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“…… Last week Bo and I decided to stay in and
enjoy the evening together.
After having a very pleasant dinner we thought
it would be a great idea to sit closely and enjoy
a good entertaining comedy.

We have always liked the delightful Naked Gun
films, so
we decided to put on the Naked Gun 2 1/2 :
Smell of Fear this time, because we knew we
would find it extremely entertaining.

It really was such an enjoyable and amusing
evening;   we kept on laughing for the whole
one and a half hours it was playing.

Watching this fantastic comedy on the television
sitting together on the sofa, it was the best choice
we had made.
It really was such a great way to feel closer to
each other and relieve all stresses of the day……”

” If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane ”
Robert Frost     1874  –  1963


Laughing Women


Har – De – Har


According to numerous studies laughter has
a great number of healing properties.
When we laugh we trigger pleasing, satisfying
and enjoyable feelings that calm and soothe
our body and mind.

Here are the physical and mental health benefits
as well as the social ones of a good laughter:

a)     Releases endorphins relieving any pains
in the body temporarily, and promotes general
well being.

b)     Reduces stress hormones so you can enjoy
overall health and energy.

c)     Enhances positivity, optimism and creativity
so you are able to fight life’s struggles effectively.

d)     Boosts anti ageing hormones improving
health and longevity.

e)     Makes life more enjoyable by releasing serotonin
and making you feel happier;    consequently you
can develop better relationships personally and

f)     Improves circulation so you get more oxygen
and nutrients into your cells, as well as helping all
body organs to work more efficiently.

g)     Exercises and tones up the stomach and face

h)     Improves the immune system by improving
T Cell production to raise resistance to disease.

i)     Increases resilience so you can become more
successful in your life.

j)     Burns forty ( 40 ) calories a day when laughing
for fifteen minutes ( 15 ) at a time.


Bumblebee on flower


Fun And Games


Laughter is inherited, ingrained and instinctive.
Even if you are not used to laughing or even
smiling in your life, you can learn to do so with
some practice.

The following are ways to start practising:

1)     Smile at people you meet every day any time,
any where.

2)     Associate with playful, fun and happy people.

3)     Bring humour into your conversations
with others.

4)     Watch comedies on the television.

5)     Read funny and humorous books.

6)     Do some silly things from time to time.

7)     Laugh at yourself and your own mistakes.

When you learn to laugh your life will be much
more enjoyable and pleasant.
You will be feeling renewed within yourself and
also with your relationships.

You will then find that lots of new opportunities
will start occurring to you.
You will be feeling much more relaxed, positive
and really happy with yourself and your life.

Do not wait any longer.
Start laughing now to collect all the health benefits.

The human race has only one really effective
weapon and that is laughter “

Mark Twain     1835  –  1910








Sans Souci!


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”  Everybody’s got a thing
But some don’t know how to handle it
Always reachin’ out in vain
Just talking the things not worth having but

Don’t you worry ’bout a thing
Don’t you worry ’bout a thing, mama 

Stevie Wonder     03/1974
”  Innervisions  “


”  Don’t worry about a thing,
‘Cause every little thing gonna be alright.
Singing      Don’t worry about a thing,
‘Cause every little thing gonna be alright 

Bob Marley and the Wailers     09/1980
”  Exodus  “




On The Carpet


We live in a delicate world where everything
changes from one moment to another.
Life can surprise us any minute, but we
have the power to decide and design our 
living to be a long and quality experience.

It all starts with an agonizing thought;
and soon the storm follows  —  a bombardment
of tortuous and never-ending thoughts.

This collection of uncontrollable, cyclical,
negative thinking and picturing steals all
our strength and happiness and interferes
dangerously with our every day life.

Most of us worry daily about either our work
or our home or our relationships or money
or our health.
Suffering about events that
may never happen
disrupts our life and is a 
huge waste of time.

Constant worry jeopardizes and ruins our
physical and mental health.
Chronic worrying is a mental acquired
habit since we were young  —  and all
habits can be broken with the right tools
and training.


Orange/Pink flowers


In The Works


Learn the following skills to achieve a
carefree life:

a)     Realise that worrying will do nothing
to help you deal with your problems, apart
from making you miserable and unhealthy;
so forget it completely and if necessary
take some action.

b)     Disregard anything that makes you
worried, like news and people.
that the more you obsess about
the faster you will bring it into
your life.

c)     The best way to get rid of your worried
thoughts is to feel very grateful for what
you have in your life now, and who you are. 

d)     Use your worries to become a stronger,
wiser and happier person in your life’s
Always be prepared by planning
then accept that there is something

larger than yourself out there.   

e)     Whenever you have a very worrying
thought, immediately say    Stop    I will
worry later   , and focus on whatever you
are doing.
This means you tricked your brain to think
that the worry is only postponed and you
will deal with it later.
The thing is when later comes most probably
you will have forgotten all about it.


Bench on the beach


Half Empty Glass


Recognise that worry exists either in
the past or in the future.

If you worry about events that happened
in the past, forget your toxic memories
because these are things you can not
change;    you are only poisoning your
life now  —  Move Forward.

If you worry about what might happen
in the future you do not even know,
this is only stealing your present joy
and killing your spirit    Move  Again.

Live actively in the moment doing 
the things you like and make you feel
good, and only associate with similar
thinking people.

Relax, discuss with your partner whatever
bothers you, see the big picture and
always keep yourself in your present.


Enjoy a worry-free life.






Cave Of Adullam!


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Once again Bo was spending most of his day
at his desk;   but instead of focusing on his work
he kept on wondering,  what is Taffie doing at
this moment?  Does she really love me?  Why is
she not paying much attention to me? “.

He carried on worrying, even wondering whether
she was flirting with other men.
Bo was not happy in his relationship, without
a doubt.

He was dependent on Taffie for his happiness.
He was jealous, insecure and needy.
Under the circumstances, he was feeling extremely
stressed all the time and totally unhappy.


Bee on Lavender


Principal Element


Stress is the feeling of not being in control.

In our life we want very specific things to happen;
and we worry that these things may never happen
because we do not believe we are capable of
handling something completely different.

Basically we lack confidence and conviction.
We feel confused, fearful and always reluctant.

The degree of our suffering depends only on
our own personal perception of things.


Peaceful Beach


Grand Designs


No matter how helpless you may feel, you
still have much more control than you might
Certainly you can control your thoughts,
emotions and actions, as well as your whole

The following will help you cope:


The Strategies


a)     On The Spot Techniques:

The Tools:

         *     Deep Breathing
             Muscle Relaxation
         *     Visualisation
         *     Meditation (Mantra)
         *     Pray
         *     Walking Barefoot
         *     Going for a Walk
         *     Massaging & Smelling Lavender
         *     Doing Housework/Gardening
         *     Laughing
         *     Singing & Dancing
         *     Drinking Chamomile with Honey
         *     Eating salty almonds 

b)     Long Term Techniques:

The Tools:

         *     Prioritising Your Obligations
         *     Delegating
         *     Learning to Say NO to Demands
         *     Accepting Things You Cannot Change
         *     Looking Forward to Things Happening
         *     Taking Up Writing
         *     Creating a Calming Area in Your Home
         *     Organising your life

c)     Psychological Technique:

        Changing your perception of the stressor.
        Meaning Remove Negativity and
                                Feed Positivity.

The Process:

        *     Decide the reason you feel stressed  (Why).
        *     Decide the way you can deal with it  (How).
        *     Apply logic to your negative thoughts and
               hold on to the new truth of the situation.
        *     Think positively about yourself, 
               stay in the present moment and
               start feeling confident, strong and powerful.


Relaxing Garden


The Insulation


To build your defences against future stressors
you must practice most of the above mentioned
techniques, which suit your current situation,
your life and your character.

At the same time, you must adopt:
   Healthy Eating Habits
   Good Sleeping Habits
   Daily Moderate Exercise
   Adequate Rest
   Healthy Lifestyle

Also always try to have, at least, one person
in your life very close to you, so you can
share your thoughts and concerns.


Koi in Pond


The Acupressure & Reflexology


—   Point 1 :   Wrists   (Inner Gate P6)

Find the pressure point in the middle
of your wrist, three fingers down.
Press this point for at least 5 minutes.
Do this to both wrists.

—   Point 2 :   Ears   (Reflexology)

Massage your ears with your thumb
and forefinger for 3 minutes.

—   Point 3 :   Scalp   (Reflexology)

Massage your whole scalp gently using
circular movements for 2 minutes.

—   Point 4 :   Breastbone  (Sea of Tranquility CV17)

Find the pressure point on the centre
of the breastbone three thumb widths
up from the base of the bone.
Press or tap on this point with your
middle finger.

Bear In Mind

All our problems stem from unhappiness
and dissatisfaction.

Always remember,  it is never the stressor,
either this is a person or a situation.

It is your action based on your reaction to
that stressor.

C h i l l    O u t !!








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vv. 35 .
Wonderful, indeed, it is to subdue the mind,

so difficult to subdue, ever swift, and seizing
whatever it desires.
A tamed mind brings happiness.

vv. 36 .
Let the discerning man guard the mind, so

difficult to detect and extremely subtle,
seizing whatever it desires.
A guarded mind brings happiness.

The Dhammapada :
The Buddha’s Path Of Wisdom
Chapter 3
The Mind


Rock waves


Mental Grasp


Meditation is the action we use to disconnect
ourselves from our thoughts and feelings;
it means to take control of our mind and
merely be here now.

We all know that contemplation and
concentration can  indeed reduce our stress
levels and improve our thinking considerably.

It is very well researched  and known that
our general mental and physical health can
be greatly improved as follows:

a)     Cortisol levels reduction for less stress.

b)     Serotonin levels increase for better mood.

c)     Pain and muscle tension reduction.

d)     Slower ageing of the brain.

e)     Better brain control to various stimuli.

f)     Better maintenance of our telomeres’ length
for longer life.

g)     Lowering of blood pressure due to nitric
oxide production.

h)     Anxiety reduction due to lowering of blood
lactate levels.

i)     Immune system enhancement due to
increased activity of NK cells.


Calm waters on rocks


Supreme Bliss


There are thousands of styles to meditate from
around the world, and the basis for all is to be
able to concentrate and maintain mental focus.
Here are the most favorite styles to meditate:

1.     Concentrate simply on your breath in and out.

2.     Empty your mind by driving away any thoughts;
purely be there.

3.     Focus your attention on a specific object.

4.     Visualize on a specific place you find relaxing.

5.     Do Yoga, co-ordinating your breath with your

6.     Repeat a mantra of your choice over and over.

7.     Focus your attention on an activity like,
walking, swimming, gardening, sweeping, etc.

8.     Concentrate on the present exact moment and listen
carefully to every movement and sound.


Cloudy Skies over ocean


Stay In The Clouds


Anyone can practice meditation, anywhere
anytime.    You will feel calm, peaceful, balanced
and overall healthy and happy.

Many people adopt meditation as a habit and
have it as a daily routine.   You only need  a few
minutes a day to enjoy all the benefits.

You will need to experiment to find out which
style is most suitable for you and it has to
be simple and comfortable for you to hold on.


Heavy waves


An extremely easy way for you to start without
even changing your routines is the following:

*     Every morning when you wake up, stay in
bed a few more minutes, stretch, focus on the
morning peace, feel grateful for waking up
healthy and strong and pray for the new day.

    Every night when you go to bed, relax,
focus on calmness, feel grateful for finishing
another day healthy and strong  and pray for
another good night.

Enjoy the benefits!









She was a celebrated Diva.
Her talent was outstanding, and she had given
many impressing live
performances during the years.

She was very attractive and extremely successful.
Now she was preparing to go on stage once again
for this long-waited
act of her entire life.

Although she was so famous, she had been battling
anxiety forever;
and this time did not prove to be any different.

She went on stage, looked at the crowds and started
singing, when suddenly
it all came back.
She started struggling;    “dear me!  I totally forget
my words”, she thought.

Then she remembered, as usually: she started breathing
deeply and tried
to persuade herself that there was
no threat or danger anywhere……


Bekymmer_01 Bekymmer_02


Ball And Chain


The modern world — our crumbly world!
Today we live in a fragile world, where everything can
change from one minute
to another.

Life is full of developments, surprises and challenges;
and if we allow it,
it will leave us full of anxiety and
continuous worry.

You have the choice that has the power to change
your life completely.
You can find a way to flip anxiety on its head and turn
it into a wisdom that
will permit you to start enjoying
your whole existence.


Bekymmer_03 Bekymmer_04


Rain Or Shine


Try my following heavily researched advice and you
will NEVER feel  anxious again.




Keep under total control your,


a)      Breathing

b)      Posture

c)      Body Movements

d)      Facial Expressions

e)      Tone of Voice




a)      Discipline your thoughts.
Any negativity, turn it to positive thinking
immediately — otherwise
forget it completely.
Feel calm and peaceful.


b)      Feel strong and powerful, so nothing can
disturb your peace
of mind.
Feel invincible.


B I O  C H E M I S T R Y


Use the following daily:


a)     —   Vitamin C                   1000mg

           Vitamin D3                  2000IU

           Zinc                               20mg

           Quercetin                     500mg

           Coenzyme Q10            100mg

           Omega 3 fatty acids    2800mg

           Magnesium                   400mg

          Vitamin B complex High Potency


b)        Chamomile Tea

           Lemon Balm Tea

        —    Linden Flower Tea


c)        Lavender Essential Oil

        —   Lemon Essential Oil

           Rose Essential Oil


Bekymmer_05 Bekymmer_06




Life is too short and too precious to spend it suffering
and unhappy.
You have full power over your mind.
Make peace with yourself.
Make peace with your heart and soul.

Make the right choice.

Make the heroic choice.





Hi there!


It was a beautiful and warm early summer’s  morning.
I woke up feeling a bit “under the 
weather”, but it was
so nice and warm, and the
sun was shining;
so I decided to go out in
nature to improve my mood.

I put on a pair of jean shorts and my strappy top, and
started walking towards the beach.
As soon as I arrived I removed my shoes and started
walking on the warm pebbles,
dipping my feet in the
cool sea water
every now and then.

It was exhilarating!  Immediately I started experiencing
uplifting and peaceful
From time to time I stood up
and breathed in the
refreshing sea air.

I continued walking and started looking for sea shells.
It was amazing — all my attention was
taken by this simple pleasure,
which was a real treat
for all my senses.

I trully connected with nature, and gazing at the
openess of the ocean I felt extremely relaxed.


Zeal_-004 Zeal_-003


Hard Work


Life is a journey and if you want it to be full of bliss
you have to desire and pursue
happiness and joy.

It all starts in the mind.
Our attitude must
be focused to all good things to come;
as a consequence our body language will show our
positive thinking.

Of course this is a personal choice, and obviously we
need a lot of inner work
to change our mindset. 

The following tips will assist you in this difficult
transition on a daily basis.


Zeal_-001 Zeal_-002


Right Stuff


a)    Sing:

Pick a song you like and keep on playing it in
your head until you feel serene and
at peace.


b)    Breathe:

Practice slow abdominal breathing to calm down
and improve your mood.


c)    Smile:

Laugh either in real or just for the sake of it to
feel pleased and contented.


d)    Surround:

Associate only with confident and happy people,
and create a positive environment
in your life.


e)    Meditate:

Adopt meditation as your habit to keep your
thoughts under control.
To include some activity, practice walking meditation.


f)    Be outdoors:

Walk 40 minutes in nature to boost your state of mind,
feel  invigorated and refreshed.


g)    Be grateful:

Gratefulness is the secret to peace.
Make a list of all the things you are thankful in your
life and read it 3 times.


h)    Responsibility:

Control your thoughts and feelings, and be
responsible for your actions  and



Look after yourself,  help people as needed and
always give compliments.


Zeal_-006 Zeal_-005




It is only our personal choice how we handle stressful
situations and unhappy circumstances.
Your secret of success is positive thinking.
Take a deep breath and recognise all the good
things in your life.

The key to unlocking  your prison door is positive mental
attitude forevermore.
Our thoughts will get stronger and stronger, and will create
feelings, and in turn we will
act on them.

You have the power to control this and make your
life bright and shiny.

Do not be a victim!!!






Hi there!


We are all supposed to come into this world with our
own unique Karma.

All people will suffer various ailments at different points
in their lives;  and all of them will respond to these
disorders in their own way.

It is a fact that we can all become our own spiritual
healers, if we are prepared to employ specific methods
and put some effort to it.


Miracles Of Harmony




A)  Visualization:


This means using your imagination to feel well.

It will not especially cure a serious illness, but
you will feel better within yourself and be able
to cope more efficiently.

Also, visualizing yourself healthy reduces fear
and anxiety, so you feel more comfortable and

Ideal treatment for light Health matters.




B)  Meditation:


This is an ancient means to reach God.

In our modern times it is used to calm the self
when under stress, involving conscious effort.

In order to be able to meditate, you must sit or
lie comfortably in a silent and calm environment.

Next, keep on repeating a mantra – a key word of
your choice – in your head to stop intrusions.

Meditation is a common technique to relax.

Ideal treatment for Anxiety problems.


White Daisies


C)  Relaxation:


This is another excellent method to feel peaceful.

You need to lie in a quiet and comfortable place

Then start guiding your mind and relax each part
of your body at a time, starting from the feet,
moving upwards and finishing with the head.

This really is a very effective way to feel completely

Ideal treatment for Stress situations.




Bottom Line:


Certainly to self-heal requires a lot of willingness and
serious commitment.

You also must see yourself as a spiritual being rather than
a developed animal.

Additionally, you always must think positively about
yourself, the others and the world.

It is only then that you will enjoy emotional and physical