =   Higher Mortality

Treasure and Cherish your Love Handles !!







Animi Motus!


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They were one of the most loveable couples
you could ever see for the last eight months
now, and they had already decided to continue
their life together.

Suddenly when out to dinner he suggested that
they should put all their plans on hold and give
each other space.

I’m not feeling very comfortable lately and I
need some time with myself   he said.
This was completely unexpected and she felt
shocked and tearful.

I can see how upset you are ”  he said and
held her hand while stroking her hair softly.
You can handle this;  you are very strong
he continued looking deeply into her wet eyes.

I know it’s hard to accept right now but it
will get easier with time;  take as long as you
need   he said in his sweet voice and stayed
close to her for the moment………


Red flower


Hurly – Burly


Emotions are a pressing but vital force in
our everyday life.
As humans we have a great
number of emotions,
which sometimes can
affect our well-being and
lead us into 
dangerous and difficult traps.

Obviously we can not ignore the way we feel
but we should express our emotions and
feelings in a healthy and constructive way.

Firstly, in order to be able to keep our emotions
under control we must never be afraid of them,
but only understand them.
If the emotion is suitable for the specific
situation then you do not have to change your
handling, otherwise you must find positive
and effective ways to regulate it.


Glittering Water


Booted And Spurred


Prepare yourself in advance to be able to
keep your emotions under control by
practising the following:

a)     Always try not to be either excessively
excited or heavily depressed about anything.
These are the two extremes you should
always avoid.
Try to be calm and reasonable;   never be
blinded by momentary intense feelings
but always look ahead for the big picture.

b)     As soon as you start feeling too
nervous step back and ask  why .
Then do something else and think deeply
your response.
Take one step at a time to realise the
exact situation and process all information.

c)     Cool down by closing your eyes,
breathing deeply and smiling.
Realise that all this is the energy your
body is releasing, which will soon soften
and go.
Then refocus your mind to what you are
doing or want to do.


Golden Crests


d)     Always avoid triggers like, emotional
people who always complain about everything
without ever improving themselves, as well
as all negative drama of any kind around

Live in a positive environment to be happy
and in control.

e)     Always try to find solutions to the
problems;   never dwell in the problem itself. 
Always try to be realistic and weigh the pros
and cons 
to any situation.
Make your life easy by using logic at
all times.

f)     Build your emotional confidence by
feeling safe and secure in your life.
Eat well, sleep well, exercise, have the right
people close to you, be close to
listen to music, surround yourself
beautiful objects and have some
All these will make you feel that your
life has purpose.


Seaview with Tree


Beyond Recall


Practise all the above and you will be
able to turn all negative emotions to
positive feelings that will lead to pleasure
and contentment, and make you feel
satisfied and fulfilled.

Always remember and never forget that
emotions are only the body’s energy
that needs to be released.

As soon as you understand this you will
be the master of your emotions and
feelings even under the harshest of

Start immediately without any delay.



Rising Sun!




Helios (Ηλιος), the God of Sun in Greek mythology.
A powerful immortal deity worshipped deeply.

In prehistoric times most ancient civilizations,
like the Egyptian and Mesopotamians worshipped
the Sun.

God’s Breath

Our modern life is fast, stressful and complicated.
No wonder our energy levels are depleted in
no time, resulting in all kinds of health

There are certain steps for us to take and follow
in our daily life to ensure maintenance of
our vitality.




Lavender WaterSpray


Regular Practice:

1)  Be organised to keep things under control.
When you start feeling anxious on a task leave
it and return later.

2)  Always dress up wearing bright coloured clothes,
and especially red to boost energy.

3)  Be friendly, flirt and socialise with energising
and happy people only.

4)  Spray cool water on your face and take cool

5)  Keep the radio on all day, sing and smell
lavender oil.

6)  Turn on the lights and open the windows as
soon as you wake up every morning.

7)  Change your socks twice a day to feel energised.


TheSocks TheMask


Regular Activity:


1)  Stretch daily for better blood circulation.

2)  Be active at least 20 minutes every day preferably
 in the morning.

3)  Breathe deeply many times daily.

4)  Have sex at least once a week.


Regular Sleep:


1)  Ensure your bedroom is dark or wear an eye mask.

2)  Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day.

3)  Have sleep rituals and sleep at least 6 hours nightly.

4)  If you feel exhausted take a 20 minutes siesta.


Regular Nutrition:


1)  Eat small and frequent meals containing protein.

2)  Eat a healthy breakfast every morning.

3)  Eat whole grains,  berries and healthy fats for energy.

4)  Drink enough liquids during the day to stay hydrated.

5)  Limit or eliminate alcohol, sugar and caffeine.

6)  Take Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C and Probiotics.




A U M !


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The very essence of our life is Breathing.
No Breath  –  No Life.
Breathing techniques are the basis of many ancient philosophies.

In our every day life we get stressed and hold our breath,
and then we get anxious and breathe shallowly.
This contributes negatively to our already problematic situation.

Consequently, breathing is a way of controlling our mind
and change the way we feel positively.




The Breath of Life


We breathe air, which is a combination of various gases,
but we do not
exactly know how to do this correctly.
Breathing is very closely connected with Energy, Vitality,
Relaxation and with our overall Health.

In China this energy we breathe is called Chi, and it is
used by the people
to be flexible when they exercise.
In India it is called Prana, and people use it to reach a deep
relaxation stage.

Yogic breathing, the Pranayama, is the most effective
technique to achieve deep
relaxation and rid ourselves from
Tension, Stress and Anxiety during our daily life.




The Full Yogic Breath 


1)   Lie down in the corpse position with your legs slightly
apart and your arms slightly
 away from your body with
the palms turned up, and relax.

2)   Inhale through your nose by expanding your abdominal area
filling it with fresh air.

3)   Drive the air through your rib cage and feel it expanding.

4)   Continue driving the air through to your upper chest and
feel your collar
 bone and shoulders expanding.

5)   Hold your breath for a few seconds.

6)   Exhale slowly in the opposite way.

7)   Hold your breath for a few seconds.

Start again and repeat five times.  Then relax.






You can do this exercise in a seated comfortable position holding
your back upright, shoulders relaxed and keep your hands on your
thighs with the palms turned up.

If you do this daily you will enjoy many health benefits, including:

********  Reduced Anxiety
********  Reduced Muscle Tension
********  Deep-Cleansing of the Body
********  Better Blood Circulation
********  Calmer Nervous System



Learning to restore the balance between mind and body will give us
optimum health.

By learning to breathe properly we will protect ourselves from all
modern life illnesses and maintain maximum vitality.






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The principle of Feng Shui is an ancient technique
about the effects of the environment in our life.
It originated in Chinese astronomy, and now it is
practised using the magnetic compass and the
energy map.

It means wind and water, which are associated
with good health in Chinese culture.
It is believed that if we have everything surrounding
us properly organised our life will be greatly improved.




Feng Shui handles the five elements to achieve harmony:


***  Wood which symbolizes Creativity and corresponds to colour Green.
***  Fire which symbolizes Energy and corresponds to colour Red.
***  Earth which symbolizes Stability and corresponds to colour Yellow.
***  Metal which symbolizes Success and corresponds to colour White.
***  Water which symbolizes Communication and corresponds to colour Black.


Everything should be arranged according to these five
elements so the flowing energy (QI) can move around
freely to enhance our health and prosperity.




Feng Shui Home Tips 


A house is full of energy so its interior design affects the
flow of this energy.

1)   House entrance should be clear and free of any obstacles.

2)   Do not leave shoes outside your back door.

3)   Do not block doors with furniture or other objects.

4)   There should always be space between the furniture
in the rooms.

5)   Make certain there are no dark corners in the rooms
by placing plants.

6)   Place your beds in front of solid walls.

7)   Keep your bedroom window open for 20 minutes daily.

8)   Use only bedside lamps. If you have hanging lights do
not turn them on.

9)   TV sets in the bedrooms should be covered or switched
off completely.

10)  Always sit with your back to a wall and far from windows.

11)  Mirrors should be placed in corridors to move the energy.

12)  Everything in the kitchen should be wooden.
Knives should never be displayed.

13)  Install a small water fountain in your home for good luck.




Strong Potions!



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August 24th was the moving day;  
a warm, frantic day from its early start.
It was 07:45 in the morning when the big van arrived,
and it took them the whole day to load all my things.

It was 06:30 in the evening by the time they were ready
to go with a van absolutely packed.
I was totally exhausted but I locked all the doors and
windows, and started driving to my new place.


The Magic of Energy


Our bodies create energy from the foods we eat with
the assistance of vitamins  and minerals.
If the levels of these nutrients decrease we feel
tired and lethargic because there is not enough
energy production.

The secret to keep our energy constant is to keep
our blood sugar levels stable.

The top nutrient for energy production is the Vitamin B complex.




Daily Deals


The quickest way to increase our energy instantly
is to consume the following:

1)   Whole grains  (oats, wheat, rye)
2)   Fruits  (grapes, peaches, bananas)
3)   Vegetables  (broccoli, sprouts, sweet potatoes)
4)   Lean  Protein (poultry, meat, fish)
5)   Yogurt
6)   Sunflower Seeds
7)   Almonds

If we feel exhausted it will be extremely difficult
to us to face our every day life’s hard challenges.

Having a proper balanced diet definitely will make
us feel more energetic and able to accomplish our projects.