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Oli was a very busy and active woman.
She had a really demanding job that kept her
working until six o’clock in the evening;
immediately after she was attending her
fitness class for a couple of hours.

Then at nine thirty in the evening, she was
meeting her partner until the early hours,
as usually.

Finally, she was going to bed at around two 
in the morning.

As a consequence, she was always struggling
out of bed next day, and feeling constantly
drained and exhausted.
She also had great difficulty concentrating,
and lost her patience too quickly.

She was feeling completely tired, weak,
unproductive, almost useless.
I have to change my whole lifestyle, so I can
stop feeling so exhausted and hopeless every
day she thought one morning.
And so she did ……


Dark Skies


Under The Weather


The pace of our modern life today, is very
disturbing and damaging to humanity.
Although every body is rushing all day to catch
up with their responsibilities, they find it hard
to keep up.
Consequently,  they feel permanently stressed
and run down.

According to research, one in three adults seem
to be exhausted and fatigued all the time;
and needing various 
stimulants to enable them
to go through their 
every day obligations.

Here are the main reasons why you feel so exhausted:

1)     Lack of any kind of exercise.
2)     Insomnia of any type.
3)     Caffeine addiction.
4)     Dehydration.
5)     Sugar addiction.
6)     Lack of protein in the daily meals.
7)     Alcohol addiction.
8)     Being overweight.
9)     Vitamin B complex deficiency.
10)   Chronic stress.

11)   Depression.
12)   Anaemia (Iron deficiency).
13)   Under active thyroid.
14)   Low blood pressure.
15)   Various allergies.
16)   Various medications.
17)   Chronic Pain.
18)   Autoimmune Diseases.
19)   Fibromyalgia.
20)   Heart Disease.
21)   Diabetes.
22)   Arthritis.
23)   Chronic infections.
24)   Kidney/Liver disease.
25)   Adrenal insufficiency.
26)   Anxiety.
27)   Celiac Disease.
28)   Cancer.


A tree


Out Of The Woods


Unless you have a health problem that needs
medical attention;
here is how to deal with
being drained,
increase your energy levels and

improve your every day life.


L i f e s t y l e


a)     Exercise daily.
Go walking or light jogging for thirty (30) 
minutes every day;
either all at once or 
ten minutes
three times a day.

b)     Reduce stress and relax.
Take breaks, breathe deeply, laugh, meditate
do yoga.

c)     Sleep between six (6) and eight (8) hours
every night.

d)     Develop positive social connections.

e)     Listen to the music during the day.

f)     Look at red colour:
red flowers, red clothes, 
red soft furnishings.

g)     Avoid smoking completely.

h)     Avoid overworking at your job.

i)      Be self-confident, and like yourself a lot.

j)      Be organised in your life.

k)     Have enough and various plants in your house.


D i e t


a)     Eat three (3) meals every day, plus one to two
snacks, at regular intervals, every three  hours.

b)     Drink plenty of liquids like, various herbal teas
and coconut water.

c)     Eat protein foods with all your meals.

d)     Avoid alcohol, sugar and caffeine in all your foods:
desserts, snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

e)     Have a healthy and balanced diet at all times.
Your diet should include:
Organic Meats, Fish, Poultry and Eggs.
Nuts and Seeds.
Fruits and Vegetables.
Grains, Pulses and Legumes.
Organic Dairy products.


S u p p l e m e n t s


a)    Take Calcium and Magnesium 1000/500 mg
b)    Take Vitamin B complex 50 mg.  
c)     Take Omega 3 fish oils 1200 mg.   
d)     Take Vitamin D3 2000 IU.
e)     Take probiotics 5 billion microorganisms.


Essential Oils


Lemon oil, Orange oil, Grapefruit oil,
oil and Lime oil;
will increase your positive mental attitude,

total energy and happiness.

Peppermint oil, Spearmint oil, Eucalyptus oil
and Rosemary oil;
will enhance your alertness, 

concentration and mental clarity.

You can use them in a diffuser,
put them on your wrists, or
inhale them directly from the bottle.


Flower Hedge


Fine – Tune


The following quick fixes will help you 
instantly to get your energy back:

1)     Yawn to cool down your brain and wake
it up.

2)     Splash cool water on your face.

3)     Eat a banana.

4)     Stretch your whole body and lift your arms
above your head for 15 seconds.

5)     Get up and start moving around.

6)     Drink beetroot juice.

7)     Sing and dance around the room.

8)     Go for a ten minute walk.

9)     Improve your posture by sitting up straight.


So many people find themselves feeling exhausted
and drained on a regular basis.

Follow the above natural recommendations, to 
increase your energy levels and reclaim your life.








Hi there!


MTJ was going through a rough  patch in his life.
He had just become redundant from his powerful
and very well paid job.

He was feeling lost, disappointed, and utterly confused
and bewildered.
He really didn’t know what to do, and where to turn.
At the same time, his financial situation was deteriorating
fast, to the point where his credit cards were filling up.

Sleepless nights were the normal thing for him, since
he was constantly thinking what steps to take to save
His future was now totally uncertain, and he couldn’t
take any decisions any more.

He was feeling so heavily distressed that he started
having regular anxiety attacks.
Finally, he managed to start implementing some actions,
to reduce his destructive overthinking and suffering;
at least until he could find a solution to his problems.




Cold Feet


Over-thinking comes naturally to most people  —  and
especially to women, according to studies.
It happens when you feel stressed, worried or anxious
about a certain situation, or when you are faced with
a crisis;   and you do need to decide your next steps
and actions.

Obviously, analyzing your troubles and determining
course of action is a great thing;
because this will enable you to
find the correct solutions
and follow the right path.

The problem starts when you lose control of your
mind, and keep on thinking ad nauseam meaningless
and worthless things, without actually addressing
your issues and difficulties.
This will finally result in negative and irrational

thinking, as well as total misery.

Obsessive thinking is a learnt habit to defend yourself
against troublesome, demanding and challenging
It can be relating to previous mistakes, current life
difficulties, relationship problems, shortage of money,
individual experiences, or various things that can
always go wrong.

It really is an absolutely destructive habit;
because the only thing you see, is negativity in your
past, again negativity in your present and even
more negativity in your future.

You lose courage, confidence and belief in yourself;
you perform very poorly in your every day life;
you do not meet your obligations and responsibilities;
you develop mental and emotional complications;
you suffer from insomnia, tension and restlessness;
you are held back from the life you wanted to live.




Talk Game


Here are the most useful ways to change your
obsessive thinking and free yourself:

a)     As soon as you start obsessing about something,
breathe deeply a few times, get up wash your hands
in the sink, and get out of the room walking through the
door and into another area.

b)     Immediately try to replace your negative thought
with a positive and more pleasant one;
or say the word STOP to disrupt your thinking.

c)     Get out of the house, go for a long walk, or go for
a drive, or go to a gym to exercise, in order to distract
your mind.

d)     Focus on a target, a goal, a hobby or another
activity committing yourself to it completely.

e)     Tell yourself that you will be over-thinking only
for a specific time, say 5, 10, 15 minutes;
then forget
about it and move on with your tasks.

f)     Make a plan about your next steps to solve this
disturbing situation, and write it down to impress on your
mind and make you feel more relieved.

g)     Try to see the big picture  —  how things will be in
the next months to next years.

h)     Focus only in the present moment, and discard all
negative thoughts entering your mind.

i)     Learn to go with the flow.
Accept that all things happen for a reason, and everything
will work out at the end    and it should.

j)     In general, always try to avoid people, places and other
situations that can
lead to unnecessary obsessive thinking.

k)     Also avoid over-thinking traps like, your bad financial
situation for example;   and you should not be calculating
your debts every day and checking your accounts.

l)     Keep very active during the day.
This will make your physical body tired, so you can relax
and sleep better later at night.


Sun and Birds


Key Point


Your thoughts will shape and form your reality.
As a consequence, you must be extremely careful
of what you are thinking.

Because, if you constantly worry about an issue, either
this is relating to work, health, 
relationship or any
other situation, you will be
increasing your possibilities
of actually suffering that
specific issue.

Realize that life is not perfect, neither are humans.
Just be grateful for what you currently have in your
life, and
always do your best.
At the same time be patient, because success will
come eventually.

Learn to forgive people;   this is the only way to be
in peace, to improve your health, and to uplift
your mood.
Feeling fearful and stuck are not your reality,
but only your own feelings at the specific time.
Life changes every moment, and you have to
change, too.

If you do want to create a happy, fulfilling and
successful life, you must live in the present
moment and keep your thoughts under control.

It is only your personal choice to create the
future life you wish, and live peacefully.

Good Luck !!









Hi there!


Kay’s life was her work.  
She was so obsessed with it, that all day and
every day she was working.
She was even taking her meals on her desk.

She had reached the stage where she was not
able to focus properly any more, she was irritated
and temperamental all the time.
She never had enough sleep, so she was always
feeling tired and unhappy.

Kay had not realised it, but she was suffering from
chronic stress;   and this was causing her muscle
spasms and weekly long headaches.

”  I must set a limit between my work and my personal
life.   I must change this destructive habit of only
working every day, and add some quality to my life ,
she thought decisively ……….


Whitewater Waves


Elbow Grease


A tension headache is the most common type of
headache, especially among women.
It is not harmful, although it is very uncomfortable,
distressing and exhausting.

A tension headache can be mild, moderate and in
some cases severe.
It can also be acute and chronic;   and it can last
from thirty (30) minutes to six (6) hours, and sometimes
up to seven (7) days.

A tension headache can be felt as a dull and constant
pain on both sides of the head, across the forehead,
the back of the neck, on the top of the head and in
the shoulders.

It happens when the neck and head muscles become
very tense and contract.
A tension headache is a specific type of discomfort,
affects countless people of all ages.




Primum Mobile


The causes of a tension headache are abounding,
and they are as follows:

1)      Stress  ( Most Common Reason )
Sleep Deprivation

3)      Bad Posture during the day.
4)      Irregular Meals
5)      Dehydration
6)      Eye Strain during the day
7)      Muscle Tension
8)      Tiredness and Exhaustion
9)      Bright Sunlight
10)    Loud Noise
11)    Strong Smells
12)    Sleeping on More than Two (2) Pillows
13)    Too Much Cold
14)    Iron Deficiency
15)    Having a Cold or the Flu
16)    Jaw Clenching
17)    Teeth Grinding
18)    Too Much Heat
19)    Bad Posture in bed during the night
20)    Genetic Predisposition to headaches


Bright Sun glitters in The ocean


Shake And Bake


There are many ways to avoid developing a
tension headache.
Here are a few tips to consider:

a)     The most important thing you can do is to
avoid stressful situations, and try to keep your
body and mind in a relaxed state.

b)     Drink enough liquids during the day to
hydrate your body.

c)     Take daily moderate exercise for at least
thirty minutes (30).

d)     Sleep at least six (6) hours every night.

e)     Take intervals from whatever you do during
the day and rest yourself.

f)     Avoid caffeine, alcohol and sugar.

g)     Keep the correct posture wherever you are
and whatever you do.

h)     Take Vitamins B, CoQ10 and Magnesium


Glitter in the Water


Elixir Vitae


Whenever you are afflicted by this intense
tension headache do the following to feel better:

a)     Massage Peppermint Essential Oil across
your forehead.

b)     Massage gently the sore muscles on the head,
especially your temples and the back of your head.

c)     Drink Chamomile Tea.

d)     Use acupressure as follows:

Press deeply and firmly LI14  ( He Gu )  point,
located in the fleshy area between the thumb and
the index finger, for one (1) minute using
your thumb, and change hands.

Press softly GV24.5  ( Yin Tang ) point, located
between the eyebrows, for one (1) to two (2) minutes
using your middle finger.

During application breathe deeply and be relaxed.
Apply the pressure until your pain dissolves.

Having an intense tension headache is extremely
annoying and it makes your life very difficult.
You can not focus properly, it is very challenging
to try to think, and quite impossible to work and
fulfil your obligations.

Use the above mentioned natural cures to comfort
yourself and improve this terrible discomfort.

Good Luck !!









Ari was a beautiful middle-aged woman I had met
sixteen years ago at the spa I used to go;   but we
lost track of each other due to life’s events.

We met by accident that evening, because we were
both invited to that same wedding reception.
I was intrigued how she looked so very comfortable
and happy, and I went to ask her.

My life is getting easier and better as I grow older.
I feel very confident, I don’t care about what other
people say, and I ignore everything troublesome.

There is only one thing that makes me a bit miserable
at the moment    and this is that I’ve put on five
whole kilograms in weight during the last three years.

I must admit that it proves so hard, almost impossible
to get rid of it, even though I do try to be more
physically active every day “……..


Bunch of pink flowers


Passage to Reality


Many people are trying to lose fat in their middle
years.   But this is definitely much more challenging
than losing weight in your younger years.

The main reason is that our metabolism is not so
fast as it used to be.  
On top of that, as the years go our oxygen intake
is being reduced, which makes it more difficult for
people to breathe deeply when we exercise.

Other contributing factors are various medical
and physical problems that make it harder for
individuals to actually exercise, sometimes even in a
moderate pace.

But do not despair, because there are many ways
you can lose excessive fat, and get the results you
want    and all this without going to any gym,
or following weight-loss trends, or doing anything
very strenuous.




Beaten Path


Adopt the following suggestions to help you lose
excess fat and be healthy in the years to come:

a)     Take a measuring tape and calculate your
waist size.
The measurement should be half your height or less.

b)     Make certain you are drinking enough liquids.
Water helps with the body’s metabolism and aids
digestion as well.

c)     Adopt a healthy and nutritious diet at all times;
and have small and more frequent meals,
( breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner ).

d)     Eat lean protein with every meal to prevent
muscle loss    the older you grow the more protein
you need to eat.

e)     Make walking your habit.
Walk every day, any time, any where,
( shops, nature, road pavements, stairs ).

f)     Keep on lifting anything, ( chairs, shopping, etc.),
because by the time you reach the age of fifty years

you have already lost 20% of your muscle mass.

g)     Keep on stretching your body during the day.
The more flexible you are the easier it will be for
you to enjoy any physical activity.


Yellow Flower


Bring To Heel


Our body produces four specific hormones that
possibly are the biggest antagonists in our battle
to lose middle age fat.

1)     First and most important is the hormone Cortisol.
This hormone is released at times of stress and
continually during chronic stress.
It contributes to abdominal fat accumulation, in order to
prepare the body for a combat situation.

The only way to fight excess release of this hormone
is to eliminate most stress from your life.

2)     Second is the hormone Testosterone.
This hormone declines naturally with age;   and
as a consequence, our metabolism slows down,
we lose muscle mass, and we gain weight.

The way to encourage this hormone to continue
being produced is to be physically active and
exercise regularly.

3)     Third is the hormone Ghrelin.
This hormone is released when we are hungry and
we need to eat.
Many times we eat without actually being hungry,
but only thirsty.

The simple way to fight this hunger hormone is
by keeping your body well hydrated.

4)     The last hormone to keep under control is
the hormone Leptin.
Leptin is the one that controls your body fat stores;
and if it does not signal that we have enough body
fat to survive, we keep on eating even without
being hungry.

The way to control this vicious circle is by eating
only lean foods.


Purple Flower


Shot In The Arm


Here are some further changes for you to make
to help you get in better shape:

a)     Limit or avoid completely eating at restaurants.
Buy and cook fresh healthy foods at your home.

b)     Limit or eliminate entirely drinking alcohol
with or without your meals.

c)     Think positively about your body shape and age.
Associate with people who want to be fit.

d)     Care about your appearance.
Wear only well fitted clothes to look your best.

e)     Be patient, because it takes time to reach your
goals.   Focus only on your target.


Best Lean Snacks


  •     Air-popped popcorn.
  •     Plain yogurt with blueberries.
  •     Plain oatmeal with one full teaspoon protein powder and honey.
  •     Pure jelly with plain cream/cottage cheese and honey.
  •     Plain rice crackers with almond butter and honey.


Losing fat in your middle years is challenging;
but if you make the necessary changes in your life
you will reach your goals.


Make moving part of your everyday life.






The Companion!


Hi there!


It was Saturday evening, and she had already
started feeling restless, and so stressed to the point
of experiencing anxiety.

In a few hours she was going to meet him for the
first time;   and although she was so nervous, at
the same time she was feeling very excited to meet
that attractive man.

She double checked that everything was perfect on
her, and decided to start early enough because she did
not want to arrive feeling breathless.

She was mostly concerned whether the date would
go well or poorly;   but she managed to keep herself
under control at the end.

Arriving at the meeting place though, she was already
having jittery feelings and various sensations in her
body;   entering the café she noticed her palms were
extremely sweaty.

She ordered a drink, tried to think positively and
relax as much as possible.
The fun was starting now ……


Rocky Shore


Power Source


Eu ( meaning good in Greek ) stress is extremely
important for a healthy life.
This is a positive type of stress, either psychological,
like falling in love, or physical, like exercising.

You usually feel this good stress when you are
excited about something new happening in your life.
You perceive it as a positive challenge, and it keeps
you feeling vibrant, energetic and lively.

Consequently, to feel this way, you need to choose
only whatever makes you feel good, pleasant,
satisfied, joyful and happy in general.
At the same time, you do need to eliminate everything
else that has the opposite results.

However, although this good stress is greatly beneficial
to your health, you must make certain that you do
do not experience excessive amounts of it;
because it is still accumulative stress with consequences.

In order to keep all stress in your life under control,
you must change your perception towards it.
You should feel challenged by the situation and not
threatened by it in any way.


Pink Plant


Manna From Heaven


Stress offers a good amount of benefits, as follows:

a)     Motivation

It encourages you to work harder to accomplish
your various tasks, to fulfil your duties and obligations,
and to reach your goals.

b)     Resiliency

It assists in your building up resistance to all future
stressful situations, and helps you adjust better to any
conditions in your life.

c)     Mental Performance

It generates new nerve cells in the brain;
therefore, you perform much more efficiently
in all aspects of your life.

d)     Physical Body Function

It supports the body’s antioxidant and immune
It restores any cellular damage.


The most vital task for you is to keep your stress
under control, so that it does not become harmful.
In order to get all the health benefits, your stress
should be in short bursts  —  not for long periods
or chronic.


Rocks and Blue Sea


Primum Mobile


It is very important to get enough good stress in
your life to keep you motivated and full of spark.
Here are some ways to achieve this:

1)     Develop hobbies to provide you with meaning,
fun and pleasure like;
Photography, Painting, Studying and Writing.

2)     Set goals to feel pleased, satisfied and happy like;
Removing clutter from your home, Organising your time and
Looking after yourself  ( diet, exercise, sleep ).

3)     Develop relationships, maintain your sense of
humour and have fun.

4)     Embrace all situations that cause short term
stress like;
Going on a first date, Attending a celebration, Giving
a speech, Riding a roller coaster.

5)     Train your brain to view stress positively, and
find ways to use it to your advantage.

6)     Attach a purpose to a stressful situation in order
to see its benefits and handle it properly and efficiently.


Remember that brief episodes of stress, with time of
recovery in between, are extremely beneficial to
your health.

Make stress your friend, and accept it as part of your
life’s journey.







Hi there!


Panacea was the goddess of all remedies.
In Greek mythology, she was the daughter of
Asclepius, the god of medicine, and Epione,
the goddess of soothing pain.

Panacea was always carrying a magical potion
with her, with which she used to cure all the sick.
She also had four sisters and four bothers, all
relating to health and medicine.


Dancing Girls


Philosopher’s Stone


Listening to music is one of the most important
things for me.
I have a favourite radio station, which I switch on
the moment I wake up every morning, and keep it on
until the moment I sleep at night;  
with quiet intervals only when I am out of the house.

Although I listen to all kinds of music, because each
has something different to offer, at this stage of my
life, I mostly prefer the popular and dancing kinds.

Music makes me feel more positive, better satisfied
and really pleased.
It gives me energy and uplifts my spirits.
I have cried repeatedly listening to a favourite piece.
I can never imagine my life without music.

Music is an extremely powerful tool, and a huge part
of our lives from the earliest times in human history.
All cultures since ancient times used music in their
rituals and ceremonies.

According to research, experiencing exciting music
releases pleasure chemicals in the brain similar to
eating your favourite foods or having intercourse.


Mini Stereo


The Good Things


Music is so powerful that it can influence your thoughts,
emotions, feelings as well as behaviours and attitudes.
Some of its most profound and potent physical and
psychological effects
are as follows:

a)     It reduces stress and anxiety similar to getting
a massage.

b)     It enhances endurance and assists during all kinds
of exercise.

c)     It reduces depression and elevates mood.

d)     It helps people have better quality of sleep .

e)     It stengthens learning and remembering information.

f)     It relaxes muscle tension all over the body. 

g)     It keeps the ageing brain healthy and youthful.

h)     It increases visual and verbal intelligence.

i)     It exhibits similar effects to meditation.

j)     It is a motivation and endurance enhancer.

k)     It improves concentration and focus.

l)     It helps managing and reducing pain overall.

m)    It aids memory, intelligence and performance.

n)     It helps speed up recovery from illness.

o)     It helps people eat less and lose weight.

p)     It improves blood vessel functioning and health.

q)     It improves visual and verbal skills.

r)     It improves the immune system’s functioning.




Lucky Break


Music has the ability to influence our brain waves,
our heart rate and breathing, as well as our total
state of mind.

It can make you feel happy and contented, sad and
pessimistic, excited, energised, confident and hopeful
as well as invigorated.

Listen to music in your every day life as follows:

1)      In the morning, as soon as you wake up switch on
your radio to your favourite station, and start your day
feeling awesome.

2)     In your car driving to work or shops, play your
preferred music to relieve stress and tension, and take
your mind off the traffic.

3)     During working hours, play some background music
to make you feel more creative and productive.

4)    In your kitchen cooking your meals, listen to your
favoured tracks to make the whole experience much
more enjoyable.

5)     When having lunch and dinner, put soft music on to
make you feel more relaxed and improve the atmosphere.
Not only you will eat less but you will also digest your
foods better.

6)     During the day when cleaning your house, listen to
your chosen music to feel more energetic and enjoy
your chores to a greater extent.

7)     At night when in bed, play your music to help you
drift off to sleep nicely and pleasantly.


Music is always a very individual preference, relating
to your influences and experiences in life.

So play only the kind of music that makes you pesonally
feel good and satisfied, no matter what the trends are.




Ain Zarba!


Hi there!


It was last summer when Ula had the most
exciting and inspiring holiday of her life.
She now remembers ……..

I was so thrilled about my upcoming trip.

I kept on imagining and planning in great
detail my three-week stay in that wonderful

I packed my suitcase very carefully making
certain I wouldn’t forget anything.
But there was still one thing that was worrying
me  —  actually, I was terrified of flying.

I wished I would be able to close my eyes and
be in my wonderful island.
I was absolutely afraid I could suffer a horrible
attack while flying.

At that moment I remember, I called my friend
Tino to discuss my fears and get his advice.
Carry a bottle of lavender essential oil in your
handbag.   As soon as you start feeling anxious
and panicky, uncap the lavender, hold it under
your nose and breathe deeply until you feel calm ,
he suggested smiling.

Immediately I felt safe, and confident I could now fly.
I must admit, that time I did enjoy my best holiday ever.
Since then, many people have asked me how I did it,
and wanted
to know my secret.

I advise them exactly that;
always carry a bottle
of lavender with you.
Never fly without it ” ………. 




Drop Joint


Essential oils were used by old civilisations 
in ancient Egypt, China and India, as well as in
ancient Greece and Rome.
They were used mainly for their physical and
psychological healing results, their purifying effects,
and additionally for 
hygienic purposes.
They have been used in medicine, for consumption
and in aromatherapy.

Essential oils are the antioxidant concentrates of 
flowers, leaves, wood, peels, seeds, roots and bark
of the plants and trees they come from.

Each oil has its own active ingredients, which
determines its use.

Our daily quality of life relies greatly on the health
of our brain;    and according to research there is
a good number of essential oils that can help us
maintain a healthy mind.

To enjoy the powerful aroma and the benefits of
the essential oils, use the following methods:

1)     You can burn them in a diffuser.
2)     You can rub a few drops in your hands and inhale.
3)     You can massage them on the soles of your feet.
4)     You can rub on your temples and forehead.
5)     You can massage a few drops behind your ears.
6)     You can massage into your body skin blended.
7)     You can add them to your bath water.
8)     You can add them to your drinks and foods.


Selection of Herbs


Hiding Place


 The following four pure essential oils are very
important to achieve optimal brain health:


a)     Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia or Officinalis)

A sweet floral oil possessing calming and sedative
qualities;     it can
    Relieve nervous tension, anxiety and depression
    Help greatly with mental fatigue
*     Promote relaxation and peaceful sleep


b)     Lemon (Citrus Limon)

It comes from the lemon rind, and it is a very fresh
aromatic oil possessing uplifting 
and energising qualities;
it can

*     Calm the mind
    Reduce stress
    Promote clarity and concentration


c)     Peppermint (Mentha Piperita)

A cool and crisp fragrant oil possessing revitalising
and stimulating qualities;    it can
    Support memory and focus
*     Enhance alertness
    Relieve tension headaches
    Boost energy


d)     Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis)

A very refreshing oil possessing invigorating
and stimulating qualities;    it can
*     Improve memory
*     Enhance mental focus
    Improve cognitive performance
    Increase brain-waive activities


When you buy essential oils ensure that they
are the highest quality, and one hundred
percent pure.

Always read the instructions on the bottle
for the use of the specific oil.

Always make certain you are not allergic or
extra sensitive to the specific oil before you
start using it extensively.

This is the only way you will be able to enjoy
their therapeutic benefits.


De Materia Medica

By Pedanius Dioscorides  c.40 – c.90 AD

Volume I : Aromatics