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“ I don’t love you as if you were a rose of salt, topaz,
or arrow of carnations that propagate fire:
I love you as one loves certain obscure things,
secretly, between the shadow and the soul.

I love you as the plant that doesn’t bloom but carries
the light of those flowers, hidden, within itself,
and thanks to your love the tight aroma that arose
from the earth lives dimly in my body.

I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where,
I love you directly without problems or pride:
I love you like this because I don’t know any other way to love,
except in this form in which I am not nor are you,
so close that your hand upon my chest is mine,
so close that your eyes close with my dreams ”.

Cien Sonetos De Amor   1959   Santiago
Pablo Neruda
1904  –  1973


Two Couples


Brand Name


As we all know, nothing in life is perfect;
and the same goes about intimate relationships.

As simple human beings, not only we all make
mistakes, misjudge and misunderstand a
person or a situation;    but also we never
appreciate and recognise the worth of what we
have until we have finally lost it.

A strong, loving relationship can make you 
feel complete, full of life, happy, contented,
fulfilled and greatly satisfied.

A healthy, stable and lasting relationship is
only based on equality, mutual respect, deep
love and understanding.

You should always treat the other person
as you would want to be treated yourself
by them.
Here are the most important characteristics
of an ideal romantic relationship:

a)     Both parties are responsible for their
actions, and always they mean what
they say.

b)     They are able to communicate about all
issues, and find the best and most suitable 
solutions together.

c)     They are willing to understand each
opinions and views, and negotiate as

d)     They discuss and share all financial
between them, and ensure that they
both benefit
from all agreements and decisions.

e)     They are aware of each other’s needs,
use humour, and they do many things
while maintaining their sense of self
at the
same time.


Couple in The Moon


f)     They value and respect their relationship,
as well as each other, feeling secure and
between them.

g)     They support, accept and rely on each

and they discuss their thoughts and feelings
in a
positive way.

h)     They show affection by holding hands,
and embracing;
and they feel physically connected.

i)     They feel strong and optimistic about their
together, due to their love, friendship,
commitment and closeness;
in thought, in word and
in deed.

j)     Certainly they share similar beliefs and
and they trust each other fully.

k)     They are patient and forgiving, accepting
mistakes without being selfish.

l)     They use kind and affectionate words, as
as  compliments and praises between them
when they speak.


Bear Couple


The Key Points


The following are some vital actions for you
to consider, if you want to sustain a happy
and long lasting intimate relationship.

1)     You need to appreciate that in order to
have a healthy relationship, you will always
have to work hard and put a lot of effort to it.

2)     You certainly have to convey your thoughts
and needs to your partner clearly.
Otherwise he or she will never be able to
understand you, because nobody can guess
what is in anybody else’s mind.

3)     Make absolutely clear from the beginning
what you want from your relationship, in
order to avoid any misunderstandings later.

4)     You must always recognise that your partner
can not satisfy all your demands;
and you should never press him or her to change
in order to do so.
You will need to accept the reality of the situation
if you want your relationship to be successful.

5)     Always expect that sometimes you will
have to negotiate on any differences between your
partner and yourself.

6)     Always remember that you do not have to
agree on all issues, in order to show respect,
recognition and appreciation.
Just accept the situation as it presents itself.

7)     Always look each other in the eye, and listen
carefully when you talk.


You communicate your love with actions  —  and
not only words.

You will know that your love is real and lasting
only when you feel safe, secure, confident,
protected, satisfied and totally positive.

Lifelong  and eternal love will give meaning to
your life, and make it worth living.







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Davi was a middle aged man, who had quit his
well paid job in order to become an author.
He had been living alone in his beautiful apartment,
for some time now.

Davi was a very happy man, enjoying his quiet life.
” I’ve been living alone for the last fifteen years now,
and I truly rejoice in my independence.
I can wake up and take my breakfast every morning
any time I like, I can go to bed every night whenever
I wish, I can talk to whoever I choose;
and I can certainly pursue my interests and passions “,
he said smiling happily.

Davi had decided to live alone the rest of his life,
and enjoy all the advantages this had to offer him.
His whole attitude to life was helping him to feel
very excited about everything.

He was the king of his castle;    and he didn’t even
have a dog, or any other pet, to keep him company.
It was him, his computer, and his mobile.
Absolute freedom  —  and a huge fun experience.


The Buddha


” No one saves us but ourselves.
No one can and no one may.
We ourselves must walk the path “.

Siddhartha Gautama
c. 563/480  –  c. 483/400 BCE


The word alone has different meanings,
and a number of implications, not necessarily
For many people being alone means negative
things altogether.

Yet nowadays more people increasingly, 
easily prefer to live alone    especially
adult women.
Actually, it seems that living alone may be one
of the most pleasant experiences one can have.

Also, in our today’s society most people have
become egocentric, caring only about themselves;
their need to be free and totally flexible in their
life, without bothering about greater issues.

Obviously, since human beings are social
animals, they enjoy being in the company of
other people, for the many benefits and pleasures
this has to offer.

Being alone can offer a quantity of surprising
But although embracing solitude can be very
enriching and beneficial to your health;
certainly at the same time, you have to be 
extremely careful not to go to extremes.

Because, too much isolation will definitely have
negative repercussions to your physical and
mental health.


Swimming by the Boat


The Gold Bricks


Here are the disadvantages of living alone:

1)     You can develop self-critical and fault
finding thoughts, that make you feel you are
a loser and a failure;
so you do not belong to be around other people.

2)     You can start feeling lonely and socially
isolated, leading to anxiety and depression.

3)     You can start neglecting your physical
health;    by adopting an unhealthy diet, by
leading a sedentary lifestyle, and by living
in a dirty environment;
and this will certainly lead to a shorter life.

4)     You can start feeling the lack of company,
and begin to be seriously bored.
This distressing state of mind will force you to
start seeking the company of other people,
whoever, in order to feel more comfortable.

5)     You can feel insecure and unsafe, in general;
and especially whenever you are sick, or you
need to see a doctor, or if you have a sudden
illness, and there is no one to help and support you.

6)     You do not have anyone to help you with your
every day house chores and other tasks, inside
and outside the house.

7)     You have no one to talk and share your fears,
laughs, feelings and emotions;
and this will contribute to overuse of the telephone
and the internet, with various consequences.




Primrose Path


Enjoying living alone is a habit that can be learnt;
and you can be totally happy, and actually take
pleasure in solitude.
Adopt the following steps, so you can start loving
living alone:

a)     Start by feeling comfortable being alone.

b)     Develop a positive mental attitude, and have
an optimistic viewpoint.

c)     Reflect on yourself, and your whole life by
considering and acknowledging your goals.

d)     Do not be critical, demanding, analytical, or
looking for perfection.

e)     Live your life as you would if you had company.
Do all the same things like, eating out, going to the
cinema or theatre, etc.    but alone.

f)     Walk in nature, listen to the music, take any
sport you like, or attend to plants and flowers.

g)     If you do need some interaction, get a pet.

h)     Use social media to connect with other humans,
and share interests.

i)     Develop various activities, and different hobbies:
read, write, learn, blog, draw, paint, play computer 
games, or start any craft projects.

j)     Talk to the various people you meet every day,
you know them or not.


Post Box


Good Fortune


The following are the main benefits of living alone:

a)     Time alone will give you the opportunity to clear
and refresh your mind, reflect and realise who you
really are and what you want from your life;
and make better decisions accordingly.

b)     You will be able to concentrate and focus more
efficiently to your work, becoming more creative
and more productive.

c)     You will certainly feel more independent and
absolutely free to do all the things you want, whenever
you wish;
you will be able to develop your own personal routines.

d)     You will find that you enjoy all your relationships
much more, and appreciate all the advantages you 
get from them.

e)     As the time goes, you will be feeling more
self-assured, satisfied and positive about
living alone;

and you will learn to trust your instincts.

f)     You will know that you are responsible only for
yourself, and that the only person’s happiness you will
need to worry is your own.

g)     You will definitely have all the time to relax and
feel in peace, without any external distractions.

h)     You will be able to develop a great variety of
friends, acquaintances and other contacts;
as a consequence, you will be feeling more comfortable
and connected.

i)     You will have total and absolute control over your
own life, on your own terms, in your own privacy,
without interference or intervention.


Boats in Harbour


End Of The Line


Remember, it is absolutely vital for you to know
the difference between healthy and negative
time alone.

You do need to feel creative, reflective, pleased,
fulfilled, and happy altogether.
You do need to find the right balance in order to
enjoy your life.

Never forget    Being Alone does not mean
Being Lonely, which is a completely different
and sickening thing.

” In Solitude the mind gains strength,
and learns to lean upon itself “.

Laurence Sterne
1713  –  1768

” Seclusion is the price of greatness “

Paramahansa Yogananda
1893  –  1952

Good Luck!








Sao woke up this morning with a heavy and dark
negative feeling.

Her eyes were unwilling to open, her mouth and
lips were as dry as dessert sand,
and her body
completely unmotivated to move at all.

Although she had an extremely busy day in front
her, her mind was dull and flat, and she knew
her whole 
body was absolutely unfit to be seen

She was feeling very irritable, resentful and
generally in a
bad mood.
I must try to feel more positive and get my
I’ve so many jobs to do today, and I don’t

feel alive in any way to pursue them.

She thought, while putting a huge amount of
to try and get out of her bed ……




Out – And – Out


Your thoughts create your emotions.
So, the way you think and feel will shape the
course of your actions

So if you wake up worried, concerned and
frightened about your daily obligations and
commitments, your whole
day will be another
stressful experience.

In order to be in control of your thoughts, every
morning when you wake up ask yourself a few
powerful questions like,

What can I do today to make this new day
for me?,

What do I have to look forward to this new day?,

What are the things I am grateful for in my life?“.

These questions will put your mind in to a positive
and happy mode for the rest of the day.

But you know by now that you are in full control
of your thoughts.
Consequently, you have the 
choice to begin
your day feeling positive and
full of energy to
face your day’s challenges.


Flowering Bush


Hot Leads


Follow the mentioned suggestions to wake up feeling
positive, and stay active, productive and happy
throughout the day, every day:

a)     As soon as you wake up each morning, stay
still and relaxed,
breathing naturally and trying
gently and smoothly
to enter the reality of your

b)     Stretch your whole body well in every direction,
and yawn widely to feel the energy flowing inside

c)     Breathe deeply, smile, even laugh, and feel

Keep your mind empty at this stage, so you can
calm and peaceful.

d)     Oppose any negative thoughts now entering
your mind,
and focus only on all positive and
pleasant things
about your day.

e)     Try to stay only in the present moment in order
to feel serene and joyful.
Ignore completely any thoughts connected to past
or future events.

f)     Prioritise your jobs and all your tasks, and
whatever is not important, essential or

g)     Pursue only positive things during the day like,
going to a club/gym, talk to someone you like, a
friend or a family member, cook a
healthy meal,
get absorbed in your chosen hobby, or enjoy whatever
work you do.

h)     Stay away from people, places, situations, and
whatever else
makes you feel stressed, anxious and
generally unhappy.

i)     Listen to the music of your choice, laugh, have
fun, eat nutritious food, and enjoy all the little things
in life.

j)     Deal with all your daily challenges and other
problematic situations in the best
way you can,
staying calm and focused.

k)     Every now and then, stop and reflect on your
emotions, feelings and concerns, and act accordingly.


When you arise in the morning , think of what
a precious privilege it is to be alive  —  to breathe,
to think, to enjoy, to love .

Marcus Aurelius
121  –  180


Realise that you are in control of your day;
and choose
to make it a wonderful and outstanding
one for

Be mindful and aware of each day;
because every passing day is a bonus to embrace,
and be thankful for.


Each morning we are born again.
What we do today is what matters most .

Siddhartha Gautama
c.563/480  –  c.483/400 BCE

Have a beautiful and peaceful day!





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Rik always said he will never retire    but that
was then.   
Now,   I really got tired with that terrible
commute twice
a day, every day;
being stuck in that horrible
traffic jam for
miles and hours.

 And on top of that, having to be a slave to
my mobile all the time, just in case;
and to be working for more than sixty
hours a week , he said 
to us one day.

 So finally after very long thinking, I am
totally ready to announce my final
I have decided to quit my job for good.

 I know what you’re thinking;
at this early age of only forty seven  —  but
I can’t 
continue this way of life any longer.
I’ve had enough of it.

I need to move on and try something new, to
do things I like, to come and go as I please,
and to feel more relaxed.
I’m going to move to a more comfortable city,
down a bit, and live more peacefully ,
he continued.

I have no family obligations, and my wife is
in full
agreement with me.
I do want to take my life back before it’s too late ,
he finished, feeling very enthusiastic about his
next steps.

Time went, and Rik quit his job, sold his fully
house at a very good price, and moved
to a seaside town.

We met him a few weeks ago, and asked him
how he
was doing.

Looking pleased and carefree he said,
I feel really wonderful;
I don’t have to wake up early morning 
the alarm, I don’t need to commute anywhere
bother with work responsibilities and
pressures, or eat
unhealthy lunches any more.

I now spend my time reading, writing, socialising,
taking long walks by the sea and enjoying nature,
at last.

I really feel peaceful and greatly satisfied with
my life and myself , he said to us smiling happily.




Brown Study


Retirement is the act of retreating, withdrawing,
pulling out, departing, backing down.

In our modern world most people can not afford
to retire
from their work;
either this is at the traditional retirement age,
or take early retirement in their forties, or at any
age at
all  —  unless they have a large investment
behind them to support their living.

The point here is to realise that, if you decide to
from any kind of work, you will move from
your build-up
financial stage to your disposal one.
And this can be extremely
challenging and very

Retirement is a colossal change in your current

You are going to start a new chapter in your
a long journey, kind of similar to getting
married for
the first time.

On the other hand, there are those people who
are so completely ready to retire early, in order
to pursue their dreams.

On top of all these, a good number of people
that if they retire from whatever job
they are doing,
they will have no purpose in
their life, and they will lose their identity.

But the thing is, if you are mentally and
emotionally prepared;
as well as financially planned and arranged,
by using 
clever and calculated spending and
saving, then you will 
be able to retire at any age
you wish, without worries about your future.




Rough Guide


If you are thinking of taking the big step to quit
working early, do not just hope that you will live
happily ever after.

You do need to develop a complete and comprehensive
plan, as well as feeling very enthusiastic about it,
in order to have a really successful and happy


a)     Mental and Emotional Preparation


Consider the following:

1)     Is your job your main purpose in life.

2)     Does your job define who you are.

3)     Can you live without your daily work responsibilities
         and routines.

4)     Can you live without your constant interaction
         with your work friends.

5)     Can you live around your partner on a full time basis.

Whichever way you feel, you have to take all the 

necessary steps to put things right for your new
way of life.


b)     Physical and Social Assessment


Determine the following:

1)     Are you fit and healthy to develop various
         activities like, walking every day, go swimming,
         cycling, golfing or other sports.

2)     Are you competent to join a leisure club or
         a gym to keep busy.

3)     Are you interested in reading books, researching
          and writing.

4)     Are you interested in socialising with other people.

5)     Do you like sitting in coffee shops and restaurants.

You will need to be doing some of the above
things to fill up your free time, which
will be plenty at
this stage.


Tree by the Sea


Quiet Ecstasy


c)     Financial Preparation


At this stage of disposal you need to be absolutely
prepared, in order to be able to support your new
lifestyle for the rest of your life.

Here is a guide for you to do so:

1)     Estimate the value of your house when it will be sold.

2)     Add in all your savings from various accounts.

3)     Estimate your traditional pension at sixty five or so.

4)     Add in any capital from a private pension scheme
you can take out when you are above fifty five.

5)     If your total capital is not going to be enough to 
support your lifestyle as long as you are alive,
and invest an amount of your choice
wisely in order to
keep your funds growing.

You can also purchase a pension plan, if necessary,
or add to an
existing one, if you have.

6)     If your total capital is enough or more, then keep
your money in various savings accounts like,
an instant savings and a couple of time deposits,
and use the
funds as necessary to support
your living.

As a guide, if you want to retire in your forties or so,
you need
to have your annual current spending
multiplied by 30.
 £25,000×30=£750,000 )

7)     Always have a retirement budget, and track your
Make lists every day of all your expenses;
write down
everything you spend during the day.

Also, your monthly total must include any debts
credit cards or loans.

This way you will always know what to eliminate 
or reduce to balance your finances, and feel confident
and safe.
Avoid at all costs any temptations to overspend;
find your happiness in various experiences.


d)     Other Considerations




It is very wise to downsize, and dispose off all the items
you will not need or use any more.

Also, you could rent, or even better you can lease
a small car for your convenience;
in order to avoid the usual maintenance expenses like,
insurance, road tax, service, road assistance and MOT.


Health Insurance


Find and buy a private and reliable health insurance
policy, that covers all your needs currently and in the
future, especially hospitalisation.


If you follow all the above suggestions for a holistic 
approach, and plan and calculate everything very
carefully, you will enjoy a happy and healthy

Do not base your retirement future on just hope.
Determine what your dream is and make it happen.


Enjoy your retirement!!



Bona Fide!


Hi there!


They all met in their usual bar for an evening out,
and a good private chat about their issues of interest.
What are your experiences of being  middle aged  
now? Emi asked.

It’s a bit of a challenge to feel very positive and 
maintain my beauty, when I see my ageing face and
body in
the mirror every morning Ele replied.

I find it somewhat demanding to keep so much
active or to think so quickly as before;
sometimes I prefer to take it more
slowly in
general  Mar said.

For me it seems to be the emotional  side that is
more difficult to handle;   many times I caught myself
not feeling so happy as I used to previously Cat said.

I understand all these issues you mention, because
I feel similarly at times.
But I must say that, I personally see a huge benefit
being at this age now.
I do feel completely free to be myself Emi said and
And she did mean it, absolutely.


Woman pondering


Twenty – Four Carat


Life can be ambitious and overwhelming when you
are going through the middle age years;
that is
between the ages of forty five ( 45 ) and sixty
five ( 65 )
years old.

Some people fight this, while some individuals deny
it altogether.
A number of people get depressed, and some others
become completely confused and puzzled.

But at the same time for many people, this period
can be a very powerful, satisfying, successful and
stage in their life.

In order to feel really positive about your middle
age years, you need to practise the one and most
important thing for you    and this is Self Love.

This is the time when you need to examine carefully
what direction your life is taking, and work towards
this target.
Life is all about moving forward, and experience
whatever is coming your way.


Red Cactus


Manna From Heaven


Here are a number of benefits you enjoy at this
twenty ( 20 ) year stage of your life:

a)     You feel you have collected valuable experience
and knowledge during the previous years;
and as a result, you can now develop and improve
your life as necessary.

b)     You know that each and every day offers you
a new opportunity to love and be loved.

c)     You recognise that life is too short;
so you try to enjoy every moment, follow your
passions, and you are really grateful for your
total existence.

d)     You realise that you deserve to live in peace
and harmony;
consequently, you do not allow other people  to
destroy your well-being and happiness.

e)     You are not afraid to be yourself, and support
your beliefs and the things that are important
to you.   

f)     You still feel you possess the female sex appeal,
to attract other people to you.

g)     You acknowledge and value highly your own
worth and qualities;
you do not rely on your external appearance any
more as when you were younger, and you do
like yourself for that.


Balcony Scene


Common Sense


The fundamental thing to consider here is the
actual freedom you have from now on, like:

1)     Not having to try hard to succeed in your
profession any more.
2)     Not having to try and please anybody
apart from yourself.
3)     Not having to feel guilty about any personal
or professional issues.
4)     Not having to compete for anything in your
life any more.
5)     Not having to feel stressed and anxious
about missing deadlines.

Believe that now you are at the heyday of your

strength, patience and understanding.

You are free to express yourself as you feel.
You are free to accept your appearance as it is.
You are free to accept your whole life.
You are free to just be.

Growing old is your biggest advantage and benefit,
because not everybody does.

Honour and celebrate your age.

You are here  —  Now !






Hi there!


……..” I don’t know what to do;    I feel stuck
and confused, it wasn’t meant to be like this.
My life is desolate and empty;    and I feel so very
lonely    although I seem to have a good marriage,
a fantastic home, a beautiful car, and enough
money to spend.

It still feels as if I can not move on with my life,
follow the path I want;    I can not live the
life I’ve
always wished.
How can I break free now and be myself?
I feel so helpless!

But, just a minute!   I do have the Choice!
The Choice of my thinking, the Choice of my
feeling, the Choice of my doing, and the Choice
of my whole being.

I can refuse to do things as usually, and I can stop
being captive to my old routines.
I have the power to move forward and pursue
new goals.
I am willing, eager and ready to carry out the 
change in my life ……..”


Rock and Mountain


Breathing Space


In our every day life we have to face a succession
of challenges and messages, in order to be able to
reach higher levels of consciousness.
While this is happening during our every day living,
it is 
possible that we can become stuck  on very

This is happening only because we have already
created a certain cage according to our personal
reality, in which we live.
As a consequence, we are not able to see the big
In order to improve the situation and evolve, we 
need to change our whole mindset and attitude.

The Reasons of Feeling Stuck


a)     You have nothing to look forward to.
It is absolutely vital to have goals to achieve, so
that your life has a purpose.

b)     You live in fear of any change.
It is important to experience different new things
in your life in order to feel fulfilled.

c)     You are a perfectionist.
Nothing in life is perfect;   so learn not to expect
too much from yourself or any one else.

d)    You feel worthless and you do not love yourself.
Self love is necessary for feeling happy, as well as
realising that the most important person in your
life is You.

e)     You live a very stressful life.
You need to relax and prioritise your tasks, obligations
and responsibilities in order to feel more satisfied, 
as well as learning to be patient with your 

f)     You do not appreciate your good luck.
Certainly you need to be grateful for all the things
you have in your life, and never compare yourself
with other people.

g)     You are not capable of recognising  yourself
as a separate individual.
Definitely you need to understand your own values.

h)     You have negative influences.
Certainly you need to avoid associating yourself
with negative people in order to start feeling more
positive in your own life.


Ocean Rocks


High Signs


Here are some signs for you to identify whether
you are actually stuck:

1)     You have no interest, energy, enthusiasm or
any motivation at all to do anything.

2)     You are complaining and moaning all the time
about everything, as well as criticising and accusing
every body else.

3)     You have become a cynic, distrusting people’s
motives, and accepting every situation considering
it to be 
futile and worthless.


The Realisation of Feeling Stuck


Understand the following facts whenever you
find yourself stuck:

i)     Realise that your mind has been trained to
believe certain things, and behave accordingly.
Feeling stuck is only a feeling;
and not a fact of life.

ii)     Realise that feeling stuck means that you 
have reached the edge, and now you need to
change your course:    your heart, your mindset,
your attitude, your routines and habits.

iii)    Realise that you need to accept your
without resistance , and surrender to
being stuck.

The situation will improve because it is only in
your mind.


The Questions to Ask


Ask yourself the following when you feel stuck
in order to help yourself make the change:

a)     Who you want to be, and what you want
to do with your life from now on.

b)     Do you need to distance yourself from your
current circle of relationships:   close friends,
relatives or family;    in order to become a more
positive and happy person.
Draining and toxic people must be eliminated
from your life.

c)     Do you need to change your own attitude, 
and start thinking more positively about yourself.

d)     Do you need to start feeling more grateful
for what you have in you life right now, as well
as everything else around you.

e)     Do you always find different excuses for not
doing anything to change your current situation.
If you do, or you are afraid, worried and anxious,
stop this immediately, and start acting.


Road Rocks


The Getaway


Here are the suggestions about what you can
do to free yourself:

1)     Realise that your life is your own responsibility.
Consequently, be honest with yourself and decide
to change the way you look at things;
change your whole mindset.

2)     Decide to stop paying any attention to whatever
other people think and say;
otherwise you will be their prisoner forever.
Listen only to your soul, and free yourself once
for all.

3)     Decide to take action now without giving
excuses any more.

Feel confident, motivated, fearless, and move

Stop being apathetic, and take all the necessary
steps now.

Focus only on what you need to do in order to
bring about change.

4)     Feel grateful for what you have in you life.
Find joy and fulfilment, satisfaction and pleasure
in all the things life has given you until now, without
comparing yourself to any one else.

5)     Realise that it is absolutely pointless to blame
any body else for your current situation.
Search and find the actual reasons within yourself,
and take full control of your own life.

6)     Understand that the way you feel is not the
reality of the things.
So avoid fantasising and having high expectations;
but keep your mind and emotions under full control.

7)     See the big picture and think positively.
Set new goals for yourself, and feel continuously
motivated to pursue them.

8)     Understand that there is always a solution to
any problem    perhaps not the one you would
like, but nonetheless, the solution is there.

9)     Be flexible, explore all your options, and choose
the one that suits you most.
This is the only way you will become unstuck.




Mental Image     


Feeling stuck is necessary, so that you can enjoy
better things coming your way.
Living is difficult, but you can make it an
enjoyable experience.

Feel good and positive, and accept your current
Be authentic and patient, grow internally, and 
focus on your goals and desires without ignoring
your best supportive relationships.

It is absolutely and utterly your personal choice,
whether you will spend the rest of your life
and feeling fearful, negative and

or you will be powerful, positive and strong to
move forward to where life takes you.

It is a clear fact that if you really want to do
you will always do it  (unless you are
seriously ill without any hope of surviving).

Clear your head, be determined, driven and
and start living now.

Conquer all!





Hi there!


It was  Friday night, and Val got ready to go out
with his friends, as he usually did.
They met at the Oriole Bar around ten o’clock, and
took their usual seats by the bar.

Val ordered his regular finest cocktail, Ile De Re.
They sat there talking, laughing and having a good
time enjoying themselves.

The time was going, but he kept on ordering new
drinks until the early hours of the morning.

The only thing he remembered next day, was waking
up in his bed, midday Saturday, being really sick.
He was still feeling terribly dizzy, his head being so
tight and tense, and his stomach really upset.

Val was suffering one of his worst hangovers.
Why did I stay out so late and kept on drinking?,
he thought suffering.

He tried to get a glass of water, moaning about his
I desperately need to find a better purpose to get
out of bed every morning;   and stop wasting my
life this way, any more , he said to himself loudly
this time.

I do need to find my Ikigai ” ……….


Tree over flowers


Raison D’ Etre


Ikigai is a Japanese concept;
it is an approach to life, meaning “a reason for living”.
It is a specific lifestyle that balances self-awareness,
a sense of purpose, healthy nutrition and activities,
financial stability and spiritual connection to the
world;    in order to support your general well being.

According to Japanese tradition, every person on
earth has an Ikigai.
It can be anything:
from your partner in life, your profession you enjoy
every day, a specific goal you want to achieve, your
religious beliefs or a hobby you take pleasure in.

It is an absolutely personal thing;    and it can change
during your lifetime, according to the various stages
you are going through as you grow older during
the years.

Having a purpose in your life not only it will enhance
your longevity, but also it will help you to have a much
improved way of life during the years.

Also it will make you feel more positive about yourself
and the whole world;    as well as bringing fulfilment
and special meaning to all the things you do.

Ikigai is your purpose in life    your driving force.
When you discover it you will feel contended, joyful,
balanced, peaceful and totally happy your entire life.



Whole Idea


Purpose is Meaning, and it should never be confused
with Pleasure which is Enjoyment.
Your ikigai must be something that makes your life
worth living, and at the same time it takes some
effort to achieve.

Consider carefully and decide if you have any
specific activity that gives meaning to your every
day life, and makes you feel excited and

As soon as you determine which one it is, practise
it enough time so that it becomes your purpose.


The Master Plan

Designate a specific free time to sit down and

create a well thought list to help you find your
purpose ( Ikigai ).

Consider and start as follows:

a)     What makes you joyful and happy at this 
stage in your life.

b)     What is your gift and talent that you really
enjoy, and you are totally absorbed when you
are pursuing it.

c)     What are your beliefs;
is there anything you would like to change.

d)     What is your special skill;  
a service which you enjoy practising and people
would like to pay for.

e)     What are your achievements until now.

*       Write down everything that comes in to your

mind, without discriminating anything.

      Direct your attention to the general picture, first.

      Then think about how your answers to the above
mentioned list relate between them.


Take your time and keep on thinking about them
very carefully until you find the solution.
Certainly the right answer will appear before too
long;    and this will reveal your Ikigai.



Vanishing Act


Your ikigai after retirement from any kind of job.

If you happen to find your purpose in your

profession and work, you will certainly feel really
empty and lost when you decide to retire.

According to various studies, when people retire
and have no other mission in their life, they become
more prone to different illnesses and other
health problems.

In this case, you do need to examine and recognise
the specific reason (apart from financial) you liked
doing the work you did.
Further, you must decide how you can apply this or
any part of it in your current and future life.

Definitely you need to start taking action immediately,
in order to create a healthy and happy retirement
for yourself.
If this is not applicable, start searching for a new
mission for the rest of your living;
to give value to your life and make it worthwhile.




Wrapped Around Finger


Here are the best guidelines for a purposeful, 
pleasant and contented life:

1)     Always stay eager, energetic and enthusiastic.
2)     Slow down your pace and start enjoying things.
3)     Surround yourself with supportive people.
4)     Live in the present moment.
5)     Feel grateful for everything around you.
6)     Connect with nature.
7)     Take some form of exercise on a daily basis.
8)     Smile to people you meet every day.
9)     Always keep on learning.

If you are like all these millions of people, who live

routinely every day, caring only about their obligations
and responsibilities, make this year the one that gives
a new meaning and purpose to your life.

Accomplishment and contentment are vital for a
satisfied life.
You need to have something to live for    a mission.

Pursue it as a priority, before it is too late.

What is your mission in life??