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Bo was getting ready to attend his usual morning

He put his jacket on again, took his files and walked
the conference room.

He sat at his regular chair and waited until all his
were collected in order to start the presentations.
Finally the meeting started, and went on for a couple
of hours.

Bo was slouched at his seat, supposedly paying the
necessary attention,
but his mind had already wandered
off to all the things
he needed to do during the day.

All of a sudden, he heard the speaker asking him his
about the action of a specific point mentioned,
his expert reply.

Bo looked at him, his face expressionless, because he
not remember any of the points raised during the

He had no idea when his mind went off track and missed
all the vital points of this very important meeting.

He felt very unhappy and really sorry for his behaviour……….


Motorized Paraglider


Eagle – Eye


Attention is the most important means to lead a normal
and happy life.
We need to pay attention to our relationships, to our
to our day to day activities like, walking, cooking,
shopping, and everything else we do.

If you focus your mind on whatever you are currently
doing you will enjoy a good number of cognitive and
emotional benefits.
Not only attention is a source of satisfaction and pleasure,
but also what you focus on will shape your mind.

Attention is the search light that finds the target and
draws it into your brain    and in a wider sense,

Consequently, you do need to learn,

(a)   to place and keep your attention only where it is
truly needed,

(b)   to remove it easily and quickly from anything
troubling, disturbing or useless.

Being able to fully concentrate your mind is the absolute
basis to improve your life and yourself.


In our modern culture, most people’s minds wander
away into rumination, reflection and daydreaming,
and analysing, designing and organising;
and all these take place during half of their waking
and is causing them to feel generally miserable.

Certainly, there are many reasons why people are not
able to pay the necessary attention like:

1)     Ancestral heritage to be easily distracted for better
and longer survival.
2)     Natural temperament and individuality.
3)     Various traumatic experiences causing them to
in specific ways.
4)     Countless external and internal stimuli in modern

5)     Accepting and believing in multitasking.
6)     Counting on and taking things for granted.


Blue Berries


Sherlock Holmes


The human brain is very competent;
it can change and develop according to the current
It is extremely flexible, and it will shape to any new
messages it receives.

The following exercises will help you develop better
focus and concentration:

a)     Direct your attention to ever-present events that
happen repeatedly like, watching people’s interactions
in shops and in the streets;   or checking carefully
product labels in the super market.

b)     Take your time and simply look very slowly at
different pictures in your house or at a gallery.

c)     Go for a slow walk and pay serious attention to
ever is around you like, nature, trees, buildings,
sea, people walking, etc.

d)     Focus your mind on various sounds like, birds
cars driving through, music in your radio,
running water.

e)     Look after and care for your pots and plants in
house, and any other flowers.

f)     In your kitchen, make a conscious effort to concentrate
in your cooking, cleaning or washing the dishes.

g)     Whenever you are faced with various distractions
temptations, try to handle them properly and always
in charge of your thoughts and actions.

h)     Always enjoy the benefit of a short break from your
task;   because on your return you will be able to focus
better on it and bring better results.

Also, it is absolutely vital to practice disconnecting
completely from any disturbing fixations, obsessions
and delusions.
Keeping your attention under control you will improve
your total well-being.


Big Bush


Bring To Bear


Use the following procedure to start your paying
attention process;
and at any other time you notice
your focus is petering
out, in order to bring it back
to whatever you are doing.


*     Take a few deep breaths and relax.
Now decide within yourself to become fully aware of
anything you want to do.

    Now remember all the things that make you feel
safe, protected, pleased and very positive about your life.

*     Feel satisfied, fulfilled, happy and peaceful to focus
your attention and enjoy your activity.

Pay attention in order to think and decide.

Pay attention in order to understand and create.
Pay attention in order to find enjoyment and pleasure.

Do focus on what is meaningful and important,
useful and valuable to you.

Good luck !!







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Ed was going through a very tough time.
He had a great career, but that required him
to work sixty or more hours per week;
which not only gave him a lot of stress, but
also prevented him from having a balanced
and happy personal life.

Now he was seriously considering leaving
his top job and becoming an author;
something that would allow him to feel more
relaxed and be in control of his time and life.

Ed was really struggling, being utterly divided
and not knowing at all what to decide.

On the one hand, he had a very well paying
job with possibilities of further promotion;
and on the other he was thinking of an
enjoyable and comfortable lifestyle, but with
very much less money to go around.

How can I make the right decision!
I don’t even know what the best decision would
be for me.
I can’t see the future, so I must decide considering
only the way I feel at the moment, and the life I
want to lead from now on  —  extremely difficult .

He kept on thinking and feeling heavily pressed
and stressed more and more, for some time now ……




Policy Change


Every day in our life we are required to make 
various decisions, either small and simple or
massive and life changing.
Making the right decision is absolutely vital if
we want to live a rewarding and happy life.

The majority of people do not realise that their
decisions have serious repercussions, not only
in their 
own life but many times in the life of others.

The thing is, every single decision you make
in your everyday life, shapes who you are currently
who you will become in the future;
as well as your entire

Your whole life is decided and created by the 
decisions you make;    and this is all about paying
attention to your own intuition and gut feelings,
your knowledge, intelligence and judgement.
All these of course deriving from your personal
life experiences.

For most people, it is very common to use their
imagination, and place themselves into the 
new reality before they decide.
This is happening because they do not have enough
information as well as any personal knowledge
of the 

For major decisions, many individuals decide to
endure various hardships, discomfort and even
suffering in order to discover who they will become
in the future;    while others very well choose
to keep and accept the way of life they currently lead.




The Guilty Parties


Since people have to make decisions every day,
frequently some of these decisions are not
productive, rewarding or beneficial in any way,
due to the following reasons:

1)     Lack of enthusiasm, excitement and passion
about deciding on the specific issue(s).

2)     Fear, concern and doubt about the outcome.

3)     Many complications, obstacles and difficulties
to handle.

4)     Lack of answers and solutions for fixing the
point in question.

Making decisions is a demanding and laborious 
If you decide correctly you will feel free, contented,
happy and in peace in your future life    but it can
be a very complicated process to find the right




Strong As Brandy


If you want to make productive and rewarding big
decisions you will need to take your time and
consider very carefully all your options.
The following steps will help make your decision
process easier:

a)     Understand that your decision will start a chain
of new events to happen.
So be absolutely certain of who you want to be and 
how your life will change.
Have a complete life plan, and visualise yourself in
your future.

b)     First of all, you must follow your clear instinct,
your gut feeling.
Then start examining and evaluating the advantages
and disadvantages of your choices.

c)     If you wish to feel more certain and safe about
your decision, and avoid any problems and mistakes,
do your research and investigation on your choice.

d)     Decide and take all the necessary actions to 
complete and conclude your decision.
You must accomplish your final goal.

e)     Take pleasure in pursuing your decision.
Have fun on the way and savour the process.
Feel positive, motivated, creative, confident and


Colourful Flowers


Magnum Opus


During our life we are required to make huge 
decisions that feel hard and complicated.
Some examples of these life changing decisions are:

   Deciding or Changing Career.
   Selling or Buying a House.
   Getting Married and having Children or not.
*     Changing Country of Residence.

Also, there are some points to consider when making
any decision:

a)     There is never a guarantee that your final 
decision will be the most correct one;
which means that there will always be a risk,
and you should always be prepared for it.

b)     Many decisions can be changed if they prove
to be wrong or unsuitable.
Consequently, you must view this failure as an
opportunity to learn and experience new things.

c)     Do not ever doubt and question your final
Once you have made up your mind, you must
follow it through and experience the journey
no matter what happens at the end.


Sunny Sky


Innate Knowledge


Never ignore or underestimate your intuition.
This inner voice is extremely important to guide 
you in the right direction.

Your instinct connects your subconscious with
your conscious mind, and makes it possible for 
you to figure out, foresee and visualise a specific
situation in your life.

By following your intuition you will be able to
make superior decisions and enjoy a better way
of life.
If you feel the need to develop more this excellent
of knowledge you have, then the following
suggestions will help you:

1)    Seek silence and empty your mind.
Listen only to your inner guide;    notice messages
and understand feelings and emotions you

2)     Gradually and with daily practice you will
learn to believe and feel confident about it.

3)     Now that you have started trusting your gut
feeling, pay complete attention to it in order to
fully comprehend all the hints and messages it
is sending to you.

4)     Every night before you sleep, reflect on all
your daily issues and let your subconscious find 
the solutions you need.

Always remember to notice, observe and listen 
to everything that is taking place around you
every day.

This will give your subconscious much more 
information to enable it to find the best and
right solutions for you, as necessary.

Develop this extremely useful skill and enjoy
all the benefits it has to offer you.

Good Luck!!





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Kay’s life was her work.  
She was so obsessed with it, that all day and
every day she was working.
She was even taking her meals on her desk.

She had reached the stage where she was not
able to focus properly any more, she was irritated
and temperamental all the time.
She never had enough sleep, so she was always
feeling tired and unhappy.

Kay had not realised it, but she was suffering from
chronic stress;   and this was causing her muscle
spasms and weekly long headaches.

”  I must set a limit between my work and my personal
life.   I must change this destructive habit of only
working every day, and add some quality to my life ,
she thought decisively ……….


Whitewater Waves


Elbow Grease


A tension headache is the most common type of
headache, especially among women.
It is not harmful, although it is very uncomfortable,
distressing and exhausting.

A tension headache can be mild, moderate and in
some cases severe.
It can also be acute and chronic;   and it can last
from thirty (30) minutes to six (6) hours, and sometimes
up to seven (7) days.

A tension headache can be felt as a dull and constant
pain on both sides of the head, across the forehead,
the back of the neck, on the top of the head and in
the shoulders.

It happens when the neck and head muscles become
very tense and contract.
A tension headache is a specific type of discomfort,
affects countless people of all ages.




Primum Mobile


The causes of a tension headache are abounding,
and they are as follows:

1)      Stress  ( Most Common Reason )
Sleep Deprivation

3)      Bad Posture during the day.
4)      Irregular Meals
5)      Dehydration
6)      Eye Strain during the day
7)      Muscle Tension
8)      Tiredness and Exhaustion
9)      Bright Sunlight
10)    Loud Noise
11)    Strong Smells
12)    Sleeping on More than Two (2) Pillows
13)    Too Much Cold
14)    Iron Deficiency
15)    Having a Cold or the Flu
16)    Jaw Clenching
17)    Teeth Grinding
18)    Too Much Heat
19)    Bad Posture in bed during the night
20)    Genetic Predisposition to headaches


Bright Sun glitters in The ocean


Shake And Bake


There are many ways to avoid developing a
tension headache.
Here are a few tips to consider:

a)     The most important thing you can do is to
avoid stressful situations, and try to keep your
body and mind in a relaxed state.

b)     Drink enough liquids during the day to
hydrate your body.

c)     Take daily moderate exercise for at least
thirty minutes (30).

d)     Sleep at least six (6) hours every night.

e)     Take intervals from whatever you do during
the day and rest yourself.

f)     Avoid caffeine, alcohol and sugar.

g)     Keep the correct posture wherever you are
and whatever you do.

h)     Take Vitamins B, CoQ10 and Magnesium


Glitter in the Water


Elixir Vitae


Whenever you are afflicted by this intense
tension headache do the following to feel better:

a)     Massage Peppermint Essential Oil across
your forehead.

b)     Massage gently the sore muscles on the head,
especially your temples and the back of your head.

c)     Drink Chamomile Tea.

d)     Use acupressure as follows:

Press deeply and firmly LI14  ( He Gu )  point,
located in the fleshy area between the thumb and
the index finger, for one (1) minute using
your thumb, and change hands.

Press softly GV24.5  ( Yin Tang ) point, located
between the eyebrows, for one (1) to two (2) minutes
using your middle finger.

During application breathe deeply and be relaxed.
Apply the pressure until your pain dissolves.

Having an intense tension headache is extremely
annoying and it makes your life very difficult.
You can not focus properly, it is very challenging
to try to think, and quite impossible to work and
fulfil your obligations.

Use the above mentioned natural cures to comfort
yourself and improve this terrible discomfort.

Good Luck !!





In Play!


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All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking .
Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche     1844  –  1900

An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day .
Henry David Thoreau     1817  –  1862

If you are in a bad mood go for a walk.
If you are still in a bad mood go for another walk .

Walking is man’s best medicine .
Hippocrates Of Kos     c. 460 BC  –  c. 370 BC


Solvitur Ambulando


According to research a great number of adults in the
western world spend around three quarters ( 3/4 ) of
their time during the day sitting.

Although sitting feels very good and comfortable, it
has short and long term hazardous effects on overall health.

It has been observed that women who spend more
than six ( 6 ) hours seated every day are in a forty
percent ( 40% ) higher risk to die earlier from any cause.
On the other hand, the ones who sit less than three ( 3 )
hours are healthier and live longer.

The worst situation has been seen among people
over the age of sixty years ( 60 ).
As people age and enter retirement tend to sit more,
an estimated ten ( 10 ) hours on a daily basis.

Physical activity is extremely beneficial to your health.
It affects the body and mind;   it improves the quality
of your life, it increases your lifespan and it is good fun.
You are physically and mentally fitter and more 
energetic;   and certainly you sleep better at night.

Physical activity is a miracle cure for almost everything,
with the added benefit of being free to you.
It is a vital part of a really healthy lifestyle.


Bronze Golfer


Egg In One’s Beer


Working out and being physically active every day
has numerous physical and mental health benefits.


Physical Health

1)       Strengthening the Cardiovascular System
2)       Preventing Osteoporosis
3)       Assisting and maintaining Weight Loss
4)       Preventing Hypertension
5)       Prevention of various Cancers
6)       Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes
7)       Enhancement of Muscular Fitness
8)       Enhancement of general Flexibility
9)       Reduction of high Cholesterol and Triglycerides
10)     Prevention of Stroke
11)     Benefiting Arthritis
12)     Boosting Circulation and removal of Toxins
13)     Boosting the Immune System


Mental Health

1)       Stress reduction
2)       Depression relief
3)       Anxiety alleviation
4)       Self-confidence boosting
5)       Creation of Feelings of Happiness
6)       Cognitive Decline prevention
7)       Brain Power boosting
8)       Memory sharpening
9)       Controlling various Addictions
10)     Increasing Relaxation
11)     Energy and Productivity enhancement
12)     Enhancing Creativity
13)     Aiding Quicker Thinking
14)     Facilitates Better Sleep



Travelling By Foot


Walking is the easiest and simplest way to become
more active, and experience all the above mentioned
health benefits.
On top of that it has the advantage of being completely
without charge.

Walking is the best form of moderate exercise.
It is absolutely natural, you do not need any specific
guidance to learn it, you do not need to have any
special skills and it has an extremely low risk of
any kind of injury.

Walking has always been an important achievement
for humans, as well as separating us from animals.
But nowadays, modern man is walking less and less 
as the time passes.

Walking is ideal for people of all ages and all fitness
levels, and it is generally recommended for its best
health benefits.

Here is how to do it best:

a)     Choose comfortable and supportive shoes,
or trainers.

b)     Wear loose clothing and in layers to be easy 
to remove if hot.

c)     Walk outdoors on the pavements or in nature
for at least thirty ( 30 ) minutes.

d)     When you walk, keep your head up, your neck
and shoulders relaxed, your back straight and swing
your arms freely.

e)     Walk smoothly and in a moderate pace.


A  l  s  o :


*     Make certain, you walk to the shops or walk to the
public transportation or to your work every day,
instead of driving.

*     Try to use the stairs instead of the elevator, at
home or at work.

*     If the weather does not allow, walk inside a
shopping center or similar.

*     When you are at home, try to be active by doing
various chores or moving up and down or just
standing, instead of sitting.


Two Pairs of Shoes


Bottom Line


Our body is built to be in motion in order to
perform well and serve us right.
Consequently, we need to keep it physically active
so that we can be healthy and long lasting.

Motivate and persuade yourself to take all the 
necessary time you need for regular exercise as 
part of your every day life.

Decide now and take charge of your own health.
Start a daily workout plan as of today, and enjoy
all the already established and confirmed health

Good luck !!




The Call!


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A new year, and again the same story.
You start another year believing you really are
strong and
absolutely decided to change yourself
and your life.
This is a very exciting time because you do feel

optimistic and excited about your future.

You are positive and inspired for a new lifestyle.
But as the time goes all your new decisions will have
flown out of the window    and you will not be able
to continue any longer.

The problem is that although you do know what
changes you need to make, you do not have any
specific plan how to go about it, and you do not 
actually know where to start.
Consequently, you fail to succeed once again.

Obviously, it can feel paralysing when you start
considering the heap of actions you will need to take,
but with careful planning, organisation and a lot
of patience, you will come out a winner.


Santa with his Bag


The Stumbling Blocks


In order to be able to conceive and construct the 
changes you want in our life    and make these
changes actually last, the very first thing you need
to find out is to recognise that these changes are
needed, without a doubt.

Then you must consider and understand, what 
is preventing you from taking the necessary
steps to apply these changes to your life.

Some suggestions can be, your fear about the future,
or what other people will say when they learn;
it can also be failure to achieving your goals,
or your
past conditioning, or other people’s
Finally, it can be that you judge yourself negatively.

Changing a habit, a routine or any pattern in
life, and introducing new ones is a very difficult
process and it takes a long time to establish.
Depending how small or big the change is, it can
take from 
two months up to a number of years.

The important thing is for you to be willing and 
committed to your new goals.
Also the biggest secret is to keep on trying until
do create the life you want.

So, be decisive and courageous, and eliminate all
obstacles from your way.
Make a solid plan and start taking all the necessary
steps to achieve your goals.


A rose


The False Moves


The following are some mistakes people make
they start writing their list of resolutions
for the 
new year:

a)     Thinking of goals too distant from their
situation, or too extensive and excessive.

b)     Trying to change too many things at the

c)     Focusing only on results and not how they
feel about achieving the specific goals.

d)     Starting their goal setting exactly on new

When you are writing your resolutions you
should be feeling contented, satisfied and stimulated.

You should be feeling a really strong desire to 
experience all these new things you have in your

You should envisage them so that you become
more dynamic, optimistic, confident and captivated
by your new achievements.

The way you feel is of vital importance.
Set you real intention right and take all the necessary
actions without any distractions and diversions.


Blue Bells


Pie In The Sky


A new year is a new beginning, and an opportunity
to view your life with fresh eyes.
Here are some suggestions to help you start this
new phase in your life:

a)     Decide carefully which areas in your life you
need to improve.
Focus on small changes, and one at a time.
As the weeks and months go, and things are
progressing positively and are established, you will
be able to accomplish your final goal(s).

b)     Believe positively in your success.
If you feel the need for external support to pursue
the changes you want to make, turn to your partner
or a close friend.

c)     Plan, organise and commit yourself to your
Maintain a positive attitude all the way, be
confident and decisive, and avoid any distractions.

d)     Create a vision of your future, and who you
want to be.
Have a clear picture of what exactly you want to do.
Imagine the changes you wish to make, either in
your personal life, or your career, or your relationships.

e)     Be patient and understanding.
If you work hard and you are dedicated to your purpose,
you will certainly be successful.


Red Bouquet


More than that


1)     Appreciate and be grateful for all the things
you already have in your life.
Be thankful for your current circumstances, and
find joy living in the present.

2)     Spend time outdoors, walking in nature and
noticing everything around you.

3)     Develop healthy eating, sleeping and relaxing
habits and practices.

4)     Establish proper daily routines, which will
become the new you, and will enhance your life
from now on.

Obviously, it is absolutely normal to feel nervous
and worried, even fearful sometimes, during this
process of
changing your purposes and lifestyle.

But you must always try to keep your focus on your
pathway, and your goals will be achieved at the end.

Visualise your changes in order to make them look
real;   and then you will be able to see how you and
your future life will become.

Walk towards that direction, and always remember
that nothing is perfect.
Change is a really long, hard and complicated process,
but the future is full of possibilities for you.

Enjoy your life!!








Ari was a beautiful middle-aged woman I had met
sixteen years ago at the spa I used to go;   but we
lost track of each other due to life’s events.

We met by accident that evening, because we were
both invited to that same wedding reception.
I was intrigued how she looked so very comfortable
and happy, and I went to ask her.

My life is getting easier and better as I grow older.
I feel very confident, I don’t care about what other
people say, and I ignore everything troublesome.

There is only one thing that makes me a bit miserable
at the moment    and this is that I’ve put on five
whole kilograms in weight during the last three years.

I must admit that it proves so hard, almost impossible
to get rid of it, even though I do try to be more
physically active every day “……..


Bunch of pink flowers


Passage to Reality


Many people are trying to lose fat in their middle
years.   But this is definitely much more challenging
than losing weight in your younger years.

The main reason is that our metabolism is not so
fast as it used to be.  
On top of that, as the years go our oxygen intake
is being reduced, which makes it more difficult for
people to breathe deeply when we exercise.

Other contributing factors are various medical
and physical problems that make it harder for
individuals to actually exercise, sometimes even in a
moderate pace.

But do not despair, because there are many ways
you can lose excessive fat, and get the results you
want    and all this without going to any gym,
or following weight-loss trends, or doing anything
very strenuous.




Beaten Path


Adopt the following suggestions to help you lose
excess fat and be healthy in the years to come:

a)     Take a measuring tape and calculate your
waist size.
The measurement should be half your height or less.

b)     Make certain you are drinking enough liquids.
Water helps with the body’s metabolism and aids
digestion as well.

c)     Adopt a healthy and nutritious diet at all times;
and have small and more frequent meals,
( breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner ).

d)     Eat lean protein with every meal to prevent
muscle loss    the older you grow the more protein
you need to eat.

e)     Make walking your habit.
Walk every day, any time, any where,
( shops, nature, road pavements, stairs ).

f)     Keep on lifting anything, ( chairs, shopping, etc.),
because by the time you reach the age of fifty years

you have already lost 20% of your muscle mass.

g)     Keep on stretching your body during the day.
The more flexible you are the easier it will be for
you to enjoy any physical activity.


Yellow Flower


Bring To Heel


Our body produces four specific hormones that
possibly are the biggest antagonists in our battle
to lose middle age fat.

1)     First and most important is the hormone Cortisol.
This hormone is released at times of stress and
continually during chronic stress.
It contributes to abdominal fat accumulation, in order to
prepare the body for a combat situation.

The only way to fight excess release of this hormone
is to eliminate most stress from your life.

2)     Second is the hormone Testosterone.
This hormone declines naturally with age;   and
as a consequence, our metabolism slows down,
we lose muscle mass, and we gain weight.

The way to encourage this hormone to continue
being produced is to be physically active and
exercise regularly.

3)     Third is the hormone Ghrelin.
This hormone is released when we are hungry and
we need to eat.
Many times we eat without actually being hungry,
but only thirsty.

The simple way to fight this hunger hormone is
by keeping your body well hydrated.

4)     The last hormone to keep under control is
the hormone Leptin.
Leptin is the one that controls your body fat stores;
and if it does not signal that we have enough body
fat to survive, we keep on eating even without
being hungry.

The way to control this vicious circle is by eating
only lean foods.


Purple Flower


Shot In The Arm


Here are some further changes for you to make
to help you get in better shape:

a)     Limit or avoid completely eating at restaurants.
Buy and cook fresh healthy foods at your home.

b)     Limit or eliminate entirely drinking alcohol
with or without your meals.

c)     Think positively about your body shape and age.
Associate with people who want to be fit.

d)     Care about your appearance.
Wear only well fitted clothes to look your best.

e)     Be patient, because it takes time to reach your
goals.   Focus only on your target.


Best Lean Snacks


  •     Air-popped popcorn.
  •     Plain yogurt with blueberries.
  •     Plain oatmeal with one full teaspoon protein powder and honey.
  •     Pure jelly with plain cream/cottage cheese and honey.
  •     Plain rice crackers with almond butter and honey.


Losing fat in your middle years is challenging;
but if you make the necessary changes in your life
you will reach your goals.


Make moving part of your everyday life.






Sang – Froid!


Hi there!


Stoicism comes from the Greek word stoa,
meaning porch.

It is a school of philosophy that developed during the
Hellenistic Civilisation, in the 3rd century BCE.

Stoicism was founded in Athens, by Zeno of Citium
in modern Cyprus
( c. 344 BCE  –  c. 262 BCE ), and
very popular during the Roman Empire.
Zeno used to teach his philosophy at the Stoa Poikile

on the north side of the ancient Agora in Athens.

Zeno’s beliefs were influenced by an ancient Greek
philosophy that flourished during the 6th and 5th
centuries BCE,
called Cynicism, and whose teachings
were all about
living in virtue.

Stoicism is considered a way of life.
It teaches us to develop strength of mind and self
control in order to be able to overcome and conquer
our hurtful and destructive emotions.

It also teaches us to use common sense and judgement,
to be bold and brave, to be honest and fair, to be reserved
and self-restrained.

By using logic and intelligence we can understand
and accept the present moment.
The ultimate goal of stoicism is Inner Peace;
this is a lot similar to the teachings of Siddhartha
Gautama, the founder of Buddhism.

It is to lead a happy life and keep on growing mentally.


Tranquil Ocean


Presence Of Mind


Our modern every day life is full of stress, confusion
and negativity.
As a consequence, finding inner peace is so difficult
and exhausting, as trying very hard to find a hiding
place to protect yourself from evil.

If you want to improve,

1)    Your mental health.
2)    Your physical health.
3)    Your total well-being.
4)    Your self-confidence.
5)    Your creativity.
6)    Your productivity.
7)    Your connection with your relationships.
8)    Your whole life experience.


Adopt the following principles:


a)     Recognise that all your emotions are created only
by yourself    and not by any external force.
So, discipline your mind, and keep your thoughts and
attitudes under
complete control.

b)     Realise that there are many things in life you have 
no control over.
So, decide to accept this truth, and stop struggling and wasting
your energy;    as well as being concerned
 and worried about
all circumstances you can not change.

Detach yourself from situations or persons  —   and understand
that the only thing you can ever change is yourself.
Surrender and acknowledge what is.

c)     Learn to live only in the present moment:   that is, here
and now;

because this is the only true time of living.
Make this your habit, and prevent all distractions from
the past or the future.

d)     Pursue learning and growth.
Read books and various writings in order to become more
aware, avoid mistakes, be inspired and take better decisions
in your life.

e)     Have solid beliefs, and stay absolutely true to them.
This way you will be guided towards inner peace and have
better quality of life.

f)     Be caring and considerate.
Always hope for the best no matter what else happens at
the moment.
Believe that all will go well eventually.

g)     Develop emotions only for the things that really
matter to you.
Ignore and discard whatever else is out there.
This is your power to tranquillity and happiness.

h)     Learn to enjoy solitude;
meditate, read or write, sit or photograph nature, do
some breathing exercises, focus on appreciation and

i)     Resolve all unsettled issues in your life thoroughly,
and stay 
true to yourself without hiding or interpreting
things in 
thoughtless ways.
Only then you will feel calm and free.


Green Garden


Bed Of Roses


Living your life in utter confusion by constantly fighting
against everything and everybody is an absolutely 
destructive and deadly obsession.

The most major obstruction to enjoying inner peace is
your assumption that the way your life is at this moment
is not good enough;   so you need to keep on changing it.
Certainly this is an endless route, and it needs to be
addressed as soon as possible.

Learn to face the facts of nature, surrender and accept 
them as they are, without resisting the reality.
Take full responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, 
emotions and actions.

It really is a difficult process, but it can be achieved as
soon as you decide within yourself to start changing the
way you think.
You need to find new ways to improve your life, and 
transform yourself mentally.

Distance yourself from your thoughts;
understand change and the actual relationship you have
with your mind, in order to feel free and peaceful.

Inner Peace is a Choice.
Inner Peace should be your topmost goal.
Learn to make it priority in your life.


Good Luck!!!