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Vir Fortis!


Hi there!


Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability,
but comes through continuous struggle.
And so we must straighten our backs and work for
our freedom.
A man can’t ride you unless your back is bent .

Martin Luther King. Jr.

The weak can never forgive.
Forgiveness is the attitude of the strong .

Mahatma Gandhi

The depth and strength of a human character are
defined by its moral reserves.
People reveal themselves completely only when
they are thrown out of the customary conditions
of their life, for only then do they have to fall
back on their reserves.

Leonardo Da Vinci


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Nerves Of Steel


In these very unsettled and unstable times
we live, we do need to have a very strong mind
to be able to conquer all difficulties and
hurdles in our way.

To be a determined and courageous person
means being so resilient as to handle all life’s
challenges effectively, overcome them and
become more powerful.

Consequently, not only you will need to be
physically and mentally competent but also
to have the necessary reserves to allow you
to face these challenges and win.

A powerful individual needs to have the perfect
combination of intellect, determination,
flexibility, self-discipline, alertness, willpower
and finally guts.

All the above will help you defeat all barriers,
threats as well as various disappointments in
your life    and if you finally manage to cope
with all your problems as they happen, you
will really be a peaceful, pleased, fortunate
and outstanding human being.




Part And Parcel


Most people wish to be invincible in all aspects
of their life, either it is personal, professional
or family.
The following list of habits will help you become
really a strong human:

a)     Stop worrying about what other people think
and say;   always stay focused and seize opportunities
as they appear.

b)     Be motivated, optimistic, confident, determined,
and believe in yourself;   always do what
you want
by taking calculated risks.

c)     Be persistent and organised;   focus on your goals
and plans, learn from your mistakes and work hard
until you succeed ignoring any setbacks.

d)     Be fearless, courageous and tolerant when things
go wrong;   be responsible for your own actions.

e)     Relax and see things clearly and precisely;   be in
control of your own mind so that you can forge
your destiny.

f)     Keep on learning and educating yourself, because
knowledge is power;   develop hobbies and be
observant and productive.

g)     Exercise daily to improve your body and mind;
listen to motivational music.

h)     Look after your physical and mental health;
adopt a healthful diet.

i)     Take care of your appearance;   dress smartly,
cut your hair, walk and sit tall and talk with confidence.


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Solid Gold


Life is full of challenges and we need to be 
resilient in order to handle them effectively.
If you do not belong to the few people who
are born mentally tough you can learn to be.

*     Never waste your time and energy feeling
sorry for yourself.
   Never allow anybody to make you feel bad
or hurt you.

*     Never complain about situations and
other people.
*     Never rely on others to make you happy
or be afraid to be alone.
*     Never ever do anything you do not want
to do;   just say No.

You need to deal with your problems one at
a time and without letting them affect you in
any way.
Also you need to balance your negative and
positive thoughts in such an efficient way as
not to become overly excited that you do not
control what you say and do, by using logic.




World Class


Take advantage of any obstacles and turn them
into progress and prosperity.
Change what you can control, accept what you
cannot and be grateful for what you have in
your life.

Eliminate everything that is futile and has no
meaning as well as anything unproductive and
Use your past experiences as a priceless
education, live only in the present moment so
you can see all things as they really are, and
create the best future for yourself.

Take love and give love!
 Live with purpose!
Be strong!







Hi there!


Bo was now in his late 40s;   a very
smart and good-looking man, he
was always attracting all the attention
wherever he went.

Bo had a very demanding job that
needed most of his time;   and although
he loved all the financial benefits not
only he was unable to enjoy any private
life but also he was not satisfied with
the work itself any more and this
was frightening him.

He was working longer hours and even
nights sometimes;   and the requests
on him kept on piling up.
His mobile phone wouldn’t stop ringing
and his inbox was overflowing.

He had started feeling undervalued
and unappreciated, and he felt
he was becoming mentally and
physically exhausted.

I’m not feeling very well;  I have to do
something about this now before it’s
too late”  he thought,  so from tomorrow
I’m putting some personal time into my
daily schedule and I’ll start managing
my workload more efficiently.

Bo discussed his decision with his
partner, who had gone through similar
troubles before;   you got out just in
time  he said and patted him on his
shoulder gently.


Otvungenhet-1 Otvungenhet-2


Cut Loose


New Year is just around the corner,
and many people decide to refocus their
attention on new or more suitable
things in their life, so they can be happier.

Now is the perfect time to decide to
let go of old habits and other matters
that made you unhappy, miserable
and sad during the past year.

In order not to have set backs remind
yourself on a regular basis of all the
benefits you will enjoy when you
achieve your goals.


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Kiss Goodbye


So for the New Year decide to abandon
the following:

A)     Your Stresses

*    Approach and meet up with happy people.
   Replace your thoughts with pleasant ones.
*    Use a deep breathing technique.
*    Imagine your life in 10/20 years forward.
   Have sauna to relax.
*    Always laugh.

B)     Life’s Annoyances

*    Take responsibility for your own actions.
*    Put yourself in the other person’s position
       in order to understand the problem.
*    Either remove yourself from the situation
       or change it if you can or accept it.

C)     Past Relationships

*    Remember both the good and the bad
      things regarding the connection.
   Replace all your thoughts about the
       past with your present facts.
   Visualise yourself as you were before
       and create your present reality.

D)     Life’s Disappointments

*     Change your perception of the situation.
*     See the root of the problem, understand
        it and accept it.
*     Take an immediate positive action, like
        looking for a job.


Otvungenhet-5 Otvungenhet-6


Chill Out


Learning to start over in certain areas
of your life is a very big challenge, but
at the end you will feel so much better,
more satisfied and happier.

Your life will become more efficient,
powerful, productive and complete.

Vow to take a closer look and decide
what is best for you, and do it.

Turn over a new leaf!

Start fresh!

Be reborn!




La Pregunta!




The telephone rang breaking the silence in the quiet office.
“Hello” he answered quickly. 

“Hi Bo, how are things there?”, the male voice on
the line asked.
“Everything’s alright;  very busy at the moment”,
Bo replied.

“I called to ask you to join me on my trip to Paris,
as you know,
next month” he said.

“Thanks, I’ll think about it and call you back” Bo replied.
Immediately he started thinking how he could
manage to go on this
very exciting trip with his friend.

Not very easy, considering his many financial
He thought “How can I afford this trip?”.
Being a positive person he instantly decided to find
creative ways to be
able to afford it.


Pregunta_01 Pregunta_04


La Solucion


The right questions result in the right solutions of any issue.
Making the correct query is the key to winning any
personal and
professional battle.

The following major points are fundamental to
problem solving.

1)   Be Positive

Always think positively so your mind can start finding
ways to achieve your goal like, “what can I do
to improve myself”.

2)   Be Grateful

Remember all the good things you have accomplished
and have in
your life.
Then you will see a lot
of possibilities opening.

3)   Question

Always challenge and consider alternative routes — say
have I got to lose”.

4)   Do Not Judge

Avoid all wrong assumptions because they will never
any problems.
Always ask and listen. 

5)   Persist 

Do not limit yourself. Keep on asking questions until you
are satisfied with
the answers.


Pregunta_03 Pregunta_02


La Conclusion


If we are creative there will always be solutions
to any problem.
Even if the solutions are not desirable
there are still solutions to choose from.