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…… “ As long as I remember, since my early twenties
I have been a person who liked collecting material
It started with clothes and jewellery;   then I moved
to money;   later on I started collecting furniture
and other house items.

All these made me feel happy at the time.
Although I went through a number of hardships
during the years, I never realised that all these
things I was gathering did not really matter to me
at all.

A few years ago, I suddenly understood that I had
accumulated much more than I needed in my life.
I was still feeling dissatisfied and disappointed;
and I always felt as if something was missing.

I knew, I needed desperately to take some action.
So I sold most of my jewellery, I disposed of almost
all my clothes, and I sold almost all my furniture
and other home items.

Doing all this took me a couple of years, but I must
admit, afterwards I felt remarkably free and ready
to move on …… “.


Blue Lagoon


Mind Trip


There are many things in this world that are priceless.
But the most invaluable possessions are not our houses,
or our money or our cars.
They happen to be only a few things, which are not
even so obvious  —  and we only realise them when
we lose them.

So here are these few extremely important things in life:


a)     Health

Most people take their health for granted.
They neglect their physical and mental well-being.
They disregard exercise, and as a consequence they
are unfit and overweight.
They forget all about their diet and nutritional needs,
so they feel poorly.

Take all the necessary steps to ensure you are in good
health;    because without it, your life is a hopeless
and intolerable journey.


b)     Freedom

The majority of people do not have complete freedom.
That is, freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom
of change or freedom to be themselves.
Consequently, they live an unfulfilled life and in misery.

Freedom is a choice.
You need to be willing, determined and make sacrifices.

Take action to minimise or eliminate any boundaries
and ties in your life.
Do what really makes you happy, because this is the most
important thing for you.


c)     Purpose

So many  individuals just exist because they were born.
Purpose is the reason you live your life as you do, whatever
that may be.
It is the motive and the passion for you to keep going.

It enriches your every day life with special meaning and
Purpose is your guiding light in the darkness of life.
Live your life with purpose.


d)     Time

All humans on earth have the exact same amount of
in hours every day.
Nobody can ever buy more of it or take back time
already spent.

The way you use your time dictates how successful or
doomed you will be in your life.
Almost all people complain that they never have enough
time to do what they want, and they feel stressed,
anxious and depressed.

But time is always there for them to use it effectively
and efficiently  —  if only they were more organised.

Time is your whole life, and reflects your personal
values constantly.
The choices you make every day.
Use it wisely.


e)     Relationships

Finally, our loved ones are our support in life.
They make it interesting and entertaining.

Cherish them, be honest and sincere with them,
and you will feel happier and at peace.


Orange Flowers


The Bottom Line


These are the five most important things in life
to have.

Make certain that you own them, feel grateful
you do, and always act accordingly.

Life is too short.
So focus on the important and the 
necessary things;
and ignore all the rest.





Ain Zarba!


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It was last summer when Ula had the most
exciting and inspiring holiday of her life.
She now remembers ……..

I was so thrilled about my upcoming trip.

I kept on imagining and planning in great
detail my three-week stay in that wonderful

I packed my suitcase very carefully making
certain I wouldn’t forget anything.
But there was still one thing that was worrying
me  —  actually, I was terrified of flying.

I wished I would be able to close my eyes and
be in my wonderful island.
I was absolutely afraid I could suffer a horrible
attack while flying.

At that moment I remember, I called my friend
Tino to discuss my fears and get his advice.
Carry a bottle of lavender essential oil in your
handbag.   As soon as you start feeling anxious
and panicky, uncap the lavender, hold it under
your nose and breathe deeply until you feel calm ,
he suggested smiling.

Immediately I felt safe, and confident I could now fly.
I must admit, that time I did enjoy my best holiday ever.
Since then, many people have asked me how I did it,
and wanted
to know my secret.

I advise them exactly that;
always carry a bottle
of lavender with you.
Never fly without it ” ………. 




Drop Joint


Essential oils were used by old civilisations 
in ancient Egypt, China and India, as well as in
ancient Greece and Rome.
They were used mainly for their physical and
psychological healing results, their purifying effects,
and additionally for 
hygienic purposes.
They have been used in medicine, for consumption
and in aromatherapy.

Essential oils are the antioxidant concentrates of 
flowers, leaves, wood, peels, seeds, roots and bark
of the plants and trees they come from.

Each oil has its own active ingredients, which
determines its use.

Our daily quality of life relies greatly on the health
of our brain;    and according to research there is
a good number of essential oils that can help us
maintain a healthy mind.

To enjoy the powerful aroma and the benefits of
the essential oils, use the following methods:

1)     You can burn them in a diffuser.
2)     You can rub a few drops in your hands and inhale.
3)     You can massage them on the soles of your feet.
4)     You can rub on your temples and forehead.
5)     You can massage a few drops behind your ears.
6)     You can massage into your body skin blended.
7)     You can add them to your bath water.
8)     You can add them to your drinks and foods.


Selection of Herbs


Hiding Place


 The following four pure essential oils are very
important to achieve optimal brain health:


a)     Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia or Officinalis)

A sweet floral oil possessing calming and sedative
qualities;     it can
    Relieve nervous tension, anxiety and depression
    Help greatly with mental fatigue
*     Promote relaxation and peaceful sleep


b)     Lemon (Citrus Limon)

It comes from the lemon rind, and it is a very fresh
aromatic oil possessing uplifting 
and energising qualities;
it can

*     Calm the mind
    Reduce stress
    Promote clarity and concentration


c)     Peppermint (Mentha Piperita)

A cool and crisp fragrant oil possessing revitalising
and stimulating qualities;    it can
    Support memory and focus
*     Enhance alertness
    Relieve tension headaches
    Boost energy


d)     Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis)

A very refreshing oil possessing invigorating
and stimulating qualities;    it can
*     Improve memory
*     Enhance mental focus
    Improve cognitive performance
    Increase brain-waive activities


When you buy essential oils ensure that they
are the highest quality, and one hundred
percent pure.

Always read the instructions on the bottle
for the use of the specific oil.

Always make certain you are not allergic or
extra sensitive to the specific oil before you
start using it extensively.

This is the only way you will be able to enjoy
their therapeutic benefits.


De Materia Medica

By Pedanius Dioscorides  c.40 – c.90 AD

Volume I : Aromatics



Adam & Eve!


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A human female is an organism that produces egg cells.
The first human female on earth was Pandora.

According to the Greek mythology, Pandora was moulded
from earth by the god of fire Hephaestus, the son of
Zeus, the king of gods, and Hera, the queen of heaven,
following his father’s order.

Pandora was then dressed by Athena, the goddess of wisdom,
daughter of Zeus, and given her name by the god Hermes,
the messenger and son of Zeus.

Pandora was the mother of all human females.


Eve (Temptation)
Pantaleon Józef Szyndler, 1846 – 1905


Drawing Power


Being a female offers a number of advantages.
Here are the most important ones to consider:

a)     Women live longer than men    a whole five ( 5 )
to ten ( 10 ) more years.

b)     Women have a higher pain threshold.
As a consequence, not only it takes more time for the pain
to register in their brain, but also they can tolerate it for
much longer.

c)     Women have a stronger sense of smell, because their
brain contains many more odour detecting cells.

d)     Women’s HDL cholesterol levels are higher than that
of men’s;   consequently, they are better protected against
cardiovascular disease.

e)     Women are much better at remembering various
things and information, while men are more forgetful.

f)     Women’s brain is releasing less quantities of the
neurotransmitter Dopamine.
Therefore, they are less addictive to any substances.

g)     Women develop most fat in their lower body, which
is more protective against heart disease, some cancers
and inflammation.

h)     Women are better communicators in all kinds of
conversations, due to using a larger variety of sentences
and words.


Jules Lefebvre, 1834 – 1912


The Downside


Certainly, being a female has also the following disadvantages:

1)     In many large religions, as well as prehistoric civilisations,
have always been considered as property and inferior
beings, and
they have been judged negatively and treated badly.

2)     No matter how successful women have managed to
in their life, they will always be referred as …. for
a woman .

3)     Women need time to try and look presentable in order
attract the necessary attention and succeed in their

Their appearance has to be appropriate for the occasion, in 
order for them not to be ignored or judged unfavourably.

4)     Women suffer more mental and emotional problems
than men.
As a consequence, and through history, they have been
considered hysterical, neurotic and crazy, and managed
and treated accordingly.

5)     Women suffer monthly menstrual cycles, and go through
the hardest thing ever, which is giving birth.
Also they go through menopause, and lose their fertility.


Creation of Adam (detail)
Michelangelo 1475 – 1564


Line Of Work


According to the Bible, Adam was the first male created
by God, and he is the father of all humanity.

Being a male has a number of benefits, as follows:

a)     According to various studies, men are less likely to 
suffer from chronic stress and anxiety, in comparison
to women.

b)     Men possess much greater muscular strength than
women, and they are taller.
Consequently, they are more able to defend themselves
against various attacks and rape.

c)     In accordance with research, men are less likely to
suffer from depression and other mental illnesses.

d)     Men can continue being reasonably attractive in 
their later years, in comparison to women.
They do not go through menopause, and as a consequence
they can be fertile well into their eighties.

e)     During history, and across different cultures, men
were always more likely to be involved in politics.
Also even today, they can still get better and more well
paid jobs than women, in general.

f)     Men normally feel more confident, bold, fearless,
as well as more comfortable and relaxed doing what
they want.


Lucas Cranach the Elder
1472 – 1553


The Negative Aspect


On the other hand, there are also a number of disadvantages
being a male, as follows:

1)     Men die up to ten years earlier than women do, due to
various reasons.

2)     Males are more hostile, aggressive, destructive and violent.
They can attack each other easily, and be involved in many
criminal activities.

3)     Usually, men tend to act without thinking, so being more
Consequently, they can be drawn in to various difficult, challenging
undesirable situations.

4)     Men are always very sex orientated, most of their life;
which often leads them to complications, problems, and unpleasant
and troublesome circumstances.

5)     Although men can achieve very high incomes due to their
hard and dedicated work, at the same time, they can be extremely
wasteful in very many aspects    and especially when they are
looking to attract mates.

There, you have it all.




The Doctrine!


Hi there!


Last week I met my friend Anj for tea, and again
we discussed the burning issue of dating at an
older age.
Anj is a divorced woman in her fifties, who does
not wish to remain single all her life.

At the same time, she has learnt over the years
to see men as competition and rivalry.
As a consequence, she has always had great difficulty
developing and holding a good relationship.

I do believe you need to change your attitude
radically, if you want to find a partner for yourself “,
I said to her, and continued;
You must make your man feel as if he is in control;
he does need to feel strong and powerful.
So, try to be caring and loving to him.
As I see, until now your manner has been pushing
all the men you meet away .

She looked at me feeling very sceptical, but she
promised to reconsider her beliefs and behaviour
and let me know the results soon ……..


Kissin in the wind


One On One


It is known that a number of middle aged people
wish to stay stuck in their past, and relive their
failures, due to their complete inability to handle
and control their emotions and fears.

But most people in middle age are very interested in
finding romance, and developing a loving relationship,
in a very
similar way to the younger generations.

Although dating can be a daunting experience
at any age, if you are above the age of fifty, this
is extra challenging.

According to research, as far as women is concerned,
most singles worry about dating a man who either
is in poor health, or someone who is in financial
Also another issue they consider is the man’s physical
appearance, which is the first thing that will bring
them together in the first place.

On the other side, most men want to find a much
younger and good looking woman for themselves.

Certainly all these issues come in different degrees,
and they should be considered very carefully if
both sides really want to find love.

The first step though before you even start dating,
is to know yourself, indeed who you are, and
what exactly you want.
Your total attitude will need to be changed to fit
your current circumstances.


Couple Drinking Champaigne


Take Heart


There is a significant difference between young
people and grown up dating.
Older individuals are much more experienced,
they already know who they are and what they
want, and they will not be prepared to waste
their time with games.

Now, there are some things you will need to
forget about if you do want to find love again,
as follows:

a)     The old fashioned idea that the man must
always make the first move.
As an experienced adult person you should already
know how, when and where to approach a man.

b)     Your youthful years of very high expectations.
Realise that there will never be a perfect man or a
perfect woman;
that is, a very attractive and beautiful person with
plenty of money.
What really matters is the person’s character with
a reasonable background.
So lower your standards and be realistic.

c)     The outdated belief that people must accept you
exactly as you are.
Understand that if you want to attract people in your
life you do need to look after yourself physically and
emotionally, as well as taking good care of your

d)     All about your past experiences, either they were
good or bad.
Every person is different and you must give them the
benefit of the doubt    Never compare.


Woman with Feathers


Inside Information


Here is some useful advice for you to follow when going
on your first grown up date:

1)     Have no expectations at all, at this stage.
Have a positive attitude, feel alive and optimistic.

2)     Arrange to meet at a comfortable and cozy public
place for a drink.

3)     Dress smartly and comfortably to suit the occasion.
Try to look your absolute best.

4)     Wear a light make up on your face, mascara and lipstick.
Remember to look after your hair style, too.

5)     Feel relaxed and confident, be likeable and charming.
Have and show humour.
Always make eye contact and be a flirt.

6)     Be kind, loving, intelligent, strong, gentle, feminine,
and smile genuinely.
Be a person who can give and receive.

7)     Keep the conversation simple, easy, refreshing
and interesting.
Search for common passions like, books, films, hobbies, foods.


Stylish Couple


A Thou-Shalt-Not


Make certain you do not do any of the following.

1)     Disclosing your personal financial situation.

2)     Sharing details about your family history.
Only mention quickly if you have any children, and
forget all about your previous circumstances.

3)     Disclosing information about your medical history.

4)     Exhibiting any personal achievements and other
very private information.

5)     Being critical, superficial, frivolous, irrational
and bossy.

6)     Unloading all your emotional and mental issues.

7)     Drinking more than necessary.

8)     Having sexual relations until there is some emotional


Woman with Fur Scarf


Watering Hole


It is absolutely improbable that the right person will
ever come to search for you.
Therefore you do have to get out into the world.
Here are some suggestions for you to follow:

a)     If you like travelling, start this as a hobby.

b)     If you like sports, register with a sports club.

c)     If you want to learn a specific skill, register in a class.

d)     Go to various events like, Museums, Bookstores,
Theatres or Galleries, and speak to people.

e)     Sit in coffee shops and talk to the regulars casually.

f)     If you like animals, buy a dog and walk in the park.

g)     Join a group of your choice like, Hiking, Walking,
Art, Photography, Dining, Cooking or Music.

h)     Register in a Gym/ Leisure Club/Country Club.

i)      Ask your friends whether they can introduce anyone
to you.

j)     Finally, register with various online dating sites.

Always remember that you can still flirt just as well as
the young individuals.
Do not forget that all people want the same things:
to be loved, to be appreciated, accepted and valued,
to be respected and complimented.

Finding romance in middle age and above is really tough.

If you do want to develop a good permanent relationship,
Act Young, Feel Confident, Make the Connection,
Be Flexible and Let your Man be the Star.

Wooing is only a game  —  Play it well ……

Happy Dating !!!






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Walking is man’s best medicine

Hippocrates  of Kos     460BC  –  377BC

The sovereign invigorator of the body is exercise,
and of all the exercises walking is the best

Thomas Jefferson     1743  –  1826

An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day

Henry David Thoreau     1817  –  1862

Everyday I walk myself into a state of well-being and
walk way from every illness

Soren Aabye Kierkegaard     1813  –  1855

Walking is cheap, fun, safe and acceptable exercise

Annie Edson Taylor     1838  –  1921


Forest path


On Foot


Walking is a weight bearing exercise, and one of the
most effective and perfect ways to maintain and
improve your health, fitness and overall well being.

Either you walk all day doing various tasks, or you
hike on hills, or you use a treadmill in the gym, or
you walk in nature, you will definitely reap all
health benefits and increase your activity levels.

In your middle years, that is between the ages of
forty five ( 45 ) and sixty five ( 65 ), you will need
to walk one and a half kilometre in fifteen ( 15 )
You will need to walk a total of three ( 3 ) kilometres
in half an hour.

Walking is low impact exercise, and  it does not
require special expensive equipment.
It can be done at any time convenient to you during
the day, and all the year round indoors or outdoors.

You do not need to be especially fit or of a certain
age, and it does not require any special training.
You can walk alone or with company, and it is fun
and very interesting.

On top of all the above, walking is absolutely free.


Walking shadow


Health Benefits


The following are the reasons why you should start
going for a walk right away:

1)       It reduces stress and encourages better sleep.
2)       It reduces the risk of certain cancers, including
bowel and breast cancers.
3)       It reduces the risk of osteoporosis.
4)       It reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.
5)       It improves the blood circulation in the body.
6)       It boosts the immune system.
7)       It sharpens focus and concentration.
8)       It improves the mood and total well being.
9)       It fights chronic diseases.

10)     It improves balance and co-ordination.
11)     It encourages stronger bones.
12)     It increases muscle strength and endurance.
13)     It burns body fat and reduces total weight.
14)     It reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke.
15)     It keeps the heart and lungs fit.
16)     It manages cholesterol and high blood pressure.
17)     It helps with joint pains.
18)     It controls various muscular pains.
19)     It reduces death risk.


Forest walk


Daily Grind


For best results walk a minimum of thirty ( 30 ) minutes
or more, at a moderate pace, every day preferably at the
same time.

To enjoy your walk, you will need the following:

a)     Buy shoes made specifically for walking, so that you
can feel more comfortable and better supported.

b)     Wear loose, comfortable and light clothes to suit
the weather at the time.

c)     Choose the right course wisely when you walk outdoors,
to have good visibility
and be safe during your walk.
If it is raining or it is very cold walk in a shopping mall.

d)     Always carry with you a mobile phone, just in case.

e)     Walk slowly for five ( 5 ) minutes to warm up, and
again another five ( 5 ) minutes at the end of your walk
to cool down. 

f)     Wear a pedometer to calculate your steps and distance.

g)     When you return home, stretch your calf and thigh
muscles holding for twenty ( 20 ) seconds each stretch. 

h)     Always drink enough liquids before and after your
walk routine.


Walking by the sea


The Right Way


To walk correctly,

1)     Walk tall, keeping your shoulders, neck and head up,
and looking forward.
2)     Keep your stomach in and your torso upright.
3)     Rotate your hips forward and backward without
4)     Use short and quick steps without overstriding.
5)     Lead with your heels and land smoothly.
6)     Keep your elbows at ninety ( 90 ) degrees, and swing
your arms close to your body, while keeping your hands

Note that, you will burn more calories if you walk when
the weather is either cold or humid and warm;
and less when the weather is nice and cool.

To add more steps to your work day,

*     Take always the stairs.
    Walk to the shops.
    Walk between sittings for a few minutes.
*     Take a fifteen ( 15 ) minutes walk after dinner.
    If you work, take a walking lunch break.

Walking is a lifestyle exercise.
It can be done any time, anywhere during your daily
routines;   and it is the simplest way to keep your body
and mind healthy.

Walking is a genuine, solid and very simple exercise
at the speed that suits you.
To collect all the health benefits, you only need a steady
and regular walking routine throughout your whole life.

Good luck!





Ground Zero!


Hi there!


Love is an extremely strong and very effective disorder
affecting our nervous system.
It is a chemical means developed through our evolution
to benefit and promote our species to survive and prosper.

It helps us develop and maintain relationships;
it encourages us to defend and protect ourselves physically
and mentally;
it makes us want very deeply to support our offspring.

In the modern world, the most heroic struggle in one’s
life is to love themselves;   and it really is an awfully
difficult and terribly exhausting thing to do.

Most people neglect their own needs, health and
happiness, because they have been taught to do so
since they were children;
and certainly because loving others is easier than loving

And yet, self love is the foundation of the most important
relationship you will ever have  —  the relationship with



Bull’s – Eye


Self love is not a state of just feeling good by having a lot
of money, and buying and doing everything we want,
or being narcissistic.

Self love means to accept yourself exactly as you are and
what you are.
It means to know your own qualities and how significant you
are;   to know your purpose and your limits.

Self love means to always look after and be kind to yourself.
It means to really know that you do deserve your love, your
respect, admiration, and appreciation at all times.

Loving yourself is a number of actions that provide you
with confidence, determination and belief in yourself;
you will enjoy peace of mind;   you will demonstrate better
judgement;   and you will savour overall happiness.

You will be able to make the right decisions, and you will
exhibit more love towards other people.
You will be mentally stronger and balanced, and your life
will become simpler.

Certainly it must be emphasized that, self love is not
something temporary and
short-lived    but a continuous
and growing
course of actions.



End In View


The following routines will help you build self love:

a)     Reduce and finally eliminate all negative beliefs
about yourself, either they are routed from your past
or they are self-inflicted.

b)     Stop thinking that you must be perfect in everything
you do in order to be happy.
Perfection does not exist;   nothing in life is perfect.

c)     Focus only on your positive qualities and values,
each and every day.

d)     Be truthful, honest, realistic and sensible.

e)     Do all the things that make you feel good.
Be creative and develop hobbies.

f)     Never compare yourself to other people.
You are a unique person, so compare only to yourself.

g)     Establish healthy, explicit and precise limits to
all your actions and steps.

h)     Always give priority to yourself, because you
have earned it and you deserve to be first.

i)     Find your purpose, meaning and direction in life.
Only then you will be happy and fulfilled.



j)     Take full responsibility for your own health and
Watch your diet, exercise, sleep, rest, relaxation, fun
and relationships.

k)     Surround yourself only with people who love you
and make you feel good, and eliminate all others.

l)     Take risks, examine various opportunities coming
your way, and celebrate your wins at the end.

m)    Every day feel grateful about something in your
life, even if it is something very small, no matter what
else is happening around you.

n)     Be very aware and wise about your own thoughts,
feelings and desires, to be able to keep things under control.

o)     Forgive yourself whenever you make any mistakes,
and try to learn from them.

p)     Envisage yourself being empowered, inspired,
motivated and encouraged.

By practising the above mentioned actions of self love,
you will learn to cherish, honour, respect, accept
and really care for yourself.

Self love is a continuous and steady passage.
Self love is something you can choose and adopt.

Select correctly and enjoy the benefits and rewards.




Hi there!


Ila was a happily married woman in her mid
forties.   She has always been an attractive and
very fit person, exercising on a regular basis
and looking after her body well.

Lately though, she had been feeling distressed
and concerned;   because she discovered a good
amount of cellulite on her upper thighs.

It looks horrible and disgusting , she kept
complaining to her husband almost every day.
Your legs look very good to me;
I can’t see the imperfections you are complaining
about    and even if I could, I wouln’t care less ,
he replied with a big smile, and continued.

I believe you must know that most men don’t
see cellulite as a problem;   they only see a
beautiful woman with  a great derriere and
lovely legs.
So try to feel comfortable with your body shape,
and know that I love you en masse;   and I will
continue doing so even if you develop more
cellulite tomorrow he said and kissed her softly.


Bright Grey Skies


Mattress Phenomenon


Cellulite is one of the biggest common concerns
for most women.
It usually appears after puberty, and it affects people
of all ages, sizes and sex.
Being female and overweight though, puts you at a
higher risk of developing it.

Women specifically, feel unattractive and ugly.
They try their best to hide it with clothes, and they do
everything they can to eliminate it altogether.
Men on the other hand, seem to ignore this problem

Cellulite is a type of fat deposits below the skin, and
is mostly noticed on the buttocks, thighs and knees,
as well as stomach, abdomen and arms.
It makes the skin look lumpy, bumpy, dented and dimpled
like the surface of the orange peel.

Cellulite appears on the skin in three stages:
*   In stage one, it is still invisible with the naked eye.
*   In stage two, the skin is paler in appearance, it feels
cooler to the touch, and it shows reduced flexibility.
*   In stage three, the skin is heavily bumpy and lumpy.


Grey Skies


Can of Worms


About eighty five percent ( 85% ) of females have cellulite,
and almost all women have some kind of it, hiding in
their bodies.
The following factors are blamed for the development of
this unsightly problem:

a)     Lifestyle habits like,
smoking, being sedentary, suffering from chronic stress,
drinking alcohol every day, standing for many hours.

b)     Various hormonal issues.

c)     Genetic predisposition and slow metabolism.

d)     Poor diet and nutrition habits.

e)     Wearing very tight clothes on a regular basis that
restrict the blood flow.

f)     Age, muscle loss and hardening of the connective
tissues also contribute to the problem.

g)     Accumulation of various toxins in the body like,
pollutants, chemicals, preservatives, medicines.

There are many cellulite reducing products and
treatments, that either they do not work at all or they
may produce some temporary results;   on top of
being very expensive and dangerous or toxic.
But also there are plenty of natural ways to reduce
cellulite, and improve your skin and shape.


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Here are some natural cures for your cellulite problem:

a)     Follow a clean alkaline diet, full of vegetables, green
leaves and fruits, on a daily basis.

b)     Include fatty  fish, nuts and avocado with your meals
every day, for their omega 3 content.

c)     Hydrate by drinking plenty of liquids during the day
like, pure water with a bit of lemon, coconut water
or herbal teas.

d)     Eat only pure sea salt or himalyan salt.

e)     Eat high fibre foods to include whole grains and legumes. 

f)     Exercise by combining cardio workout and weight
training, to tone all your problem areas.
Also, stand up and walk around the room during the day.
Other exercises to adopt if you are not going to a gym are:
Jogging, Riding a bike, Swimming, Dancing and Walking.

g)     Dry brush your problem areas with a soft natural
fibre brush daily for a few minutes, then moisturise using
coconut oil.
This will help remove toxins and tighten your skin.

h)     Massage your problem areas with a combination of
rosemary and sage essential oils mixed into some coconut
oil, for five ( 5 ) to ten ( 10 ) minutes every day.

i)     Massage your problem areas with a coffee scrub:
mix ground coffee with some brown sugar and some
coconut oil to a paste consistency.
Do this three ( 3 ) times a week.

j)     Wear loose underwear and clothes to assist your
blood and lymph circulation, which are absolutely
essential to get rid of your cellulite.


To Sum Up

You must know that only actual exercise and the right diet

will remove the unattractive fat deposits from your body.

Everything else including the expensive cellulite creams
on the market, will mainly help with the overall appearace
of your skin, and make it look softer and tighter.

Always remember that you do need to give yourself plenty
of time to be able to see any improvement.
During this time, you should be following a very healthful
and nutritious diet, you should be reducing your stress
levels, and certainly you should avoid smoking.

Although you may be feeling very embarassed, and basically
hate it, you must accept your body as it is, and try to improve
it gradually.

Good Luck !!