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It was one of these dreadful mornings, when she
woke up but wished she could go back to sleep again.
She was feeling so sluggish and groggy, that it was
absolutely impossible for her to focus, and go through
her morning routines.

I feel so weary and drowsy;   I’m still asleep, and 
I have to get up and deal with my daily tasks and jobs.
But I can hardly move she thought feeling worried.

Her mental alertness was down to zero, and she did
need to be more awake.
This horrible sensation was really familiar to her;
because she has been experiencing this terrible situation
most mornings.

As a consequence, she was awfully irritated, as she was
unable to do even the simplest of things.

She wasn’t ready to start her day, yet;
all she wanted was rest …… and more rest ……


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Sleep Inertia


According to scientific research, most people feel
dizzy as if drunk, and disoriented when they
wake up from sleep in the morning.
This is considered a normal part of life, and a
reasonable behaviour.

Due to our modern life, most individuals have 
mornings when they wake up with their mind out
of focus, and they wish they could go back to sleep.

It seems that when we wake up some parts of our 
brain will awake with us, but some others will still
be inactive, and will need more time to recover.

It takes everyone a little while to revive and start
functioning properly.
The time varies between one ( 1 ) minute and 
four ( 4 ) hours.
For many people it takes thirty ( 30 ) minutes, but
for some others it can take all morning.

Contributing Factors

The root causes of experiencing this, Not Fully Awake

situation, after a normal night’s sleep are the following:

a)     Sudden awakening by a loud noise during the 
        wrong stage of sleep.

b)     Lack of sleep in general that will cause tiredness.

c)     The duration and quality of your sleep.

d)     Taking an afternoon nap.

e)     Eating a rich meal the night before.

f)     General Sleepiness Disorder, Sleep Apnea or Insomnia. 


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Double Trouble


Morning grogginess has a number of unpleasant and 
dangerous effects, as follows:

1)     Excessive stress during waking up.
2)     Incapability to make correct decisions.
3)     Loss of concentration and focus.
4)     Inability to perform simple daily tasks.
5)     Ineffectiveness during the morning hours.
6)     Difficulty in driving and handling machinery.
7)     Lack of memory and recollection.
8)     Inability to perform properly at work.
9)     Concentration of high adrenaline levels.

Cure – All

Here are some simple ways to combat your symptoms:

a)     Avoid naps during the day completely.

b)     Have a light dinner during the evening, and avoid
drinking any alcohol altogether.

c)     Go to bed more or less at the same time every night,
including weekends.

d)     Get enough sleep by making certain you go to bed
only when you feel sleepy, and ensure you wake up next
morning naturally, with no alarm clock.

e)     As soon as you wake up ( similar time every morning ) :
    Think of something you look forward to.
    Switch on the radio to your favourite music.
    Open the windows to get the natural light. 

f)     Have a drink first thing in the morning to hydrate,
like a glass of water and a teaspoon of honey or a
cup of peppermint tea.

g)     Eat a healthy and wholesome breakfast.

h)     Go outdoors, be a little active and enjoy the sun
and the natural light.


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Worn – Out Syndrome


The human body likes cyclical routines.
So if you develop specific evening and morning
healthy habits, your body will know what to expect
it will react accordingly.

The fallacy

A huge number of people drink a lot of caffeine

every morning, wrongly believing that it helps them
wake up and feel active.

But this is the mistaken approach, which in fact has 
long term negative health consequences; 
because caffeine has only a superficial result,
since it increases the heart rate and raises the
blood pressure.

Caffeine does not address the root of the problem;
actually, this is what it does:

There is a neurochemical in your brain that promotes
sleep, called Adenosine.
This substance continues to increase during the day, 
and by the night your brain has enough of it to make
you feel tired and sleepy.

Caffeine now imitates Adenosine, and establishes itself
into the same receptors in your brain, keeping you
awake and active continuously.

At the same time, Adenosine can not do its normal job;
so your brain starts fighting back by producing more
and more Adenosine.

As a result, you will be feeling incerasingly tired every
morning, and you will be needing more and more
caffeine every day to get the same results, feeling awake.

That is, a Vicious Circle.

The only solution is to remove caffeine from your diet
completely , so that your body can start working as
normal, the way it was originally intended.







Hi there!


For the last six months Stig has been going
through an extremely difficult patch.
He was feeling as if his whole life was stuck
and he had nowhere to turn  to.

It was the hard time when he had lost his job
and didn’t have enough money to pay his bills,
which were coming relentlessly.
His debts kept on accumulating and becoming
heavier and heavier to the point of destruction.

Poor Stig was so totally stressed that he started
suffering from anxiety.
Definitely he had to find a solution to this
unsurmountable and depressing situation.

Then one day he thought,  I can’t let my bills
dominate and control my life any more.  
I must create a budget immediately and give
it a priority over anything else .

So he started cutting down all his non-essential
expenses and paid back as many debts as he could.
Then he started focusing on the things that made
him feel comfortable and satisfied.

Gradually he stopped worrying so much about
his lack of funds and began taking his life more
He was finally able to use his stress to his advantage,
something which made him feel calmer, more
peaceful and much more relaxed.


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Evil Twin


Stress is a normal reaction to a challenge.
It affects all people but in different ways.
A number of studies have found that chronic
and intense stress is very harmful to our
health, and can cause illness and constant

As expected, most healthy individuals
endure stress in different ways.
This is mainly due
to their individual genetic
and their very personal
factors like, thinking positively
about it.

Also, according to research as long as your
stress is only a brief episode, it can be very
beneficial to your overall health.

Consequently, moderate and short-term
stress can bring about the following:

a)     It increases your brain power due to the
adrenaline rush.

b)     It builds up your immunity temporarily
due to the release of cortisol.

c)     It improves your resilience to appreciate
life’s difficult situations and handle a crisis
in a better and more effective way.

d)     It motivates you to succeed in your
specific field.

e)     It enhances your memory due to the body’s
response to the stressor.

f)     It improves your alertness and learning,
as well as your general performance.


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Bosom Body


In today’s life stress has become an obsession.
Every minute everywhere, you hear about stress,
its causes and harmful effects, and consequently
its management.

But the ingenious thing here is to be able to handle
it effectively and keep it under your full control.
Then you have to consider how to turn it into an
asset and use it to your advantage.

Here are the three basic ways for you to achieve
exactly that:

1)     View the physical symptoms of your stress
in a positive way.

Feel grateful that you have reached this stage
to feel so very ready for anything.

2)    Analyse your fears and acknowledge that you
feel anxious only for a very specific reason, which

you can handle effectively.

3)     Realise that stress is rarely a reality.
So embrace this emotion, and accept that it
is a very normal reaction to the challenge you
have to face.


Frog at night


Staying Power


A very important endeavour is to
increase your ability to handle your stress,
which will make you feel much more
confident and self-assured.

If you manage to raise your stress tolerance
point, you will feel more positive, and then
you will actually appreciate and enjoy your
day to day challenges.

a)     Be an optimist

Whenever you feel stressed, instead of only
focusing on your difficult situation, make
an attempt to find a new opportunity this
difficulty or problem is creating for you.

b)     Forest for the trees

Step back and see the full picture.
Frame your stress, consider carefully and
decide whether you should start paying
less attention to it.

c)     Take a break

Give your body a chance to recover from
the negative effects your stress is causing

Try to relax using any hobbies or interests
you have as well as a good night’s sleep.
In this way you will be able to cope better
with your stresses next time.

Stress is not the enemy.
It is a call for action.
Being stressed is showing you that
you have reached the stage  where
you need to make crucial changes to
your life in order to continue.

The key is balance.
Trust it and design the life you want.