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……” We are talking about fashion and style here;
These are two very different things.

I am now in my fifties, and the only things I
want are, to be and look healthy, to be modern,
stylish and in harmony with my environment.

Every intelligent woman above fifty wants to
look her best;   this certainly does not mean
buying designer expensive clothes or wearing
lots of make up and looking
like a model.

This means that she needs to wear clothes that
not only fit her current body shape perfectly,
but also match her personality absolutely.

The intelligent woman is not trying to look
necessarily very much younger.
She only wants to emphasize the best parts
of her body, and to look smart and fashionable.

The intelligent woman feels self-confident,
fearless, free and independent.
She is not carried away by myths about how
things should be at various age stages.

Any intelligent woman above fifty does care
about the way she looks ……”.


Dresses Handbags


Good Vibrations


Women in middle age need to feel privileged,
and proud of their bodies and style.
They need to accentuate all their best assets,
so that they can look their absolute best.

The first step you must take is to dispose of
all the garments that make you look a poorly
dressed old fashioned ageing female:

1)     Long loose dresses and skirts.
2)     Loose pants with elasticated waist.
3)     Oversized T shirts.
4)     Pinafore dresses in various materials.
5)     Sweaters with ornamental needlework.
6)     All unstylish and baggy articles of clothing.

All the above will make you look fat, heavy, messy
and untidy.

Also, get rid of the following:

a)     Tight leggings, because they will draw attention
to all your leg imperfections.
b)     Large and heavy scarves, because they will
remove from your attractive face.
c)     Tight and smaller size underwear, because they
will emphasize any sagging skin and fat parts on
your body.


Woman in Coat Accessories


See The Light


Now is the time to restore your wardrobe.

     Buy only stylish, modern and fashionable clothes
that fit
your body perfectly, and enhance your shape.

—     The colours of your clothes should match your skin
tone as well as your hair shade.

—     Include trendy and chic accessories to enhance
your overall

     Preferably your hair should be cut very short,
ear or
shoulder length, depending on the shape of
face and head.
It can also be dyed in any suitable colour, kept grey
or even wear it completely white.

     As the time goes the skin loses melanin, and as a
consequence the features become less distinct and
You will need to use a little foundation or a tinted
moisturiser to give some colour.
Certainly you will need to use a bright colour lipstick,
which can also be used to enhance parts of your face
like a blusher.

Two Easy Suggestions for you

a)     Comfortable Ponte Knit leggings worn with a long
tunic top, and a long necklace.

b)     Cold shoulder loose tops worn with skinny jeans
made especially for adults.

Style is a very deceptive characteristic;
but we can distinguish it when we see an individual.

A really stylish middle aged woman looks really
relaxed and happy with herself.

Her total appearance radiates confidence, courage,
and determination.

She knows who she is, and what she truly wants.

Accept your age, and always try to look amazing.








During the Ice Age people used handbags to carry
tools and foods.
Ancient Greeks and Egyptians also used handbags to
carry their money and other valuable and personal

Various bags were found in Switzerland and Britain AD.
Throughout history people carried bags and purses not 
only for practical purposes, but also status, power
and beauty.

All bags came in a variety of sizes and different designs,
which we influenced and kept on changing through the
years according 
to technological, societal and fashion
trends each time.

Bags were always used by both men and women, and
they were worn mostly attached to the belt;
but also they were hung on the shoulder or a specially
made hook, as well as held by hand.


Woman Shopping


Basic Principles


The handbag has always played the role of something
conveying various impressions, as well as hiding the
secrets of its wearer.

The empty handbag itself is supposed to represent the
female genitalia.
The contents of your handbag represent you as an 
individual:    your attitude and feelings, your thoughts
and habits, as well as everything that exists in your mind.

Nowadays all women carry a handbag that contains
many more items than they actually need.
Articles which are found in women’s handbags are:

Keys, mobile telephone, wallet, receipts, mirror, comb,
hair accessories, nail file, tweezers, perfume, lipstick,
cosmetics bag, jewellery, reading and sun glasses, 
medicines, dental floss, sewing kit, tissues, essential
oils, notebook and pen, chewing gums, hat, scarf, gloves,
hand antiseptic gel, small umbrella, biscuits or bars,
and other personal items.

I, myself, am one of these women who do carry most 
of these things;   and yes …… I do consider them absolutely
necessary    just in case I need something when I am out.

But I recognise that there is a number of items, which are
totally useless to carry with you around.


Turquoise bag


Defoliated Area


Here are some tips for you how to cut down your
handbag weight.

To start with, I hope you already have a personal
drawer, where you keep all the things you usually
need to be carrying with you from time to time
when you go out.
Otherwise, create one now.

a)     Clean your handbag out well, so you can refill
it clean with all the necessary things at the moment.

b)     Remove:
*   All things that you have never used.
*   Any items of which you have more than one.
*   All seasonal things.
*   All receipts, and either throw them away or file them.
*   Any old chewing gums and foods.

c)     Buy a nice biggish wallet and put in it:
  Your credit/debit cards.
  Your store cards.
  Your personal documents.
  A small notebook.
  A pen.
  Your money.


Fashion bag


d)     Buy a nice mini cosmetics bag and put in it
all the cosmetics you will ever need when out,
as well as all other personal items you may want.

e)     Place loose in your handbag:
1.   Your keys.
2.   Your mobile.
3.   Your reading and sun glasses.
4.   A packet of tissues.
5.   Your full wallet.
6.   Your full cosmetics bag.

Now you must have a nice, clean and tidy handbag.


Pink Bag


The Chameleon Object


The handbag is an essential part of every woman’s
wardrobe  —  and it is all about you.

It reflects who you are and how you live your 
whole life.
The way your handbag is arranged  reveals how
well organised you are in your personal life and
your home.

It also shows whether you are tucked away from 
your relationships and everyone else, or you are
a proud and confident person who respects

Embrace organisation, tidiness and order in your
You will feel much happier, relaxed and peaceful.






Hi there!


Style is a simple way of saying
complicated things.
                               Jean Cocteau 1936

Over the years I have learned that
what is important in a dress is the woman
who is wearing it.
                               Yves Saint Laurent 1974

The fashionable woman wears clothes.
The clothes don’t wear her.
                               Mary Quant  London

” A girl should be two things:
classy and fabulous.

Simplicity is the keynote of all true
elegance.                          Coco Chanel  Paris


Lady in pink


Modus Operandi


Women usually spend many hours
hunting for that perfect outfit or that
superb pair of shoes to wear on special
occasions, out on a date, to a dinner
or when going for a drink with friends.

Shopping for clothes or shoes takes
ages, but as soon as we try them on it
will take us only a few seconds to decide
that this is the one ideal outfit or pair
of shoes.

A fashionable wardrobe is highly essential
to every woman who respects herself.
This is a new year in your life when you can
start refreshing 
yourself, look elegant
and strikingly
in style.


Lady in black


Modus Vivendi


The following items are a wardrobe
They are the must-haves to make you look
fabulous any time anywhere:

a)     Camel/brown coat either loose or with belt.

b)     Fashionable parka any colour.

c)     Cropped jacket any material and colour.

d)     Elegant blazer dark blue or black.

e)     Wide-leg tailored trousers any material and colour.

f)     Large sweaters turtle and crew neck.

g)     Slim jeans various colours.

h)     Midi skirt any design, material and colour.

i)     Slip dress any length V and crew neck.

j)     Shirt any material and colour.

k)     T-shirts various designs and colours.

l)     Exposed arms and shoulders tops various colours.


Pink high heels Red dress


L’ Accessoires de Mode :


a)     Woollen scarfs various colours.

b)     Silk scarfs bright fabrics.

c)     Bright colours hand-bags, green, yellow, red.

d)     Sun glasses ray ban type.

e)     Silver jewellery, bracelets, necklace, rings.


Pink shoe and bag Pink shoes and nail polish


Les Chaussures :


a)     Knee boots.

b)     Ankle boots.

c)     Ballet flats all colours.

d)     Stilettos nude and black.

e)     Fashionable sneakers various textures.

f)     Sandals high or low heel.


Always apply variety, quantity and balance
to your wardrobe;
and you will have a
strategic selection to
satisfy all your wardrobe needs.

Follow the above suggestions and you will
have the building blocks to a solid style.








Hi there!


It was the wedding of the year;
full of upper class guests, the press,
top quality and rare foods and lots
of entertainment.

She was there, too, one of the v.i.p.
guests;   the most attractive and
beautiful woman around.

She was gorgeous wearing a short,
blonde glamorous haircut;   her green
eyes were enticing  and her magnificent
red lips were captivating.

She was dressed in a turquoise, tight
strapless dress revealing her exquisite
body.   Her dazzling turquoise stilettos,
all shiny satin, made her look so sexy.

She entered the huge reception room
in such glorious confidence;
all heads turned towards her, and all
eyes were nailed on her.
She felt fearless, strong and very
powerful within herself…….


Woman shopping in Paris Woman shopping in London


Drop Dead


A well-dressed woman is always
admired and respected wherever
she goes any time of the day.
She bears no resemblance to other
women;   she knows who she is and
what she stands for.

This woman is aware beyond doubt
of her personal quality;   she looks
the part and she is proud of it.
Her external appearance and internal
world are totally and utterly coordinated.

She looks great in her well-fitted colourful
clothes, real sexy and utterly sophisticated.
She wears Confidence.


Fabulous Lace Stilettos Classy Stilettos


Dress To Kill


The following recommendations are an
excellent guide if you want to be seen
as such a woman.


A)     Declutter and organise your wardrobe
according to colours, functions, mix and match,
seasons and hours of the day.

Plan and set all your clothes according to every
occasion as well as the weather at the time.


B)     Always combine expensive and cheap
items to create an impression.


C)     Do not follow fashion trends but use
timeless pieces to feel fantastic and flattered,
comfortable and pretty.


D)     Wear the right accessories for the
specific occasion without exaggerating.
Do not overdo and overstate with


Girl About Town Shoes Shopping


E)     Choose the proper underwear making
certain nothing is visible.
Always pay attention to details.


F)     Ensure that the clothes you wear are
well-maintained, cleaned, ironed and
perfectly fitted to compliment your body.


G)     Take your time when you dress,
think carefully what you wear and do
not hurry to go before you are 100%
satisfied with your image.


H)     Develop and keep your own
signature style hat makes you feel
happy and comfortable.
Establish a credible, genuine and
sustainable style that is absolutely
yours according to:

—     Inspiration
     Your body shape

and it can be:

—     Classic
—     Dramatic
—     Romantic


Style and Elegance Women Shopping


Clean Cut


What we wear reveals  our innermost
selves.   Our clothes and colours tell
the world how we feel internally.

Clothes are a way to express ourselves;
they reflect our personality who we are.
Your wardrobe is the mirror reflecting
your image to the world, so equip it
with items suited to your dynamism.

Always dress only for yourself;
dress to feel good, and not to show off.
This is the only way to be in style.

Are you wearing your confidence?






Hi there!


The interview:


…..”A woman in her 50s or 60s can be as appealing
as a girl in her 20s as long as she
recognises her own strenghts.

The number doesn’t mean anything, and all women should
appreciate who they are
at any stage in their lives and
have the
right attitude”.

She paused for a moment, as if she needed to collect her
thoughts and continued.
“I feel much more alive now than when I was young;
I feel liberated, more
secure and much wiser.

I must emphasize though, that I do take great care of myself,
and I am extremely
kind to my skin and my whole body.

Definitely I now feel more beautiful than ever….”.


Sapientia-2 Sapientia-4


Sic Vita Est


The majority of middle aged women worry that they are
losing their good looks, so they
want to look younger.
Unfortunately many of them wear styles that make
them look older.

You cannot take back the time, but looking good and
young makes you feel radiant, more
confident, attractive
and much happier.

So if you feel young on the inside you do not want to
portray an older image to the world.
A younger look is not an impossible dream.


Sapientia-7 Sapientia-8


Radix Verum


Avoid the following style errors to look much younger than your age.


A)    Reading glasses on your nose with or without a chain
attached to them.
If you need them to read buy a pair which is “fun”
(with decorations) or
“cute” (with different colours).


B)    Grey hair — which can be very chic and many women
choose to keep it
like that these days — makes you look older.
If you want to look younger and
you do not want to use any
chemical dyes
use a natural method like various teas to
enhance your natural colour.


C)     Draining colours that wash your skin out and make
you look older
and tired.
Instead wear youthful
pinks, bright blues, maroon, bronze,
corals  and turquoise.


D)    Wearing wrinkled fabrics.
Instead wear denims which have a youthful vibe, and a
very well fitted bras.


Sapientia-1 Sapientia-5


E)    Tying any kind of cardigan around your waist,
because it will make you
look bigger and fatter.
Wear jackets
and blazers that create definition to off-set
your body shape.


F)    White sneakers, socks and track suit, because this is an
oldish and outdated
look unless you are in the gym.
Instead wear black or colourful well designed comfort
shoes that are youthful
and easy to walk.


G)    Too much make up.
The right colour
lipstick and some luminescent eye shadow
or a little touch with your lipstick on your eyelids will suffice.


Sapientia-6 Sapientia-3


Sine Metu


—    Always keep your skin and hands moisturised.

—    Maintain good posture to remove years from your age.

—    Gain a little weight if you are above 55 because fat helps
smooth out wrinkles
and make you look younger.

—    Do not over-pluck or draw your eyebrows into arches
because it is ageing.


Change the way you think about yourself.

You look as good as you feel.

You are as young as you feel.

Desire it….    Accept it….   Accomplish it….



Sleeping with the Enemy!



Hi there!


A natural brunette turned blonde with a modern
short cut
showing off her bare square shoulders. 

Although in middle age now, she had an excellent
figure, which
was perfectly displayed by her strapped
fitted dress.

“I like strong men with a sensitive side” she said,
his hand tightly.
“We are a good fit, the two of us” he responded,
squeezing hers.

We put a lot of effort to erase years and look younger,
but if we are not careful we will make mistakes
which will
have the exact opposite effect.


The Culprits


A)  Clothes:

1)  Wearing very loose clothes makes any woman look 
older and fatter.
No matter what your weight is always wear well fitted clothes.

2)   Wearing pale and dull colours will make you look 
more pale and older.
Try to wear vivid colours to accentuate your strong points.

3)   Our bodies change as we age, so wearing the same bras as 
always makes our body look old.
The correct size bras will improve our posture and our 
clothes will hang better.




B)  Habits:

 1)  Caffeine and alcohol are dehydrating and diuretic – and 
 this is showing on our skin.
 Stay well hydrated by drinking many glasses of healthy 
 liquids like:  herbal teas, coconut water and mineral 
 water during the day.

2)  As we age our body tissues loosen, so over exercising 
like:  lifting heavy weights
or running distorts our skin tone.
Exercise moderately using the whole body.




C)  Hair:

1)   As we get older our face skin becomes sallow, so dyeing our 
hair blonde makes us look much older than we are.
Use a light red/brown or a dark blonde hair colour to 
brighten your face, and if you like add some highlights for an 
even fresher and youthful look.

2)   Our hair needs more moisture as our face.
Use richer products for your colour treated hair to keep 
it soft and shiny.



D)  Face:

 1)   Avoid heavy exfoliators on your face because they 
will make it fragile and aged.  
Instead use some gentle facial scrub to freshen your skin.

2)   Use only light make up and concealer to cover under 
eye black circles, otherwise your wrinkles will show 
more and you will look old.











Everyday we dress to feel and look good.
Clothing reflects our character;  who we really are.

In our middle years we often feel the need to hide
our real age.
By trying to look younger than we are sometimes
we can wear the wrong outfits.

The secret is to look our best no matter what our
real age is.


The Protagonists


 Light Blue Top


The following items of clothing should never be worn
by anyone at most ages;  unless you are a model.


1)    Pleated Loose Trousers.
Always wear flat fronts.

2)    Tiny Mini Skirts.
Length is just above the knee.

3)    Acid Wash Jeans.
A very eighties style to avoid.

4)    Capped Sleeves.
Any other sleeve length will enhance any arm.

5)    Mini Shorts and High Heels.
Wear long shorts and flat shoes.

6)    Overalls.
Avoid completely.


Orange Top


7)    Boxy Jackets.
Wear fitted jackets only.

8)    Leggings as Pants.
They are good only for exercising in the gym.

9)    Logos.
Avoid completely.

10)  Male Clothes.
Avoid completely.

11)  Muffin Tops.
Wear tops which cover your waste.

12)  Sandals with Tights/Stockings.
They should only be worn bare feet.


Make reality the actual image of yourself you
have in your head, without being carried away by
emotional superficial desires.

Accept and enjoy your size and age.