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Lin, a forty three year old married woman,
was going through one of the most difficult
and traumatic stages in her life:
she had caught her husband cheating.

Lin was totally devastated;
feeling heartbroken, bitter, resentful, angry
and completely at a loss.
Her pain was so unbearable, that she was
crying every day.

She didn’t have the slightest idea what to do,
and how to handle this shocking situation.
But suddenly one day,
I can’t let this terrible event destroy me.
I must fight for me, and my own happiness.
I must accept, honour and trust myself;
I must start loving me again .

She said to herself out loud, wiping the tears
from her swollen eyes  —  and promising to
herself that these bitter tears will be the 
last ones.


Bright Sun over the Ocean


Plain Brown Wrapper


Consciously determining to accept and love
yourself is the most vital decision you will
make  in your life  —  and this will
judge your whole future.

Connecting deeply with yourself is definitely
a tough, long process you have to learn;
and the main way to learn this, is only to be
told and loved by other people in your life.

It is only through your personal relationships
that you will learn to feel safe and secure;
you will free yourself and start appreciating
who you really are.

You will become your own best friend, and you
will finally develop a positive mental attitude
towards life.
Here are some warning signs that you do need
learn this process:

1)     You always compare yourself to other

2)     You constantly feel insecure, afraid,
worried and anxious
3)     You easily accept people hurting you, and
taking advantage of you.
4)     You always feel worthless and a failure,
deserving anything good in life.
5)     You constantly need to be together with
6)     You never express your feelings and emotions.


Pink Flower


Red Herring


The two main reasons it is so hard and difficult
to accept and love yourself, are as follows:

a)     Your genetic family.

Most people were raised by parents who never
taught them to appreciate themselves;
because most likely, they themselves were not
taught either, by their own parents before.

b)     Culture and Education

Our society’s icons sadly, are based only on
external images like:
status, youth, financial situation, sex appeal,
social connections, and all the same.


As soon as you realise that you must break
all the stereotypes;    and be determined and
fearless to do so    only then you will be
able to connect with your inner self and
accept it.
At the same time, you will also become more
understanding about the other people, as well.

Become self-conscious, acknowledge, appreciate
and love yourself.
You do not need to change anything;
just see and recognise your true self    discover
who you really are.


Calm Beach


Summons To Contest


There are some actions you need to take in 
order to feel deep love for yourself.

a)     Follow your heart, your dreams, your passions
and your own feelings;    laugh and feel happy.

b)     Do only what makes you personally joyful,
without seeking to impress others or listening to
other people’s opinions;    be true to yourself.

c)     Establish your own personal position in 
the world, without comparing yourself to others.

d)     Prioritise what is most important to you,
learn to say No, and distance yourself from all
unsupportive and negative people.

e)     Feel confident, courageous and fearless;
and believe in yourself and your abilities.

f)     Live in the present moment, educate yourself,
and grow as a person.

g)     Think positively, and be grateful for all the
good things you have in your life.

h)     Take good care of yourself, and be organised
with your time, your home and your finances.

i)     Be understanding, truthful and forgiving,
not only with yourself but also with the others.

j)     Enjoy being alone;    relax, read, write, walk
in nature, take photographs.

k)     Pay attention to your intuition;   your inner
quiet voice will guide your decisions in life.

l)     Forget all your old beliefs and negative
situations;    just move forward.

m)    Connect with a higher power, and fill your
heart with kindness and love.


Green Garden


Sum And Substance


Loving yourself is a healing process;    so you
will need to practice the necessary steps in 
order to achieve it.

Firstly, you will need to recognise that you are
totally responsible for your own feelings;
you must accept them and learn from them.

Also you will need to explore your true
thinking as well as your exact beliefs.

After having done all these, you can start
researching in order to find the best and most
ways to heal yourself from all previous

Now you are ready to start loving yourself
as you are.

The secret is to be truly aware of your thoughts,
emotions and actions;
your strengths and weaknesses, and accept both.

This is the most vital step for you to take in order
to have a complete, satisfied and happy life.


You yourself, as much as anybody in the
entire universe, deserve your love and affection .

Siddhartha Gautama
c. 563/480  –  c. 483/400 BCE







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Greg had many means of escape from his emotional
needs, and connect with other people;
yet, he was feeling miserable and depressed.

He needed others to make him feel happy;
he wanted encouragement about his professional choices;
he constantly required reassurance about the actions he
was taking in his personal life;
and he was always seeking support from his family,
friends and colleagues.

Greg, as most people, was programmed to have all his
needs, either physical or emotional, met by other 
people, and not himself.

So, whenever he was not getting all the things he needed
in his life, he was blaming everybody else for his
misfortune and complete unhappiness.

Greg had totally forgotten how to belong to himself !


Bush Clinging to rock


Sure Of Oneself


These days most individuals rely hugely on other people
to figure out all the things for them.
As a consequence, they become psychologically weak,
they have no confidence in themselves, and finally they
fail to succeed in their life.

But in order to find total happiness in your life, you must
realise that the only thing you actually need is to be
emotionally self-reliant.
You must understand that you have to stop depending
on others for your happiness and peace of mind.

At the end of the day, either you develop self-confidence
and independence, and you accept that your own right
judgement will guide you through your actions;
or you will remain an eternal slave to the judgement,
right or wrong, of the other people.

Self-reliance is to deny absolutely and completely to
depend on any one else, but your own self for your
happiness in life.
To actually rely only on your own honest, genuine,
and meticulous thoughts, drive and actions.




The Explanation


The most common reason for the majority of people
not to have developed self-reliance is that, 
as children they always relied on their parents or relatives
to provide for all their emotional needs.

Then they grow up and become adults without having
learnt to be emotionally independent individuals.
As a result, they always expect someone else to help
them find the happiness they need in their life.

The even worse thing is that, when things do not work
out as they expect them to, they start blaming and accusing
everyone else;     and consider themselves a sufferer and
a poor victim of the circumstances.

Certainly, this is the most inappropriate and definitely
wrong thing to do;
because the real and authentic happiness can be found
Only inside ourselves    and Never from others.




The Advantages


Being self-reliant and independent means,

   Under any circumstances, you will be able to
find numerous solutions to your life’s various
situations and be successful.

*     You will develop initiative, and acquire 
knowledge to decide for yourself what is good
and useful for you.

   You will never feel lonely, even when you are
sitting alone.

   You will become psychologically strong,
determined and resilient.
You will be able to handle all difficult situations
better and without being hurt.

   You will be feeling internal happiness and
satisfaction in the present moment;
because you yourself will be creating it.


Bush on the coast


Home Rule


If you want happiness you will have to become
self-reliant    and here is how to develop this
vital tool.

a)     Trust Yourself

Never ask for other people’s approval and consent,
whenever you think about any personal issues.
You only need to trust your own instincts and your
judgement in order to handle any situation,
even if you fail at the end.

b)      Acknowledge Your Decisions

Always be accountable for your decisions;
believe in them, and follow them through to
the end.
Become your own advocate.

c)     Be Determined

Always fight your own battles.
Get to know yourself well, and learn how
to turn your setbacks and failures into
advantageous opportunities.

d)     Be Responsible

Do not blame others for your unhappiness;
do not complain about everything around you;
and do not ever feel you are a victim.
Always take full responsibility for your own
emotions, thoughts and actions.

e)     Avoid Negativity

Avoid completely or spend less time with 
people who influence you against your will
and personal choices.
Become emotionally independent, and enjoy
a happier life.


Purple Bush


Carte Blanche


Inherently all humans want to be independent.
Unfortunately, our families and society teach us
to be dependent    and the majority of people
stay so;    because sadly, this has become a really
deep and strong habit since childhood.

As such, certainly it can be changed.
But only with very hard work, and extreme and
heroic willingness;    to teach your subconscious
mind to dig deeper into this imposed habit.

Otherwise, you will remain a dependent person
forever    and certainly far away from your
natural path to do things your own way.

This, of course, will result in your being a very
unhappy and totally neurotic person.

You need to develop your personal initiative
according to your own principles and perspectives.
Obviously, on your way you may have to suffer
the consequences of your actions in order to learn,
and eventually change this forced programming.

It is absolutely important to understand that,
if you do not become independent you will never be
free to 
achieve complete happiness in your life.

Because you will always be needing validation,
recognition and acceptance in your personal as
well as your professional life.

When you finally manage to become truly self
reliant, you will be able to be more efficient and
understanding of all the circumstances around you.

You will be able to make the right decisions for
yourself, and change, if possible, or accept what is,
without worrying about other people’s thoughts,
opinions, judgement and actions.

Self-reliance is being absolutely free from the 
influences of others, and completely responsible
for your own needs, in order to create the life you
really want for yourself.

Embrace Freedom !!






Adam & Eve!


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A human female is an organism that produces egg cells.
The first human female on earth was Pandora.

According to the Greek mythology, Pandora was moulded
from earth by the god of fire Hephaestus, the son of
Zeus, the king of gods, and Hera, the queen of heaven,
following his father’s order.

Pandora was then dressed by Athena, the goddess of wisdom,
daughter of Zeus, and given her name by the god Hermes,
the messenger and son of Zeus.

Pandora was the mother of all human females.


Eve (Temptation)
Pantaleon Józef Szyndler, 1846 – 1905


Drawing Power


Being a female offers a number of advantages.
Here are the most important ones to consider:

a)     Women live longer than men    a whole five ( 5 )
to ten ( 10 ) more years.

b)     Women have a higher pain threshold.
As a consequence, not only it takes more time for the pain
to register in their brain, but also they can tolerate it for
much longer.

c)     Women have a stronger sense of smell, because their
brain contains many more odour detecting cells.

d)     Women’s HDL cholesterol levels are higher than that
of men’s;   consequently, they are better protected against
cardiovascular disease.

e)     Women are much better at remembering various
things and information, while men are more forgetful.

f)     Women’s brain is releasing less quantities of the
neurotransmitter Dopamine.
Therefore, they are less addictive to any substances.

g)     Women develop most fat in their lower body, which
is more protective against heart disease, some cancers
and inflammation.

h)     Women are better communicators in all kinds of
conversations, due to using a larger variety of sentences
and words.


Jules Lefebvre, 1834 – 1912


The Downside


Certainly, being a female has also the following disadvantages:

1)     In many large religions, as well as prehistoric civilisations,
have always been considered as property and inferior
beings, and
they have been judged negatively and treated badly.

2)     No matter how successful women have managed to
in their life, they will always be referred as …. for
a woman .

3)     Women need time to try and look presentable in order
attract the necessary attention and succeed in their

Their appearance has to be appropriate for the occasion, in 
order for them not to be ignored or judged unfavourably.

4)     Women suffer more mental and emotional problems
than men.
As a consequence, and through history, they have been
considered hysterical, neurotic and crazy, and managed
and treated accordingly.

5)     Women suffer monthly menstrual cycles, and go through
the hardest thing ever, which is giving birth.
Also they go through menopause, and lose their fertility.


Creation of Adam (detail)
Michelangelo 1475 – 1564


Line Of Work


According to the Bible, Adam was the first male created
by God, and he is the father of all humanity.

Being a male has a number of benefits, as follows:

a)     According to various studies, men are less likely to 
suffer from chronic stress and anxiety, in comparison
to women.

b)     Men possess much greater muscular strength than
women, and they are taller.
Consequently, they are more able to defend themselves
against various attacks and rape.

c)     In accordance with research, men are less likely to
suffer from depression and other mental illnesses.

d)     Men can continue being reasonably attractive in 
their later years, in comparison to women.
They do not go through menopause, and as a consequence
they can be fertile well into their eighties.

e)     During history, and across different cultures, men
were always more likely to be involved in politics.
Also even today, they can still get better and more well
paid jobs than women, in general.

f)     Men normally feel more confident, bold, fearless,
as well as more comfortable and relaxed doing what
they want.


Lucas Cranach the Elder
1472 – 1553


The Negative Aspect


On the other hand, there are also a number of disadvantages
being a male, as follows:

1)     Men die up to ten years earlier than women do, due to
various reasons.

2)     Males are more hostile, aggressive, destructive and violent.
They can attack each other easily, and be involved in many
criminal activities.

3)     Usually, men tend to act without thinking, so being more
Consequently, they can be drawn in to various difficult, challenging
undesirable situations.

4)     Men are always very sex orientated, most of their life;
which often leads them to complications, problems, and unpleasant
and troublesome circumstances.

5)     Although men can achieve very high incomes due to their
hard and dedicated work, at the same time, they can be extremely
wasteful in very many aspects    and especially when they are
looking to attract mates.

There, you have it all.




Ground Zero!


Hi there!


Love is an extremely strong and very effective disorder
affecting our nervous system.
It is a chemical means developed through our evolution
to benefit and promote our species to survive and prosper.

It helps us develop and maintain relationships;
it encourages us to defend and protect ourselves physically
and mentally;
it makes us want very deeply to support our offspring.

In the modern world, the most heroic struggle in one’s
life is to love themselves;   and it really is an awfully
difficult and terribly exhausting thing to do.

Most people neglect their own needs, health and
happiness, because they have been taught to do so
since they were children;
and certainly because loving others is easier than loving

And yet, self love is the foundation of the most important
relationship you will ever have  —  the relationship with



Bull’s – Eye


Self love is not a state of just feeling good by having a lot
of money, and buying and doing everything we want,
or being narcissistic.

Self love means to accept yourself exactly as you are and
what you are.
It means to know your own qualities and how significant you
are;   to know your purpose and your limits.

Self love means to always look after and be kind to yourself.
It means to really know that you do deserve your love, your
respect, admiration, and appreciation at all times.

Loving yourself is a number of actions that provide you
with confidence, determination and belief in yourself;
you will enjoy peace of mind;   you will demonstrate better
judgement;   and you will savour overall happiness.

You will be able to make the right decisions, and you will
exhibit more love towards other people.
You will be mentally stronger and balanced, and your life
will become simpler.

Certainly it must be emphasized that, self love is not
something temporary and
short-lived    but a continuous
and growing
course of actions.



End In View


The following routines will help you build self love:

a)     Reduce and finally eliminate all negative beliefs
about yourself, either they are routed from your past
or they are self-inflicted.

b)     Stop thinking that you must be perfect in everything
you do in order to be happy.
Perfection does not exist;   nothing in life is perfect.

c)     Focus only on your positive qualities and values,
each and every day.

d)     Be truthful, honest, realistic and sensible.

e)     Do all the things that make you feel good.
Be creative and develop hobbies.

f)     Never compare yourself to other people.
You are a unique person, so compare only to yourself.

g)     Establish healthy, explicit and precise limits to
all your actions and steps.

h)     Always give priority to yourself, because you
have earned it and you deserve to be first.

i)     Find your purpose, meaning and direction in life.
Only then you will be happy and fulfilled.



j)     Take full responsibility for your own health and
Watch your diet, exercise, sleep, rest, relaxation, fun
and relationships.

k)     Surround yourself only with people who love you
and make you feel good, and eliminate all others.

l)     Take risks, examine various opportunities coming
your way, and celebrate your wins at the end.

m)    Every day feel grateful about something in your
life, even if it is something very small, no matter what
else is happening around you.

n)     Be very aware and wise about your own thoughts,
feelings and desires, to be able to keep things under control.

o)     Forgive yourself whenever you make any mistakes,
and try to learn from them.

p)     Envisage yourself being empowered, inspired,
motivated and encouraged.

By practising the above mentioned actions of self love,
you will learn to cherish, honour, respect, accept
and really care for yourself.

Self love is a continuous and steady passage.
Self love is something you can choose and adopt.

Select correctly and enjoy the benefits and rewards.




Hi there!


Bo was working in his office this afternoon when he
received an email from his colleague asking him for
assistance with his project.

As soon as he read this he felt resentful immediately,
since he knew that on the one hand he wanted to
help him, but on the other this would entail extra
time and effort for him.

Thinking more about it, he did not want to accept
this obligation, because it meant he would have to
stay in the office late, and neglect part of his own

I have no reason to accept this other than being
helpful to a colleague, something which I can’t
afford to do at the moment he thought.

I have to say No to you this time, because I’m
extremely busy at present and I have no time
to spare for more work.
But I can recommend Jos to you, who will be pleased
to help you with your project .

Bo decided, and replied to his colleague without any
further delay.

Immediately he felt relieved and ready to continue
with his own business.


Yellow Flowers


Will Power


Most people dislike to say NO because they want to
help and be nice to the other person.
But saying yes all or most of the time entails a lot
of unpleasant consequences like,
    loss of valuable time,
    waste a huge amount of mental energy,
*     a great amount of pressure.

All of these result in physical and mental exhaustion.
Yet people find it so very hard to say NO.
This is happening because of many reasons like,
*     they want to avoid any arguments,
*     they want to be polite,
*     they want to fit in with the others,
*     they want to maintain good relationships,
*     they feel guilty if they do not help.

But if you really want to create your own life and
pursue your goals, you do need to be in full
control of all situations around you.

Learning to say NO is the greatest reward you can
give to yourself.
In order to be able to do so, you will need to become
decisive, confident and assertive  —  but at the same
time you must be calm and polite.

Being assertive means you must convey your message,
and at the same time to listen to the other person.
It means sharing and appreciating others.

When you manage this you will increase your
self-confidence, you will become more understanding,
you will improve your self-image and finally you
will achieve very much more.


Red Leafs


Primary Element


Before you decide and turn down any demands
and requests from other people, you need to
evaluate the situation.

Here are the steps you need to take:

a)     Take your time to think all requests made on
you before giving any answer.
Say you will let them know as soon as possible.
Study the demands and make certain they will
fit your own obligations and commitments.

b)     Analyze your priorities, and decide whether
the new engagement is of any significance, relevance
or magnitude to you.
If you find it is of no consequence to you, just ignore it.

c)     Consider the time length the new engagement
will need to be completed.
If it is long term, disregard it, because it will be adding
more stress on you.

d)     Refuse immediately any demand or request,
which makes you feel guilty if you do not do it.
If you accept something under these circumstances
you will feel pressed, stressed, anxious and eventually
really sick.




Guiding Light


There is no perfect way to say NO, and there is also no
way you can ever control the other person’s feelings
and reactions.

The following advice is how to do this best:

a)     Know your value as a person and have the right
attitude, independence and energy.

b)     Stand in a power pose, look calm and assertive,
and be fast and polite.

c)     Communicate your NO decision clearly and firmly,
using simple words.
Do not complicate and over-explain things.

d)     Offer an alternative solution to show your good
will and to meet half way.

e)     If at all possible and you really want to help,
offer a lesser commitment.

Do not forget, you are responsible only for
and not for any other person’s feelings
and actions
towards you.

Nothing is perfect, including humans.
Use any criticism for your own growth.

Remember, you can not please everybody.
Never lose your self-worth.

Enjoy the long term benefits of saying NO.




Curam Sui!


Hi there!


…… ” Talk to me about yourself. 
I want to know who you are, and how you
live your life , Sev asked him one day.

I go to my regular work every morning,
and I do some counselling in the evenings.
During the weekends I do a bit of volunteering
work, and
whenever I have some free time
usually support people I know
Lex replied smiling.

Then suddenly he stood still.
He had just realised that this hectic way of
living had left him with no time for himself.

With this thought he felt bitter and distressed.
I must take steps to change this self sacrifice
because it’s draining my life he thought
decisively ……


Classic Boat Ride


Pavlovian Response


Self care is an instinctive behaviour in nature,
but it does not exist in the same way in humans.
Individuals need to be willing to learn it and
practice it;   and over time as they are progressing
they will start feeling more comfortable and
relaxed about it.

Self care is taking any actions necessary to improve
your lifestyle and your total wellbeing.
Self care is to take full responsibility for your
pursuits, and honour and respect yourself.

The quest for good health and happiness is not
a selfish hunt.
It means to take care of your own needs, and listen
and pay attention to yourself.

It is something completely individual for every
person, and you should engage in whatever feels
most right for you.
It can change how you see yourself, and show you
new opportunities.

You will set up new habits, which will make you
feel in control of your whole life.
You will have much less stress and you will be
more decisive and resilient.

Also you will be able to look after yourself better
without having to rely on others, and you will
feel more confident to change direction when
things do not work for you any more.


Three Girls Dancing The Charleston


Get On Line


You need to slow down and make space for
relaxing your mind, exercising your body and
taking time for deep thinking and planning.

If you manage these you will have a genuine
and very happy life.
To start prioritising your own needs follow
the steps below:

a)     Determine what self care means to you and
make a full plan in writing.

b)     Practice self awareness to be able to recognise
your actual needs:   physical, emotional, mental
and spiritual.

c)     Identify all these thoughts that are holding
you back from taking care of yourself.

d)     Realise that nothing is perfect, and start
taking small steps towards accomplishing your
ambitions and goals.

e)     Redefine your relationships by placing
boundaries and really stick to them.

f)     Understand that NO is a complete sentence.


Bicycle Race


Believed Abstraction


Here are some fascinating examples of
self care projects, pursuits and special

1)      Go shopping or window shopping.
2)      Taking photographs.
3)      Nurturing your body.
4)      Going to a mini retreat.
5)      Swimming and sunbathing on the beach.
6)      Reading inspirational books.
7)      Walking or hiking in nature.
8)      Driving and admiring the sights.
9)       Pampering in a day spa.
10)     Watching a film.
11)      De-cluttering your wardrobe.
12)     Growing plants and flowers.
13)      Researching and Writing.
14)      Exercising in a gym.
15)      Baking and cooking health foods.
16)      Being spiritual.
17)      Going out to coffee shops.
18)      Taking short breaks regularly.
19)      Going to the cinema.
20)      Going on holidays.


Swaying Girls


Turn On Steam


Making time and space for yourself is absolutely
critical to your total wellbeing and happiness.

Do something you really love every single day.
Put yourself first and make self care your habit.

Start treasuring yourself now and you will feel
in harmony and very proud.
You will feel healthy, strong, fulfilled and happy.

Make self care a constant and true part of your
daily life.
Do not fear;   give this great gift to yourself now.

Your are No I !!




Gran Abuelo!


Hi there!


Some years ago while holidaying I met a very
nice and kind older lady.  
She was always dressing in fashionable clothes,
looking very cheerful, happy and terribly active.

I was so intrigued by her youthfulness that I
decided to ask her about her secrets of feeling
so enthusiastic and excited about her life. 

…….” I live in this wonderful resort among
these lovely people, whom I greet and smile to
whenever I meet them.
During the day in the winter months, I go for
long walks by the sea, which is so invigorating
and uplifting.

In the summer months, I enjoy swimming, and
I lie in the sunlight savouring the salty water
and all the calmness and tranquillity around me.

I cherish my love for my partner for many years
now, and I sleep peacefully at night.
I always try to live without worry and I pray
every day………”




Second Childhood


Today only a few people live to reach a very
old age and die from natural causes;
but more and more human beings live longer
these days than ever before.

Certainly one third of your chances to live to
one hundred depends on your genetics;
and especially your mother  —  her medical
history and habits, but the rest and the most,
definitely depends on you.

There is a lot you can do to improve your
probability for a long and healthy old age.
Your every day habits and past circumstances
will influence this;
and together with health and technology progress, 
scientific research as well as disease prevention
and various treatments will determine, without
how long you will live.


Sun on Blue Sky


Wheel Of Fortune


Here are the ways to increase and build up
your chances of a longer and healthier life:

a)     Adopt a healthy diet to include:
colourful vegetables and fruits, whole grains,
olive and coconut oils, nuts and seeds, fish,
poultry and eggs.
Have small meals often and drink an adequate
amount of liquids daily.

b)     Exercise moderately like walking, hiking
and swimming on a daily basis.
Keep good posture, do your chores manually
and lift everything.
Move every hour for a few minutes.

c)     Look after your physical and mental health
and wash your hands many times a day.
Take care of your external appearance.

d)     Be financially secure at all times by owning
your own home and having emergency savings.

e)     Socialize with healthy people and have a
loving intimate relationship/marriage.

f)     Be an extrovert and an optimist.
Be grateful for your life and think positively.




g)     Be conscientious, resilient, driven, creative,
determined, motivated and interested in
Keep on working and learning.

h)     Spend time in the sun, but if you decide
to sunbathe wear a good and strong sunscreen.

i)      Reduce stress and worry.
Be happy, sing, dance and laugh a lot.
Do not take yourself too seriously.

j)     Take frequent breaks from your every
day routine.
Arrange holidays whenever possible.

k)     Become a frequent shopper or just a
window shopper.

l)     Have a sense of purpose like your success,
health, relationships, spirituality.

m)    Develop one or two hobbies, which you
look forward to doing, and they give you a
sense of 
accomplishment like, reading, writing


Path in the Forest


Take Pleasure


By putting some effort, and being courageous
and fearless you will create  a fulfilling,
purposeful, healthy, loving and long life
for yourself.

If you trust yourself and feel confident and
positive you will be able to deal with all things
as they happen, either they are pleasant or
troublesome and undesirable.

Do you want to live to one hundred or more?
Now is the time to add more happy years to
your life.

Decide to make all the changes which will
allow you to achieve this difficult and
complicated goal.

Breathe deeply, believe you are young and
healthy, and always act young.

Simply live!!