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It was one of these dreadful mornings when she
woke up but wished she could go back to sleep again.
She was feeling so sluggish and groggy that it was
absolutely impossible for her to focus and go through
her morning routines.

I feel so weary and drowsy;   I’m still asleep, and 
I have to get up and deal with my daily tasks.
But I can hardly move she said.

Her mental alertness was down to zero, and she did
need to be more awake.
This horrible sensation was really familiar to her,
because she has been experiencing this most mornings.
As a consequence, she was awfully irritated as she was
unable to do even the simplest things.

She wasn’t ready to start her day, yet;
all she wanted was rest more rest ……


Cloudy Sky


Sleep Inertia


According to scientific research most people feel
dizzy as if drunk, and disoriented when they
wake up from sleep.
This is considered a normal part of life and a
reasonable behaviour.

Due to our modern life, most individuals have 
mornings when they wake up with their mind out
of focus and they wish they could go back to sleep.

It seems that when we wake up some parts of our 
brain will awake with us but some others will still
be inactive and will need more time to recover.

It takes everyone a little while to revive and start
functioning properly.
The time varies between one ( 1 ) minute and 
four ( 4 ) hours.
For many people it takes thirty ( 30 ) minutes, but
for some others it can take all morning.

Contributing Factors

The root causes of experiencing this Not Fully Awake
situation after a sleep are the following:

a)     Sudden awakening by a loud noise during the 
wrong stage of sleep.

b)     Lack of sleep in general that will cause tiredness.

c)     The duration and quality of your sleep.

d)     Taking an afternoon nap.

e)     Eating a rich meal the night before.

f)     General Sleepiness Disorder, Sleep Apnea or Insomnia. 


Choppy Sea


Double Trouble


Morning grogginess has a number of unpleasant and 
dangerous effects, as follows:

1)     Excessive stress during waking up.
2)     Incapability to make correct decisions.
3)     Loss of concentration and focus.
4)     Inability to perform simple daily tasks.
5)     Ineffectiveness during the morning hours.
6)     Difficulty in driving and handling machinery.
7)     Lack of memory and recollection.
8)     Inability to perform properly at work.
9)     Concentration of high adrenaline levels.

Cure – All

Here are some simple ways to combat your symptoms:

a)     Avoid naps during the day completely.

b)     Have a light dinner during the evening, and avoid
drinking any alcohol altogether.

c)     Go to bed more or less at the same time every evening,
including weekends.

d)     Get enough sleep by making certain you go to bed
only when you feel sleepy, and ensure you wake up next
morning naturally, with no alarm clock.

e)     As soon as you wake up ( similar time every morning ) :
    Think of something you look forward to.
    Switch on the radio to your favourite music.
    Open the windows to get the natural light. 

f)     Have a drink first thing in the morning to hydrate,
like a glass of water and a teaspoon of honey or a
cup of peppermint tea.

g)     Eat a healthy and wholesome breakfast.

h)     Go outdoors, be a little active and enjoy the sun
and the natural light.


Glittery Ocean


Worn – Out Syndrome


The human body likes cyclical routines.
So if you develop specific evening and morning
healthy habits, your body will know what to expect
it will react accordingly.

The fallacy

A huge number of people drink a lot of caffeine
every morning, wrongly believing that it helps them
wake up and feel active.

But this is the mistaken approach, which in fact has 
long term negative health consequences; 
because caffeine has only superficial result,
since it increases the heart rate and raises the
blood pressure.

Caffeine does not address the root of the problem;
actually, this is what it does:

There is a neurochemical in your brain that promotes
sleep, called Adenosine.
This substance continues to increase during the day, 
and by the night your brain has enough of it to make
you feel tired and sleepy.

Caffeine now imitates Adenosine and establishes itself
into the same receptors in your brain, keeping you
awake and active continuously.

At the same time, Adenosine can not do its normal job;
so your brain starts fighting back by producing more
and more Adenosine.

As a result, you will be feeling incerasingly tired every
morning, and you will be needing more and more
caffeine every day to get the same results, feeling awake.

That is, a Vicious Circle.

The only solution is to remove caffeine from your diet
completely , so that your body can start working as
normal, the way it was originally intended.







Hi there!


Myk was a regional manager in his company with
numerous obligations, working until seven in the
evening every day.
By the time he returned home he was so tired that
he could only have some dinner and go to bed early
for a good night’s sleep.

He usually slept soundly for three to four hours;
then suddenly his eyes opened wide and he was
feeling frightened.
Myk was in distress and trying to calm his wandering
mind with great difficulty.

But unfortunately, it was all in vain.
The more he was trying the more awake he felt
as the time was going.

Myk started now being worried and so desperate
that he could not fall back to sleep again.

His main concern was that with only those few
hours of sleep he had, he would definitely be
exhausted next day and have real trouble facing
his many obligations.

This dreadful pattern had become a routine for
him now, and made him more anxious as the
days were passing.
I must find a solution to this problem otherwise
the consequences will be awful for me he said
to himself one morning………



Feed The Fire


Sleep is a natural biological process.
It is a state of mind and body that occurs in
cycles, from deeper sleep to lighter sleep,
and with breaks between.

Consequently, nobody sleeps through the
whole night.
People can awaken four, five, even six times,
and normally they will go back to sleep again.
This is especially commonplace as you
grow older.

The amount of sleep all individuals need
depends mainly on their genetic inheritance.
Waking up during the night and not being able
to return to sleep for some time is normal,
and a very common phenomenon.


Disturbed sea


Song And Dance


Waking up in the middle of the night is a
very frustrating and disappointing thing.
There are many reasons why you are
awake and alert at night.
The main culprits are the following:

1)     You need to go to the bathroom.
2)     You are too hot or too cold.
3)     You are exposed to too much internal or
external light.
4)     You drank alcohol before going to bed.
5)     There is too much noise.
6)     You are hungry or thirsty.
7)     You are pregnant.
8)     You are in menopause.
9)     You do not follow any sleep patterns,
schedules and routines.

10)    You suffer from leg cramps.
11)     You have a medical condition.
12)    You are taking certain medications.
13)    You are suffering from indigestion.
14)    You have a sleep disorder.
15)    You suffer from stress and anxiety.



Rise And Shine


Next time you have trouble returning to
sleep, try the following natural tips:

a)     Never look at a clock to check what time
it is, because doing so will make you feel stressed.

b)     Avoid going to the bathroom, because this
will upset your heart beats and you will feel
more awake    unless it is absolutely necessary.

c)     Wear an eye mask to avoid any brightness,
and help you go back to sleep more easily.  

d)     Lie on your back, breathe slowly through 
your nose and relax all the muscles in your body.

e)     Focus your mind on a calming word like
Peaceful , and keep on repeating it until you
feel sleepy again.    

f)     Have a bottle of lavender essential oil by your
bedside, and smell its perfume to feel relaxed.

g)     Try Bach remedy Rescue Night to help you
switch off and return to sleep.  

h)     If you suffer from indigestion, sleep on your left
hand side to help reduce any acid reflux. 


Peaceful Sea


Screaming Halt


The most important thing is NOT to panic about
not being able to go back to sleep and losing
important and much needed sleeping time.

Night is a calm, soothing and comforting time;
train your brain to feel relaxed and serene, so
you can sleep peacefully.

Otherwise you will feel tired and exhausted in
the morning, and this will make things worse in
the long term.

Clear your mind from all disturbing thoughts and
let sleep happen naturally without any force.

Sweet Dreams !!














Upper Story!


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……… During the next few weeks, sleep-deprived
Detective Will Dormer was tormented by this
continual curse called insomnia.

Not only he was feeling a steady guilt because he
believed he had killed his partner Detective Hap
Eckhart, but being in Alaska during the summer,
he also had to suffer this relentless blazing of the
midnight sun.

Dormer was not allowed to sleep at all during
the nights, but spending those exhausting hours
chewing gum, staring at the alarm clock and
imagining his dead partner…………

 I wanna sleep…..  Just let me sleep……

May 2002

Al Pacino


Cobbled Beach


Gloomy Horizon


Insomnia is a commonplace problem affecting
a huge number of people everywhere.
It is defined by the quality of sleep you get at
night, and not so much by the quantity.

Obviously, you need to sleep a specific number
of hours every night, but the most important
issue here is how you feel when you wake up
in the morning:   refreshed and revitalized or
exhausted and drained.

If sleep is a distant dream for you, not only this
will influence your day to day functioning but
it will damage and finally destroy your health.

There are a lot of causes of insomnia, from
various emotional issues to many medical ones,
to your lifestyle habits, as well as your age and
even your genetic predisposition.


Glittery rock beach


Grant Respite


No matter what the source of your insomnia
is, the following recommendations will help:

a)     Go outside every morning either for a
walk or to do any external jobs, to absorb the
natural light, even if there is no sun.

b)     Never exercise in the evening or at night.
At least four to six hours before you intend
to go to bed.

c)     Keep your bedroom very clean and tidy.
It should be cool in temperature and colours,
quiet, dark and comfortable with no
appliances anywhere around.

d)     Buy a good quality mattress, supportive
pillows and soft bedding linens.

e)     Always try to go to bed and wake up more
or less at the same time, so your brain gets
used to this routine.  

f)     Avoid all stressful situations and any negativity
late in the evening like, serious discussions, heavy
arguments or working.
Instead, focus on calming activities and comforting

g)     Have light dinners with chicken or turkey breast,
or a salmon fillet, all with vegetables and no spices
or sugars.
Avoid alcohol and caffeine, but you can drink a cup
of chamomile or linden tea with a teaspoon of honey
and take a calcium+magnesium supplement.

h)     I you need a late night snack, have a wholemeal
cracker with cheese and drink pure almond milk,
which is a source of calcium.  


Sun Setting view


Creature Comforts


Insomnia should never be taken lightly and
ignored, because at the end it can become a
true torment.

When you go to bed at night try to relax by
focusing on your whole body from your feet
to your head and concentrate on your
natural breath.

You can also inhale the vapours of the relaxing
lavender essential oil, and listen to some
music you like.

If you wake up at night and you find it difficult
to go back to sleep repeat the same procedure.

Have a good night!!








Hi there!


Tamie was a very beautiful woman in her
mid 50s.   She has been a famous artist for
many years now, and much loved by all.

She had achieved everything she wanted in
her life:   a fantastic mansion, three cars, a
lot of money to fulfil all her wishes as long
as she lived and a most attractive younger
who adored her.

Her life was perfect  —  or perhaps not!
She had a huge problem;   Tamie was so
stressed that it was almost impossible for
her to fall asleep    and this made her
feel worse every day.

When the night came she was always
frightened to go to bed because it would
Again the same!   My brain 
starts having
all these endless thoughts
and continuous
conversations;   they never
stop, and I can’t
go to sleep.   It’s so hard
for me, it’s torture.
I must do something
about this, otherwise
I won’t last long “.

And so she did……..


Calm wateron sandy beach


The Winged God 


Sleep is a common part of life, and it is
perfectly normal to wake up during the
night to turn or adjust our covers, to go
to the bathroom or due to some noise.

As we grow older our body changes over
time and our sleeping patterns become
Still any human being will 
need the same
amount of sleep during
his entire life, with an
average of 7 to 8
hours each night.

Getting enough sleep is vital for the body
to repair and recover in order to be healthy.
Obviously there are internal factors like
emotional stress, and external factors like
physical changes that disrupt our sleep.

The way we think, feel and act during the
day determines how well we will sleep at
So take all the necessary steps to
feel calm,
peaceful and happy as much as
and keep your life under control;

so that every night you get good quantity and
quality sleep.


Bridge over pond


Lethean Water


The following tips will help you get great
sleep so you can be healthy physically
and emotionally:

a)     Your bedroom should be painted light blue
or light green for relaxation, and it should be cool,
and quiet without TV or other screens.

b)     Make certain your bed is very comfortable
and your pillows and covers give you a
pleasant feeling.

c)     Go to bed and wake up the same time

d)     Go out of the house during the day to get
some natural light on a daily basis.

e)     Have  a bedtime routine you follow
exactly every night.

f)     Avoid any exercise in the evening,
although a leisure 15/20 minute walk will
be very useful.

g)     Have a healthy dinner at least 2 hours
before you go to bed, and avoid alcohol,
caffeine and too many liquids.
Have a cup of chamomile with a full teaspoon
of honey.

h)     Avoid any arguments, long discussions
and all kinds of work.

i)     Prepare your brain by reading, listening
to music and praying.


Glittering sea water


Magnum Opus


If you wake up during the night and have
trouble falling back to sleep, try not to
stress and worry and follow these steps:

1)     Remain in your bed, breathe, relax
and focus on repeating a word like Peace
until you fall asleep again.

You can also help yourself by:

*     Taking Rescue Remedy Night.
*     Smelling Lavender Pure Essential Oil.

2)     If at the end you find it absolutely
impossible to sleep again use Mindful
Meditation or Visualisation to rejuvenate
your body and mind, at least.

Have a good night’s sleep!







Sonno Tranquillo!




Sleep is as important to our well being
as nutrition
and exercise.

During sleeping the body repairs itself so
we are
 in top condition when we wake
up next day.

Many people try to sleep as little as
possible, so not
to waste time; while
others have great difficulty 
falling asleep
or staying asleep.

We all need to sleep a specific number
of hours to
be able to meet next day’s

Some people are able to function very
well after six 
hours of sleep.
Others needs between seven and nine
It all depends on the individual’s
genetic inheritance.

Basically, if you are capable to perform
all your
duties next day without feeling
sluggish and sleepy,
then most likely you
sleep all the hours your body

needs at night.


SonnoTr03 SonnoTr04


Standard Procedure


a)    Sleep in a slightly cool bedroom
to match your
body’s temperature
during the night.


b)    Expose yourself to sunlight during
the day to
regulate sleep patterns


c)    Avoid alcohol and caffeine twelve
before going to bed, because they
are stimulants.


d)    Go to bed and wake up at the same
time all seven
days of the week to
strengthen your body’s


e)    Keep your hands and feet warm
and your head cool
to help falling asleep.


f)    Keep your bedroom dark and quiet,
and remove all
electronic devices.


g)    Keep active during the day.


h)    Drink a cup of strong chamomile tea
with a spoon of honey.


i)     Eat foods containing Vitamins B or
take a supplement.


j)    Eat foods containing Tryptophan, like
poultry, red meat, shellfish, fish, eggs.


k)     Burn Lavender essential oil or put
some drops in your pillow at night.


SonnoTr02 SonnoTr01


Rules Of Action


When you go to bed at night do the
things to make you feel


1)    Surrender:    Let go of all that
happened during
the day, either good
or bad.
deeply to relax tensions and
feel peaceful and pleased.


2)    Welcome:    Understand and accept
whatever happened during the day and
feel relaxed.


3)    Be Optimistic:    Look forward to
tomorrow’s day.   


4)    Be Grateful:    Be thankful for
everything you had and did during the
course of the day.


5)    Sleep:    Take Bach Rescue Remedy
Empty your mind, close your eyes and
feel great.


Always make the best of the end
of your day.

Every night you go to bed leave all
the day’s burden
behind, so next
morning you start fresh.






Hi there!


We put on our most impressive clothes and headed
for MAHIKI in Mayfair.
I am very excited to be here because it brings me back
to my younger years.

I used to eat in KONA KAI every weekend, and its
Polynesian atmosphere and decorations
give me that
same old feeling and put me in the
mood for being in
a tropical island.

We sat in our bamboo round table and ordered our favourite
Tiki cocktail — Painkiller — the
taste of Paradise!

The night was hypnotic and we went on enjoying ourselves.
Not for one moment we felt tired or sleepy; instead it was
euphoria and ecstasy.

We left the club at 3:30am feeling very active.
It was almost 4:30am and once again I was tossing
and turning in my bed without being
able to fall asleep.

A few times I drifted in and out of sleep, but that was all.
My story was repeating itself.


Somnous_01 Somnous_04


P a s i t h e a


To achieve a deep restorative sleep it is essential to
adopt well-planned strategies.
Avoid common sleep enemies and embrace sleep-promoting
to prevent wrestling with insomnia problems.

Note that being female is an extra risk factor.
So if you do not want to be sleep-challenged take all
necessary steps to accomplish
quality and restful sleep.


DSC01544 DSC01542


M o r p h e u s


The following advice will help you sleep naturally.

1)    Exercise 

Exercise moderately daily for 30-40 minutes during the
morning and afternoon hours 
(walking, swimming, Yoga).
This will relieve stress and relax the body. 

2)   Sleep-Wake Cycle 

Let the day light into your home daily.
Spend a lot of time outside during the day not wearing
sunglasses (unless there
is a very strong sun) for your
eyes to
absorb the light.

3)   Stimulants

Avoid caffeine, alcohol and heavy rich and processed
foods in the evening.
Go to bed at least two hours after eating. 

4)   Routine

Try to go to bed before midnight and always similar
time every night, and only
to sleep;
and wake up similar time
every morning.

5)   Environment

Arrange your bedroom to be dark, quiet and around 20C.
Keep the bed clean and comfortable. 

6)   Stress 

Contemplate feelings of happiness, listen to soft music,
breathe deeply,
visualise your best situation, repeat the
word PEACEFUL in your mind.

Avoid watching stressful movies and talks on TV.
Avoid stressful conversations in the evening.




Smell lavender essential oil, take rescue remedy night.


Somnous_06 Somnous_05


I n d e s p e n s a b l e s


 The information below is absolutely vital to follow in
order to achieve
the desirable results. 

a)     Take Calcium and Magnesium supplements.

b)     Take Vitamin B Complex supplements.

c)     Eat Tryptophan foods (converts to serotonin).
Pork chop, turkey, beef, oats, salmon, lamb chops. 

d)     Eat Phosphatidyl Serine foods (regulates cortisol levels).
Chicken livers and chicken legs with skin, white beans, veal chops.

e)     Eat Melatonin foods.
Mustard seeds, sunflower seeds,  flax seeds, coriander.

f)     Drink Chamomile tea.

g)     Drink Lemon Balm (Melissa) tea.

h)     Drink Lime Blossom (Linden) tea.

Take all teas with a full teaspoon of pure honey.


Pleasant Dreams!




Glorious Habits!


Hi there!


It is 5:00am and she started noticing the daybreak light.
She has been tossing and turning in her bed since 3 o’clock.
She thought: “I can’t carry on like this any more.
I will never be able to get through the day!”
This situation is very common.
But there are many natural ways to help us cope with this problem.
To continue from yesterday.


Foods to Promote Sleep:


A)  Green leafy vegetables
1)  Spinach
2)  Lettuce
B)  Whole grains
1)  Wheat
2)  Oats
3)  Rice
C)  Mushrooms and Lemons
D)  Herbs and Spices
1)  Dill
2)  Basil
3)  Parsley
4)  Garlic
5)  Turmeric
E)  Tryptophan rich foods
1)  Chicken and Eggs
2)  Turkey
3)  Salmon and Tuna
4)  Lamb
5)  Pork
6)  Beef




Vitamins and Minerals to Promote Sleep:

A)  Vitamin B Complex
B)  Calcium
C)  Magnesium
D)  Vitamin D


By eating a balanced diet of whole foods you will ensure
you get sufficient amounts of these vitamins and minerals.

Otherwise take them in supplement form.