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Habits are automatic behaviours, which we
are used to over the years and hold on to them
in our every day life.

They are our fixed ways of thinking, feeling
and acting daily.

Some of these though, are not very good, so
we may decide to change them.

Changing a habit is not easy;  it takes a lot
of hard work and a serious commitment to
stop doing something we are so used to doing.

Because of this, the majority of people live
their whole lives under the control of external
or internal circumstances.


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There are specific steps we need to take in order
to be able to break a bad habit.
1)  Recognize the wrong fixation you want to

2)  Take full responsibility for your life, and do not
be a victim.
Imagine your future both ways.

3)  Decide to commit to change this destructive

4)  Believe in your ability to do anything you put
your mind to.

5)  Track the ruinous habit and find what triggers it.

6)  Stop the addiction by interrupting its pattern.
Replace the empty space with either a fun
or a physical new habit.

7)  Focus on only one bad habit at a time for best
success results.

8)  It takes four weeks to get used to a new habit;
so be patient and consistent.




Having good habits is the magic secret to living
a really successful life.

Only then we will be in control of our thoughts,
feelings and actions.

The sooner we do it the better, because the older
we are the more difficult it becomes.