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“…… Last week Bo and I decided to stay in and
enjoy the evening together.
After having a very pleasant dinner we thought
it would be a great idea to sit closely and enjoy
a good entertaining comedy.

We have always liked the delightful Naked Gun
films, so
we decided to put on the Naked Gun 2 1/2 :
Smell of Fear this time, because we knew we
would find it extremely entertaining.

It really was such an enjoyable and amusing
evening;   we kept on laughing for the whole
one and a half hours it was playing.

Watching this fantastic comedy on the television
sitting together on the sofa, it was the best choice
we had made.
It really was such a great way to feel closer to
each other and relieve all stresses of the day……”

” If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane ”
Robert Frost     1874  –  1963


Laughing Women


Har – De – Har


According to numerous studies laughter has
a great number of healing properties.
When we laugh we trigger pleasing, satisfying
and enjoyable feelings that calm and soothe
our body and mind.

Here are the physical and mental health benefits
as well as the social ones of a good laughter:

a)     Releases endorphins relieving any pains
in the body temporarily, and promotes general
well being.

b)     Reduces stress hormones so you can enjoy
overall health and energy.

c)     Enhances positivity, optimism and creativity
so you are able to fight life’s struggles effectively.

d)     Boosts anti ageing hormones improving
health and longevity.

e)     Makes life more enjoyable by releasing serotonin
and making you feel happier;    consequently you
can develop better relationships personally and

f)     Improves circulation so you get more oxygen
and nutrients into your cells, as well as helping all
body organs to work more efficiently.

g)     Exercises and tones up the stomach and face

h)     Improves the immune system by improving
T Cell production to raise resistance to disease.

i)     Increases resilience so you can become more
successful in your life.

j)     Burns forty ( 40 ) calories a day when laughing
for fifteen minutes ( 15 ) at a time.


Bumblebee on flower


Fun And Games


Laughter is inherited, ingrained and instinctive.
Even if you are not used to laughing or even
smiling in your life, you can learn to do so with
some practice.

The following are ways to start practising:

1)     Smile at people you meet every day any time,
any where.

2)     Associate with playful, fun and happy people.

3)     Bring humour into your conversations
with others.

4)     Watch comedies on the television.

5)     Read funny and humorous books.

6)     Do some silly things from time to time.

7)     Laugh at yourself and your own mistakes.

When you learn to laugh your life will be much
more enjoyable and pleasant.
You will be feeling renewed within yourself and
also with your relationships.

You will then find that lots of new opportunities
will start occurring to you.
You will be feeling much more relaxed, positive
and really happy with yourself and your life.

Do not wait any longer.
Start laughing now to collect all the health benefits.

The human race has only one really effective
weapon and that is laughter “

Mark Twain     1835  –  1910










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Since the mid eighties I have been very interested
in alternative medicine and anti-ageing.
Although for the first ten years my interest was
less intense, as the time goes my deep passion
keeps on increasing.

A few months ago, I had a fascinating discussion
about the human cells and these, absolutely vital
to our health, caps at the end of each DNA strand
called telomeres.

Unfortunately, these telomeres get shorter every
time a cell copies itself    and consequently,
getting too short or non-existent in the course
of time.

This sad deterioration represents our biological
age and ultimately death.
As our cells age and become unable to reproduce,
our tissues degenerate, decay and die.

A horrendous and deeply depressing thing, but
such an extremely interesting study for me for
the last twenty five years ………..


Sun Over The Mediterranean


Watch The Store


We all want to have a healthy and long life.
The most fascinating thought is to be taking
a simple specific substance every day to help
us be
strong and live indefinitely.

Obviously as the time goes and we grow older,
we need more precise nutrients to stay
reasonably healthy;     and the only way to
get those nutrients is through supplementation.

There has been a flood of research and studies
on various ways to improve longevity.
According to miscellaneous scientific experiments,
there is a number of nutritional supplements
that can help us increase our life expectancy.

It is established that with age the body grows
weaker and works less efficiently.
As a consequence the absorption of all necessary
nutrients is inadequate to a high degree.

This happens naturally even if we eat the most
healthful and balanced diet.
Also many people lead very stressful lives, others
are obese or they do not exercise or they smoke.

An additional way to help your body last longer
is by taking several specific supplements, which
have shown to be most efficient in doing this.

Moreover, these nutrients will protect your
telomere length, which certainly affects how
long you live.


Tree line


The Code Of Life


Although there is no proven information from
human experiments that taking various specific
supplements will prolong our lifespan, still,
there are certain nutritional substances that
have shown to be helpful in increasing our life

a)    Vitamin C

A very essential nutrient for collagen production
and tissue repair.
Take 400mg to 2000mg daily, unless otherwise

b)     Vitamin E

The most important antioxidant to fight
free radicals.
Take 100IU to 1000IU max daily. 
Always stop for four weeks before you have
any kind of surgery.

c)     Vitamin D

Very important substance for healthy
bones and blood cells.
Take 600IU to 4000IU max daily.

d)     Vitamins B

A complex of vitamins vital for cell
metabolism and disease prevention.
Take a high potency supplement
of 50mg to 100mg daily.

e)     Calcium

The most plentiful mineral in the body.
It is imperative for healthy bones, teeth,
muscles and blood vessels.
Take 1000mg to 1200mg daily.

f)     Magnesium

Very important for body structures and
chemical reactions, muscles and nerves.
Take 350mg to 400mg max daily.

g)     Zinc

An essential mineral for the development
and maintenance of the whole body.
Take 10mg to 40mg max daily.

h)     Selenium

Very necessary, needed for good total health.
Take 55mcg to 200mcg max daily.

i)     Omega 3 Fish Oils

Vital for cardiovascular health, brain and vision.
Take 1000mg to 2000mg on a daily basis.

j)     Coenzyme Q10

A very essential nutrient for cell function.
Take 30mg to 100mg daily.


Cloudy Sunset


More Than That


Eat Vitamin A foods  (Eggs, sweet potatoes, carrots)

Eat Chromium foods  (broccoli, pear, apple)

Eat Lutein foods  (spinach, lettuce, peas, courgettes)

Certainly there are various chemicals, medicines
and hormones which suppose to prolong life, but
until now there is nothing very specific that has been
proven to extend longevity.

In addition all these can be harmful in the long
run.   At least, the above mentioned vitamins and
minerals are harmless at the quoted dosages, and
they are worth trying.
Remember more is not better.

Finally, if you have any medical condition or
you are taking any medications you will need to
consult your physician.

Follow the healthiest lifestyle possible, and
avoid eating anything for twelve hours during
the night.

The ground of longer life is full of hope and potential!









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Livi was a very busy woman of 52 with an
exciting life, but with very bad eating habits.
She was very conscious of her overindulging
in unhealthy foods without considering the
consequences of doing so.

She did believe though that her face skin was
the proof of her poor and thoughtless diet
My skin looks that of a much older woman;
It is very dry, I have wrinkles and a lot of sagging .

She said to her friend while drinking her usual
cup of strong coffee.
Perhaps it’s time for me to start examining
ways to improve my diet and consider my
nutrition seriously.
I believe that this will slow down this accelerated
ageing on my face skin .

Since then Livi started following a healthful and
nutritious diet daily.
One morning a few weeks later looking herself
in the mirror she exclaimed, my skin feels softer,
brighter and so much fresher now.
That’s it!   I’ll never go back to my old eating
habits ” ……….


Sun Among Clouds


Absolute Rule


Every woman wants to look her best;
and although most women aim to make the
most of their face skins to look years
younger, many only wish to boost their
best advantages and look great for what
they already own.

Certainly we all know that our skin’s
appearance will make us look either older
or younger, even with up to 10 or 15
years difference sometimes, irrespective
of our actual age.

Establishing a healthy, straightforward
beauty daily routine is the main and most
important step to show your love to your
body, at any age.


Sun on the sea


Treasure Trove


You do not need to do a lot to look your
best.   Just pay attention to the following:

a)     According to research the major cause
of wrinkles  ( excludes old age is UV
light damage to the skin.
Make  certain you always wear UVA and UVB
protection face creams with SPF 30 plus
during the day for protection.

b)     Omega 3 fatty acids  (ALA)  in chia seeds,
flax seeds and hemp seeds are very beneficial
for skin health.
Try to include the above mentioned seeds in
your diet regularly.

c)     Repeated facial expressions create
indentations underneath the surface of the
skin.   As the time goes these impressions
will become wrinkles.
Always control your face expressions and
wear reading and sun glasses, as necessary.

d)     Avoid washing your face with soaps
because you will remove all natural oils and
moisture from the skin’s surface and
cause lines.
Rinse with clean, cool water every morning
and use a cream cleanser and a hydrating toner
Follow with your anti-ageing day cream, eye
cream, and sun protection
on top.
At night, repeat the same but instead of the
creams you can use an anti-ageing serum
massaging your face gently.

e)     Exfoliate your skin once or twice a week
using a natural agent like, lemon juice.
Squeeze some lemon juice on a cotton bud
and apply to your face and neck skins.
Do this at night 30 minutes or so before
you do your beauty routine.


Sun Over a Tree


End Piece


Remember that the skin is exposed to many
external attacks like, pollution and
environmental poisons.
Also as the years go it ages naturally and
according to our inherited genes.

Consequently, mindful skin care and total
lifestyle choices can make a big difference.
The following steps will also contribute to
a healthy skin.

a)     Eat a nutritious diet rich in vitamins
and minerals, and especially vitamins C
and E.
Also, keep hydrated with lots of liquids
during the day to encourage collagen

b)     Remove all stressors from your life as
much as possible, because stress is very
ageing to the skin, by using exercise,
relaxation and meditation.

c)     Try to sleep around 7 hours every night,
because sleep helps the skin to look fresher.  

Finally, instead of making this narcissistic
attempt to stay an ageless beauty forever
and always worry about the state of your
skin, cultivate a positive self image.

Self awareness is really priceless!  






Top Drawer!


Hi there!


…… Beauty is to have a good feeling and be
pleased about yourself, and I firmly believe that
laughter is the greatest weapon against ageing .

…… ” As I grow older I become more confident,
I am happier and more sexy;   definitely I feel
much better now than I did when I was younger,
and all these are very comforting .

…… ” There is something very sensual about
having all these imperfections that come
with age;   I love my body and I really feel
happy and fearless .

…… ” I now know who I am and what I want;
I decide what is important for me and I don’t
care what other people think of me;   these
make me appreciate my maturity .


Lady and the bottle Skating Lady


Amour Propre


Most women start feeling as if they are
losing control and being in the background
as soon as they enter their fifth decade.
They start worrying that they have now
lost their youthful and attractive appearance.

 Of course this is happening because they
have always believed deeply that their value
as women is only in their youth and external

But the truth is that physical attractiveness
and youthfulness are only temporary and
Consequently, if you define your worth and
importance by these two terms you will never
have any self-esteem and respect.

All you need to help you go through the
transition as the years go is flexibility.
You need to accept your new self-image
as it is developing, and say your final goodbye
to this brainwashed equation of youth
and beauty.


Gorgeous lady Tea drinking lady


Power Train


Consider the following recommendations
in order to love your changing body:

a)     Fuel your body with healthy and nutritious
foods, and take supplements.

b)     Exercise your body to keep it strong.

c)     Care for your body, honour it, respect it
and support it, because it is your greatest
tool and your most prized possession.

d)     Concentrate on being healthy physically
and mentally as well as being pleased with
your life at this point.

e)     Adopt an anti-ageing healthful lifestyle,
focus on your passions and how much you
can do from now on.

f)     Be proud and grateful for everything you
have achieved until now, recognising that it
was your body that brought you where you
are today.

g)     Realise that your external appearance is
only a tiny part of who you are and you
deserve to be recognised as the wise and
wonderful person you are.


Drinking lady Hoola Hop lady


Might And Main


Hating your changing body is a complete
waste of time and energy.
Life is too short to worry about a natural
process you can not stop or alter.

Stop obsessing about the developments
your appearance is undergoing.
True beauty is being you as a human in the
body you own now.

Be glad, satisfied and appreciate the way
you look, accept it and be pleased with it.
Allow your new valuable self to emerge.
Do not hide and work on the new you.

Understand that the Fountain of Youth
is Your Own Mind.

M o v e    O n ….!! 





Bellezza Senza Tempo!




A fifty (50) year old woman has a projected
lifespan of eighty one years plus (81+).
The longer we live the greater the chance of
living longer.

It is very possible to rejuvenate ourselves
and spiritually;  and now with
all the latest scientific
research we can
also rejuvenate physically.

All these are of vital importance to us
in order to get
the most out of the
years to come.

Looking good is crucial for our self
The secret is to know what
to do at the right time.

By using the proper anti ageing
products we
can remove ten years
from our face.


Photo-0246 Photo-0251


The Ultimate Anti-Ageing Routine


Firstly, determine your skin type.
Secondly, choose the best products
your type.


1)    Start with a softening Cream Cleanser
clean and refresh the skin.


2)    Follow with a clarifying Toner to
any leftovers and hydrate.


3)    First step, use a rich Eye cream
which targets
wrinkles and under eye
bags for younger
looking eyes.


4)    Next step follow with an anti-wrinkle
to protect the skin’s youthfulness.


5)    Now smooth a firming Day Moisturising
that also reduces the appearance
of wrinkles.


6)    Finally cover your face with a good
anti ageing
Sun Protection cream that
contains antioxidants
and a SPF
more than 30.


7)    At the end smooth lightly a lip balm
on your lips,
and cover with a lipstick in
a youthful dark pink or red colour.


8)    At night follow the same ritual,
and finish with
a rich Night cream for
a smoother, firmer and
more radiant
looking skin.


Every week or so, exfoliate your face
to remove dead
cells, by mixing a
teaspoon of white Sugar with your



Photo-0254 Photo-0249


I m p r e s s i o n s


a)    If you have black circles and
puffiness keep your
hair away from
your forehead, so your eyes are not

the first thing people see on your face.


b)    If you have brown spots and other
signs of ageing,
take antioxidant
Pycnogenol supplements.


c)    Go to bed and wake up at the
same time every day
to maintain
your overall beauty.


Actual beauty comes from within!




Comme Il Faut!


Hi there!


Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies — and
it is first to showing
signs of ageing, which are
as we grow older.


CommeIl_01 CommeIl_02


Soin De La Peau


We all want our skin to look as young as possible.
Our skin reflects our internal health.
A healthy lifestyle like,

a)  Not smoking

b)  Moisturising daily

c)  Using SPF 50

d)  Avoid skin irritants

e)  Avoid alcohol & caffeine

f)  Wearing hat & sunglasses

g)  Exercising daily

h)  Getting enough sleep is absolutely important.


The priority factor though is the diet for us to enjoy a
and moist skin.

Our diet should supply all the nutrients our skin needs
to be
healthy and well-nourished.




Savoir – Faire

The most important nutrients
for a fresh skin are:

a)  Silica, as in oats & asparagus

b)  Zinc, as in beef & lamb

c)  Omega 3 oils, as in wild salmon

d)  Selenium, as in brazil nuts

e)  Vitamin A, as in sweet potatoes

f)  Vitamin C, as in broccoli & spinach

g)  Vitamin E, as in nuts & seeds


Salmon Seeds


Les Masques


There are three natural foods which if applied locally
can do wonders
for all skins, male or female.




Honey is antibacterial, antioxidant and moisturising.
Mix pure honey with a few drops of lemon juice (vit. C).

Dampen skin and massage circularly.

Leave for 15 min. and rinse with warm water.


Coconut Oil


Coconut oil is antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-fungal
and unclogging the pores.

Mix virgin coconut oil with a little turmeric
(antiseptic, skin lightener).

Massage well and leave for 15 min.

Rinse with warm water.




Oatmeal is a cleanser, exfoliator and a moisturiser.

Cook oats in water and when cooled make a mask.

Leave for 15 min. and wash it off with warm water.







Oxidation (oxygen combining) is a natural chemical
reaction in our body.
It is a process necessary to maintain life.

During the oxidation process free radical molecules are
produced; but sometimes certain chain reactions may be
activated, which can cause damage to our body cells.

Due to these damages in the cells most chronic diseases can
develop, including acceleration of the mechanism of ageing.


Last Resort


Antioxidants are molecules naturally present in the
human body as well as in many foods we consume, like
whole grains, vegetables and fruits.

As we grow older, though, our bodies produce less antioxidants
so we have to take them from external sources.

It is vital that we supplement our diet with natural whole
foods to maintain the right level to fight any damages.


The Salvation Soldiers


According to research the following foods are very rich
natural sources of antioxidants.



Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, Apples,
Cherries, Oranges, Grapes, Kiwi, Strawberries.





Artichokes, Broccoli, Spinach, Brussels Sprouts,
Onions, Beetroot, Bell Peppers.


Walnuts, Pecans, Hazelnuts.


Cinnamon, Oregano, Cloves, Garlic.





Whole Grains, Seeds, Red Kidney Beans,
Prunes, Raisins.

Make certain you eat a diet rich in antioxidant foods
to reduce your risk of many diseases and delay the
ageing process.